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Somewhere in the sea, in a stormy afternoon; clouds were formed together, thunder was heard and the wind crashed against the sea ship and standing by the edge of the boat was a young man with aurban brown hair, a single curl sticking out from his left, and the most cheerful smile you will ever see on a human being. His name is Feliciano Vargas, and he is the second grandson to king Roma, ruler of Corona. "Isn't this great fratello? The win in your hair! The cool breeze of the ocean!"

Feliciano looks at the other side of the ship where he sees his older brother, Lovino Vargas - the oldest and next in line for the throne - puking at the edge of the ship. Despite being twins, Lovino was different than Feliciano. For starters, while their appearance in face was quite similar, Lovino always had a scowl on his face and he rarely smiled. His hair was darker than his brothers and while he did have a curl, it was on the other side. Another thing that is different about them is their personalities. Feliciano was happy and always cheerful. He made friends with everyone and everyone liked him. Lovino on the other hand was grumpy and curses a lot and rarely had any friends.

After he was done, Lovino supports himself up and looks at Feliciano, a bit of drool rolling down on the corner of his mouth. "Shut the hell up. Nothing about this is exciting!" he shouted at his brother.

"Aw but fratello, we're on a ship, sailing across the seven seas, this has got to be the best birthday for you, isn't it?" Feliciano asks while he skips over to his sick brother. Lovino wipped his mouth and sighs in distain. "Please. As if being on a boat is any fun to celebrate anyones birthday. Honestly, who thought it was a good idea to have my birthday during a fucking storm?!"

They heard a happy, booming laugh behind them. They look up in the deck and standing there, proud and strong as ever was King Roma, the boys beloved grandfather/guardian. "Come on Lovino, I worked really hard planning this party out for you." Roma says as he walks down to his grandsons.

Lovino 'pffs'. "Pleas grandpa, as if I wanted my twenty first party to be held in a ship." he says with a roll of his eyes.

Roma stands in front of them, his hands on his hips and a smile still on his face. "Feli and I thought it was a good idea to have your party here. Besides, today is the day you finally become a man and soon, you will become king! You are no more a child." Roma tells him. Although it was more of a reminder to the soon to be king. Lovino nods. "Yeah, yeah, I know grandpa I know!" he shouted annoyed. Lovino suddenly feels something in his throat causing him to groan. He leans on Feliciano for support.

"Where the hell did this stupid fucking weather come from?!" he shouted. He groans, holding on to his stomach. "The weather was fine just an hour ago!"

"Ah, Queen Laura must be in a good mood today." Roma hums in happiness.

Feliciano raises a eyebrow. "Whose Queen Laura?"

"You boys remember the stories I told you about a queen who is ruler of all merpeople correct?"

Feliciano nods, remembering each of the stories very well. Lovino on the other hand, groans when he hears his grandfather mention merpeople again. They don't exist! Even as a kid did Lovino know that! But everyone in the kingdom believed them to be true making Lovino wonder if he was the only sane one there. Especially his grandfather who was said to have encountered a mermaid once when he was a young boy.

"Yes grandpa we remember the stories." Lovino says. "But that's all they are. Stories."

"Just stories?" Roma repeated in shock. He grabs Lovino by the shoulders and shouts, "They are real Lovi! They are real and they live in the great sea below us!"

Lovino steps away from his grandfather and pukes out of the ship. 'Merpeople. Bah! They're not real. There is no such thing as mermaids or mermen. Crazy old man.'

Unbeknown to the prince, mermaids did exist and far, deep in the sea his ship was sailing, there was a kingdom known as Atlantia and it was known as the castle for Queen Laura.

In the sea, far and deep where no human would ever dare explore, there was a kingdom where merpeople and all kinds of sea life live. The kingdom is known as Atlantia and it was ruled by Queen Laura, ruler of the merpeople and sea life.

As stated before, Queen Laura was indeed in a good mood because today was the concert her loyal servant and her two friends were going to perform. That and it was her birthday.

Merpeople from all over the world traveled far and wide to not only celebrate the queens birthday but to see the show as well. Everyone took their seats in the auditorium and waited for the show to start. After the remaining merpeople arrived and sat down, the lights turned down.

Swimming to the stage was a mermaid named Elizabeta. She had long flowing brown hair with a starfish on her right side, green eyes and although she can be a very nice person, she is also scary and was known to carry around a weapon if anyone disrepected the queen or angered her in any way.

Swimming onstage, Elizabeta clears her throat and shouts, "Ladies and gentlemen! Presenting Atlantias great and powerful ruler; Queen Laura!"

In an instant when Elizabeta called out the queen, Queen Laura appeared with her head held up high and chest popped out, a proud smile itched on her lips. Queen Laura waved at her people while she swam to her seat and sat next to her younger brother, the prince of Atlantia, Abel. Everyone in the auditorium cheered to their queen and a couple waved and called out to her. Laura made it to her seat and she waves one last time before the crowd finally settles down.

"And in charge of this special performance for our queens special day, Roderich Edelstien!" few merpeople in the crowd clapped when Roderich swam to stage. The only one who was ecstatic was Elizabeta who also happened to be his wife. Roderich is someone you can call of high standards. Being talented in music like piano, Roderich is known as the best musician in the seven seas. He holds this title very highly and makes sure that reputation isn't ruined.

Roderich swam to the orchestra and he faces the crowd and the queen. "Your highness, the people of Atlantia, thank you all for coming!" he says. "Thank you all for attending this concert for our majesty." he speaks loud enough for everyone in the auditorium to hear. "Tonight on this special day, the queens maid will be performing a song that she wrote herself as a tribute to our queen. So please, sit back and give your full attention to Carmen Hernandez Carriedo!" The crowd clap as Roderich swims to the orchestra.

He faces his back to the crowd and when everyone in the audience quiets down, Roderich has the orchestra play. The song was upbeat and had a sort of exotic beat to it. Laura bobs her head to the beat, a smile laced on her lips. The crowd begins to clap along to the rhythm and Elizabeta couldn't help but feel proud for her husband since he helped Carmen with the music.

On cue when Carmen and her friends were about to sing, neither of the girls appeared. The crowd slowly stopped clapping and whispered among themselves wondering what was going on and if this was part of the performance. Roderich on the other hand was fuming with embarrassment, he was also wondering where Carmen was.

Elizabeta noticed the look on Roderich face and looked up at Laura wondering how was reacting. As she expected, it was not good. Abel slowly swam away from Laura as little bubbles floatd around a furious Laura. Fuming with rage, Laura slams her spear on the ground and shouts, "Carmen!"


Feliciano Vargas: Italy

Lovino Vargas: Romano/South Italy

Roma: Ancient Rome

Elizabeta: Hungary

Roderich Edelstien: Austria

Belgium: Laura

Abel: Luxembourg


Fratello - Brother

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