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"It's all absolutely annoying" Neji decided while sitting under his favourite tree in heaven's orchard.

The sun was slowly setting on the horizon and birds were chirping their evening songs. The peaceful atmosphere invited him to relax and have a nice session of meditation.

Or not.

Where was his favourite moment of concentration without any necessary thoughts?

In hell apparently.

He had decided to forget his little experience with the she-devil as the unimportant incident it was.

But it was not to be. Tenten seemed to remain on the angel's mind that evening and the many that followed. It was upsetting, to say the least.

Neji decided that he hated the little demon. She drove him crazy even after so many days. The memory of the challenge in her gaze alone was enough to make his blood boil. With rage of course.

Which was one of the many reasons that the existence of this… dream was more than a little irksome. It implied that there was something beneath that hatred, which just simply couldn't be true.

The Dream, as Neji called it, came just when he thought he had banished all thought of her.

Even if he wanted to recall the curves of her body, or the fullness of her lips– which he didn't – he certainly wouldn't. She was disgusting, filthy demon trash. A mere plebe and a tramp compared to him and his status as an angel.

It didn't matter how much the thought of dominating her appealed to him in his dream

– how much he'd love to pin her down and force her into submission, make her squeal and moan while he told her of the myriad annoyances, she had given him, for which she must now be punished.

He had become so obsessed about the demon, that he was hallucinating about her right now.

She was standing in the clearing before him, hand on one hip cocking her head at him with a too-glib smile. The fact that he found her attractive was ridiculous.

"I didn't expect you would be here again." He said to his imagination.

"And whom did you expect?"

"Not you."

"I'm hurt."

Wait. Fantasies weren't supposed to talk back. They weren't supposed to talk at all!

It took several seconds before reality dawned on him.

"How dare you! How did you even get here without me noticing!?"

"I got here without you noticing the first time as well." She said and shrugged.

That was quite a blow to his ego. And it made him furious.

"Go back to the depths of the hell that you came from, you pitiful creature!" Neji roared.

But there was no answer. The she-devil was watching him thoughtfully.

"No." She said finally, staring him down, "I don't think I will."

"And why not?" The words escaped him through gritted teeth. His gaze fell on her slightly exposed cleavage and he tore his eyes away before his thoughts could run away with him.

"Because you want me to. And I enjoy irritating you, angel."

He pictured himself kissing her like he did last time. He couldn't help it. It was … irritating indeed. Thinking of the swell of her bottom lip was one thing. Thinking of how much more swollen he could make it with his teeth and his mouth was another thing altogether.

He was paralyzed by contradictory desires, both to kiss her and throw her out of his sight. So he chose to converse instead and see where it took him.

"So you do." He replied carefully.

"I'd almost dare say that you feel the same way."

"No, I can't say that I enjoy it when you irritate me. I know this must come as a great shock–"

"But you do enjoy irritating me, if our last encounter is anything to go by. But you're absolutely dreadful at it right now."

Now, she had gone too far. Neji stood in one fluid motion, rage winning out for now if only to cover up reality. The sight of Tenten's smug, self-satisfied face had exhausted his patience.

"Why are you here, you vixen?"

"I want what I came for before, the apples."

He crossed his arms in front of his chest, sneer appropriately fixed on his face before he even bothered to open his mouth. "Yes? Didn't I teach you a lesson?"

But something felt off. As though he were disappointed that she wasn't there because of him specifically. For no other reason than to torment him.

Which apparently would be a good prospect now? What on earth was the matter with him?

"Oh? Were you expecting another fucking? Not gonna happen!" The she-devil said in a mocking sing-song voice.

Bratty minx! He was going to show her that fucking was definitely not on his mind when he sent her right down from heaven's clouds. Literally.

The darkness descended.. Oh, the old trick won't work twice on me, thought the angel.

"I don't suppose you enjoy being left in the dark." He could hear her mocking.

"That's a shame...for you." A part of him couldn't believe he was wasting his time on her. The other part… he refused to acknowledge.

It was easy to locate her position now when she spoke. One good flaming arrow was enough to interrupt her dirty spell.

"Because I do so enjoy annoying you, as you said yourself" Neji continued.

The two of them stared at each other now, sizing each other up.

"Do you? You're so cruel. Am I that bad to look at? Am I unnerving you?" She answered while making seductive pose.

Bold, bratty, and annoying. It would have been so delightfully easy to shut her up with a kiss, searing enough to make even that she-devil melt. He knew he could do that now. It would be even easier with his cock between her lips, but that was… dangerous territory. How…unsettling. He hardly even recognized himself anymore.

A staring contest wasn't a good idea.

He caught himself staring at Tenten's mouth and righted his gaze, doing his best to look as bored as possible. As bored as he truly didn't feel at all.

Tenten used his moment of absent-mindedness to bolt behind the trees.

Off he went after her.

Ugh she is fast, that little shrew, Neji thought. How irritating.

By the time he caught up with her she was already holding an apple in her hand.

"That's as far as you got the last time" he said with a smirk "you're not going to get any further now."

He expected her to put the apple into her bag but to the angel's surprise she bit into it instead.

Just like that. In front of him. Such audacity! And while wearing such a smug grin, munching on the apple, like she had won first prize in a lottery.

But her smile changed. It crumpled into a grimace as Tenten started coughing.

That's curious, thought Neji as he stopped through drawing his flaming sword.

The she-devil landed on all fours, coughing and sputtering violently.

The angel just stood there, unsure how to react. Had his prey suddenly turned into a victim?

That was … troubling. Confusing.

Downright alarming, the more he saw her writhing in pain.

He wanted her writhing, but beneath him with pleasure, not like…this.

Gingerly he came closer, anticipating another of her tricks, only to see that her distress was genuine. This was his second time seeing Tenten with an unguarded expression, but this time he wasn't enjoying it a bit.

At last she went still, her consciousness leaving her. Neji checked her pulse, she was alive but passed out.

As he bent down toward the little devil, he felt powerless in more ways than one. Neji had no idea why the perfect apple from heavens orchard had caused her so much pain. He blamed himself for having let this happen at all. It was his job to protect the garden from creatures like her anyway, but he had let his cravings get in the way.

And now he felt completely thrown off. How vexing.

Not that he could fault her, but– still. He'd very much like to fault her. Agony of bliss suited her much better that this.

He wanted to help her, he realized.

But how?

...to be continued...