It was a strange feeling, with the devil collapsed in his arms.
Neji felt protective of her even though she was enemy not long ego. She is his enemy still, he chided himself.

Fortunately, she seemed a lot warmer by the time he laid her on his bed to rest.

"Not even going to change? Take your shoes off?" he joked, knowing full well she couldn't hear him in her sleep.

She looked … good like this, on his bed, he decided.

And since there was nothing to do other than wait, he laid next to her to rest as well. His bed was more than big enough, after all, for the both of them, with plenty of room to spare in between.

It was, however, rather nice to wake up next to her some time later. Next to a demon. How low had he sunk?

He crouched over her to check her temperature, only to be met with a small but definitely hard fist.

They were both out of bed in seconds.

"Aww and you looked so comfy in my pillows, I thought you liked it there." Neji said with a smirk.
He was just riling her up. But– he had absolutely no interest in looking at why he wanted to rile her up so much in the first place.

"You perverted kinky angel, you wanted to take advantage of me! You took me to this…this", Tenten looked over his Hellenistic style chambers "….lair of yours!" she snarled at him.

And now he regretted it, he thought as he rubbed his temples.

"Well thank you, would be more appropriate, considering I saved your life and all. I owe a favour to the garden's Snake, too. But what could I expect from ill-bred low life like you." Neji fired back.

"I have no idea how I got here, but I'm definitely not going to thank you for all those insults. Although coming from an idiot like you, I guess I don't need to be offended!"

He said slowly, taking a step toward Tenten and utterly delighting in the sight of her immediate retreat. "I daresay I just might be, seeing as I have spent the last several hours completely–" Another step. "– and utterly wasting my time on your well-being, which–" Step. "– would be bad enough already, but then I'm forced to take ingratitude from you, filthy witch, which would have already been more than bad enough–" His last long stride is enough to have her backed into the wall, Neji growling his words through his teeth, eyes flashing furiously. "Only to learn that it was an entirely stupid idea?!" He said, grasping her arm firmly.

She didn't say anything at first. He wondered at his disappointment about that.

"You were worried about me."

He wasn't sure which was more infuriating– how absolutely certain and sure she was, or the way she let her gaze fall to his lips after saying it. And how he couldn't help but allow his own to follow.

"It seems I was wrong," he says, the words leaving him achingly slowly through clenched teeth.
It was almost distracting how good she smelled. Of pepper. It brought unwanted memories.
It should have been a warning– he was too close. "Between the two of us, it would seem that I am not the greater idiot after all."

"You're worried about me," Tenten said again. It was just as infuriating to hear as the first time, as it turned out.
"And right now…" she licked her lips, drawing his gaze for a split second too long, "… you want to kiss me."

She looked good like this, he decided for the second time, wide eyed from fear or thrill. He wished it were easier to resent her for that instead of himself.

It was as though she'd seeped into his skin, planted a seed and watched it fester. He pictured her lips kiss-swollen, and tried to decide if it would be worth it to prove her right if it meant getting to push her into the wall and leave her breathless and wanting.

"But that's not going to happen." she said with a smirk, using his moment of distraction to free herself from his grasp.

The she-devil leapt on the top of his of bed's canopy with a laugh, a bright and happy sound that stirred something in his chest. It was … uncomfortable. Not entirely terrible, though. He'd rather not look too closely at that.

"Tsk, Tsk, how easily you lose your composure around me, Mr. Angel." She mocked him again.

"You are utterly insufferable."
Insults. As if those could possibly restore his dignity to him now.

"I do try.

Her smug smile was provocative enough to make his stomach churn, an undeniably… unacceptable feeling, he decides.
All right, so maybe he couldn't refute that. How extraordinarily annoying of her.

Cheeky trollop.

"You brought all of this on yourself trying steal. I should give you a lesson, so you never try to do something that outrageous again."

Neji frowned. she didn't look nearly as concerned by that as she should have. If anything, she looked delighted.
How strange.

"Ooooh, noooo I'm so scared of your empty promises!" She said, and actually winked at him.

Ridiculous creature.

"It's getting boring here. I'll be leaving then." The she-devil said, making a mock-bow that gave him a good view of her cleavage.

Neji forced himself not to stare. This simply wouldn't do.

She flapped her wings, but he caught up with her by the Hellenistic-inspired arches near the marble ceiling.

They exchanged a few blows, but ultimately she was no match for him. She bolted to the stained glass window, but before she could make it there, he threw her against the huge library wall.

"You're a completely insufferable demon–" Neji growled as he pinned her hands to the wall.

They were still in the air as Tenten tried to kick him with her free legs. He was glad that he was so much bigger than her when he pressed his body to hers to stop her from kicking and writhing out of his grasp.

She stopped kicking. But she was still writhing and his mind helpfully offered him some very suggestive ideas.
How… deeply… unsettling.
She was breathing rather heavily now, tired from her futile struggle. It wasn't helping.

Tenten noticed him staring and the fire building between them. The tension was palpable.

The angel tried to turn his eyes from her, his attention solidly unfocused on the books atop the shell mantle before him. His expression turned carefully blank.
He lowered them to the floor and stepped back.

The demon was obviously beside herself with humiliation over her defeat. At least that's what he thought until she actually threw a book at him and yelled "One single apple and you make it look like a capital crime!"

The insolent bitch.

He had her backed against a bookshelf with her hands pinned above her head in less than a heartbeat before he said "It's not about one apple, it's the principle I'm stressing here. You were stealing, and you don't feel an ounce of guilt about it! Such a shameful vixen deserves to be punished."

But his treacherous mind showed him the kind of punishment that involved kissing that defiant expression off her face. He wanted her to beg. To submit to him.

And the she-devil seemed to read his intentions. Tenten's eyes widened, she opened her pretty mouth and yelled "You fucking perverted angel! You kink-starved deviant! You have some twisted idea of justice, you-"

"I might as well have" Neji interrupted, and when she inhaled to yell at him again, he wondered why he didn't shut her mouth a lot earlier.

Suddenly he was kissing her. He was crushing her mouth, her loud, warm and quite intoxicating mouth. The pleasure of the feel of her had him seeking more and she was now resisting a lot less he noted smugly.

She tried to say something but instead, he cut her off with another searing kiss, her lips parting willingly against his. The feeling of her becoming pliant against him like this was nothing short of ecstasy, bringing him deep gratification.

He took her lower lip in his teeth and slowly, slowly moved it between them. When he freed her, she whined for more, licking at the air until he found her mouth again.
He moved to the crook of her neck, biting and nipping, sucking on the skin. The action drew several moans and gasps from her before he was even somewhat satisfied. Neji wanted more. She offered him moans of pleasure and soft hisses of pain whenever he sucked too hard. He didn't want there to be a single spot of her body left unmarked by him, but he'd settle for the few marks he has littered her with now, ones that no scarf could ever possibly cover up. He allowed his free hand to run up her body, to cup her breast and tease her nipple through the dark swimsuit– the same clothing that she wore the last time they were doing this.


He wasn't sure he could ever tire of that sound– his name, half-whimper, half-submission.

"Are you going to kiss me again?"

"I was going to. I'd hoped to leave your lips just as bruised as your skin–" Pinning both her wrists with one hand was effortless work, the angel delighted in drawing back and allowing his fingertips to ghost over the bruise-riddled path dotting her skin. "But then you became impatient and greedy."

"What do I have to do, then?" She said, with a flirtatious tilt of her head.

"Beg me."

But still, she did little more than give him a level stare..

"I believe I told you to beg."

"And if I don't want to?"

"Then you won't be rewarded."

He caught the way the corner of her mouth quirked up. "No reward? That hardly sounds like the proper punishment for someone so impudent like me, angel."

"You should learn that I am not so gentle when provoked, she-devil." He said, returning her level stare.

"Try me," Tenten said testing his patience.

"I hope you realize that only good, obedient demons get punished in such a way as would delight them. If I'm to punish you, I can guarantee that it won't be enjoyable for you."

"Are you trying to scare me?"

"If you are the type to be scared by that, then yes."

"I'm not."


Admittedly, he was hoping she wouldn't be.

"I will not repeat myself, Tenten."

Silence descended, heavy and pregnant between them.

"… please," she finally says, visibly swallowing. A veritable treat for his eyes.
"Please what?"

"Please kiss me– punish me– I don't really care anymore, honestly, I just want it–"
If there was more coming, he didn't allow her to finish her thought, not when her words lit a desire in his gut that was impossible to shake.
He was ravishing her gain after what felt like months– years– of waiting. It hadn't been even remotely that long– even claiming weeks would be genuinely pushing it, but his desire for her had been considerable.

Neji wanted to tell that brazen minx, that the fact that she was still wearing clothes was an injustice, but that would require ceasing his kissing of her, and he wasn't sure he was physically capable of it now, not as utterly drunk as he was on the pepper taste of her.

So he let his hand do the work for him, ridding her of her clothes as agonizingly slowly as possible. He didn't stop until she was left nude. He looked her up and down. She was utterly lovely like this, with a flush colouring her cheeks.

Trailing a path up to her hip, Neji allowed the tips of his fingers to explore her body, pausing only with the discovery of her folds. Parting her with few fingers, he drew his thumb up to her clit and waited for another inhale, another gasp or another moan– anything to sustain him a little longer, to hold off and spur on his desire all at once.

It came alongside the buckling of her knees, the sweetest moan leaving her parted lips before he could capture them again, sliding his knee between her legs to both hold her up and offer friction.
The demon took his offering as the gift that it was, and let herself rut against his thigh, eager hips seeking out his thumb over and over. He had done this before, of course, but it hadn't felt quite like this, as though the stakes were so high.

He wondered why, and slid two fingers inside of her only to find her wet and wanting.
Smiling at the sensation, Neji leaned closer to her ear. "You lustful thing," he teased in a whisper, knowing he was at least as wanton for her.

She was close now– he could tell. It would be hard to miss. Her kisses had become less messy, finally stopping altogether, movements directed– if not by him– then by instinct alone, as she arched her body, yearning for her peak–

He pulled his hand away just as his teeth found her earlobe, a loud whine escaping her at the lack of satisfaction.

"That, my witch," he whispered, lips ghosting along the shell of her ear, "is punishment."

Not a spanking. Not the myriad ways he could tie her to his bed.

Nothing that could have her moaning deliciously for him.

He studied his slick hand, her juices dripping over it.
"I didn't realize you wanted it that bad."

"Beg," he ordered, and was met with another whimpered whine.

"Please–Neji, please–"

"Please what?"

"P-please let me come–"

"That's better," he purred into her ear, the reward he offered almost instantaneous. He had her back on the brink in moments, the feeling of her clenching around his fingers enough to make even him shudder at the prospect.

He removed his knee from between her legs only once he was convinced that she could stand on her own again. It wasn't surprising– the way she quivered in his grasp had him genuinely concerned for a bit. Finally satisfied that she could stand, he released her wrists.

She staggered for a moment, but remained upright.

Good enough.
"You seem to be holding up, but we're only getting started. I haven't even fucked you yet.
Now. On the bed – don't make me wait." he commanded.

He could see how her gaze cleared and watched her eyes get their defiant glint again.

"You-" she started to protest, but was cut off when he unceremoniously dropped her onto the bed on her knees.
She squealed, taken by surprise, and before she could recover, he landed a smack on her ass before his fingers sought out her cunt to slide inside once more.
It was enough stimulation that her body gave way to another moan. He pumped his fingers and curled them inside of her almost lazily as her fingers dug into the sheets beneath her. She felt nailed down to the bed, unable to move, only concentrating on the pleasure he was giving her.
He withdrew and grabbed her opposite leg, effectively flipping her onto her back in the process. Neji renewed his assault on her pussy, pumping his fingers rhythmically.

"Look at you," he drawls, feeling very smug. "You're a mess."

She just mewled and gasped for air.

"You can't even speak. Heh…"
He gripped her jaw and moved her face until their eyes were locked.
"You're shaking," he said, fingers pressing into her clit now and moving just enough to draw a whine from her, "Mm, cute. What a face…now you're getting me excited."
The angel leaned in for another kiss, hard and hot and just as intense as all the rest had been.

She wrapped her legs around his waist without even so much as a comment, grasping hold of his cock between their bodies before he caught hold of her wrist and pulled it back with a chiding look.

"Eager, are we?"

"I want to feel you; I can't help it." she managed.

"Demanding…You sound so good when you beg for me." He muttered, glancing down at her.

He pulled back seemingly just to undo his robe and rid himself of his undergarments, but it was for far more than that: It allowed him an excuse to look at her, to drink in the sight of the stunning body he was about to ravish, properly.
Then again, she seemed to be doing the same thing, judging by the way she was staring at his cock and licking her lips.

Not that he didn't want to know what it felt like to have her mouth wrapped around him, but–

Right now, he had greater priorities.

"Do you want it?" he asked, his tone suddenly serious. He still thought of himself as a gentleman somehow.


His hands found her wrists once more, and left him marvelling for a moment.

"You must be a considerable idiot to want to sleep with the enemy."

"That makes two of us."

He didn't keep her waiting anymore after that, instead recapturing her lips. His tongue teased at the seam of them until she granted him entry, and he offered a reluctant freedom to one of her wrists to position himself at her entrance.

She ran her newly-freed hand through his silky hair to pull him down into another kiss.

He thrust into her– not all at once, but slowly at first, until she moaned and tightened her grip on his hair, the heels of her feet pressing into his ass to urge him on and deeper, and he knew he didn't need to hold back.
Still, there was no harm in making her wait for the rest of him. Especially not when she was being so delightfully needy.
„That's right, ah, do you want to take me even deeper?"


"You'll have to be more convincing than that, Tenten."

"Of course I want it, you idiot. Will you please just–"

Her words dissolved into a moan as he cut her off with a thrust into her tight, wet heat.

"I'm not going to be gentle" he warned her again, and started to thrust, hard, holding her legs open with his free hand perched just beneath the inside of her knee.

She looked delicious like this, a wanton, mewling mess of a thing, wet and barely intelligible at all.

Then again, even he was struggling to keep his cool entirely. He knew he was flushed, knew that she has him riled up to a point that no others are ever privy to seeing, and, what was more, he had no regrets.

How… incredible.

"Ne– ji-"
Every syllable of his name that came from her luscious lips was met with a thrust of his hips, pressing her harder and harder.
'What a pretty sound ….let's hear more of that, shall we? You sound just right when you scream my name."

He released her other wrist, the angel guiding it to hold her knee up and keep her obediently open for him while the other was tangled desperately in the sheets beneath her.

It was all in the name of a good cause, of course. He needed his free hand to touch her again, to bring her to another climax.

As if he could ever be satisfied with only one orgasm from her.

"Will you come for me again, demon? Or must I wait forever for the feeling of your release around my cock?"


She gasped, whimpered, panted. It was a breathtaking sight to behold.

Tenten arched deliciously, Neji not once letting up his thrusts or his thumb's attention on her clit. Her expression was a feast for the eyes that he wasn't about to take for granted, not when he knew it would dissolve right before his eyes, and quickly, the very moment that she finally lost her control.

She quivered.

The tremors started in her feet, muscles tightening, before moving up her body in a crawl. All of her slowly drew taut.

He whispered to go ahead and come just seconds before he knew she was about to, and she followed his command, perfectly obedient, clenching and throbbing around his cock as she cried out, loudly.

He didn't dare cut off her cries, but the desire to kiss her again, to reclaim her even whilst buried inside of her completely, was too strong to ignore. So he returned to the darkest welt he had left on her skin, right at the crook of her neck, hoping to make it even darker as his thrusts sped up into a barely-controlled frenzy.

Her skin swallowed his own groans of release when he came, throbbing inside of her for what felt like an eternity.

All bliss, all contentment.

A strange feeling.

She let out a fluttery sigh by the time his cock finally stilled its frenzy, and he decided that he liked the sound, annoyingly.

She was playing with his hair, which would have been utterly unacceptable in anyone else's hands, but… he'd tolerate it with her.

It might even be somewhat nice.

"If you do something to my hair, there will be consequences," he told her, and she had the audacity to laugh.

He supposed he should be used to it by now.

"Don't get too cocky, only because it feels so good to fuck with me." She replied dreamily.

It was … strangely comfortable, this rapport between them. Natural, even. The angel thought to his astonishment.

There was a calm in his chest that he hadn't felt in years, a sort of effortless weightlessness.

Neji felt … content. And sleepy.

Tenten watched him thoughtfully while he dozed off in the sheets.

She had to admit, she kind of liked him. He was a good fuck, she knew that already, but he was also….something she couldn't put her finger on. For now.

"The Snake made me eat the heaven's apple because I owed him a favour." She thought.
"It was the serpent's plan from the start wasn't it? It's easy to have indebted hell's creatures, but hard to get an angel within one's grasp. What is he going to make him do?"

For some reason it irked her a lot.
Since when did she have a conscience?