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Prologue – The Moment Of Last Breath

Jack sat at the medbay, along with Rafael and Miko, their old age has finally caught up to them as they finally reached the peak. His children, Sandra and Zachary, both wept for them along with his grandchildren Evelyn and Simon. He is currently hooked up to life support systems to prolong his time in this world, but he knew that his time is running out.

Miko and Rafael had their legacies as well, and they had said their goodbyes. Rafael was younger, but his health had declined. The exposure to Dark Energon damaged his self healing DNA, causing him to age slightly faster. Miko herself had her sickness she had to fight off. In the end, the three of them lay dying.

Rafael's family, with the exposure of Dark Energon to Raf's DNA caused their irises to stay forever purple, and with their age advancing quickly, they were in their prime much earlier.

Miko's eccentric family adopted her fondness of Heavy Metal, as such, they visited her in such apparels.

Eyes locking with his son, words of advice flew "Zach, I know this is saddening but please stay strong" *Cough* His son grew more teary eyed. "If any Autobots come here please treat them with respect. Continue my legacy."

Turning to Sandra next, he spoke out as well "Sandra, keep the children of yours well, ask the Autobots if you want help with anything.."

"Evelyn, Simon, be good kids okay? I know there are scary looking bots out there, but they are okay." With that he looked up to the ceiling lights.

The Autobots came down to earth as soon as they heard that their partners were dying. The ARK travelled billions of light years to reach Earth, and Jack, Miko and Raf were loaded to the ship. Other new Autobots left the area alone to the veterans of Team Prime, as they shared their last moments together.

"Arcee." Weakly called by Jack, Arcee came to his side. "Yes Jack? What is it?"

Arcee wiped some coolant from her optics. It hurt to see her partner like this.

"Take care of my family okay? Even if you're far on Cybertron, come by some time later, kay?"

"I will"

Jack's face lifted with a smile, before he closed his eyes.

F orever.

We should act now, brother, if we are to be able to have our champion at the ready.

The unseen speaker spoke with a voice of high power, with its form hidden underneath a shroud of darkness, glowing purple eyes.

This being is Unicron, the Pit. He is not as evil as one had thought he'd be. Instead, he has acted as an evil being, so as to have his brother's creation to do good and avoid him entirely.

As a saying goes, the victor writes history.

Yes, we should, before their souls journey to the realm even I cannot access. Help me here brother, to pull these three souls for their mission, to save us.

Primus, shrouded in light, had asked Unicron for assistance.

With a nod, both deities of Creation and Destruction brought forth their power, and the trio of human souls, their bodies in a form of ethereality, came before them and with a bright flash of light only three spheres of Courage, Power and Intelligence came into form.

The three spheres of aspect spark floated upwards to the front of the deities.

"I shall give my blessings"

"As shall I"

With that, the beings joined hands in a circle with the trio of sparks at the middle, swaying with the resonance of the two beings.

Bright blue light came forth from Primus' spark, engulfing the sparks of aspect with light, blessing them with Knowledge of the Primes.

Purple mist surged forth from Unicron's spark, encasing them in fog. In an extravagant lightshow, the Knowledge of the Primes swirled in harmony with the Blood of Unicron.

The three sparks floated upwards to the swirling portal above, before disappearing completely.

"Our fate, is in your hands"

In outer space, the spark of a self-exiled being jolted. Its core shaken, as some part of its own self was expertly duplicated, causing a sudden jolt of stronger personality within its being before the double disappeared.

This being was Megatron, and he just felt his spark copied by an unknown force.

"What was that feeling… must be my punishment.."

And he jet off the small rock he sat on, continuing his flight towards a random direction.

Little did he know the trajectory he was heading to was the small planet of the humans..


In the Shadowzone, Soundwave had been planning his escape route for so long. Ever since that human pest Jack Darby locked him in this desolate dimension he had been grieving his misfortune. His vision with the Decepticon cause was true, he was in the grasp of equality by Lord Megatron's rule.

He was elated.

Then he felt his spark sputter. His own self suddenly disappearing within himself, causing him to be just a drone.

A drone.

Then it was back, shocking him even more.

The feeling of actually being a drone, without thought, feelings and control.

He shuddered.

With that in his processor he was more determined to get out of this place if that was an effect of the Shadowzone.

Starscream was en route to Earth, to conquer it to his whims.

He was done with being under the rule of Megatron. Now that he is without a faction and Megatron disbanded it he can start anew.

And his target base is the planet Earth.

It was so easy now.

The autobots busy with Cybertron that the planet Earth was left without defenders!

He was giddy.

The next second, everything was dark.

He was blind to everything.

His altmode wasn't responding anymore.

Sensors no longer working and he felt his spark leave.

"Am I offline?" he asked himself. The feeling of dread filled him.

Fear overtaking he tried to move more and more.

When light came back and he could see, feel and


With a gasp he was jittery.

The feeling of actually evading the chunk of metal oxide was surreal.

"What happened there was never to be spoken" he assured himself and made a mental note.

With that he continued his journey to conquest.

The three bright sparks of light and dark danced in the void.

Their joy overflowing at being united and near.

The spark of Jack danced near them, happy and defending them from any harm.

They danced and spun and twirled.

Without purpose.

Then three sparks came from afar, soaring fast and straight for them.

The sparks smashed together, from two becoming one.

Lights mashing together and merging, completing and then from six, now there were three.

The sparks stopped dancing, suddenly brighter and stronger and more mature.


Then they all shot down, right into the dark swirling portal of unknown, and appeared above the planet Earth.

Lights began appearing.

Darkness materializing.

The essences began swirling about the three sparks, when the mashing of essences solidified, becoming three pods of metal and fire.

The three was magnetized to be near each other as it fell down to the atmosphere of the Earth, the atmosphering reentry scorching the outer layer.

The satellites began to fritz, losing sight and senses to the three alien pods that fell into the cloud layer, losing its flames and becoming streaks of light to the passing eye.

It fell faster and crashed into a forest, smashing and destroying trees as it shredded past the woods and organics spawn of Unicron.

The trees fell around the pods, none touching the pods as a purple forcefield surrounded them, no scratches was even found on its surfaces.

Then the pods glowed, and the transforming sound of a cybertronian was heard when three cybertronians laid there.


The world stayed silent, as if waiting its children to wake.

And three pairs of purple optics snapped open.


A moan of discomfort rang out , and the world moved.

A big hand of metal rose, rubbing its head as disorientation kicked in and the being tried to comprehend what happened.

When it saw its own hands.

The big mech, coloured gunmetal grey and dark blue, along with silver as the main was shocked to see its own hands.

More so that the fact that his eyes had these mini hologram windows in his view.

He wanted to scream.

So much.

But he just couldn't.

Instead he simply stared at his own hands that were different.


The stub fingers he has on his hands were so much like Optimus.


His stubs suddenly locked out claws with a sound.

Just like Megatron's.

He quickly stood up, noting how high he is now, the trees twice his size yet he was still tall.

He absent mindedly noted the two cybertronians near him and began checking out himself.

Needing to know what he looked right now was more important than the sanity of his mind that now processed everything around him so much faster.

Without a single thought, he had calculated why.

"The voices. They did this.. Primus, Unicron?" Jack couldn't place why, but their reasoning was heard by him.

"Their fate is in our hands?" Jack asked himself again.
No way.

With a simple thought, he brought up the blueprint of his entire body.

He was more scared than shocked now.

His blueprint showed in full colour, in a CGI Rendering window that obscured his entire sight, showing him how he looked in real life.

He was a freaky combination of Optimus and Megatron.

"Did they… do that?" he doubtly asked himself.

Shrugging off the thought he inspected himself more.

He looked to the other cybertronians as well, and noted how they looked like Soundwave and Starscream.


He focused on his form now.

Watching every detail he described himself in his mind.

He had his head shaped to be like a fusion of Megatron's bucket helmet and Optimus's cool helm. He was somewhat weirded out by this.

His frame was huge.

And intimidating, even to himself.

His hands were wide and square, with fingers that transforms into claws at will.

His optics were purple, and that didn't sit well with him.

His body was muscular that he could tell. He wasn't lanky or overbeefed by the cybertronian context he was perfectly muscular to a point.

He wasn't freakishly big but not average either.

He was taller than Bulkhead now.

The his neck cables looked taut and thick.

Somehow his body looked sexier.

And he felt pride, why he didn't know.

He had four wings on his back, each jutting up and the other pair down.

They were looking cool.

His arms were armored and spiked like Megatron's and he has a cannon too.

Too much similarity, thankfully the spikes are mediated.

His colors were not bad either.

He knew he should be freaking out but the circumstances were already known.

Probably Raf and Miko wouldn't be freaked out either.

Knowing how he looked now he exited the Rendering, and saw them both had awakened.

"Um.. Hi?"

Rafael woke up next, his face woozy and his mind cloudy.

He really didn't like this at all.

Somehow the context of being unknowing of anything was making him nervous.

With a forceful shove of his body he looked up to see..


He wanted to shuffle out of the way now, despite knowing that Megatron is nice now.


He wasn't.

He felt familiarity.

Thankfully the Megatron was looking the other way.

Putting his hand to his face, he didn't know what to do when he saw metal instead.

And his hand wasn't even touching his face.

Quickly inspecting his hands, he was even more shocked to see how long his fingers are.

Soundwave clicked into mind.

Somehow he accessed the blueprints to his body with haste.

He wasn't scared.

After living for years and having sons he wasn't going to back off now.

Besides the voices had told him anyway. He is someone that is not easily scared anymore.

The rebirth into the world as cybertronian was new.

He checked himself.

And mentally described himself.

His face was visored.

Just like Soundwave but the visor moved to the left and he saw his new face.

Purple optics, a thin line that he knew his real mouth is, flat yet sexy face was there.

His face had a squared jawline, rather than that of Soundwave's.

Just like a shield his face looked like it.

His eyes were sharp.

The visor itself was a shield shape, but the bottom part of it had a half hexagon cut, separating it from the whole shield form, and was still connected to the visor.

He had his body like a pro bodybuilder.

He could see he was big, yet he noted that the Megatron guy was bigger.

His body had mostly dark purple colouring yet his biolights were orange.

His head top where his head was had orange colouring as well.

His arms were muscular too. He didn't have Soundwave's wing arms, instead two long wings of a big spy plane adorned his back. He saw it fold down.

His legs and body and all of it was streamlined so well he was sexy.


And he was elated to see how his human body affected this body as he could see similarities of his human body in its prime and this body.

Then he heard the Megatron guy, that he now knew was Jack, say

"Um.. Hi?" Raf was happier now.

"Jack?" he immediately stood up.

Miko was awakened the same time Raf woke up.

She saw her hands, and was shocked.

And her heart screamed.

In awesomeness!

Ignoring the big guy and the Soundwave guy next to her she was met with a blueprint to her face.

Somehow she conjured it up without knowing it.

She read it on her mind, loudly.

Purple optics was her eyes, and she felt weird.

The body was sexier than she imagined. She had her old human body in her prime charm to it!

Her human body must have affected this.

Her weirdness went bigger when she realized that she looked like a certain seeker.


Ignoring that she continued on.

She now had wings on her backs, the wings standing proud and powerful.

Her body was slim and built for more of speed for her.


She wanted to be a wrecker.

That was when she saw her hands on the blueprint shift to many forms of weapons.

The forms was so many she couldn't describe it.

It stopped back at her hands.

The coloration she has now was violet, black and red.

And she was jacked.

The deep baritone voice of someone made her close the window, and look up to Jack.

"Um.. Hi?" Jack had said in uncertainty, and Raf next to her stood up after calling his name too.


Not wanting to be left out she stood up as well.

"No hugs for me Jack? I'm the superstar MIKO!"

The face of them went slack, except Raf.

But his posture told her.

She grinned.

"Ahaha! Your faces! Jack you're the best!" She laughed to herself.

Three cybertronians with purple optics walked through the forest, talking and joking around with joy.

"Jack, how do you like looking like the son of Optimus and Megatron?" Miko asked. The form was so obvious to her.

"I don't know really, I should be depressed about this you know? But we're like ages old now. Be mature I guess" With that he looked forward, contemplating.

Raf occasionally talked, when Miko asked what he was doing he said

"Browsing the Internet" and that spurred the other two to connect and surf as well.

Their minds were preoccupied with the videos and news they were reading and watching but not once did they stray or detected by humans.

Their cybertronian minds stronger and better to multitask.

They talked more now, asking where the others are and what to do and missions.

Their quest was to save Primus and Unicron. But from what?

The heavy thudding of metal to dirt suddenly turned to a road.

And they stopped before retreating.

"Whew! I knew it was there but I ignored it." Jack said, knowing full well how humans are very easily scared.

"Me too." Raf replied, turning around the corner to continue walking the other way.

"Me three!" cheerfully Miko supplied.

Continuing walking for a few more moments they were suddenly met with the sound of something big, heavy and metal crashing to the ground.

And the sudden surge of spark signature presented themselves, waking up from stasis before one by one running off.

Unluckily one of them ran straight to the trio.

The spark signatures were Decepticons.

And they knew, this was an event that might set up the mission.

"Should we do this?" Raf asked, uncertain about fighting in a body not accustomed yet.

"Heck yeah!" Miko fistpumped, probably ready to test some Wrecker sick moves.

"I think we should. Its signal is Alchemor though, and one of them are coming right here."

With that said a weirdly earthlike Decepticon burst through the bushes, stunned to see three unknown cybertronians discussing amongst themselves.

"Please help me! I'm running away from these Autobots prison and you need to help me!"

"Is he a grasshopper?" Raf thought.

"He must think we're Decepticons…" Jack thought and he smiled a savage smile.

"We will, come here" Giving the grin that was intimidating on its own, his teeth suddenly popped out, and it was now a sharklike grin.

The grasshopper Decepticon was shaking, but he was allured to this "Con".

He felt power, and he could survive with this guy.

Suddenly his processor supplied him with an image.

"Lord Megatron, Officer Soundwave and Starscream? I'm so humbled! The top three Decepticons here?" and he began jumping for joy.

Jack, Miko and Raf was shocked, that the sharp teeths of Jack retreated.

Jack walked forward, the grasshopper Con' jumping oblivious to his danger.

And Jack gave a mean backhand to the Con's neck, with a loud smack the Con' fell down, unconscious.

"Cool" Miko said.

Raf was silent.

"What" Jack asked.

"He saw us as them… I mean he literally jumped for joy." Raf explained that the Autobots might not be happy.

"Uncertainty is a weakness we need to vanquish now Raf, Okay?" Jack uncharacteristically growled, then caught himself.

"Sorry, something came over me" Jack apologized, picking up the Con'.

"I think this new body, this freaky similarity to the big three baddies, are not just bodies. I think our personality got some of theirs too." Raf was uncertain now. He might be a Con' if this body was to overpower him.

"Don't worry, guys, I mean the gods of Cybertron gave us this body, why would they erase us?" Miko said, trying to cheer up the mood.

"Yeah, they are the ones up there." Jack said, smiled a true smile and pat Raf on the back.

"Let's go"

And they walked to the prison ship with a Con' in tow.

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