Fanfiction ideas.


."Cousins?" – Adrien and Marinette are cousins(?). They find out they have been lied to for years once they end up having an attraction to each other. Rated M for smut. Incest? Maybe.

."Super duper." Sky high AU. Marinette and Adrien are not your average kids. They might seem like it, but they're not. Their parents are superheroes, so are they. They now have to attend Sky High, the place were they will learn how to use their powers. They know they are the strongest heroes in the universe, but will they be able to find out their powers? And when their parent's old enemies come back, Adrien finds out something astonishing. There are kwamis in this Au, no miraculouses, And no assigned kwamis, they have all kwamis all together.

."The return of HawkMoth." Sequel to Even more super than you thought. Adrien, Marinette, Lilly, and Emily had finally defeated HawkMoth, but a new one arises. Will the four be able to stop this Hawkmoth, keep their superhero identities a secret, and attend College? Will they succeed? Or will they fail. College AU

. "Too super." Sequel to The return of HawkMoth. They still need to find HawkMoth, and stop her before it all ends.

."You know the rule?" Sequel to You know the switch? Marinette and Adrien are getting used to their new powers and gets the hang of it pretty easily. Marinette gets turned into a baby during an akuma attack, and Tikki, Plagg, and Adrien has to watch her and keep her out of trouble. The rule was if the akuma's power hits a miraculous wielder and it last longer than a day, the effects will wear off after a month or two. This will be some ping months.

. Kitty Noir. Where is Chat Noir? Where is Chat Noir? There he is, there he is, all he says is meow, Mari has to fix it now, Read and see, don't forget Em and Lilly!