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Here's the next chapter of "Friends? Roommates?"! Let's see if Marinette finally loses her virginity in this chapter. *snickers* she's not...

"You are a pain in the ass." Marinette growled. Marinette and Adrien were currently in Miss Bustier room, aka the music room. There was some showcase coming up and Miss Bustier chose Marinette and Adrien to represent their school.

"Ha! You're mad because you called me sexy." Adrien said in hits deep, yet-not so-deep voice.

Marinette sputtered. "Eh-w-what! I-I never said that!" she denied.

"You did. You said and I quote 'Get out of my face you sexy bastard'." Adrien smirked as he leaned on the music room's piano.

"I didn't say that."

"You did."

"I didn't."

"You most certainly did."

"I never said that, and you can't proove it."

"I really can" Adrien said in a smug voice.

"You can't"

"I can."

"Fuck you Agreste."

"Is that your catchphrase now?" He asked.

"Possibly." Was her simple answer.

"What's your favorite kid's tv show?"

"What does that have to do with this argument?" Marinette said, glaring at him. Man he was just annoying at times.

"Nothing, just answer it."

Marinette sighed. "Alright fine. Blue's Clues."

"Wow really? I always thought of you as an Upside Down show person." Adrien said. "Ooo, Upside Down, that's a great title." He said as he scribbled something down in his songbook. "Should it be upbeat or like a slow cheesy love song?"

"Upbeat. It suits not only you but the title." Marinette answered, their bickering long forgotten. That's how their arguments end all the time. The go back and forth, whether playful or not, then one of them say something that had nothing to do with anything, then it ends there.

"Alright, let's say you're in high school again, and your childhood crush starts walking towards you: how do you feel?" Adrien asked.


"I'm trying to get it from a female perspective."

Marinette sits on top of the piano Adrien is leaning on. "If my childhood crush walked past me..." Marinette repeated. She closed her eyes, thinking about her third boyfriend, who was her first crush, and how nervous she would get when he was around. She opened her eyes back up.

"I would always get this feeling when he's around, and when he looks over to me I feel like I'm floating on thin air." Marinette breathed out.

"Personal experience?" Adrien says, writing something down again.



"Dammit." Marinette grumbled.

"Did you guys go out?" Adrien then asked.

"Yeah, but we broke up 2 months later." Marinette said.

"Yeesh. What happened?"

"Oh, the thing that happened with the other 12." Marinette said.

"They cheated?" Adrien questioned.

"No, they couldn't handle how hot my teasing was." Marinette answered.

"I know how they feel." Adrien said, referring to the first day they met. Marinette seemed to understand what he meant.

"Personal experience?" She mimicked.

"Yep." Then he blinked.


"Dammit. Wait, 12? How many guys did you date?" Adrien chuckled.

"13. None couldn't handle my teasing." Marinette said. Adrien snorted.

"Again, I don't blame them. Your teasing is so sexy even I can't handle it. And that's saying something." Adrien said. "Alright, next question: if you were truly in love with someone, who really loved you back, what would you say to said love?"

"I'd probably say that my heart belonged to them?" Marinette said, uncertain.

"Okay, so you sounded uncertain, but I'll take it." He said, writing in his book again. "Next question-"

"Wait, why are you asking me these questions?" Marinette said. Adrien chuckled.

"Its called song writing. Now shut up and let me ask my question: If you were a straightforward guy, what would you say to a girl you're into."

"I'd probably be like: Hey, I'm crazy into you, and we have not time to waste, so let's hangout sometime." Marinette said, in a terrible male voice. Adrien laughed.

"What if she rejected you? And you were really crazy about her and you were cheesy as Shit Chica?"

"I'd say something about how I would wait an eternity to be with her, but the girl me would laugh and him a sweet dork before walking off." Marinette answered.

"Alright, how about this." Adrien said before he sang.

I always get this funny feeling
Every time you turn around
It's like I'm walking on the ceiling
Both feet off the ground

And it's so right but feels so left
Upside down like I'm losing my head
'Cause I know where my heart belongs–
With you again

So I say hey
I'm crazy into you
And I say hey
Every minute's overdue
And I can't wait
No I don't care I'll do what it takes
Driving all night, catch the first flight
Just to see you, I'll explain

You got me like upside down
You standing there I swear my whole world is turned around
I can't believe you're here
I was looking in the crowd
But you're here now
You standing there I swear my whole world turned around
You got me upside down, you got me upside down

I'm Upside Down

"That's awesome Adrien, its amazing how you can turn a few answers to a question into a song. Let's try creating a melody for it." Marinette said, sitting at the piano. Adrien chuckled and sat beside her. Then she blinked. "Hey, no more stalling Agreste! We need to write a duet, or choose a song we already wrote." Marinette laughed. Adrien smiled.

"¿Estancamiento? I'm not Estancamiento." Adrien fabricated.

"I appreciate how you used some English in that sentence so I know what you meant, but you are stalling. Aka, procrastinating." Marinette said sternly.

"You caught me red-handed. I'm stalling." Adrien confessed, a frown upon his face.

"Thought so. What's up?" She asked. Adrien sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I don't like performing in front of people." Adrien said, standing up and waking towards the open window. Marinette turned in her seat.

"How come? You sing in front of me all the time." She said as she tilted her head to the side in confusion.

Adrien turned and leaned on the window sill. "You love music as much as I do, that's why I don't have a problem with it. I don't even sing in front of Nino, and we've been best friends since we were nine."

"Why don't you?" Marinette asked, flattered that he only sung in front of her, yet again she felt sorry for him. Adrien chuckled bitterly.

"You don't want to hear one of my sob stories." Adrien said, voice hoarse.

"I'm listening."

Adrien sighed. "Alright, just don't pity me, it makes me feel uncomfortable." Adrien said in a low voice. Marinette nodded. "It happened when I was in 12th grade-"

"I thought you were HomeSchooled" Marinette asked.

"Until 9th grade, my father was very overprotective since my mom disappeared." Adrien said, pursing his lips.

"I'm sorry-"


"What?" Marinette said, confused.

"You're showing pity, stop it." Adrien said grimly.


"Now, without any further interruptions," Adrien said, making Marinette laugh. "It all started when I was in 12th grade-"

"What school did you go to?" Marinette asked. Adrien smiled at her.

"Really? I don't know, some school, uh, PLA." Adrien said.

"Paris Learning Academy, aka, a prep school for boys?" Marinette said, trying not to laugh. Adrien groaned.

"Ugh, worst 3 years of my life! I thought I was going to slowly getting attracted to guys." Adrien said. Marinette guffawed.

"You poor baby~ And I thought you were supposed to be in high school for 4 years?" Marinette giggled.

"Ah, I got transferred..." Adrien trailed off, shuddering.

"To where?" Marinette chuckled.

"To another damn all boy prep school! And let me tell you, most of those boys would eye-Fuck me all day!" Adrien said, making Marinette laugh again.

"What made you transfer?"

"Ah, I told my father I didn't want to be in an all-boy school, but I guess he didn't hear when I said 'all-boy'." Adrien said. "Now AGAIN, without anymore interruptions, it all started when I was in 12th grade."


Bold is Adrien's narrations, italic is Marinette's questions.

There was a showcase, and I decide to sign up for it. After I did, My bodyguard came to pick me up from school.

You had a bodyguard? For what? We're you a wanted criminal?

Ha-ha, so very funny. No, my father was... famous in the fashion industry, and I was one of his models.

You were a model?! Holy Shit, I've got to see some pictures!

Anywhoozies, when I got home I told my father about the showcase...

"Excellent! I hope to see you on stage playing the piano." Gabriel said. 18-year-old Adrien sighed.

"Well father, actually I was thinking about-"

"Don't tell me you want to perform that loud, rebellious, and utterly ridiculous music?" Gabriel asked.

"Its not loud and rebellious, its-"

"A waste of time. You have better things to do rather than sitting around, playing those obnoxious guitars. Maybe a violin would do you good." His father said.

"But father-"

"End of discussion. Go to your room and complete your homework."

"I don't want to play the piano or the violin! I want to express myself with my own kind of music that I enjoy! You just cannot just tell me I can't do it!" Adrien says.

It was the first time I defended what I loved, and I wasn't going to let my father change the way I played music.

"You've pushed my patience Adrien. You are banned from making that kind of music, and you will either play the piano or violin at that showcase, or you won't go to the showcase at all. I will not tolerate being embarrassed by my son playing unacceptable music!" Gabriel said.

What?! He can't just stop you from loving your passion!

Glad we're on the same page.

"I'm almost 18 for fuck's sake! You can't just tell me I have to stop doing something I enjoy! That's complete bull." Adrien argued.

Well shit Adrien...

Adrien chuckled.

"You will watch your language when you speak to me."

"No the hell I don't! I'm almost a grown ass man and you expect me to just listen to the shit you tell me to! Well guess what?! I'm my own fucking person! I can choose for myself thank you very fucking much!" Adrien shouted.


Pfft- Shut the hell up-haha- and let me-*snickers* talk dammit.

Totally worth it


Marinette giggled.

"I've had enough of this attitude! You will either use a piano or any other classical musical instruments, end of discussion." Gabriel says as he walks into his office. Adrien growls.

What did you do afterwards?

Just what any other teenage boy would do.

Go in his room, watch porn, and have a fap session?

Pfft! No! Okay, sometimes.

Adrien went to his room and flopped on his desk chair.

I knew it!

I didn't do that! I was thinking about doing it but I didn't!

"Why doesn't he listen to me?!" He growled. Adrien looks over to his red electric guitar his mother got him for his 13th birthday.


*Blushes* Marinette stoooooop! *put face in his hands.

"I know exactly what instrument I choose." Adrien says, getting out his phone and calling Nino.

Adrien chose playing his-

*whines*It was not a fap session!

"Sup bro?" Nino said from the other line.

"Could you call Alya and tell her to meet us at Ferretie's?" Adrien asked.

I loved Ferretie's! Me and my friends went the recall the time! Man was their pizza awful.

I know right?! But their wings were awesome.

Fuck, now I want to go there.


"Sure bro, why?"

"I'll explain later." Adrien said, hanging up and changing into a red flannel shirt, a white t-shirt, a pair of jeans and black sneakers. He ruffled his once neat hair, because it had to be neat for school, grabbed his guitar and put the guitar strap across his shoulder, grabbed his skateboard, and headed out without no one noticing.

Didn't you have a car at 18?


Then why didn't use that?

Oh because... Why didn't I do that?


As Adrien entered Ferretie's, he saw Nino and Alya sitting at their normal table in the middle. As he walked towards them he accidentally bumped into a girl and she spilled her drink on him.

"I'm so sorry!" The girl said. Adrien chuckled.

"It's alright, I wasn't paying attention." Adrien said. He looked at the girl. She had raven-colored hair that was tied into two pigtails, bluebell eyes, and freckles going across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. She wore a white floral t-shirt with a black jacket that had pink polka dots on the inside over her shirt, which was rolled up to her elbows, pink jeans and pink flats. She also had a pink coin purse slung across her shoulder.

I knew you looked familiar...

Ah, no wonder I knew I saw you from somewhere.

"No, it's my fault. I spilled the drink on you." Marinette said.

"Don't fret Chica, it was just an accident. No harm no foul." Adrien said, putting a hand on her shoulder. Then Nino called him over. "I've gotta go, nice meeting you."

"Likewise." Marinette said. Then they both walked to their respective tables.

I now regret nothing that I did to you that day.

Liar, you love me.

"Who was that?" Alya cooed as Adrien sat down.

"I don't know, but she was cute though." Adrien said.

"I know a lot of people in Paris, what did she look like?" Nino asked.

"Ravenette, bluebell eyes, freckles, pink pants." Adrien described.

"Oh, that's Marinette, she's the daughter of the most prestigious bakers in Paris. From what I've heard she's a rocker chick." Nino said.

How did I forget you?

Same reason why I forgot you.

You were irresistible.

You called me Chica. They said at the same time.

Wow, that was cruel.

I'm flattered.