A/N: I should probably finish writing some other chapters for my other stories (or be studying for my finals but nah) before I start this but I am so stoked for this story that I can't wait lol. So if ya'll don't know, an eccedentesiast is someone who fakes a smile, and you'll find out why I titled this story this for a reason. Rated T for now.

"Oh come on Harls! You study all the time." Pam whined as she crumpled up a blank sheet of notebook paper and throws it at a studying Harleen. The redhead hits the blonde right in the face.

Harleen threw a small glare at her roommate aka Pam. "I really need to ace this next test, or else I won't finish this semester and then I won't graduate." She threw the ball of paper back at Pam.

Pam rolled her eyes, jumping over to Harleen's bed, making the bed rustle as she landed on papers. "It's Saturday night, Harls! Please? Can we please just go out? Oh! I know this amazing club in the Underground, you'll love it, I know." Her friend Pam begged. Harley sighed in defeat.

"Fine…" Pam squealed and rolled off of the bed, running to their shared closet. She pulled out a forest green lace cocktail dress and black pumps.

"What do you think?" Pam asked Harleen as the blonde stripped to get into the shower.

"Cute! Makes your hair pop." Harleen turned the water on, making sure it was just the way she liked it, scalding. She stepped into the steamed glass and sighed in content.

Pam dragged Harleen down the street, their heels clacking against the blacktop of the cracked street. "Where are we going again?" Harleen asked for the third time since they had left the apartment.

"It's a surprise!" Pam scolded as they stopped in front of a plain, stout building. It had a sign out front that lit neon purple letting people know it was vacant.

"Are you sure you know where you're goin' Pam? This place looks deserted." Harleen frowned and slowly walked after her adventurous friend, who was already at the door of the building. She gave an odd knock, three quick, then one, then two. A slot opened and they saw a pair of brown eyes, a dark voice slicing through the air.

"What do you want?" The man growled and glared at the two women before another pair of eyes peeked through slot.

"Oh goody! More company." The icy blue eyes almost seemed to smile. They did a once over of Pam before landing on Harleen herself. Their gaze made her feel confident, to the point where she stood up straighter and even pushed out her already exposed cleavage. They ravaged her until she pulled her gaze away. "Let them in." Blue eyes seemed to grin at her again as the door creaked open to the sound of loud music and hoots from a crowd. Blue eyes was gone, much to Harleen's dismay, and there stood the stocky, dark bodyguard.

The women stepped around him into the club, where Harlem finally noticed that it wasn't a dance club, but a strip club. She didn't understand why she was surprised, considering Pam was always into new things. Watching the girls dance brought back memories of her childhood in Jersey, back to when she had done gymnastics. She missed it.

Pam sauntered over to the bar and ordered herself a drink while Harleen sat down at a table, looking around the large room. She felt as if a pair of eyes was on her, searching for them she swiveled her head towards a large booth at the far corner surrounded by beads. Harleen shivered with curiosity.

Joker grinned as he watched the blonde woman sitting alone. "So Mr. Estrada," Joker enunciated. "You wish to become part of my little business?" The green-haired man pulled his gaze from the woman and rolled his neck in the direction of his accomplice across the table.

The other man, seemingly ordinary, leaned in onto the table and frowned at the Joker. "I'm not here to play games clown. I need you to do a job and I'm willing to compensate for any supplies you need. I know that the thrill of the kill is enough to pay for this." Estrada explained.

The Joker instantly perked at the idea, baring his grill in a wide, sickening smile. "What kind of jobby are we lookin' at Estrada?"

"I need you to kill my business associate. I've scheduled her to be at one of our clubs next Saturday, and that when you blow the whole shindig up."

Joker tapped his red lips in thought. "Isn't your supposed business associate also you wife?"

Estrada glared at Joker and pointed an angry finger at the pale man. "That is none of your concern. Get the job done or I'm turning you in to the Bat."

His silly smile vanished in an instant and was replaced with a steely look of seriousness. "I'll do the job, but don't you ever… EVER," Joker growled loudly as he snatched the lapels of Estrada's jacket and pulled him towards him, "threaten me again or I will kill you point blank. Understand?"

Estrada nodded, fear clouding his eyes. The Joker chuckled and let go of the other man, straightening out the wrinkles he created. "It was lovely seeing you again Julio, hopefully we can do business some other time?" Estrada nodded and silently stood up from the booth.

"Jonny!" A young man in jeans and a leather jacket appeared from behind Estrada.

"Yes sir?"

"Please show our guest out, and make it," the Joker snapped, "snappy?"

Jonny nodded and led Estrada out of the booth area and through a metal door in the back. Joker looked back out through the curtain of beads to find that gorgeous blonde from before, now with her redheaded friend at a table. He heard the quiet gun shots from out in the alley and his face contorted with a wicked smile.