After the Joker's stint, Harleen never let her guard down. Every time the clown tried to reverse their roles, the doctor instantly responded with a personal question. She knew that he would respond with something equally snarky or outrageous. They were going in circles, and is Harleen was being honest with herself, the non existent progress was making her crazy too.

Nights before her sessions with the Joker, she would talk herself into a steely resolve. The moment she entered that room though with him staring at her with that nauseating smirk, it instantly dissolved. It wasn't until one discussion with another patient that she might have found a way to get something out of him, at least to better understand the sociopath.

"Jael, you need to tell me what you're seeing, because otherwise I can't help you…" Harleen comfortingly said to her schizophrenic patient. She watched as he yanked at the cuffs again, the metal digging into the already bruised flesh of his wrists. The entire reason that there were having a session before their scheduled one was because he was showing signs of hostility at nothing but air. Jael had attacked a guard as they were bringing him is food, which was odd because this patient was normally withdrawn but always docile.

Jael looked Harleen dead in the eye, startling her, "I see him…. All the time. He haunts me, that laugh."

Harleen raised an eyebrow at the man and frowned. "Can you tell me about him? What does he look like?"

She listened to Jael prattle on for a minute about silver… Teeth? Before she could ask him about that, he interrupted her thoughts. "Green hair… And tattoos, lots of them. All I hear is his laugh… Ha, HA HA HA HAAA.." Jael started yelling. She knew that laugh.

"Mr. Diago, are you referring to the Joker?" She threw out.

Jael instantly tensed. "Don't say his name! He can hear us… He is listening all the time. You-you don't understand how he really is… The real him. He's terrifying."

Harleen furrowed her brows. She was pretty sure she knew him a little…

"A-ask him who he is…" Jael told the doctor, his wrists bleeding from his yanking. The request, no demand it was, startled her again. The only thing she could do was nod her head to ease the poor man.

Harleen sat across from Joker with her hands in a steeple. Her head was cocked to the left in a curious way as she looked at him across from her. She noticed the same smirk that would normally make her change her mind, but the session with Jael was still fresh in her mind, cementing her decision.

"So doc, what's in store for us today? A game? Oh, oh… Maybe another heart to heart? That was one of my favorites…" J pestered the blonde, pausing when the doctor herself smirked.

"Who are you?" She asked him.

Joker lifted his hands in a cocky fashion. "Well honey, I'm the fucking Joker. I'd hope you'd know that by now." He teased, dropping his hands onto the table.

Harleen shook her head. "No… I mean who is the Joker, what are you-to you?" She watched as his baffled expression was overcome with understanding. He lifted a shackled hand and waved a finger at her.

"You.. Are good. Ya see, the Joker to me was who I was meant to be the whole time! The Bat? Hell, he's just a piece of the puzzle that has become me. Before, I was a pussy. A fuckin' disgrace to society. And now? Now I'm the most known criminal in all of Gotham. All is takes is one bad day to lose all sanity, and sweetheart did that bad day turn out to be the best."

Harleen silently sighed in frustration. How does he do it? Answer my question and avoid it at the same time? She tapped her pen against her lips as she contemplated her next move.

"Who is Harleen to you, doc? Is she who you're expected to be? Or who you were taught to be? Ya see, normally I hate people like ya. You're all fakes. But there is somethin' in ya that I can see that you can't… What you can become and what greatness you can accomplish. I see it." The Joker surprised her.

"And what do you see in me, Mister J?"

"I see chaos," he responded with a wide grin that scared Harleen.

Reflecting on her session was a nightmare. Not only could she not focus, all she heard was his last words to her before their session ended. Harleen pulled at her blonde locks in frustration, groaning loudly. She would not crack. She had already told him he wouldn't be able to do it. Remembering her words to him in their first session by themselves made her mentally smack herself.

She realized saying that has probably egged him on to do exactly that. Harleen was not prepared for what was to come next as she was pulled from her thoughts with a loud explosion. Immediately jumping from her chair she ran out into the hall to see masked men surrounded by smoke firing at her co-workers. She watched in horror as they fell to floor in heaps and cowered when the men grabbed at her.

"Don't touch me, you bastard!" She kicked at them, aiming for one of their heads. She screamed as they caught her ankle and jerked her forward onto her back. Harleen screamed in defiance and used her other foot to kick the man in the groin, effectively making him let go of her. She continued fighting with all her might.
"Don't touch me! D-don't t-tou…" She drifted off slowly as one of the masked minions sprayed her with a gas.

Harleen awoke strapped to a gurney, struggling to get out of the strips of leather. The blinding light up above her was making her headache worse. She honed in on the sound of footsteps and voices coming closer and she strained to see who was there. Suddenly a familiar face was hovering up above her with a wild, glittering grin.

She scowled up at the man. "What do you think you're doing? I know you're crazy, but this is suicidal!" Harleen screeched up at him, thrashing in her restraints even more than before.

The man chuckled and shook his head. "Nah sweetness, I'm just here to help you."

Harleen panicked and searched the room. After a full assessment she realized she was in Ward F… Where the electroshock therapy room was. "How is this supposed ta help me?" She gasped, the leather digging into her skin.

"Well, remember when I told you I see chaos in ya?" Harleen simply nodded and Joker smirked. "This is gonna help finally crack that pretty little resolve of yours…."

Harleen wasn't able to protest as one of the Joker's minions shoved a belt between her teeth and he pressed the prongs to her temples. "This is gonna hurt a lil bit," Joker smirked.

The Joker watched as her body nearly bent in half from the shock he sent through her, and she was glorious. He didn't think he'd seen anything more beautiful than her crystal clear blue eyes staring back up at him through the whole thing with that amount of fire. He should have suspected that she would be furious, but he didn't care. He was helping her expose who she really was. She would thank him for it later, he knew she would.

He watched as her body convulsed until her eyes finally fluttered shut as she passed out. Tossing the device to the side, he unstrapped her and picked her up bridal style and smirked at her limp, broken body in his arms. She was a vision, and it was all coming together.

Even though he had planned to use her to get him out, turned out that the guards were pretty easy to persuade and his plans for this spitfire changed. He jerked his head at his employees, gesturing for them to get them out.

"Time to finish this…" J muttered as he placed her next to him in the SUV. "Take us to Ace," he ordered.

He was still carrying the doctor when she woke up, he body still convulsing at sporadic times. When she realized where she was, he watched as she shrieked and scramble out of his arms and land with a thud on the hard floor.

"What did you do to me?" Harleen scowled and shakily stood up, using a nearby railing as support.

"Oh nothing… Just helped that chaos come out a little." Joker smirked, pushing his hair out of his face.

Harleen tried shaking the dizziness she was experiencing but groaned. "Where am I?"

"Where I was created," the Clown Prince replied, making Harleen stumble away from him and closer to the edge of the overlook.

The doctor took a step back when the Joker took a step forward. She noticed her predicament and stared back at the green-haired man. "If you move closer, I'll jump. I swear I will."

"I believe you," Joker continued to smirk as she took another step forward, making Harleen take a step back.

The blonde straightened her face with determination, glancing down at the vat of… Something. She wasn't sure. She looked back up at her captor and stared him dead in the eyes as she took that final step back.

And she fell…

Becoming completely submerged in black.

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