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Hutch POV

I woke to Kate yelling for me to wake up. I open my eyes to see the SUN bright in the sky. I must have been asleep for long time because it's already midmorning-early afternoon, damn. I thought.

"Rise and shine my prince, we'll be arriving at the Hunters Isles in fifteen minutes" Kate said looking forward. "Uh thanks, what time is it?" I asked. "Its eleven, forty-five, so it well be lunch time when we're there." Kate said. "Alright that's all I wanted to know." I said before laying back down.

I looked next to me to see Candu sleeping so peacefully. He looks so cute, I'm glade to have met him, if I didn't I wouldn't be on this journey to reclaim my lost land from... Wait who is the new ruler who has taking my Kingdom, Shakey, Mooch, nor Candu has told the name of the new ruler, they just call her the 'Demon Queen'. I wanted to know who I was going up against in my fight for my land I didnt know.

We arrived at the Hunters Isle, we started to unpack when a female and a male walked up to us.

"Hey can we help you lot!?" The white one asked, "We're just unpacking our cargo care to help?" Kate asked in a harsh way, "Well you looks like you can use it, " The red one said, "Im Lilly and this is Garth, Hunters." Lilly said holding her paw out, " I'm Kate, this Candu and Prince Hutch, son of the previous King, King Humphrey." Kate said without a stutter.

After Kate said that I earned a shocking look from them both.

"Ohhh thank the Gods you're alive...we need our King and here he is!" Lilly said bowing down. "She's right we've waited four years for the King of Jasper to return." Garth said also bowing down. "Guys look I'm not King yet, I'm still a Prince." I said, "No you're actually King, the rules state it. 'The previous King that is killed while still in rule the heir to the Throne will calm the Kingdom automatically.'." a voice said, "who said that?" Candu asked, "I did." said a man walking towards us.

I looked at Candu and Kate, it seems that Kate knew the man as he walked closer to us.

"Well, well, you're a sight for sore eyes old timer." Kate said with a smile, "Yep, three years has it been right? I've been letting this years slip past me, look at how strong you've become. Now see there son that is a mark of true warrior." The Old man said, "yes dad." Garth said looking down. "Umm...Sir who are you?" I asked, "Hahahaha, I figured you'd forget!, its me Tony, your personal trainer. Well you was just a pup but your father King Humphrey wanted you to learn how to fight." Tony said laughing, "Wait you knew my father." I nearly yelled, "Yes I did, He was strong and caring about everyone, even a Assassin like me." Tony said looking at the ocean.


Tony POV

I was an Assassin for the Eastern Union, a Territory of Milias. I was the highest ranking assassin. I was tasked to kill King Humphrey but something came over me and couldn't bring myself to kill him.

"What the matter Milias assassin, can you not complete your mission?" Humphrey asked putting away his sword, "N-no I c-can complete my mission." I said backing away, "Well then I'm open." Humphrey said putting his arms out.

I had so many things running through my mind all at once, but I couldn't let my emotions get the best of me. I run towards Humphrey my blade ready to take his life. Then you showed up and stopped me.

"NOOOOO, don't hurt my father." hutch said running between me and Humphrey, "Son, what in Scorpio's name are you doing!?" Humphrey yelled, "Please do hurt my father." Hutch said again with tears in his eyes.

Flashback end

Hutch POV

"In all my years of killing a child's father, I never had a kid like you stop and plea for his father's life." Tony said looking down. "oh, I forgot all about that day." I said, " Well that's in the past and we're in the present, time for King Hutch to calm his Kingdom." Tony said looking at me.

We unpacked and camped there for the night. We listen to Tony And Kate tell stories for their lives.

The more I travel the more I find people who knew my father and how he has changed their life for ever. Who knew Kate was going to be in the army after she finished training with her father. Lilly has had a crazy life as well, been kicked out of her home after discovering she could use magic, and Garth training under his father.

I was so lost in though I didn't realize Candu was trying to talk to me.

"Huh, oh sorry I was thinking." I said blushing, "Dont need to feel sorry I understand this is a lot to take in, but I'm here for you." Candu said after kissing me. "Thanks, i needed that." I said. "What the talk or the kiss?" Candu asked giggling, "By the way Tony wants to talk to you." Candu said laying down. "About what?" I asked. "I don't know go talk to him." Candu said before going to sleep.

I got up and walked to Tony's hut that was on top of a hill away from the ocean. As I walked up I could hear Garth, Lilly and Tony having a serious conversation.

"What if he doesn't want us to come with him?" Garth said. "He will he's like his father caring and trusting. If he didn't trust you he wouldn't have let you help him and Candu is a Kikiro meaning Candu would've seen you a threat the whole time." Tony said back. "Well, I say we ask Hutch, to see what he wants to do." Lilly said. "Just remember once you travel with him you are enemies of the new Kingdom, the Demon Queen will kill you." Tony said.

I walked in to the hut to speak but Tony spoke first.

"I know you heard. These two want to travel with you, that's all I need to say. " Tony said sitting down in the corner chair. "Well if you both want to come I don't why not." I said looking at them both. "Really you're letting us go with you, YES!" Garth said heartily. "Thank you king Hutch." Lilly said bowing. "Just call me Hutch, and I'll see you both bright and early right?" I asked. "Yes you count on it." Garth said.

Now I more help, I just need to get to the Capital, and fight the Demon Queen. This is just the beginning.

I hope you all enjoyed this.-HxW