Ace Attorney: The Hatter Chronicles

People always believed what I wrote was mere fiction, a passing thought on the now that is the present. However I am here to write that everything I wrote did in fact happen, in one way or another.

A young woman named Alice really did fall down the Rabbit Hole, into a strange new world full of wonderful creatures. However the one thing I don't know is what happened afterwards. Maybe even what was the beginning…

"Objection! This trial's not over yet, and I give you my word I'll figure out the truth, or my name's not C.J. Hatter." (A man who fights for the truth and justice "Mad" Charles Hatter).

"Quiet! You dare waste the time of this courtroom, you two bit fraud, I'll rip you to pieces." (The top prosecutor in the district who fights for guilty verdicts, Stephen Dorman).

Witness the court system of this strange new world, a world of possibilities has opened up inside the queen's court.

"May we all rise for the resplendent queen of hearts". Said by Dorman.

Queen: well then, shall we get this trial started. *Queen raises a staff in her hand*. Shall I?

Doorman and Hatter: My Queen you may now use the staff of revealing!

(The staff of revealing, forces the defendant to tell the truth in the guise of a poem).

Before all was said

I knew that this man was dead

Before I cut my head

I knew I had to make him lie on the Queen's bed

Dorman: This obviously reveals the truth. It reveals *slams hand on desk* THE DEFENDANT'S CONFESSION!

Hatter: Objection! *Points finger at Dorman* The defense holds the right to interpretation.

Interpretation: the defenses hope to uncover the true meaning behind the defendant's message.

Hatter thinking: (I may not know what exactly happened back then but I need to find out quickly, otherwise my client will be executed, and I'll be banished forever!)

Witness the ace attorney in Ace Attorney: The Hatter Chronicles

Okay that was my first time doing anything like this, and I was kind of hoping it would turn out like the "Dai Gyakuten Saiban" series trailer, sorry if it didn't come across clearly. So hi, I'm new here, and I wanted to start off with a bit of an idea I have about Alice in Wonderland taking an ace attorney spin. Obviously I'm always open to suggestions, just not storyline suggestions though, I've kind of got it all mapped out already. Also, and this is just a preliminary thing, but if anyone else wants to use anything from my stories in any of theirs then that's okay with me, just give me a shoutout in your story when you do. Also, and this is probably just ego talking, but um, if the actual CAPCOM developers want to use this in any way and maybe make this an actual game, well then okay then, just give me a shoutout in the credits as the guy who came up with the storyline and concept, I don't even want money, I just want to be recognized. Anyway thanks for reading this, I'll try uploading case one "Turnabout Plant Terror" soon.