The Ace Turnabout

"Lum didi dum dum dum" a maid sings as she walks towards a door. A card solider walks past her and he nods politely. The maid then walks into the door and does the laundry in a running stream with leaf soap. Then she leaves and walks back out the door basket of competed laundry in hand. Then she notices something, the door to her right is open.

"That's funny" she thinks "the queen of diamonds should be out now, but why is the door open?" She goes to close it but then she takes a peek inside. Then she puts her hand to her mouth and opens the door fully, then she screams and faints.

Charles Hatter's Apartment

February 11

10:00 AM

Charles Hatter's home is covered in boxes. There is a painting of a vase on the far end of the wall, and a bed in the middle of the room. There is one window on the left side of the room that is open, although that is mostly in order to get out the dust that has taken over the room. The dust covers the brown wall and the white carpeted floor. The only things the dust hasn't touched is the bed and some file cabinets and a desk, all of which is new. Charles Hatter wakes up to the ringing of an alarm clock and pulls a mug out of his cupboard and pours a cup of water out of the sink. He sighs.

"Here's to another miserable day drinking disgusting pond water. Why can't I afford to get moat water like regular people." He says. "It's not like the check I got from the white rabbit was bad or anything, actually it was quite decent for a clock maker. I just got tired of sleeping on the floor, and there was that lady I hired to get rid of all the mold growing around the window. Guess I'm foraging for edible berries again tonight. It could be worse Maddie co-"

Achoo! Achoo! Achoo! "Big brother do you live like this" a voice behind him said. He turned around to see his little sister Maddie Hatter looking at him with a depressed scowl on her face.

(Oud be here), Hatter finished thinking. "Hi Maddie, what brings you to my ummm office".

"Don't lie to me big brother, I know you live here" she said while fuming at him.

Charles looked surprised as she said that. "What, how did you know?"

"Big brother there's a bed, right there" Maddie said while pointing at the bed.

"Yikes, maybe I should have tried to hide that, wait what am I saying" Charles thinks. "How did you even find me, I didn't tell you where I was." Charles asked.

"You might not have, but daddy asked me to give you the Wonderland Chronicles, he says you like to read the comic strip 'Gark n me'" she said while holding up a newspaper.

("My love for cartoon bees with speech communication comes to bite me in the rear… for the fifth time") thinks Charles.

"Anyway you still never answered me, big brother, do you honestly live like this" Maddie asked a little annoyed that Charles has been avoiding her question.

"Yeah your big brother lives like this, but that's not such a big deal".

"Not a big deal, my daaaaaaa achoo. Sorry about that, anyway my darling big brother will not live like this, why don't you come home and live with Mommy and Daddy."

"… Hey Maddie, please don't talk about me coming home again". Said Charles. Maddie looked shocked at this. After all, how could her big brother not want to come home. But eventually she looked down and sighed.

"Alright big brother, if you don't want to, we won't talk about it again. Anyway, you go enjoy your water and read the newspaper, I'll clean up around here". Maddie said while regaining her smile.

(I feel bad having her clean, but it would be nice to have a break from doing it myself) Charles said. He then pointed Maddie towards the closet where the cleaning supplies would be located. Charles then sat back down on the bed and drank his pond water (which tasted a little better now) and read some of the news. Then while he was taking a big sip of water he read the headline of page five and spit it all out and started coughing. Maddie came rushing over to him cleaning supplies in hand.

"Big brother are you alright" she asked worriedly. "Should I call an emergency vine, or a doctor, or Medicine Moss Man".

("I don't know what a character I made up when I was 12 has to do with anything, but I can see that she's worried") Charles thought "I'm fine Maddie, this just surprised me that's all. Maddie read the title of the article out loud "Castle of Horrors: First murder in twenty years" she says. "Brother, what's a murder?"

"Oh, I'll tell you when your older" Charles replies. He continues to read the article while turning it away from his sister so that she doesn't see it. Then he spits again like there was something in his mouth, although this time nothing comes out.

"What is it?" Maddie asks.

"Maddie, I'm going out for a while" Hatter yells over his shoulder as he runs out the door. "Go home" he quickly adds before going out of range of Maddie. Leaving her confused and wondering.

Wonderland Detention Center

11:00 AM

(Come on come on, you have to come you just have to come) thought Charles. Finally the door opens and a guard jack card with a spade haircut brings in another card person. This card has brown hair in the shape of a dimond. And Has an ace card body.

"Why are you here" he said, "I already said I don't want an attorney".

"Accel, don't you recognize me, given it has been around eight years". Charles said.

"How do you know my real name, are you from the media" Accel asked.

"Accel it's me, Charles Hatter". Accel looked surprised when Charles said that.

"No way, Charlie is that you" Accel said. "Wait how can I be sure it's really you."

"It's me ace, kazanda" Charles said adding the last part quickly.

"Quaba nan gondsmith" Accel said while tearing up, "Charlie it is you, only you would remember our secret code from our old adventuring days, given that was years ago… and before bedtime".

(This is my friend. Accel 'Ace' Cardigan. You might not know it, but we've been best friends for years, or at least we were when we were younger. I'm the only one besides his parents who knows his first name. Everyone else calls him 'Ace', it's become such a big hit that our nickname was his full name.)

Accel Cardigan

"Accel, I can't believe I haven't seen you in so long. How have you been buddy" Charles asks.

Accel laughs a bit before responding. "I've been good, but training is such a nightmare".

"I would imagine, but your dream job is worth it isn't it, the future captain of the Queen of Diamond's guard." At the mention of that Accel smiles and pulls a stick off of the floor and starts twirling it.

"Yep" he says, "even now I can't stop practicing, this here is the whirlwind shield, good for disorienting enemies with over four eyes, although it's effects are expanded the longer the object. Why I bet if this stick was longer even you would get disoriented and then *BAM* I bash you with the end of my trusty spear".

(Good thing he doesn't actually have his spear on him, I don't think this semal plastic divider could stop his full spear attack). "What does one of your training days amount to"? Charles asks.

"Well I wake up at 8:00 AM sharp. From 8:00 to 8:30 it's breakfast and everything else needed to get ready for the day. From 8:30 to 9:30 it's resistance training, then from 9:30 to 10:30 it is time for weapons training and match sparring. Then from 10:30 to 11:30 we take turns bashing our opponents with our weapons as hard as we can. They try to block us of course. Then from 11:30 to 12:30 it's lunch and bathroom. Then the rest of the day is Special time".

(Huh, what is this special time) Hatter thought while Accel had gone back to spinning a stick.

Special Time

"Accel, what does special time mean".

"OOOOOHHHHHH CHARLIE" Accel squeals before realizing what he has done. "Heh heh, sorry about that, anyway special time is when we join the working force and patrol the castle, and I am just really excited. After all I usually Guard the Queen's bedroom."

"Accel that's amazing, wait why is that a place that needs to be guarded"?

"CHARLIE, I'm surprised at you, what if someone were to try to assassinate the queen in her room, or what if she were to slip and fall, or what if she needed help with something AND NO ONE WAS AROUND, N."

(Wow who would have thought it was such a big deal) "and that was your job".

What Happened

"Ace, what are you doing in here, this is no place for the future captain of the Queen's guard."

At that Accel clenched up, his body folded a little and his hand clenched.

"Charlie, you have to know that I didn't do anything" Accel said. "They arrested the wrong guy".

"I already know that, but at least tell me what happened" said Charles.

Accel sighed and then started. "It was just found out this morning, but the queen's secretary the joker of diamonds was found dead on the queen's bed. Experts say it was murder."

"Murder" "So the paper was right" "What made it murder" Charles asked.

"I don't know Charlie, again I wasn't there, and everyone has been pretty secretive about it. Can't blame em though, this is the first one in a while" Accel said.

(What should I ask Accel about next). Maybe. This.

Your Alibi

"Accel I know you didn't do it, so please, tell me your alibi" said Hatter.

"You know me so well Charlie, alright, first I was helping out to prepare around the castle throughout the whole day the incident occured. We were hosting a certain pageant".

"A pageant… were there any *ahem* beautiful girls in swimwear".

Accel laughed at this. "Relax Charlie I don't think any were your type, they are all a bit, how should I put this 'stalky'".

"Wait… they were stalking you!"

"No no, I mean they were all flower girls".

"I don't care if they were carrying flowers, stalking is still a crime!"

"No Charlie I mean they were literally flower girls, as in born in and raised flowers. Plant their feet in the ground to rest and everything."

"… Oh now I get it" Charles said feeling stupid. (I can't believe I forgot, Wonderland is also home to flower people as well. It's home to a lot more types too, over a hundred I think).

"Anyway" Accel continued, "I was helping to set up the pageant all day yesterday, and I was watching it when the murder occurred." Accel then put his hand behind his back and pulled off a piece of paper. "Here's a flyer, it should tell you a bit about it as well". Accel asked the bailiff to give Charles the flyer and within two minutes Charles had the flyer and the bailiff was back guarding the prisioner. The photo of the flyer was a bunch of flower girls dancing in a circle.

(Wow they really are flower girls, I might not know much about them, but they do express a certain radiance about them, I'm a little jealous I wasn't there) Charles thought.

FLOWER GIRL PAGEANT FLYER: added to the court record.

ITEM DESCRIPTION: "poise, elegance, and beauty, watch as these young ladies fight for the ultimate position of greatest flower".

"That about wraps it all up, now I just have one more question for you Accel," Charles says.

"What is it Charlie, I'll answer anything you ask me" Accel replied.

"Well I was just wondering who would represent you… I mean if no one wants to yet… perhaps I could." Charles says while flashing his attorney's badge. Though as soon as Charles says that Accel tightened his hand again.

"I already told you when you came in here didn't I, I don't want an attorney… I can't have an attorney… not as long as we have this system" Accel said while looking at the floor.

(I know what he's talking about, the system we have right now that destroys defendants of murder trials… the royal system. This system says that anyone found guilty of murder after being through a trial in the royal court is to be immediately executed. Not only that, but the defense attorney of said criminal is to be immediately banished. Forced to wander forever away from civilization, I never quite understood why that was, but I understand what it does. No one in their right mind would ever want to defend a murder suspect under these conditions. Right?)



(Of course no one would… at least NO ONE UNTIL NOW that is).

Charles slams his hands on the table and yells "Accel!"

Accel looks up "what is it Charles" he says almost halfheatedly.

"That's CHARLIE to you Accel, and I-I I want to represent you!" Accel nearly falls out of his chair after hearing that.

"Charle- I mean Charlie, are you INSANE, that… that's a death wish". Accel rebukes.

"Why, you didn't do it did you" Charles says smugly.

"Well no, but no one in their right mind would defend a murder suspect in Wonderland, the risk… it's just too high!"

"Accel, when I put on this badge I promised to defend the innocent from false charges, and if you are innocent it is my job to help you, so please Accel, let me help you!"

Accel thinks about it for a minute before sighing "Charlie you are my best friend, and I can't live to see you banished… so you better win."

"Wait, does that mean?"

"Charles hatter, please be my defense attorney".

"Yes, of course now if you don't mind I will need confirmation to investigate the crime scene."

"Alright, bailiff can you please bring me the attorney forms".

In five minutes everything was set.

ATTORNEY REQUEST FORM: added to the court record.

Item description: this form shows that I am the defense attorney for my client Accel Cardigan.

"Alright Charlie please don't lose, even though we don't talk to each other that much anymore I can't imagine living in Wonderland without you." Accel says.

"Oh don't worry about that, assuming I loose you won't be living in Wonderland at all." However at the mention of that both of them became silent.

(Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that). Charles thought. "Anyway, I should go investigate".

"Yes you go do that, and I'll be here if you need me to answer any more questions, or you know, belittle me a bit" Accel replied.

(Yeesh man, that was like ten seconds ago, let it go) Charles thought. With that Charles left the detention center to begin his investigation.

Author's note: hey everyone (or at least one person I know reads this because I got a comment, but hopefully everyone). You thought you could get rid of me but I'm back, so sorry I haven't updated any new chapters for a couple of months, I was dealing with issues involving my motivation for just about everything. Then however I remembered something, that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Write stories and make people happy. If I'm going to be a full fledged author in the future, I better get used to updating regularly. Since I'm starting summer vacation it will be easier for me, but when I start college I might have to try a bit harder. Though as long as this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, I promised myself I would find a way. Anyway now for some news about the story. I'm going to try to remake Turnabout Plant Terror because I know it's not that good. Going to keep the storyline, just try to edit the case to make it have that thing commonly known as "sense". Look forward to that, and look forward to Prosecutor Dorman. I'm imagining his style as a mix between Edgeworth and the theatrics of Narahuto's foe (I forgot his name, but it's the one from Dai Gyakutao Saiban). Also at the end of every chapter I will do an author's note. Just my way of communicating with you all. Anyway, bye for now. I look forward to writing for you all again.