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Noah was out of the hospital wing by the end of the day. His Gryffindor classmates surrounded him after he came back, incessantly asking what was wrong with him. "That's not any of your businesses. Leave me alone," he'd replied to all of them.

He was stuck in Gryffindor house until he was told it was time for him to give the snakes in Slytherin a test run.

"I hate everyone in that house," Noah muttered to himself as he packed up his stuff.

"We'll miss having you around here, Noah!" Owen said as he crushed him in a hug at the common room door where Noah would exit and leave to the dungeon that was the common room of his latest house.

"Come visit sometime, Nono! I need the gossip from those snakes. Their fort is impenetrable. I can't get anything outta there," Izzy requested while she pulled Owen off Noah and proceeded to hug him just as tightly.

"Hey, man, you're pretty cool. I'll miss hanging out," Trent said before offering a fist bump.

Noah reluctantly returned it once he had air in his lungs again.

"Good riddance," Duncan muttered, rolling his eyes. Then he made eye contact with Noah. "But could you, uh, say hi to Princess for me?"

"Sure, Duncan. Like you've ever done me any favors," Noah replied dryly as he began to walk out.

The others watched him leave, and the painting swung shut.

On the other side of the door was a Slytherin student Noah didn't really recognize due to year difference, but he found her sort of pretty. The student asked him to follow and he did. Soon they'd reached the common room and entered, the student, with some annoyance, announcing their arrival.

Courtney was sitting on one of the black couches with a textbook in her lap. Alejandro was pestering Heather, who sat on a different couch; he stood behind it. Justin was looking in a handheld mirror and Courtney was trying to avoid staring at him. Other students were around too, but Noah didn't know any of them.

At the announcement, Courtney diverted her attention to the doorway. Noah hung back there. "Oh, you're here…" she remarked with slight venom, not one for pleasant greetings with her academic rival.

"Yeah, you're stuck with me for a while, so get used to it," Noah replied with a slight frown in her direction.

Courtney frowned back, scoffed and looked at her book again.

Alejandro swooped over and offered to show Noah the boy's dorm. The other student had gone off somewhere. "Show me then get out of my way, Al…" Noah replied to the proposal.

Alejandro's eye twitched and he took a deep breath before forcing a smile and gesturing towards the proper direction of the dorm. Noah headed there.

"Ah!" Justin yelped suddenly.

Noah turned and looked at Justin, miffed.

"I-I can't believe it! H-how is this possible?" Justin stood. "I can't become ugly like all of you!" He hurried out of the common room; for someone who hadn't even hit puberty yet he had a strange

Alejandro silently and to himself rolled his eyes at Justin as he opened the door for Noah to enter the dorm room. It was as dark as the common room had been, with black beds similar to the Gryffindor ones, but instead of red and gold they had green and silver covers and blankets. "Make yourself comfortable…" Al insisted as he left him alone with his thoughts.

Noah found his bed and set his stuff on it. The whole area the Slytherins inhabited gave off a vibe, or 'aura', of darkness, as that girl from the plane would say. The house was always associated with it, so it made sense.

He knew the Slytherin first years as annoying, self centered, disturbingly charming students who didn't like him. He had a feeling this trial period would be a long and hard drag. They certainly wouldn't care if he was back in the hospital wing again, would they? Not that he wanted to go back there, but he'd been in and out for a while now and had no clue when, or if, the nightmares would stop.

It's not forever he reminded himself as he started unpacking. I'll be here as long as I was in the other houses, and I survived them just fine...

He'd simply have to steer a bit more clear of his new housemates since there was already tension between him and most of them; from now until this was over he wouldn't give them the time of day. They all had such high egos at the young age of 11, so full of self importance and arrogance it was almost sickening…

Isn't that what the Sorting Hat said about you?

Noah dropped the folded shirt he'd extracted from his trunk on the bed at that thought. No, I am not like these snakes...I...I'm going to be re-Sorted into Ravenclaw. I belong there, he thought to himself.

The Hat wouldn't dare group him with the likes of them.

Oh boy, he's gonna ignore the most attention seeking students at Hogwarts. What could possibly go wrong?

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