"My Name is Blake, This is Ruby, Yang, and Weiss"

"Nice to meet you all." Ip Smiled.

A grimm came out of the bushes and charged at Yang.

Ip ran up to the Wolf and did a spin kick to it's head, Ip then grabbed the wolf then elbow it's head, he finally threw a volley of punches at the injured wolf, making it unconcious.

"Wow, I've actually never met someone who used their fists only." Weiss said, "AHEM" yang said

"Well you punch but ur weapon shoots." , "Well that's kinda true.." Yang said.

"Ip! Do you use weapons?" Ruby asked, "No, but on ocassions I do, usually it's just knives, swords, and onetime whoopes someone's ass with just a broom."

"Wow, amazing." Blake said.

"Hey, maybe Ip can join beacon academy and teach us Wing chun!" Ruby said.

"Great Idea Ruby." Yang and Blake said

"For once, I seriously want to know what IP has up his sleeve, so sure, I guess ill learn 'Wing Chun'."

Ip smiles, "Alrighty then lets go to the office."

-At Ozpin's Office-

"So wait, IP MAN is the last of the wing chun users and wants to teach us WING CHUN IN THIS SCHOOL?" Ozpin raised his voice a bit in a exciting tone

"That's Right" Ip said.

"Well, first we have to see if your good at it, then we can calculate if you can be a teacher for our school."

"Yes Sir." Ip Said.

"For Now Ip, you'll be sleeping in Ruby's team until tomorrow, your training starts at 8:00, everyone will be watching you, so be aware."

"Yes Sir, I shall try my best." Ip Said.

Blake was excited that the legend she kept reading about was about to sleep in their dorm. "Ip, you dont mind that ur the only boy in the dorm right?"

"Of course not, I don't care if the person is male or female, because no matter what the person is great in their own way."

Blake blushed a bit, "Thanks Ip."

Ip man walks into their dorm and sees the room is kinda messy, Ip cleaned up some of the mess.

"Ip what are you doing?" Blake asks, "Im cleaning up the dorm." "Thanks Ip that's very nice of you."

Ip finishes cleaning, then noticed Weiss staring at him in the cornor of his eye, Ip turned to weiss then weiss turned away blushing.

What do ya'll think i should ship Ip Man With? Blake Or Weiss?