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Chapter One: I'm Luffy! The Man Who's Gonna Be King of The Pirates!

"Dammit Luffy! I'm never going to let you take watch in the daytime ever again! How the heck do you miss a giant whirlpool that's in front of your eyes!?" I growled out shoving my elbow into Luffy's stomach. The maggot didn't even have the decency to wake up and look hurt.

Somehow this dummy of a brother got us both stuck in a whirlpool, while I was sleeping so this is not one slice-of-cake my fault that we're stuck in this stupid and very much uncomfortable kind of situation. The situation being our boat destroyed in a whirlpool, and Luffy somehow managing to get us both in this one barrel. Well, his success in that may have been the fact that he ate the Gum-Gum Devil fruit and made himself a rubber man.

I stopped shoving my elbow into his stomach, half-hearted of course, to grab both sides of his cheek and start to stretch them apart. Damn brat still didn't wake up.

It's not entertaining for me being angry unless someone is awake to know how upset and angry I am. Like what's the point in being angry alone with just yourself?

"Hey, Luffy, wake up so I can yell at you about how upset I am," I said. When I was once again met with silence I smashed both of his cheeks together pouting. I eventually stopped playing with his cheeks and let my hands slump aimlessly. I sighed in annoyance letting my boredom get the best of me.

I rubbed my legs trying to get some blood flow but that certainly didn't really help much, but some progress is better than none.


I placed my hand over my stomach and groaned. If Luffy hadn't lost the boat we would have at least had breakfast by now. I kicked my cellmate in this barrel in the stomach but he only squirmed around, resting his head on my bust and continuing to snore. I looked down at his face and I couldn't fight off the smile. I attempted to take off his straw hat but his hand flew up self-consciously and stopped me. In his act, he accidentally hit my face with his elbow leaving a bruise.

I rubbed my cheek tenderly, silently seething in angry.

"Hey, guys look a barrel!"

Huh? What the- I must have fallen asleep at some point. I yawn and looked at my little brother still sleeping soundly.

Finally going to get outta this hot sweaty barrel and into some fresh air again. Now let's just hope that whoever found us is thinking that this barrel contains food or something and tries to get it outta the sea.

"Let me go first!"

"No, me! I saw it first!"

What the heck? Are they seriously fighting about who gets to pick the barrel outta the water?

"Bunch of dumbasses…" I mumbled to myself slowly getting annoyed that they were taking so long.

Finally after a whole minute of arguing something was thrown into the water close to the barrel.

Whoever he is, he must have tried again but whatever he was throwing still missed, and I couldn't help but laugh nervously at his terrible aim.

"Strike three pal!" it was the voice that was arguing with the other man.

"You suck if I were you I'd feel embarrassed." It was the voice that belonged to the man that first spotted me, I think.

On his fifth try he made it and began to pull the barrel towards himself I believe. I couldn't tell for sure since the barrel we're currently trapped in doesn't have any peepholes of any kind, which didn't allow any water to get into the barrel but it also kept out much-needed air.

We were suddenly being lifted into the air painfully slow, I got impatient after a while and manipulated the air current to give the barrel a boost to make it easier on whoever these people are because clearly, they are not very strong. After a few more seconds of struggling they were finally able to get us over the railing, I presume and the barrel went tumbling to the floor and rolled some before it was caught and steadied by someone.

"I hope it's some wine inside this barrel." I decided to call him guy 1.

"Yeah, I heard that wine tastes better when it's rocked by the waves in the sea." Guy 2 responded sounding excited.

I snorted silently, too bad I'm not a liquid that can be made into a delicious drink for people.

"Ah! Look it's a ship over there! And it has a pirate flag!" It was the same voice of the man that spotted us, he's now dubbed Guy 3. He sounds scared and panicked.

Abruptly a loud shot, it oddly resembled the sound of a cannon being fired and before I could do anything the barrel was once again sent turning and spinning around in different directions. The cannon must have hit the water beside the boat, resulting in the boat to rocking.

I regained some of my bearings and waited a second. Suddenly bam, we were sent descending suddenly with a bump, kind of like falling downstairs?- and with a sharp turn.

"Somebody help me!" I shouted being sent rolling then we stopped too quickly and I was sent slamming into Luffy. I thought for sure that he was gonna wake up for sure but he just blinked a few times and said, "Stop moving so much sis."

"Agh! Fuck my luck and hold my Grandpa hostage.." I groaned feeling ready to puke, but with nothing in my stomach it just hurt.

Just great, I'm stuck in a barrel with a brother that drools in his sleep. On top of that, I seriously need some air or I might actually start to go crazy.

I tried to remove the lid of the barrel but it seemed to be blocked by something.


Digging into my back pocket I pulled out a small knife and stabbed a hole into the side. Since this is solid ground and not water it's safe to assume that no water can get into the barrel and drown Luffy.

I heard a door opening and closing behind whoever just walked in. Hm, I then we must be in a room then. Probably on the lower half of the ship. "I really hope there isn't anyone in here."

Huh, it's a little kids voice this time. How very strange, but I feel as if I know this from somewhere. I just can't place on my finger on it.

He let out a breath in relief. "That's a relief."

I looked out through the hole I made and found that I could see the boy approaching the barrel. it turns out it was indeed a little boy, he has pink short hair and large round glasses.

"Wow, this is one huge barrel. I wonder what's inside of it." he wondered out loud. I could hear his footsteps as he got closer to the barrel.

He stepped over the barrel after looking at the outer shell of it. He began to roll, well, he tried to roll it but failed miserably.

I couldn't hold back the giggle that escaped from my lips. I quickly covered my mouth, but I don't know why. I could easily just ask the little boy to help me outta this thing, but...I don't feel like it.

With a few more grunts and struggles he was finally able to start a steady but weak start at rolling the barrel.

"Well look here, if it isn't our favorite coward. You ain't trying to hide in here and duck out away from all the action again are you?" this time it was a much more deep voice, certainly it belongs to an older man. The late twenties perhaps.

"No way, I was just trying to heal this big barrel of beer over to you guys!" the kid frantically tried to explain. He's obviously scared of those guys. I guess I would be kind of scared of them if I knew I wasn't able to beat them up.

"Why don't you let us handle this from here." the man spoke looming over the pink haired kid. A guy with blond hair that was standing behind him blocking the doorway spoke up. "Yeah I was just thinking the same thing, I'm getting thirsty." he laughed out with a grin on his face.

"You can't, Lady Alvida would kill us if she found out!" the boy exclaimed in panic.

I'm guessing this Alvida lady must be the boss of them. So they're pirates, they must have been attacking this ship, explains the cannon fire I heard earlier.

"She won't if you keep your trap shut. Right boy?" another guy spoke up with a strange expression on his face also.

"Yeah, right...hehe!" he laughed nervously, he's sweating. Another obvious sign that Lady Alvida is not the lady to cross, they all seem to be scared of her. Not wanting to cross their captain sounds smart.

While the captain of my crew on the other hand...I looked back at the drooling mess of a captain and slumped over depressed.

The barrel was turned onto its bottom Luffy suddenly started to wake up. Blinking tiredly, he rubbed his eyes and looked at me.

"This suckers heavy." the big man commented.

"Heh perfect," the blond man in the doorway added.

"Hold on boys, I'mma open this the old fashion way." the big man said drawing back his fist. Well, that can't be good, I'm still in here. Oh and so is Luffy.

I pointed upwards signaling for Luffy to bust us outta this thing and he eventually got the meaning after what seemed like forever. What the hell else could I possibly mean in this situation when I'm pointing up? I definitely don't mean look at the sky! Get it? Ya know, cuz we're indoors and we're in a barrel. Yeah okay, that did kind of suck.

I obviously didn't plan this completely through because when Luffy stood up his knee slammed into my face and I went out the barrel real quick. In the process, I believe I hit my head on the wall and I am now very much close to death due to the amount of blood gushing from my head.

"Dammit Luffy! Are you trying to kill me?!" I stood up rigid, glaring at him. Bitch better be lucky I'm way over here trying to stop this bleeding or I would have gone off.

"I slept so great!" Luffy shouted extending each word. His hands raised above his head. He had a giant mouth open smile, that would have been impossible if he wasn't a rubber boy. Yep folks, my little brother is a rubber-band.

"Hm, who's that?" Luffy wondered out loud to himself seeing that he had, in his fit of happiness, had hit and knocked out that man that was about to crush the barrel we were trapped. Luffy then looked over at me and raised an eyebrow. "Why're way over there?"

"You dumbass! You hit me and I flow, gosh dammit!" I shouted stomping my feet outraged at his stupidity.

Okay as you can see folks, even I, the older sister to Monkey D. Luffy, has issues, especially around Luffy. Well if I think back really hard on it, it's always around Luffy that I suddenly develop these phantom issues.

Anyways, the two other men I saw were now looking at me and Luffy like we had each grown another head or something. "Who the hell are you guys?" Luffy asked nonchalantly like he didn't just knock out their friend.

"Who the hell are you?!" they both yelled back in unison at Luffy, veins popping in their necks and forehead.

"Your friend will catch a cold if he just lies down sleeping like that," Luffy said stepping over the remains of the barrel.

"You're the one who knocked him out!" once again folks they shouted, in unison.

I crossed my arms over my chest and nodded my head to them in understanding. Living with Luffy all these years still hadn't made me use to his actions. So I completely understand the feeling those two strangers must feel right about now.

When I opened back up my eyes I was met with the sight of the man standing beside the blond holding a sword out in front of my brother to block him from going anywhere.

Okay, so what if I didn't want to step in and help Luffy? I'm sure the little tard can help himself. Besides that cute little pink haired wimp is just standing there in the background scared out of his mind.

"Are you messing with us knowing-" and that is the part when I officially blocked out the entire conversation that transpired between my brother and the two men. I decided to walk over to the pink haired boy and crunch down to his level looking him in the eyes. For the life of me, I could have sworn I saw this kid somewhere before I just couldn't place where.

Luffy went to turn around and interrupt mine and the boy's stare down but I stopped him by holding out my hand and pushing his face away.

"Aw, c'ome on Willow! I just was gonna ask if he had any food!" Luffy whined pushing with little effort against my hand.

"No Luffy, it's rude to interrupt a conversation. Go back to talking with your two new friends over there okay." I spoke without taking my eyes off of the boy.

"You damn kids!" I didn't bother, Luffy would handle them for me.

"Hey stop screaming and tell me your name boy," I commanded frowning. For some odd reason, I couldn't stand that the boy was such a wimp and screams so easily. He covered his eyes and coward in fear when the men swung their swords. Me, I didn't even blink, I had no reason to be scared.

I grabbed his arms and he began to shake even. "Hey, don't be scared I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to know your name kid." I reassured him and thank the heavens above that he believed me.

He blinked his eyes in confusion up at me. I wouldn't tell anybody but, even though the kid is a wimp, he sure is cute. "What just happened?" he asked confused staring up at me.

I frowned thoughtfully, the little shithead forgot all about my question I had just asked him not even two minutes ago. Rude, boys can just be so rude.

"Beats me."

I bought my hand up and hit Luffy on the head. "Nobody asked you!" I shouted. I coughed in embarrassment at my sudden outburst of energy. Calming myself back down I looked over at the boy, though he was suddenly in my face shouting.

"Quick you two have got to run! If those guys come back here with their buddies they'll kill you for sure!" He had a determined yet scared look in his eyes.

"I don't care. I'm hungry."

"Luffy you're always hungry." I sighed shaking my head then dropping my head into my hand.

"How can you two just blow this off like that?!" the boy shouted confused. "There are hundred of them up on deck and they're waiting for the opportunity to kill anything."

"It's a gift," I commented crossing my arms. Luffy chuckled and nodded his head, agreeing with me. "Come Luffy, let's go look for some food on this ship," I said motioning for Luffy to follow me. Grabbing Luffy's arm I began to lead him behind me but was stopped when a force acted against mine. Looking back I saw that the little kid was holding Luffy back by holding onto his other hand holding us back with all of his strength. Which really isn't much at all.

"Wait….no...wait." he struggled to say but we continued to walk forward. I opened the door and walked out into the hallway, getting sick of playing tug-a-war with Luffy I let him go and he and the boy went backward a few steps.

When Luffy finally made it a few more steps out of the door he accidentally shut the boy's neck in it and he started to scream. Honestly, I'm not sure how that boy is even still alive, Luffy did just slam a door on his neck.

Freaky ass people and the world logic is crazy. Yep, that pretty much sums up this place.

"Oh wow, there is so much food! Food! Food! Food!" Luffy exclaimed when the boy shut the door. He excited bounced from one spot to another looking at the boxed crates of food, along with sacks too.

Walking over to one, I opened it and was please to see it was apples contained on the inside. I got me out one and tossed another one at Luffy. He didn't see it coming and it hit him on the head. Okay so maybe I forgot to give him a heads up but he should have pulled a ninja and caught it. Not my fault he isn't as awesome as me yet.

"Hey my name is Coby, and your names are Luffy and Willow right? That was pretty cool when you popped out of that barrel back there." the boy now named Coby said nervously walking over to me and Luffy.

I nodded my head while Luffy...he just complimented the taste of the apples. "So is this a pirate ship or what?" Luffy asked Coby still stuffing his face with apples while talking. I turned my head to the side in shame.

I'm sorry Shanks, I'll never be able to teach Luffy humanly manners.

"No, it's a passenger ship being raided by pirates. Pirates under the command of Lady Alvida." Coby said Lady Alvida's name as if Luffy and myself actually knew who the heck he was talking about.

"Na, who cares anyway? What I wanna know is if there are more boats on board?" Luffy asked and once he did I immediately started to choke on my apple I had just begun to swallow.

Luffy had just asked an important question before I did...what is happening to me? Am I somehow sick or something, this can not be happening. How could I have not asked such an obvious question earlier? I'm so stupidly smart it makes me stupid.

"I think there is a few," Coby mumbled in thought.

"Great, cuz ours got sucked into a whirlpool," Luffy said and once he did I whacked him over the head.

"Ow! Why are you hitting me so much today?" Luffy whined holding the bump on his head that is now glowing red.

I smiled sweetly before shouting in his ear, "Because you took a damn nap even though I took the night shift, which allowed you to sleep yet you still didn't keep watch!"

Luffy tried to pull away but I held onto his ear only making it stretch out. "Ow, ow, ow! Let go!" Luffy said and slapped my hand off and began to fan his throbbing ear all the while pouting at me.

Coby decided to interrupt us before we started to make too much noise and get ourselves caught down here. "That one outside? Noway! No one could have survived that!"

"Hehehe, Yeah! I gotta say it was a big surprise!" Luffy turned around to say that once sentence before continuing to stuff his mouth with apples.

I felt my finger twitch dangerously. Hm, I wonder if I just start to strangle him now while he's eating will it hurt more? Luffy began speaking again and I was brought out of my thoughts before they got too dangerous. "So are you one of the pirates or passengers?"

Suddenly Coby got really quiet and he looked down at the floor in shame, before looking back up at Luffy.

"It was on a fateful day-" Coby began to say but hearing my groan he stopped for a few seconds but after I gave him a dismissive wave he continued on. "-long ago. That day I stepped out onto a small fishing boat on the outskirts of town to catch my dinner. But it turns out that small ships belonged to pirates and in exchange for them letting me live I was forced to live the rest of my life as a cabin boy."

There was a short pause before… "You're pretty stupid, ya know that?" Luffy asked looking at Coby blankly. I couldn't help but agree with Luffy. Why get on a boat that isn't even yours when you don't know the owner either?

"Geez, thanks for your honesty," Coby said pathetically.

"It's true Coby. I have to agree with Luffy on this one." I said nodding my head. Coby seemed to deflate even more.

"If you hate it then leave," Luffy suggested but Coby shook his head in disagreement rapidly.

Coby began to rock side to side. "I can't do that! No way! Nu-uh! Just the thought of Alvida finding scares me so bad I wanna throw up!"

Sure I've heard Coby say this chick's name earlier on before Luffy broke the barrel but I guess this makes more sense now. I wonder if I should ask more questions about this Alvida lady or just continue to eat apples.

Eat tasty apples it is. Ha, I'm so smart.

"You're a moron and a coward!" Luffy started laughing. "Haha, I hate people like you!" Even though that sentence wasn't directed at me per say, I could still most definitely feel the hurt radiating off of Coby.

"'Yeah right, if I had the coward I could drift alone in a barrel and be rid of this pirates. I actually have my own dreams. Someday I'd like to live out all of them." I let my gaze fall onto Coby as he spoke.

"Well, what about you Luffy? What made you want to sail on these seas?" He sounded so genuinely curious it was cute in a way. I'm not weird and I definitely don't like kids and little babies.

"Well, I'm going to king of the pirates," Luffy said grinning from ear to ear. Coby's jaw dropped onto the floor. "A king? Are you serious?"

I decided to stay outta this conversation. Grabbing me another apple, I leaned against one of the crates.

"Yep," Luffy responded.

"But that would mean that you're a pirate too!"


"You're crew?"

"I don't have any other members besides Willow, but I'm looking for em." Luffy finished and Coby sat there stunned before suddenly standing on his own two feet.

"King of the pirates is a title given to one obtains everything the world as to offer! You're talking about the seeking the great treasure of wealth, fame, and power! The treasure that you seek is the One Piece!" Coby spoke loudly and his voiced filled with excitement. "Yeah!" sometimes Luffy's childish smiles can really be a relief. Suddenly it changed and what Coby said afterward actually got on my nerves. "Yeah? That's it?! Pirates from all over the world are looking for that treasure ya know?!"

"Yeah, so?" Luffy asked not seeing the problem Coby was trying to show to him.

"There's no way! It's impossible! Impossible! Impossible! There's no way anyone like you can ever reach the pinnacle during this great pirate age! There's just too many out there that are meaner and badde-" Before Coby could finish his rant Luffy and I had hit him over the head with our fists.

"Ow!" Coby groaned in pain holding his head, "Why did you two hit me?" the brat actually didn't know why we had hit him? Seriously it's like being around Luffy affects people.

"'Cause I felt like it," Luffy said and I sweatdropped. Crossing my arms I spoke calmly. "I did it because you were being rude."

"Oh well, I'm used to that stuff. My shipmates smack me around a lot...all the time in fact." Coby said the last part below his breath but Luffy and I still caught it. I couldn't help but get down on my knees and pull the small child against me in a hug. Patting his head in a soothing manner. I looked down to see Coby's cheeks had a pink tint to them now.

"It's not about if I can.." Luffy trailed off

"Huh?" Coby asked confused.

"I'm doing this 'cause I want to" Luffy finished. Taking his hat off of his head and brought it in front of his eyes. "I decided this long ago that I'm gonna be king of the pirates."


"If I have to die to fight for that then I die." I couldn't stop the frown from spreading on my face. I never really approved of Luffy's decision to go off to be a pirate, which is why I'm with him in the first.

Coby looked up at him in awe.

Luffy put back on his straw hat. "All right, now that my belly is full. I'm gonna go get me a brand new boat." Instead of walking in the direction of the door Luffy walked towards the apples. "Might even just give me one if I ask nice enough. Maybe they're generous people," mumbling to himself, Luffy didn't realize that he wasn't headed towards the door.

"I guess I never thought of it like that," Coby said and hung his head. "If I put my mind to it if I'm prepared to die...could I do something like that?" Coby asked looking between Luffy and me.

I understood what he was asking but Luffy didn't. "Like what?" Luffy asked tilting his head to the side.

"Do you think I could ever join the marines?" Coby asked looking back at the floor. He seemed nervous of our answer.


"Yes!" Coby suddenly exclaimed getting to his feet. "Catching bad guys is the only thing I ever wanted to do! Ever since I was a child! Do you think I could do it?"

"Hehe, how should I know that?" Luffy said, answering Coby's question with his question.

"Then I'm gonna do it! I'm not gonna get stuck here as a cabin boy for the rest of my life! I'll break out then I'll turn right around and catch Alvida myself!" just went Coby finished the ceiling suddenly caved in and Coby screamed running out of the way. He went and coward in a corner placing his hands over his head.

"Who's that you're planning on catching Coby? And you actually think this twig and pretty little girl going to help you?" I and Luffy turned towards the smoke the second a woman's voice was heard. I narrowed my eyes at the figure hidden by the smoke. "Well? Answer me!"

Coby didn't answer, the poor boy couldn't answer her. I placed my body in front of Coby, blocking him from her line of sight. I braced my hand on one of my metals fans ready to fight at any given moment.

Once the smoke cleared I was able to see her just perfectly. "Coby is that this Lady Alvida chick?" I asked in a whisper. Coby only barely managed to nod his head.

Looking back at Alvida I began to take in her appearance, burning it into my memory bank. Alvida, she is a tall and very obese woman with long wavy black hair, and freckles on her cheeks.

She wore a white cowgirl hat with a large red plume, a red neckerchief, a pink plaid shirt, and a blue captain's coat over it with the arms in the sleeves, unlike many other pirates. She is wearing rings on her fingers and her long sharp fingernails had red polish. She has a purple sash with a flintlock pistol tucked in it and some jewels. She also wore graying pants and red shoes with gold buckles.

Alvida growled in annoyance when Coby didn't answer. Five swords went through the wall on both sides of Luffy's head and he remained completely calm, only sparing the swords a second's glance.

Alvida straightened her back out, standing at her full height she got even taller. Swinging her club over her shoulder she glared down at me than at Luffy. She then grinned with confidence. Most likely regarding us as a nonthreat to her. "Hmm, my guess is that you're not the pirate hunter Zoro," Alvida spoke.

"Zoro?" me and Luffy wondered out loud. My frown got even deeper and I couldn't shake off the nagging feeling in the back of my head that I knew this pirate hunter Zoro. I didn't have much time to really concentrate on that though as she looked behind me and grinned at Coby.

"Coby! Who is the most beautiful of all on these seas?" Alvida asked and I felt a sickening feeling settled in my stomach at her words. No, not because of her looks but because of the sheer insecurity she must feel to have to ask that question. What kind of jerk would have insulted her just based on her looks so much that she even needed to ask that question?

Coby couldn't get a good sentence to come out of his mouth. "Well, I um...give me a sec I know." I sweatdropped at Coby's miserable mumbling. His knees were shaking so hard they were knocking together against each other.

When Luffy lifted his finger and pointed at Alvida with that look in his eyes I just knew he was about to say something insulting and get us killed. "Hey, Coby, who's that fat lady?" and I fucking knew it! I should have just taped the dumbasses mouth shut!

I heard mummers go all around the place. Everybody's jaw dropped down low to the ground and they stayed like that for awhile until Alvida started to shake dangerously and tick marks appeared on her face one after another.

"Dammit Luffy!" I shouted annoyed that he was about to get us in a lot of trouble.

"You runts!" Alvida shouted swinging her club down at Luffy though before it could make contact Luffy dropped out of the way. Once he landed in front of me and Coby, he grabbed my wrist and out of instinct I grabbed Coby's. Good thing I did because Luffy then jumped us out of the room we had been in and onto the deck. Where we were surrounded by pirates almost immediately.

One man in an orange shirt charged at Luffy and he evaded. Another man ran at me and I dodged and quickly knocked the man out by hitting him in the back of the neck.

"Ahh!" hearing Coby scream I instinctively turned around and saw two dudes closing in on Coby grinning down at the poor shaking boy. Getting a running start I knocked their feet off of under them and kicked one man in the side and then flow into the other man.

I turned my attention to Luffy and saw he was being chased by a large group of men but he did his oh-so-famous Gum Gum rocket on them and they were down for the count.

"Good job Luffy!" I commended him, walking over I patted him on the back.

"Luffy what are you?" Coby asked and Luffy and I looked at him. "I'm a rubber man." Luffy demonstrated this by stretching out his cheek with his hand.

Suddenly Alvida appeared behind Coby. "Coby watch out! Behind you!" I shouted in warning and Coby looked over his shoulder, screamed and ran over to me. Hiding behind my leg, I believe I heard my heart melt at how cute he looked.

Alvida looked down at us both with a frown on her face. "So you've eaten one of the devil fruits?"

"Yeah I ate the gum gum one," Luffy answered letting go of his cheek and it went back to normal.

"I see. I've heard rumors of the devil fruits but I never had any evidence that they existed before today." Alvida said cocking her head to the side, she began to analyze Luffy. "You're stronger than the average deck swabber." Alvida seemed to be trying to figure Luffy out. "Are you a bounty hunter?"

"He's a pirate," I answered for Luffy and Alvida turned her gaze to me. She then laughed.

"Just you two weaklings all by yourselves on these water?"

"Today it's just me and Willow but I'll find my crew tomorrow or next week or something. I need like ten guys..yeah ten." Luffy answered muttering the last part, though, for me seeing that my jaw had clenched shut at Alvida's insult.

"Ha, if we're both pirates and we're not under the same flat then that would make us enemies. Am I right?" Alvida's question didn't really have to be answered. The answer to that question was pretty obvious and I'm sure Alvida knew that from that confident grin that grew on her face once again.

I looked down at Coby once I felt him start to tug on my pants leg. "Um, Willow let's go," Coby whispered. I frowned down at him in confusion. "But why?"

"You saw how powerful her club is and of all the villainous cheats in these waters she's easily the..most?" Coby trailed off seeing that Luffy and myself didn't care much for his words of doubt.

"Go on, tell me," Alvida commanded patting her shoulder with her large spiked club.


"You're the most ugliest thing on the sea!" Coby shouted at Alvida and Luffy burst out laughing while I whacked Coby over the head. How can some people be so rude!?

"Whadda say?" Alvida asked furiously now. Her body was trembling but it still didn't have anything on how much Coby's body was shaking. He was biting his bottom lip.

"I'm leaving then I'm joining the marines then I'm going to spend the rest of my life beating up dirty pirates like you!" Coby said while Luffy continued to laugh historically in the background.

Alvida's grip on her club got tighter. "Do you have any clue what you are saying to me right now?"

"Yeah and I'm gonna do what I what and no one's gonna stop me! I'm gonna find the marines and I'm gonna join them! And I'm going to catch your lousy ass first!" Coby exclaimed but soon regretted his words because Alvida let out an angered roar and brought her club up to hit Coby.

"Well said!" Luffy praised Coby with a wide grin on his face. I wanted to karate chop him on the head but I was afraid that he'd lose his focus and drop the club on himself.

I settle for just telling Luffy not to encourage Coby to curse. Luffy ignored me. I puffed out my cheeks knowing Luffy could handle himself. I decided to focus my attention on something else but not before I quickly took a picture of Luffy punching Alvida. "Hey, Coby where would the spare boats be located at?" I snapped Coby out of his stupor and he pointed to the left.

"No need Willow I got this!" Luffy said and then he turned to the three man that have just been standing on Alvida's ship watching the fight. "Go find a boat then give it to Willow and Coby." Luffy commanded them then added, "He's leaving your ship to join the marines. You're not going to stop him."

"Yeah sure!" the three of them said in unison still with their jaws hanging down.

Luffy grinned. "Thanks, Luffy." Coby thanked Luffy smiling, and I couldn't help but that was really the first time I've seen the kid smile. Not including the fact that I'm just meeting Coby today.

Suddenly I heard three whistles as if something was cutting through the air. I didn't have to guess long before three canons landed on either side of the ships.

A warning shot.

I was sure as hell going to take that warning shot and get the hell outta this joint.

"Hey, guys look it's the marines!" Coby exclaimed pointing to the right and sure enough when I and Luffy looked there were three marine ships ready to fire more cannons at us.

"Oh, perfect timing! Head over there and tell them you wanna join!" Luffy suggested leaning over the railing. "But I'm a pirate some I'm outta here." he jumped over the railing about to hightail it just like me.

"You can't be serious! If I approach them like this they'll just capture me for sure like any other pirate!" Coby exclaimed in panic.

I turned my head to face Coby. "Then why not just tag along with us until we see the marines again? I'm sure that won't take long since we are pirates after all." I offered, knowing Luffy wouldn't mind Coby tagging along with us. Heck, I think that was a pretty good idea since Luffy will have somebody besides me to annoy.

With that in mind, I smiled, probably not a cheerful, but more along the lines of creepy because Coby seemed to cower a little. Not giving Coby any time to think about it I grabbed his arm and jumped over the railing and ran to catch up with Luffy with Coby blowing in the wind behind me.

Luffy and I nodded to each other and we both jumped over the side of the ship at the same time, landing on the boat that was prepared for us. I couldn't help but notice how Luffy locked eyes with some orange haired girl. She seemed shocked to see Luffy and judging by the large pack slung over her shoulder I'm going to safely assume she just rubbed Alvida's ship of their treasure.

I nodded my head in approval.

The moment was short lived because another canon landed only a few meters in front of us and we got pushed out into the sea in opposite directions from the girl. Pretty soon we were far enough out away from passenger ship that we couldn't even see it anymore.

"We actually managed to get away," Coby said though he was still searching the seas, I don't know what he was looking for but he could have just been enjoying the amazing view.

"Ah, what fun!" Luffy said laughing merrily sitting at the front of the boat.

"So Luffy.."


"If you're searching for the elusive one piece then you have to be headed for the Grand Line right?" Coby asked turning to face Luffy. He nodded his head. "Ya know the people I talk to call that place the Pirate Graveyard."

"Yeah, right, and that's why I need an extra strong crew." Luffy turned away to face Coby with a gleam in his eyes that I knew would ensure adventure in the future to come. "You guys spoke about this pirate hunter, so what's he like Coby?"

"Oh, you mean Zoro? Last I heard was that he's being held prisoner at some marine base." Coby said not really answering Luffy's question.

Luffy seemed to deflate in disappointment. "Oh well, a weakling huh?"

Coby jumped up at that. "No, you're wrong! He's as violent as a demon and three times as horrifying!" there was a moment of silence before, "Why are you asking about him anyways?"

Luffy grinned. "I figured if he's good enough I'd ask him to join my crew."

"Chasing him down is just plain reckless." Coby tried to argue.

"Well ya never know, he might jump at the chance to join us."

Once those words left Luffy's mouth I took a quick picture of Coby and Luffy bickering before putting up my camera. Taking off my coat and folding it, I used it as a pillow and closed my eyes to get my much-needed sleep.

There was just one problem with that, though.

"If you two don't shut the hell up! I'm not the one!" I yelled and the sweet silence was accompanied by the sound of the waves right afterward.

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