I do not own Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, like not at all. I didn't really read through this, I was rushed, so sorry if it's like choppy or if there's like a million grammar/spelling mistakes.

"I had another dream," Helen told her friends, Hermione and Ron while they were out for coffee in the muggle world to avoid eavesdroppers from their avid fans. It had been 7 years since the Battle of Hogwarts and the hero worship that the average witch or wizard showed her had not died down…just become slightly more discreet.

Hermione put down her cup of tea and pursed her lips, "Have you tried Occlumency? You know in case someone is doing this for nefarious purposes?"

Before Helen could say anything Ron inputted, "But what if it isn't for nefarious purposes? What if the person or entity sending you these dreams is trying to send you a message?" Both Helen and Hermione cocked their heads to the side while Ron gave an uncharacteristic exasperate sigh, "Like Helen is meant for something bigger than the rest of us."

"But the Blood War is over, what else am I to do?"

"I don't know Helen," Ron shrugged. "Why don't you tell us what your dream was about."

Much to this amusement their friend blushed heavily, "Most of my dreams have been centered around one man, right?" They nodded. "Well this I was in it, only I was heavily pregnant with the man gazing at me lovingly."

Helen's two friends stared at her for what felt like hours and then finally Ron said, "I get it now!"

"What?" Helen asked desperately, while Hermione asked annoyed that she couldn't figure it out.

"You're dreaming about your past life." Ron said smugly that he figured it out and no one else could.

Helen and Hermione made 'o' shapes with their mouths and said, "Oh, yeah, that makes sense."

A few hours later when she arrived back in the remodeled Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, she was immediately accosted by a brightly colored Teddy Remus Lupin-Potter, "Mum! You're back!"

"Of course I am silly!" She ruffled his head. "I told you I would be back at this time, didn't I?" Helen knew that Teddy had slight abandonment issues after his grandmother passed guardianship to Helen when he was four just because she wanted to travel.

"Well," he held out the last syllable of the word and then continued with the sentence. "You are just in time."

"Am I?" Helen said, trying to keep the amusement out of her voice as he dragged her towards the kitchen.

"Yup!" He said while popping the 'p' at the end of the word. "Kreacher just finished dinner and he even made Treacle tart for dessert!"

That caused Helen to beam as she walked into the kitchen and saw the old house elf washing dishes, "Hello Kreacher."

He looked up from what he was doing and said, "Hello, Mistress. Dinner is on the counter."

"Thank you." He then went back to the job he had been working on while Helen sat down a served Teddy and herself some of the meal that Kreacher had prepared.

Teddy went on the jabber about his day at an exceedingly fast pace that Helen could barely keep up, "Yup…no, you can't have a dragon…I have…tomorrow if you're good."

He gave her a mischievous look, "I'm always good, Mum."

She gave him a disbelieving look, "I'm sure," then saw that he had finished his meal and was starting to fall asleep. "Okay, time for bed!"

Then suddenly the child was awake, "What no! I'm awake, I don't want to go to bed!"

Helen gave him a look, "I just saw you falling over your plate in exhaustion, go to the bathroom and wash up, I'll meet you in your room to read you a story."

"'Tale of the Three Brothers'?" Teddy asked hopefully as he reached the landing where his bathroom was.

Helen paused and then nodded at her son who smiled enthusiastically. She didn't know why, but ever since she blood adopted Teddy 'The Tale of the Three Brothers' became his favorite story for her to read and it slightly bothered her. She was brought out of her thoughts when Teddy bounced onto his bed that she had been sitting on.

"Careful, Ted," she admonished.

He god a sheepish look on his face and said, "Sorry, Mum," then looked at her and the book in her hand expectantly. "Can you start?"

She gave him a fond smile, "Of course," the cleared her throat. "There once was a tale of three brothers…' the end." Helen looked at her son as she pushed some hair out of his face, he looked deep in thought. "What is it Teddy?"

He looked at her and said, "Do you think they're real?"

Helen froze, should she tell him the truth or lie? Then suddenly she made up her mind, "Yes, I do believe that they are real, you know why?"

Teddy looked at her intensely, "Why?"

"Because I've held them all Teddy," she stated bluntly.

His eyes went wide, "Really"

She nodded, "You remember the invisibility cloak I have?" Teddy nodded and then he burst out, "That's the Cloak of Invisibility!" She gave him an approving look. "Yes and I've not told you about the Final Battle, but I held the other two then."

"Why don't you have them now?" Teddy asked curiously.

She gave him a serene smile, "Because I did not want that kind of power, having that wand would have made me a target and that stone would have made me go insane."

Teddy nodded, "You're very wise Mum."

"I'm not sure about wise, darling, but I never looked back on not taking ownership of the other two Hallows," she sighed and then suddenly said. "Now, it is time for your bed time!"

He didn't argue this time as the story had tired him out, "Night Mum."

"Goodnight my little darling," she said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Teddy was already lightly snoring as Helen closed the door lightly.

On normal nights, Helen would usually make herself a cup of tea and spend some time alone, but for some reason she was feeling extremely tired and decided to sleep earlier than usual. It was not even half an hour later that she had fallen into a deep sleep and her dream began.

When she usually had a dream she ended up following a handsome blond man, no elf, she corrected herself. Helen realized after a few dreams that the man she was dreaming about was not a man, but an elf. But in this dream she was alone in a place not dissimilar to where she ended up after she "died" during the Battle of Hogwarts.

While she was looking around the area and trying to analyze the situation she was in she heard someone clear their throat behind her, so she turned around. The person who cleared their throat was tall and pale with black hair and eyes, and he radiated power, "Hello, Helen Euphemia Potter."

She squeaked out a 'hello' and then cleared her throat and said a bit more steadily, "Who are you?"

He gave her an amused look, "I am Mandos, the Valar that controls Death."

Her eyes went wide, "…so I'm dead?"

Mandos chuckled, "No, I'm here to tell you why I've been sending you those visions."

Helen's eyes went wide and she pointed at him, "It was you!" Then she calmed down. "Yes, it would be nice of you to explain."

He nodded, "I believe you have already come to the conclusion that some of the visions are from your past life, correct?" She nodded. "What you do not know is that most of the visions are following your husbands after you died and that you were an elf in that world."

She dropped her jaw, "Thranduil is my husband?" He corrected her, "Soul mate."

"Why are you telling me this?" Helen asked earnestly.

"Well, I believe it is time for you to go home," Mandos said bluntly.

She looked indecisive, "But I don't have any of my memories and what about Teddy?"

"Ah! I forgot to mention that once you wake you will have all your memories and once you come to Middle Earth if you decide to take Teddy he too will become an elf."

She pondered for a few moments, and then looked at Mandos, "When do I have to decide?"

"Tomorrow night."

Helen nodded, "I will be ready with my decision then." Then she started to wake up.

As Helen sat up in bed and stretch she was hit with an onslaught of memories from her past life-that could become her life again-of not only her soul mate, but also of her son, Legolas. She had a vision the night before giving birth to him, it was nice to have a name and face to her child. Helen also saw that she still had her magic while in Middle Earth but it was different than the other magic users there or "Istari" so she only helped them once in a while, preferring to stay within the borders of the Great Greenwood. The last vision hit her viciously and it was her death. She was killed by the spiders that had just begun to infect the woods protecting the ones she was patrolling with.

When she came out of the visions it felt as if she was seeing clearly for the first time and then thought of how different her lives were on Earth and Middle Earth, then giggled her name was even different though it had the same meaning…Calathiel, yes, she could get used to that.

There was a knock on her door and then Teddy came in, "Mum?"

She was about to answer in Sindarin, but stopped herself in time, "Yes darling?"

"Are we still going to the Burrow for brunch because they told us to be there in half an hour," he said innocently as he crawled on her bed.

Helen or rather Calathiel looked at her clock that read '10:13', "Yes, we're going," then she gave him an apologetic look and gave him a hug. "I'm sorry Teddy for some reason I was very tired last night."

"Do you want to talk about it Mum?" He asked her with a worried expression.

She pursed her lips, "Not right now, but when we get back from the Burrow we will, okay?" He nodded. It was then that she saw he was still wearing his pajamas. "You better get dress Mister! Weren't you the one that just told me we were going to be late?"

Teddy giggled and blushed while he got off her bed and ran towards his room which left Calathiel by herself to think for a moment. Everyone that she cared about would be there for brunch, so she would tell them and ask their opinions. Honestly she already made up her mind, but she did want her friend's opinions she owed them that much.

When she heard the toilet in Teddy's bathroom flush she realized she should probably get ready herself.

What felt like seconds later, but really was half an hour later, Calathiel met Teddy where Mrs. Black's portrait used to hand and said to her pseudo-son, "Ready, Teddy?"

He nodded eagerly and grabbed the hand that was proffered to him, "Yes Mum" then they apparated to the grounds of the Burrow where they were immediately greeted with multiple warm 'hello's' from the people already gathered for the brunch.

Calathiel served herself a muffin, some eggs and fruit but when she looked down after eating it all there was a whole new serving. She looked up at Molly Weasley who mumbled something along the lines, 'far too thin' if she kept feeding her like this, Calathiel would end up being the fattest elf in Arda! Calathiel did make sure that Teddy ate enough though through all the ruckus that was the Burrow.

About an hour or so later the children and babies were either put down for naps or given something to play with while the adults talked. Calathiel was basically jumping in her seat, but once Ron and Hermione came back into the living after putting their daughter, Rose, down for a nap Calathiel immediately turned towards her best friends and said, "I found out who has been sending me those dreams!"

Both of them looked extremely shocked, but it was surprisingly Ron that broke out of their stupor by exclaiming loudly, "What!? How!?"

If people had not been eavesdropping before, they were now, but the Golden Trio did not take any notice as they were too immersed in their own conversation.

Calathiel nodded with a serious face, "Yeah, I had another dream last night, only this time I was actually visited by someone."

"Who?" Hermione ushered her best friend on, getting impatient. "It wasn't the guy that your dreams seem to be center around was it?"

The elf opened her mouth to reply when she was interrupted by Bill Weasley, "Hold on, what are you all talking about?"

The trio looked at one another and finally Hermione ushered her female friend to continue, so with a sigh Calathiel said, "For as long as I can remember I've had dreams that always follow this one man and yesterday Ron came up with the theory that he must be connected with a past life of mine…and he was right."

Ron perked up, "I was?"

She nodded, "Yes, it seems that man who is often in my dreams is my soul mate," Hermione gave her a look. "and we had a child together as well."

Charlie gave her an intense look, "You said 'is' not 'was'." Everyone looked at her expectantly.

She looked at them nervously, "Yes, he's still alive along with my son…in another world, according to Mandos."

"Whose Mandos?" Hermione asked. "I've never heard of him."

She gave her best friend a wry smile, "You wouldn't have, he is the god or rather Valar of Death on the world I'm from."

"Why would this Mandos be interested in you?" Arthur asked curiously.

The Golden trio looked at one another, causing everyone to groan softly. That meant they had been keeping secrets from the rest of them. Finally after their silent conversation Calathiel said, "Because I'm the Mistress of Death."

Hannah snorted, "That's a child's tale!"

Calathiel was about to make a retort when Luna interrupted, "Actually it's very real."

The trio nodded at Luna and said, "See," then Calathiel continued on. "I have the Cloak of Invisibility and used the stone to talk to my parents, Sirius and Remus while I was walking towards my death during the Final Battle."

Neville crossed his arms and grave her an intense look, "How are they still alive, I mean sure it's only been 25 years, but…"

She got fidgety and finally said, "They're elves," then she rolled her eyes at herself. "I was an elf too and elves are immortal."

"Like a house-elf?" George said with slight amusement.

She glared at him, "No! Like a tall, beautiful and graceful with pointed ears elf!"

They were all silent for a few minutes before Neville broke it by crossing his arms and giving her an intense look, "So do you know why this Mandos has been sending these dreams? There must be a reason."

Calathiel nodded, "I have the choice to either stay here as a mortal or go back to Arda and to my family there with Teddy as an immortal."

"Well I thought the choice was obvious," Fleur said while rolling her eyes as everyone looked at her. "You have to go to your true love!"

Hermione nodded, "Fleur is right, no matter how much we'll miss you, you out of everyone deserve true love," everyone in the living room nodded.

She beamed at all her friends, "Thank you! I'm glad I have your blessings!"

They all gave her warm smiles at her enthusiasm and then finally Molly asked, "So tell us about your family in Arda, was it?"

Calathiel sat up straighter and said, "Well my soul mate's name is Thranduil and he rules Greenwood the Great and my son's name is Legolas-"

"What do you mean 'rules' you make him sound like a king or something," Charlie said with an awkward laugh.

She gave him a look that was obvious, "Of course he is, my father was the High King of the Elves and before he died gave his blessing to Thranduil to marry," Calathiel ran fingers through her hair and gave a dry laugh. "He was more than happy to do so as he thought that his princess deserved a king after all."

"Queen Helen," Arthur mused and then turned back to her. "Now what about your son, Legolas?"

She perked up, "He looks exactly like his father," she rolled her eyes. "Even though he was just an elfling when I died I could tell, but Thranduil said I was ridiculous and Legolas just had his eyes and hair." She looked around at her audience. "He had Thranduil's blond hair and icy blue eyes rather than my dark red hair and emerald green eyes." Some of them close their eyes to try and imagine her son, but she doesn't give them much time as she continues. "His nature magic, talking to trees and animals is amplified due to my having magic."

"Seems like an awesome kid, Calathiel," Charlie said with a tight smile.

She nodded, "He is."

They were all silent until Teddy raced into the room, "Mum! Can we go home? Vicky is being mean to me!"

Calathiel looked around at her closest friends and then looked back at Teddy, "As long as you give big good-byes to everyone here."

He gave her a weird look, but did as he was told as she did the same.

Molly was the first to gather her in a hug, "You be good dear and I hope you and Teddy have a good life in Arda!"

"Thank you, Molly."

The good-byes went until she got to Ron and Hermione, "I guess this is it."

"I suppose it is," Hermione replied thickly and then pulled Calathiel and Ron into a group hug. "I wish you didn't have to leave, but I know that it's for the best!"

"I know Hermione, but I will always remember you both," she said as she pulled out of their hug. "I'll remember the girl from first year who said, 'but there's no wood' and the boy who said, 'bloody brilliant' to everything millennia from now because you left such an impact on my life."

The Golden Trio laughed whilst crying. "We'll remember the girl who often had the knack for doing the impossible."

Calathiel could feel something tugging at her sleeve, "Yes, Teddy we're leaving." She looked back up at everyone. "This is good-bye then," then with a *pop* she vanished from the Burrow as if she had never been there.

Teddy and Calathiel landed in the kitchen of Number Twelve Grimmauld Place. She tried to think of a way to broach the topic, but apparently she didn't need to because Teddy bluntly asked, "Soooo, do you want to tell me why you woke up do late this morning?"

She nodded and then gestured to the seat across from her, "I'm not exactly sure how you're going to take this, but for my whole life I have had dreams that centered around one man or who I learned last was an elf."

"But why?" Teddy asked, tilting his head to the side,

"I'm getting to that," Calathiel said patiently. "Apparently he is my soul mate from my past life and he's still alive because elves are immortal." Teddy's eyes went wide. "Mandos, he's a Valar or god on the world of my previous life, gave me the option of going back with you, what do you think?"

He was silent for a few minutes before grinning and saying, "As long as you're happy, I'm happy Mum!"

She gave him a huge smile with tears in her eyes, "What I do to deserve you?" He shrugged and then she rolled her eyes at his arrogance as she got up. "Fine, we'll have to go to Gringotts and get a few things settled then, like who gets my money, etc."

Teddy scrambled out of his seat and after a few exhausting hours later at Gringotts they were back home.

"I always forget how exhausting Gringotts can be," she said as she graciously accepted the tea that Kreacher gave her.

"It was boring, I'm so glad I won't have to go through that now that we're moving," Teddy said cheerily.

She gave him an indulgent look, "So tonight we'll be leaving, are you sure you want to go?"

"Yes!" He said excitedly. "I want to meet my new Ada and brother, Nana!" She was glad that he had gotten a hang of using the titles they were used where they were going so quickly. She was interrupted from her musing when Teddy asked, "Can you tell me more about Greenwood, Nana?"

She pursed her lips in contemplation, "Well when I left everything was so full of life…"

Calathiel didn't know when, but Teddy ended up falling asleep on the couch, so she brought him upstairs to her bedroom so that they could be together. It wasn't long until she fell victim to sleep and once again saw Mandos.

"So, you've made you decision?" He asked and then looked at Teddy who was at her side and vibrating with excitement.

"Is this Mandos, Nana?" Teddy asked with wide eyes.

She nodded, "Yes, this is Mandos, Teddy." Then she turned back to Mandos. "We've agreed to go, just one question, will Teddy still have his magic?"

"No," her face dropped. "But he will still keep his morphing abilities and be able to talk to the trees to a higher degree than most wood-elves."

She smiled, "Then I believe that we are ready," she held Teddy's hand even tighter, but then scrunched her eyebrows. "Does Thranduil know of our coming?"

Mandos gave her a mischievous smile, "No, his visions stopped a year ago for him and so he fears the worst."

"Well, we best get to it then," she gestured for him to go. So Mandos then said a few words and then Teddy and Calathiel were engulfed in a bright, white light.