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The bright light that had engulfed Calathiel and Teddy died down after what felt like hours, but could only be a few minutes at most. It still took Calathiel several moments to open her eyes after the light died down to assess her situation.

Before she could even take in her surroundings though she felt that there was something different about herself and then remembered that she and Teddy had been re-embodied as elves so as she stood she had get use to the 6 inches she grew in just a few minutes and when she ran her hands through her dark red hair it no longer go caught in the messiness, but she was surprised by how silky it felt. She also could not forget her pointed ears and paler skin. When she looked down at the stirring Teddy she saw that he also had paler skin and pointed ears but had reverted to the age elflings looked at 7 years so he now looked like 2 in human years.

Calathiel looked around and saw that she and Teddy were just outside of Greenwood which made their trip home infinitely easier.

She was drawn out of her musings when she heard a little voice say, "Nana?"

Kneeling down to his short height, "Yes, penneth?"

"Where are we?" His lower lip started to tremble, it seemed that his mannerisms had reverted to that of a two year old as well.

She rubbed his back and said, "Shhh, do you not remember what I told you earlier? We're going to a new home where you'll have a brother and Ada."

Teddy relaxed and then nodded, "Yes, Nana."

"Good, because we should probably get going before it gets dark," Calathiel pointed at the sky. It was only late afternoon, but they had a bit of a walk. "So, ready?" She asked as she picked up the bag with the Elder Wand, Invisibility Cloak, a dagger, water, and lembas bread.

He nodded and then lifted his arms up so that he could be carried; she knew that this was going to be a hard and dangerous walk with all that she was carrying but worth it in the end.

"Into Greenwood we go then," she said and whether it was to her or Teddy she did not know. She did not know what she expected, well actually she had expected Greenwood to be relatively unchanged, but she could feel a darkness lurking and trying to disease the woods that she held dear.

Not on her watch, Calathiel thought viciously. Her woods were no longer going to be diseased if she had anything to do with it. She drew her wand to protect herself and Teddy then touched the healthiest tree, Hello? She asked the tree.

It took a few moments before the tree answered back hesitantly and shocked, Elvenqueen?!

Calathiel smile, Yes, mellon nin I have returned. She could feel the excitement that not only this tree, but the others surrounding it got.

I am very happy to hear that Elvenqueen! What can I do for you? The tree asked eagerly.

My son and I. She gestured to the child in her arms. Need to make it to the palace, could you alert the trees closest and hopefully the other elves will find us as we make our way there.

She could feel that the tree was discussing it with the other trees. I've done what you've asked Elvenqueen and the other trees will help defend against the spiders.

She looked at the tree. Spiders?

The tree gave a big shudder. Many of the trees have been infected by darkness and large spiders the size of horses, be careful Elvenqueen and young prince.

She nodded. Thank you.

Calathiel tightened her grip on her wand as she walked away from the tree and down the elven trail.

The journey at first was easy, she could not figure out why she had been warned so many times to be cautious on staying on the trail and to be alert for threats, but after a few hours of walking she felt something brush against her occlumency shields that felt like a lightly powered confundus jinx. She felt something pull on her silky hair, "Nana?"

She looked down, "Yes penneth?"

Teddy looked shyly at her, "Thirsty."

"You're thirsty?" He nodded and so she stopped to take a break and get the water out of the pack and gave some to Teddy. "There you go Ted, I think I'll have some too and now we must move on so you can meet your new Ada and brother."

He smiled, she knew that he was excited to meet them, "'kay Nana." With that she began walking again.

A few hours of walking later she started getting a headache from the constant pressure on her occlumency shields and started to become increasingly paranoid as the woods were now too silent for her liking.

It only took a split second for her to register that the suffocating silence had been broken a few minutes later by one of the Aragog size spiders she had been warned about rushing towards her. She immediately started shooting lethal spells and those she knew would protect them from the spider from the Elder Wand that was already in her tight grip.

"Arania Exumai!" She exclaimed as she pointed her wand at the spiders, it gave her a flashback to when she first used that spell against Aragog and his descendants in her second year, but she didn't have time to ponder on those memories as more spiders were descending on her. She decided that the only way she was going to get away from the large arachnids was if she went on the offense after multiple "Arania Exumai!" did not dissuade the spiders from coming closer to her.

"Sagitto!" She could have pulled out her bow and arrows, but felt that the spell for it was much more time efficient. "Sectumsempra!" While she didn't like using that spell after what she had done to Draco, she couldn't deny that Snape's spell wasn't useful in situations like this. "Bombarda Maxima!" That delayed most of the spiders enough that she was able to start running away.

When Calathiel caught her breath and clutched Teddy tight to her chest as she placed her hand on the closest tree. "Mellon nin?"

"Elvenqueen?" The tree asked gleefully.

She smiled tiredly. "Yes, but I fear that I am a bit lost after my fight with the spiders could you help me?"

The tree shift a bit and then said. "The trees are sending a message that there is a lost elf in the woods, in the mean time we will guide you."

She sighed and then looked down at Teddy, who was looking at her curiously. "Thank you." She said gratefully.

An hour later the trees were still guiding her towards the palace with her being ever paranoid over herself and Teddy when she heard someone say, "Daro!"

Calathiel could not located where the voice came from, but she did as it said and when she did the voice-a male voice-she decided spoke up again, "Who are you and what business do you have in Greenwood?"

"My name is Calathiel and I have come to speak with the King and Prince of this realm!" She declared confidently.

There was a great deal of whispering that she could not understand when suddenly a familiar ellon dropped in front of her from a tree, "Alinar?" She gasped out at the ellon in front of her.

He just nodded with a bright smile on his face and bowed, "My Queen."

The others quickly realized who they were in the presence of and bowed to Calathiel as well, she sighed and gestured for them to get up, "Alinar, I thought I told you to call me Calathiel!"

He gave her a cheeky smile, "True, but it has been over 1,250 years, you will just have to keep on reminding me!" She rolled her eyes and then noticed that he got a serious, but pleased look on his face. "My Queen, how are you back? You died, did you not?"

The group began walking her towards the palace as she thought of what to say, "I did die," she finally said. "But instead of being sent to the Halls of Mandos, the Valar sent me to be re-embodied in another world where there were many people with magic like me."

They gave her wide-eyed looks and were silent for a moment before they noticed Teddy yawn, "Is that your child, my Queen?"

Calathiel shook her head, "In everything that matters," when she saw the confused looks on their faces she elaborated and said, "Teddy," she gestured to the child in her arms. "His parents died in a war a few weeks after his birth and I was granted guardianship over him, he sees me as his Nana though."

They gave her soft smiles and continued walking. Alinar said when they were nearing the outskirts, "King Thranduil is going to be in shock when he sees you, my Queen."

She shrugged and gave him a smile, "He has been receiving visions of my life, so it may not be that big of a surprise to him."

He gave her a look of understanding then said, "Oryon…Hairal, come help me escort the Queen and young Prince to the palace, the rest of you continue with your patrol." They all gave Alinar curt nods and then left but not before giving Calathiel one last look.

"Well," the Queen said to the ellyn. "Let us make haste towards the palace, I am eager to see my husband and son after all these years." When they began walking she looked around at the woods that she had dearly loved before her death. "Tell me, what happened after I died. How did the Kingdom take it?"

They all squirmed under her firm stare before Oryon finally got the courage to speak up, "It has been a much darker place than it was my Queen, with your parting and the encroaching darkness."

She nodded in thoughtful consideration and then looked down at Teddy, she hoped that now she was back things would become better and then Hairal timidly said, "The King only cares for things with in our boarders."

"I see," she pursed her lips while thinking on what Hairal told her. They used to be quite generous when giving aid to their neighbors so she would have to see what happened. "If what you said is true about the darkness then perhaps my husband is just concerned about his people dying."

The three ellon nodded and then Alinar said, "We're almost there, My Queen."

She smiled and then felt someone tug on her hair and saw that Teddy was looking up at her, "Nana, are we almost to our new home?"

While nodding, she replied, "Yes, Teddy, we're almost there." She looked over and saw the ellyn had small smiles on seeing hearing the elfling speaking. It was then that Calathiel remembered that there were not many elflings that were born and so they were often cherished like Teddy was bound to be.

She looked at Alinar with a bright smile on her face when she was the gates that led to the palace opening knowing of her arrival from Oryon and Hairal who had run ahead a few minutes prior, "Welcome home, my Queen."

It was similar but also different than it had been over a millennium ago. The palace framework looked the same, but around it there the trees had grown. She was brought out of her assessment when she saw Galion, her husband's advisor/servant of sorts standing at the main doorway of the palace.

He bowed to her and said, "My Queen, I see you have returned."

She smiled, "I have and I am very eager to see Thranduil and Legolas."

Galion straightened and nodded, "He is currently in a meeting with the other elven leaders," then he got a mischievous smirk on his face. "Would you like to participate in it as well, my Lady?"

She smirked and then looked at the ellyn around her, "Yes, I would."

Alinar then bid her farewell, "I am glad that you have returned to our realm, my Lady." Then he ran back to the woods to continue his patrol.

She and Galion began walking through the halls of the palace and it seemed that her return had already spread because whispers followed them as they made their way to where the meeting was taking place. When they reached a room that she remembered was near her husband's office, Galion gestured for her to wait. He knocked on the door and then the muffled voices they had slightly heard inside came to a stop. A moment later Thranduil said, "Come in."

When Thranduil saw that it was Galion he sighed, slightly annoyed and said, "Galion I thought I said that we were not to be disturbed for anything during this meeting."

Thranduil noticed the smirk on his face and the laughing in halls but before he could comment, "I know, my Lord, but I realized that your meeting was missing one member."

This caused all the leaders besides Galadriel to look around the table in confusion and then Thranduil say, "Everyone is here Galion."

Galion smirked again and then called out, "You can come in my Lady."

To their shock Queen Calathiel of Greenwood walked into the room. They were so in shock that none of them spoke or moved for some time. She used this time and spoke to Galion, "Can you take Teddy to the Royal Wing and call my old maid to take care of him? He has a sleeping spell on him so he should not be too much to handle."

He shifted Teddy in his arms and said, "Yes, my Lady."

"Thank you, Galion," then gave Teddy a kiss on the head. "That is all."

When Galion closed the door and she conjured a chair in between her husband and son, it seemed to break the trance everyone in the room was in because Thranduil said in a drawling voice that barely hid his excitement, "So, you have finally decided to come back to Middle Earth?"

She smirked and nodded as the rest of the room besides her family looked on in shock, "You mean to tell me that you knew she was alive all these years?" Elrond asked.

Thranduil grabbed Calathiel's hand, gave her a kiss on the cheek and then shrugged, "I've been getting visions of her for the last few centuries in another world," then he turned to her. "That reminds me, we are going to talk about some of you exploits while you were there."

"Yes Nana," Legolas inserted. "Ada told me a few things that you did."

She sighed and nodded, "I did not mean to worry you." Then gave them remorseful looks, "You know that most of my actions were necessary though."

Before Thranduil could say anything else Glorfindel interrupted and said, "How are you here Queen Calathiel? Were you re-embodied?"

She gave him a long look and remembered that he had been re-embodied after killing a balrog, "In a way," when she got impatient looks she continued. "I was re-embodied in a different world as baby, I had an entire life there as Helen Potter."

"Amazing," Galadriel said.

Calathiel nodded, "This world had thousands of Istari," their eyes went wide. "and their magic was similar to mine."

"Was it a good life at least?" Celeborn asked hopefully.

She mulled it over and looked at Thranduil, "Not particularly," again she got impatient looks. "I grew up in a negligent household as when my loving parents died I was sent to my spiteful aunt's home who despised magic. Then once I started schooling I was constantly put in danger."

They gave her wide-eyed looks, "Why were you constantly put in danger?" Elrond asked.

"I was considered an icon in the wizarding world because I survived a curse that no one else ever had and supposedly defeated the Dark Lord there when I was a toddler, the same night my parents died," she said blandly. "Then everyone expected me to clean up their messes for them whether it be a troll at school when I was eleven or the Dark Lord coming back to life at fourteen." She looked at them, "I had to literally die for them at seventeen!"

Thranduil grabbed her hand tightly and saw the looks of astonishment on the other's faces, "It is true, I saw it all in the visions the Valar sent me."

The leaders all took a moment to soak in everything they had been told before Galadriel said, "Why don't we continue this tomorrow, I believe that our minds won't be able to commit to the meeting today."

Everyone nodded and then Thranduil said as he stood up with his wife and son, "I will have someone lead you to your rooms."

"Thank you Thranduil," Elrond said and then looked at Calathiel. "Welcome back Queen Calathiel."

When the door finally shut to the meeting room and it was just the royal family of Greenwood left, Calathiel did not know what to say except for, "Let us have this conversation in the Royal Family Wing of the palace." The two ellon on either side of her nodded silently, though Thranduil's grip on her hand tighteded.

The halls were filled with merriment and many elves stopped the family to give their well wishes to them and to just say hello, it all made Calathiel smile, but she could tell her family was anxious to speak to her in private so they walked quickly and gave nods of acknowledgement instead of stopping often.

When they got to the Royal Family Wing, Thranduil was about to move them into their bedroom, but instead Calathiel maneuvered them into the nursery where she knew Teddy was, "Cala, what are you doing?" She could see the same look of confusing on her son's face.

She gave them a sly smile, "You must have forgotten, but I have a godson who I adopted as my own." They looked at Teddy who was still sleeping. "He will be needing a father and older brother," she said meaningfully. "I have told him much about both of you so I hope you can take the roles he already considers you for."

Her family looked at her and then nodded, "He is an elfling then?"

Calathiel nodded, "That was one of my conditions to coming here, he must be an elfling and so the Valar made him such."

"Well," Legolas said looking down at Teddy. "He shall be my little brother from this day forward."

"And I shall be his ada," Thranduil said determinedly.

Calathiel gave them both watery smiles, "Thank you, you do not know how much that means to me."

They smiled at her and the Thranduil said, "I'm glad," then looked at Legolas. "No, we're glad you are back Cala."

"I am glad to be back," She said with meaning and grabbed their hands. "I hope that we will have a long time together now, the four of us."

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