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Pairing: Sasuke x Naruto



Demon Talking

Summary: It has been a S-Rank secret among the village for 20 years, but the truth is coming out. Not only does our precious Naruto have the Kyuubi, but he also has a Kekkei Genkai that the Hidden Leaf Village believed died off years ago. When Naruto discovers this, he decides to go to any length to learn about his heritage. What will the last Uchiha do when he realizes that the dobe is as valuable as he is?


Chapter 1

All my life, I have been the village outcast. The freak. The #1 knuckle headed rookie ninja of the Hidden Leaf Village. I have been looked down on my entire life. I have bee laughed at, picked on, bullied, and abused by the villagers. I have been alone as long as I can remember - no parents, siblings, or friends to love me. All because of the stupid fox demon, Kyuubi, sealed inside of me. I have learned to control him to become strong, but it isn't enough. I want a change. I want to become better, smarter, and even stronger. I want to be noticed.

Naruto had been laying in bed for an entire week, recovering from a mission that has left him with plenty of time to think. He has been promoted to a Jounin at age 16 along with Sasuke, Neji, Kiba, and Shikamaru. He along with Kiba and Neji were assigned to a A-Rank mission when he was ambushed. He has noticed for 2 weeks before the mission that he seemed slower and weaker. It was like he was a Genin again when he was attacked by those Hidden Mist ninjas. They had him look like a rookie, but he still couldn't figure out why he was so weak. Neji carried him back to the hospital when he was nearly unconscious from the blood lost.

He was in such deep thought, he failed to notice when Sakura-chan walked into the room. Sakura was currently a chunin who decided to practice under Tsunade to become a medic-nin. She had been part of his healthcare team trying to break his mystery. Apparently he has gotten an infection from his wounds, because he has a fever that won't break regardless of all the medication they have been feeding him. Naruto suspected something to be wrong with Kyuubi since he never has gotten sick before.

Stupid Fox! You're worthless! Naruto thought to himself. No answer. Silence is all he has heard from the demon for an entire week now. Something is wrong.

Then there is a knock on the door. "Come in!" Sakura said. Naruto felt too weak to answer. The 5th Hokage walked in with a discouraged look on her face. No answers still, huh Ba-chan?

She noticed Naruto's eyes were open and looking towards her when she entered the room. Tsunade glanced at Sakura with a grim look that Naruto knew too well. They both come to his bed and each of them held his hands. "I'm sorry Naruto. The blood work we did came back normal. No white blood count elevated to show why you have a fever. All the tests we have run has come back normal as well. We are still going to keep you in the hospital and give you antibiotics and Tylenol for the fever. Hopefully we will get answers soon. Until then, I'm going to remove you from active duty." Tsunade refuses to make eye contact with him, but rather looks at the blue crystal hanging around his neck.

With a husky and weak voice Naruto says, "Always so dramatic, huh? I'll be back to my old self before long." He offers her a weak smile that doesn't reach his blue eyes.

Sakura chimes in. "Naruto, you have lost consciousness more than a handful of times from the fever since you have been injured. Your temperature has been steadily rising even with the medication. You have to take it easy for a while even when you do recover. 30 minutes ago, your temp was 104.8. Most people would be in a lot worse shape than you are right now in your condition."

Naruto turned away from them with no reply.

"You have a visitor if you feel up to it today." Sakura said with a smile. Naruto just nodded his head in reply when she left the room with Tsunade. Who could it be? I haven't seen anyone other than nurses, doctors, Ba-chan, and Sakura all week.

A few minutes later, Naruto heard footsteps walking in his room followed by a door closing. Kakashi-sensei stood at the entrance with a sad look on his face. It is like everyone who saw him in this state pitied him. He moved from the door and sat in the chair next to Naruto's bed.

"So, what is this unexpected visit for?" Naruto said with a little more enthusiasm.

Kakashi sighed before lending back in the chair. "Naruto, I checked the hospital log, and it appears that I am your only visitor so far. I don't want you to believe that no one cares. Everyone is out on missions and have been concerned about you. Sakura has been keeping me updated, and she is worried you are falling into depression. I know that this is frustrating but I promise they are doing all they can to help you."

Naruto just nodded his head to Kakashi, and they sat in silence until Naruto lost consciousness again.



Naruto was running down what looked like a sewage pipe. Water was ankle deep under his feet. He felt scared for his life, but the adrenaline kept him moving forward. His chest burned as he was gasping for air. His legs were achey from running so hard and fast. There was a small source of light up ahead of him that he was running to.

He came to a stop in front of a large cage. I remember now! This is in my head! This is Kyuubi!

The said fox came to the cage with an evil grin on his face. As he walked, the floor under Naruto's feet shook so violently that he lost his balance and fell. Kyuubi was big enough to devour him if there wasn't a cage holding him back. The demon's 9 tails swirled behind him as he laughed at the young adult. The atmosphere was so full of blood lust that Naruto can almost taste it.

"Oh kid, you have kept me entertained for years, but now I am weak from your human body! Why do you ask? It is time you confront that old woman you cherish so much and ask her! There has to be files on your pitiful family tree! It is your fault we are fighting for our lives here! Do something about it before I kill you myself, punk!" The red-haired demon turned his back to Naruto and faded away in the cage.

Naruto was about to ask him for more information when he woke up in cold sweat.

I will need to talk to Ba-chan now! I don't want to die! What is the Kyuubi talking about? Why am I so sick? I need answers!

Naruto hit the call light on the side of his bed frantically. He didn't care if it was 3 in the morning. This was urgent.


Tsunade was still wide awake at 2:45 in the morning. Naruto's fever was unlike anything she has ever seen or heard of before. She needed answers before things turned for the worse. Scrolls were scattered along her office. Books were marked and highlighted on her desk. A half empty bottle of sake was at her side. She knew the weight of this. If she couldn't figure it out, no one could save him. She couldn't afford to lose someone else precious to her again.

Just then, an ANBU appears before her. He was wearing a wolf mask with the traditional ANBU uniform and tattoo. The only addition to his outfit was the red and white fan symbol on the left sleeve of his shirt that gave away his identity to the villagers from the Leaf. His navy hair was pulled back into a short ponytail that fell in from of his shoulder as he bowed to the Hokage.

"What is it?!" Tsunade said highly annoyed with the interruption of her research.

"You have been requested at the hospital STAT." The AUBU says with a cool expression.

Tsunade raises from her chair without further questioning and allows the ANBU to escort her to the hospital premises where he has been given orders to watch over Naruto and report to her of any chances in his condition.


Tsunade is surprised to see Naruto when she walks into the room. He is sitting on the side of his bed with a look of determination she hasn't seen in weeks. It is evident with his wet hair that he has showered and changed clothes. He appears to be feeling better already. It feels her heart up with a warmth that she cannot explain.

"Brat! You're suppose to be taking it easy! Now what is so important that you had to interrupt my beauty sleep?" The ANBU standing behind her smirked at her reaction. Sleep? Yeah right...

"Ba-chan! My Temp has dropped to 104.6! But that is besides the point! I called you because I think I have an answer to what is going on with me!" Naruto smiled one of his contagious smiles that leaves her heart fluttering. She rustles his hair.

"Like what? As if you can think of anything that I haven't thought of already!" Tsunade replies with her tongue sticking out like a child. She missed this time with the blonde boy.

"Well I had a dream about the Kyuubi. He told me that the answer lies in my family tree or something like that. He thinks that the 3rd of 4th would have some kind of documentation on it! Please just check it out!"

"Kid you said yourself it was just a dream!" But I haven't thought about that...

"Just trust me on this one, okay? And I'm not a kid anymore! I am almost 20 years old!" Naruto smiles at the Hokage. He trusted her, and she couldn't let him down now.

Tsunade sighed. "Alright, brat. I'll look!" Then she planted a kiss on his forehead were his head protector normally sits. She orders him to rest and will check in with him soon before she leaves the room.

The ANBU sits at the door and bows to her as she departs back to her office to continue her research.

He stands up to guard the door once again. He smiles when he thinks about the blonde being back in better spirits. Naruto had no clue that he was in charge of watching over him this past week. Naruto would probably feel a bit of jealously if he was to find out his biggest rival was of the highest class of ninja, and he wasn't. Naruto will be back to his old self soon, and when he does there will be many, many changes occur!


Yay! The first chapter is done! What could be wrong with Naruto? Is it Sasuke that has been watching over him like a guardian angle? Read to find out!