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Chapter 2: Day 1




There she was, at the front door of the guild of her dreams, Fairy Tail. Lucy couldn't believe this was actually happening

Right behind her was Torchbearer, the 'real' Torchbearer, rummaging through his wagon. "You don't need to wait for me, you're free to go inside instead of just standing there shaking."

"Which one are you talking to?" Happy asked, looking back and forth between Lucy andPlue.

The blonde turned around. "What are you looking for anyway?"

"Found it!" he yelled when he pulled out a pink lion doll.

"A doll?"

"Heh… heh… heh…" Natsu struggled to laugh. "Chances are I did something that upset someone. I don't know who, but I'm going to need this as leverage in my apology."

"… Whatever." She focused back on the front door of the guild. She took one large breath and walked insideto see her most fantasized idols all together."This is really happening!"

Natsu walked in behind her. "You're easy to please."

"Aye, I don't think she can even hear us right now." Happy noted.

There were stars in her eyes. "I'm actually standing in the Fairy Tail guild hall! This is so amazing! This is unbelievable! This is-"


She was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard a shout come from above her. Looking up she saw a young boy with dark hair, looking like a miniature version of Natsu with his dark vest, orange scarf, and the purple fire covering his fist. "Kya!"

"That's enough." Natsu grabbed the fire-punch with no effort, holding the boy in the air before bringing him down. "Nice try, Romeo. But you might want to avoid shouting out your surprise attacks."

"C'mon! Let's spar! I'm going crazy from being stuck here for so long!" the boy yelled up at the older fire mage.

"That's right, weren't you planning on going on some request with your dad?" Natsu asked.

Romeo sighed. "I am, but he still hasn't gotten back from his last job yet. So let's fight already!"

"Later, introductions come first." Natsu gestured to Lucy.

Romeo turned to look at the blonde, noticing her face, waist, and humongous breasts. "Is this your newest girlfriend?" he asked.

"Girlfriend?!" She was mortified. "I'm here to join the guild, not for him!"

"How come? A lot of the other girls in the guild are his girlfriends." Romeo told her.

"What?!" She screamed again. "You mean that stuff about him having the Male Protagonist Effect wasn't just something made up by the fake?!"

"Fake?" he turned back to Natsu.

"Long story. Now, back to what's important." Natsu placed a hand on Romeo's head and pointing him back to Lucy. "This here is Romeo Conbolt. He's still training, but since you want to join and still need to figure out what magic works for you, you can refer to him as Romeo-senpai."

"Like hell I am!" Lucy shouted back.

Romeo pointed at her. "Bad underclassman!"

Her irritation only stopped when her attention was drawn to a loud conversation behind her.

"C'mon! Just one date, that's all I'm asking!" asked/begged an older man with a pompadour hairstyle while smoking a pipe in his mouth sitting at a nearby table.

Sitting next to him with her legs crossed was a white-haired beauty with a dark ribbon holding it back in a ponytail, black thigh high boots, a miniskirt held by a white belt, and a dark halter crop top that struggled to contain her massive breasts. "First, no. Second, we both know you're driving at more than just a small date. Third, no. Fourth, you know I'm already taken. Fifth, no!"

"Don't be like that!" he went on. "I'm sure you're tired of being lost in the bunch, but if you're with me, you'll definitely be my top girl, even above my wife!"


That conversation came to an end, with Mira bashing one of the chairs over his head.

"Dumbass." Mira muttered as she walked away, brushing her hands off.

Back at the entrance to the guild, Lucy was gasping. "Wow! So that's Mirajane Strauss. Fairy Tail's drawing card, voted #1 for "Mage you'd like to be your girlfriend" in the Sorcerer Weekly, and the current Miss Fiore." She was star struck. "…Still." She managed to tear her gaze away from the idol to look around the guild, noticing the girl with lavender hair sitting at one of the tables, the two wearing blue bikini tops at the bar, the one who looked like Mirajane with shorter hair and significantly more friendly, and the two in the corner with a blue bird flying above one and what looked like ghosts around the other… doesn't feel like she'll be approaching the last two, but still noticing something every girl in the guild had in common. 'Is having a curvaceous body anyone would kill for a requirement for female members to join?' She then looked back down at her own body. 'Well, at least I don't have to worry about meeting that quota.'

"Hey there!" The group's attention was drawn to the girl walking up to them. She had short blue hair held back with an orange ribbon, a green vest over her yellow top, and white pants, all covering a figure that matched with those of the other girls in the guild. (That's right, I changed Levy's appearance. Some others have changed her size before me so I know I'm not the only one to like this idea, including Hiro Mashima back in the beginning in the story. This way, now no one can make fun of her for being short.)

(What? What did you think I was talking about? Damn perverts!... Your guess wasn't wrong, but still.)

"Hey Levy." Natsu waved to her. "If you're wondering about that book, I managed to find a copy while I was out."

"That's great! Thanks so much!" She was reasonably giddy before remembering why she approached them in the first place. "Ah, that wasn't what I wanted to ask." She turned to the blonde. "Hi, my name's Levy McGarden. Are you a new friend of Natsu's, or maybe have a request for the guild?"

She replied, managing to compose herself from her excitement before talking. "I'm Lucy. I'm actually hoping to join."


"May I be of assistance?" a pink haired maid popped out of nowhere in front of her.

"GIYAH! Where did you come from?!" Lucy shrieked when she saw her.

"My name is Virgo, the guild's maid." she introduced herself. "If you wish to join the staff, I request you follow the maid uniform code I've established."

"Not the work staff! I wanna join as a member!"

"My apologies for the misunderstanding." She bowed her head to her, then turned her attention to Natsu. "Natsu-sama, I've already unloaded the supplies you've acquired."

"That was fast. You sure can get things done." he complemented the maid.

"Punishment?" she requested with a twinkle in her eye.

A bead of sweat ran down the back of his head. "This is going to take some getting used to. Was this a part of your routine back at your old place a few weeks ago?"

While they continued their conversation with Lucy pointing out the lunacy of Virgo making a uniform policy despite only recently joining herself and Levy telling her how the maid joined after a mission she and Natsu completed, a small girl with long blue hair came rushing through the door before tripping on the floor. "Oww!"

That instant, Natsu dashed past the others, kneeling in front of the girl. "Wendy, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Na-nii." She smiled at him as she took his hand to get up, then gasping when she noticed the bandages missing. "Your arm! You weren't supposed to take them off until I said it was okay!"

He sheepishly rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, sorry about that. They got burned up when I had to throw a punch."

"You weren't supposed to be fighting with it either!" she tried her best to scold him with her arms flailing in frustration.

He pat her on the head. "Well, my arm seems to be fine, so no worries."

Wendy began to pout with tears pooling in the corners of her eyes. "I need to tell Porlyusica about this."

"NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Natsu went into a full panic at the mere mention of the name. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I promise I won't be reckless like that again! Look, I got you this cute plushy! So please, PLEASE don't tell Porlyusica!" he held the doll out like a human-shield.

"Put that cheap trinket away, Filthy Pervert!" came the unapproving voice of a second talking cat, this one being female, having white fur, and wearing clothing instead of just a small sack around the neck like Happy. "Each time you get yourself injured, you waste Wendy's time on treatment you simply undo minutes later. And these little bribes of yours are utterly distasteful. They might work on your harem of floozies, but I assure you any attempts of winning Wendy's favor will-" she stopped as she noticed Wendy nuzzling her face against the doll. "Cease that this instant!"

"But Charle, it's so cute." Wendy continued to snuggle the doll.


The two turned around to see Plue, shaking as he looked at them with a small smile on his face. Charle looked at him skeptically, while Wendy's eyes sparkled before hugging him as well. "Puppy!"

Again, another person approached the group. "So, Natsu's finally back" came the voice of a young man with spiky black hair. "Time we settle this!"

"We can take this outside later, Gray. I still have stuff to do." Natsu told him without even looking in his direction, as though he was ignoring the man.

Lucy turned to talk to the man. "Hi, I was wonder-waAAHH!"… and saw that he was only wearing a pair of boxers.

"Kyaaah!" Wendy covered her innocent eyes from the sight.


Natsu immediately rocketed at Gray, knocking the other girls back and sending Lucy spinning away, firekicked him in the gut and sent him crashing through a row of tables. "DIE, BASTARD! DIE!"

"Burn him to dust for gallivanting like that in front of Wendy!" the girl-cat ordered the mage, oddly taking his side at the moment.

In mere seconds, a massive brawl spread throughout the guild hall.

Over at the bar, Lucy continued spinning uncontrollably until her elbow slammed against the back of the head of the blue haired woman previously mention. "Ow! Hey, what's the big-" That elbow came back, this time hitting the woman in the face and knocking off her stool.

"Ah… ugh…" The blonde finally managed to stop spinning, still dizzy. "Everything is happening so fast…"


A shiver of pure terror ran down her spine. Looking at the ground, her eyes met those of rage. She watched as the woman she knocked over get back up, noticing her light blue hair that reached her waist, the long skirt that matched the dark blue bikini top holding her large bust, standing in a pair of black sandals, and the various types of jewelry adorning her. It didn't take long for the fan girl to realize who she had just crossed. It was none other than one Fairy Tail'sstrongest female members, rumored to be the world's master at Water Magic, and whose rage has been described as a monsoon, Aquarius Undine. 'I'm dead!'

"You've got some nerve, acting like that." her words were seething with anger.

"No! It was an accident! I swear!" She was sweating bullets, doing her best to defuse the situation while at the same time taking steps backwards to get way while she could.

Unfortunately, she ended up walking right into the grasp of the drunk woman sitting next to her, with long brown hair, blue bikini top, brown pants, high-heeled sandals, and metal bracelets on her arms. Said grasp was her hands reaching out from behind the blonde and grabbing hold of her chest. "~These feel new~. ~Let's have some fun~."

"Let go of-ah!" Lucy did her best to struggle, but was helpless in the woman's hands.

"That's it, keep her right there." Aquarius cracked her knuckle as she approached them.

The panic returned. "No! I'm too young to die! There are so many things I haven't done yet!"


"STOP THIS RUCKUS THIS INSTANT!"bellowed a giant, shadowed figure from out of nowhere with a stomp of its fighting immediately stopped, no one moving a muscle. In the still silence, the giant grabbed Natsu and Gray in each hand. "CAN'T THE TWO OF YOU GO ONE MINUTE WITHOUT WREAKING HAVOC IN THE GUILD?"

"Not my fault. The bastard stripped in front of Wendy, and the new girl." Natsu squeaked out from the giant's grip, taking priority over what happened to Wendy more than Lucy

The giant looked down at the bar, noticing the girl still being groped by Cana before letting go."YOU BROUGHT US A NEW MEMBER?" He let go of the two, then shrank down to a small old man. "Hi there. Welcome to Fairy Tail. Be sure to work hard."

The blonde needed a moment to process all of this. "That's it?!"


-Minutes Later-

Virgo removed the stamp from Lucy's right hand. "And with that, you are now a certified member of the guild.

She looked at the pink mark in glee. "Woohoo! I'm apart of Fairy Tail!"

Natsu looked over at the girl celebrating. "I wonder how long this will last." He was currently standing at the request board with Wendy, who was doing her best to hold onto her new doll from Charle doing her best to get rid of it. "Let's see…" He looked back at the board, trying to find something for him and Wendy to do. "Nope… Too dangerous… Boring… Too violent… *Sigh* If I stay here any long, I feel like I'll turn into Nab."

"Have you heard anything about my dad coming back?"

He looked over at the bar, seeing Makarov and Romeo talking.

"I keep telling you, you just have to wait." Makarov told the boy. "I know you're anxious to go on your next mission, but you're still too green. You're reckless behavior and inexperience would put you in danger if you go alone. It's for that reason you're limited to only going on such jobs if you're with one of your parents." He stopped to take a mouthful from his beer mug. "If you're that desperate to go, why not just ask Enno to accompany you."

"I tried that already." Romeo mumbled. "She doesn't want to go, so I can't go because she's being unfair-*Bonk!*

"Don't badmouth your mother just because I disagree with you wanting to go in such a ridiculous request." A woman scolded him after bopping the top of his head. She had shoulder-length dark purple hair and violet eyes,was of average height with tanned skin, large breasts and curvaceous figure, wearing a revealing orange bikini top and matching orange skirt. This was none other than Romeo's mother in question, Enno Conbolt.

"This is why I need my dad back." He hands were clutching his aching head. "It's been a week since he left for a job he said would take three days."

Makarov took another drink. "He might be running late, but he chose to take that mission alone. The best you can do is to wait for him."

While Romeo was this clenching his head, Natsu walked up from behind him and placed his own hand on his head. "Macao went to Mt. Hakobe, right? We could go there and be back by the end of the day."

"Alright!" Now the boy was pumped up.

Makarov gave them a stern look. "Natsu, no matter what your intentions may be, you know any interfering in his job will only be disrespectful to his pride as a mage in the guild."

The dragon slayer smiled back at the man. "Who said we'd be messing with his job? We're just going there to tell him to hurry up. Nothing wrong with that, right?"

"Very well." the old man sighed. "However, since the two of you are so reckless together, you'll still need to take Enno along."

On cue, the two boys looked at the woman with puppy dog eyes. "Fine, I'll go." she reluctantly replied.

"That's good to hear. Now, let's see…" Natsu looked around the guild, spying the old smoker from earlier, heavily drinking with a bandaged head. "Wakaba! We're going to go get Macao and you're coming with!"

He slammed his beer down. "What? Why me?"

"Because the two of you are partners! A man's work partner is suppose to know him better than his wife, so you'll probably have a better guess where to find him than his ex-wife!"

Once again, Enno brought her fist down on a fire user's skull. This time using enough force to bury his head into the floorboard. Lucy just stared at him from the side. "This guy is a complete idiot who should have gotten himself killed a long time ago, isn't he?"

"Indeed." Charle agreed with her while Wendy, Romeo, Plue, and Happy pulled his head out.

"I heard that!" he shouted as he stumbled back up.

Wendy tried to follow his gaze. "I'm going, too."

He shook himself back to normal. "Bad idea. It could be dangerous if we get separated."

*Puppy Dog Eyes!*

"… Okay, you can tag along." He caved in.

As the group was getting ready to head out, Lucy's attention went back to her own issues. "It looks like I'll need to learn about teams and stuff before I go on my first job. Come to think of it, I should really think about where I should stay if I'm going to be living in this town.

Natsu grabbed her by the arm and started walking out of the guild. "You're coming, too."

"WHAT?! WHY?!"

"For me, it's so you know how things are done in the guild. For you, consider it me getting revenge for that comment you made about me." Natsu told her.

Happy floated next to them. "I think you got your reasons mixed up."

He looked her in the face. "You could stay here instead and continue your talk with Aquarius."

She looked to see the woman still glaring at her.



-Mt. Hakobe-

"Why did none of you tell me it would be so cold?" Lucy asked as they walked along the side of one of the mountains.

"Why do you think we stopped to get Wendy her winter clothing?" Natsu retorted as he walked ahead of her. Next to him was Wendy, wearing a thick coat, multiple scarves covering her head, now looking like she was a plushy.

"Because you went overboard!" she yelled at the man. "And why was Wendy the only to get them anyway?"

True to her word, everyone else was wearing no more than what they did at the guild. "The rest of us have at least one of two things to keep us warm. One is that Enno, Romeo, and I are pretty good at the use of fire magic. Naturally, we're able to keep ourselves warm."

"And the other?" she asked.

Natsu raised one leg and pointed to it. "Pants."

A tick-mark popped on the back of her head. "Don't try to act cute. At least I don't knock at death's door every time I take transportation."

"Ahahaha!" Romeo broke out in laughter.

"Don't laugh! You know I have a hard time with it!" Natsu barked at the boy.

Wakaba walked up to the blonde. "If you're that cold, you can always get close with me to get warm."

She pinched her nose. "Thanks for the offer, but I'm not a fan of smoke." She figured that was the most polite way to turn him down as they continued their trek, Enno in front, Natsu, Wendy, and Romeo in the middle, Wakaba behind them, and Lucy in the back with Happy and Charle resting on her shoulders. "Hey, Happy. I've been wondering something." She inquired from the cat. "Romeo has been calling Natsu 'Natsu-ni' and Wendy calls him 'Na-nii', but what are their relationships? He doesn't seem to be related to either of them."

Happy spoke up "Aye! Romeo really looks up to Natsu, and Natsu helps him with his training, so that's his way of showing respect."

"And Wendy?" she asked.

Charle groaned. "Sadly, that's a result of him unfortunately being the first person from the guild to gain her trust."

"Aye! Wendy was raised by the guild's medical advisor, Porlyusica. She's real scary and hates humans, even cats." He cringed in fear.

"She lives in the forest, separating both her and Wendy from other people. And since everyone at the guild is afraid of her, no one usually visits there." Charle refocused the direction of the conversation.

Happy got back on track. "Natsu used to get hurt all the time from his magic, so he had to go see her a lot to fix himself. That meant he would visit Wendy more than anyone else from the guild before she joined."

"I guess that explain that much." She looked at the rest of the group. "Is there anything else I should know about the rest of them?"

"Aye! Enno and Macao got together when they were younger, but their spark dimmed and they wanted different things, so they got separated a few years backs."

Charle spoke next. "Wakaba and Macao have been a team for some time and are both filthy perverts."

"I see." Lucy felt uncomfortable with how thinks looked. "Seems like their family lives are pretty rough, and I think I remember Wakaba asking out Mirajane behind his wife's back."

"Things might get awkward between the two when we finally find Macao, but they're all used to how things are now. It seems to be a relief from what they were going through before." Charle informed her.

"Aye! And Wakaba's wife actually knows about him wanting a harem. She says she's even fine with it. All he has to do is get Mira to agree to go along with it first."

"In other words, he has to do the impossible." Charle clarified.

"Heh… heh…" The blonde was realizing Fairy Tail was more than she expected.

Back in the front, Enno called back to Natsu. "Have you picked up his scent yet?"

*Sniff!* *Sniff!* "Nope, nothing. This blizzard is messing with my tracking skills."

"I've been wondering..." Lucy got everyone's attention. "What exactly was this job Macao went on?"

Wakaba blew out a puff of smoke. "He came here to exterminate some monsters called Vulcans that have been terrorizing the local village."

Chills ran down her spine. "WHY DID YOU DRAG ME OUT HERE?!"

It was at that point a large gorilla-like creature in white fur and black spots dropped down in front of them. "That would be one of them." Natsu informed her.

The Vulcan looked the group, focusing on two in particular. "Human womans." He mumbled aloud with a perverted grin on his face.

"Not another pervert!" Lucy held Happy up as a shield.

Before anyone else could respond, Romeo dashed out at the Vulcan. "I got this one!"

"Romeo, get back here!" Enno shouted at her son, but he ignored her.

"Purple Buster!" A stream of purple flames shot out from his hands knocking the vulcan back. He jumped above it with his fist on fire. "Purple Punch!" The attack struck the beast's face, dazing it as Romeo flipped forward. "Purple Strike!" He slammed a purple flaming heel on its head, knocking it out on its back. "Oh yeah! This is more like it-aahh!" He stopped his cheering as Enno tugged on his ear.

"What do you think you're doing?" She applied more force. "We aren't here to fight monsters, especially since we don't know who those monsters might be."

While Romeo way yelling in pain, Lucy tried to understand what they were talking about. "What do you mean "who they might be"? Aren't they just a bunch of brutes?"

"Not entirely." Wakaba answered her. "Vulcans can possess people they come across, using them as hosts. That's the main problem people have to deal with when confronted by these monsters."

Natsu crouched over the fallen monster with Wendy, taking a few sniffs. "Well, it isn't Macao, but these old bruises sure look like they fought before we got here."

Lucy continued to shake, now from both the cold and fear. "Can I please go back to the guild?!"

The dragon slayer looked at her. "I can't tell who shakes more, you or Plue." He chuckled a bit, slowly stopping as he looked around. "… Where is Plue?"


Everyone looked to the side, finding Plue at the edge of the cliff before he fell.

"PLUE!" Natsu dove after him, falling off the mountain in the process. "I'M COMING FOR YOU!"

"Na-nii!" Wendy was about to move, but Charle grabbed onto her from behind.

"Don't start acting as reckless as those two idiots!"

"I've got this." Wakaba blew out a large cloud of smoke, floating together to the ground. "Smoke Raft. We can take this down."

The group got on the smoke cloud and gently floated down the mountainside all the way down to the valley. After a few minutes, they finally reached the bottom, finding Natsu pulling himself out of the snow. "Plue? Where'd you go, buddy?" Away from the side of the mountain, Plue walked through the blanket of snow until he suddenly sat down. "What do you think you're doing? Walking off like that?"

A few seconds passed when the snow below Plue started to tremble before an arm dug out from beneath him, followed by the upper body of a beat-up older man and Plue falling off him.

"ZOMBIE!" Lucy screamed in terror while the others perked up.

"Macao!" "Dad!"

"Wha?" the blonde blinked a few times. "We found him?"

"Pun-pun!" Plue waved at the group.

Natsu picked the little creature and gave him a strong hug. "You're making to being an awesome Monster-Buddy!"

"Are you still going on about that?!" Charle heckled him.

While they were bickering, Wendy got over to Macao, still struggling to get up. "Don't move. I'll help you right now." She raised her hands. "Resistance to winter, Hiems! Restore strength, Arbitrium! Boosted recovery, Curare!" With each chant, a sparkle of light washed over him.

The next moment, he sprang back up as if he was nodding off just before. "Man, how long have I been out? I-" He stopped talking when he noticed Enno, the both of them giving each other an annoyed looked in awkward silence. "Natsu, I'm going to kill you."

"You're welcome." The dragon slayer chuckled out.

"There's the awkward moment." Happy pointed out.

Wakaba took a long inhale from his pipe. "So what happened?" He exhaled the smoke. "We came across one of the vulcans you fought before still around, and now we find you passed out in the snow. That doesn't seem like you."

Macao had a downcast look. "I was fine with the twenty small ones. The big alpha male was too much."

"Small?" Lucy was dumbfounded. "That thing we saw was huge. How big can that alpha be?"

From all around them, a pack of vulcans could be heard as they closed in on the group.

"Not these things again!" Lucy and Wendy huddled in the center, the others facing the oncoming beasts. Natsu kept his hands in his pockets.

"Woman!" "Woman!" "Woman!" "Woman!" The vulcans all had hearts in their eyes as they chanted together.

"This is getting annoying." Natsu sighed before stomping his foot. "GET GOING ALREADY!"

In that moment, a large burst of magic erupted from Natsu's body that blew waves of heat against the others. To the vulcans, the image of the group was gone. What they saw was a red dragon, covered in flames and scars, standing before them, roaring like thunder.

The next second, the vulcans all dropped to the ground, groveling and whimpering in defeat.

"I never get tired of that." Wakaba blew out another puff of smoke. He, Macao, and Enno casually relaxed.

"That was awesome!" "Great job, Na-nii!" Romeo and Wendy were cheerful at the sight.

Lucy, however, had the opposite response. "What the hell was that?!"

"Aye! That's Natsu for you. He does that whenever he wants creatures to leave instead of wasting time fighting them."

"Except they didn't flee, they're only prostrating in fear." Charle informed the other cat.

Natsu noticed this as well, looking around at the vulcans staying in place. "Hey… Macao… How big was that alpha you mentioned?"

As soon as he said that, a colossal mass crashed down beside them. Looking up at the creature, they saw a new vulcan, but nothing like the ones before. This one was the size of a giant, white fur covering its wide figure, seeming more like a living mountain than Vulcan.

"That'd be it."


"A what?!" Lucy gasped.

"A Vulcan-Kong." Happy explained to her. "It's a Vulcan that's grown centuries old and are extremely rare. Their strength is considered to be S-Class."

"You sure like shouting exposition." Charle bluntly told him.

"Aye!" He didn't care. He's still Happy.

Meanwhile, Romeo and Natsu shared the same reaction. "So cool!" Idiotic excitement.

"This isn't the time to be excited!" Enno yelled at them with daggers for teeth.

"Right!" Natsu snapped back to attention. "You guys handle the runts, I'll take the big one."

Nearly all of them responded. "Got it!"

The only one to not chant with them… you know who it is. "Wait! Me too?! And are you seriously going to fight that monster by yourself?!"

Happy landed on her shoulder. "He's got this. You saw what he did to that faker with only five percent power, right? He'll have this thing over in an instant if he goes maximum-effort."

"No can do." Natsu told him. "This isn't the kind of place to be using that much heat. It'll be best if I only go as far as one percent."

"TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!" She shouted at the man, afraid for her own safety.

"Don't worry. I'm gonna get as many as I can." Romeo grinned with his hands blazing.

"You're staying out of this." Enno immediately shot his hopes down.

"You're not the boss of me now!" He turned to Macao. "I can fight, right?"

"Listen to your mother."

"Come on!" He looked for support from somewhere. "Wakaba! Tell him I can fight!"

"I'm not getting dragged into that discussion."

"Natsu-nii! You have my back, right?!"

"Romeo, guard Wendy."

Romeo looked at the girl, seeming like the definition of vulnerable. "No fair! I can't say no to that!"

"I know, that's why I said it." Natsu smirked to himself as he walked up to the beast. "Now, then." Streams of fire cracked-around his body, expanding around the group and vaporizing the snow, leaving the space dry and heated. "I'm fired up!"

The Vulcan Kong started beating its fists against its chest. "GUUURRROOOOAAAAA!" It's cry echoed throughout the valley like thunder.

The smaller vulcans charged at the group. "Purple Net!" Macao trapped three of them with his flames, keeping them tied to the ground. "Wakaba, you're up."

"On it." A mass of smoke blew out from his pipe. "Smoke Crush!" The smoke branched off, taking the form of fists that collided with the vulcans' heads.

Over with Lucy, the blonde had pulled out her magic hammer from Hargeon and expanded it to full size. "Guess this as good a time as any to try this thing out." She jumped in front of the closest Vulcan, bringing the hammer down on its face. "Eat this!"


The Vulcan stood there with the hammer pressed against its face, then pulling it away to leer at the girl. "Feisty Woman."

"Dependable my ass!"


She was saved as the Vulcan was knocked backwards from a purple flaming kick to the face from Enno. "It looks like you're not up to this level yourself just yet."

"Holy crap! You took that thing out in one hit!" Lucy was amazed at how easy it seemed for her as Happy and Charle floated to her.

"Aye, Macao's signature magic is Purple Flare, flames capable of being used in versatile ways without burning the user, and he later taught it to Enno and Romeo."

"Oddly enough, because of her proficiency at using dancing for her missions before learning that magic, she's the best at using it out of the three of them."

"Quit bringing that up!" Macao shouted at the cat.

Ten more vulcans pounced on the group of ladies. "Womans!"

While Lucy shrieked in terror, Enno spun around, causing the purple flames to spiral around her into a blazing tornado to counter their attack. "Purple Cyclone!"

Back with Natsu, the Vulcan-Kong finished its chest beating and threw the first punch straight forward at Natsu. The dragon slayer matched his attack with a punch of his own, sending out a massive shockwave along with a great amount of heat. He then jumped on the Vulcan-Kong's fist, making a blurred dash up the arm in an instant, reaching the monster's face. "1% Fire Dragon King's Demolition Fist!" The attack forced the Vulcan-Kong back as an even greater shockwave was sent out, shaking the entire area. "Huh?!" Natsu noticed the reverberations, dropping the buildup of heat encompassing his body.

"What are you doing?! That thing's still moving!" Lucy yelled at him to keep going.

"I can't keep going on like this! Not with this location!"

"What does this place have to do with anything?" Romeo wondered.

Happy picked up on what was happening. "The heat and force of his attacks are breaking down the layers of snow on the mountains. If he keeps using his magic, he'll cause an avalanche and burry us alive."

"Can't he just manage his magic more?!" Lucy asked, greatly concerned for their well being.

"Sadly, that's the most he can hold back his fire without forgoing it entirely." Charle dashed her hopes.

Natsu landed behind the Vulcan-Kong, trying to keep out of its line of sight at the moment. 'If I attack with my magic, I kill us all, but if I don't, this behemoth will!' The Vulcan-Kong swung its arm at him, forcing him to leap over it. 'We're already in the valley, meaning I can't get rid of him by sending him off a cliff.' It slammed both its fist down with Natsu moving between the two to avoid getting hit. 'Damn it! I need a way to fight back without my magic affecting the area around us! A cave?! Some giant house insolated enough for me to clobber this thing and actually big enough to fit-!' Natsu jumped between the arms back up to the beast's face before going past its jaws.


Everyone's mouths dropped

"DID HE JUST COMMITTE SUICIDE?!" Lucy couldn't find any other way to interpret it.

Wendy was scared out of her mind. "NA-NII!"

As the group was still in shock, the Vulcan-Kong grabbed its chest, hunching forward. "Guuuoooooohh!" Blazing smoke erupted from its mouth, then falling forward unconscious.

A few seconds later Natsu stumbled back out from the beast's mouth. "Well, that worked out surprisingly right."

"What the hell just happened?!" Lucy, Macao, Wakaba, Enno, and Charle shouted at him for answers.

Natsu pointed his thumb over his shoulder to the beast. "These things can stay warm while living in this could, so I figured its insides would be insolated enough to keep the heat of my attacks from getting out."

"That's hardcore!" Romeo and Happy cheered for what he did.


Wendy ran up to him, beating her tiny fists against her chest with tears in her eyes. "Don't scare me like that!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Don't cry! I'm sorry!" The pink haired man was franticly panicking as he tried to calm her down.

Lucy breathed out an exasperated sigh. "This is really going to take some getting used to."

Macao took a minute to look at the new girl. "Who's the blonde in the skirt?"

Wakaba looked at his friend. "I was wondering when you'd ask that."


-Sunset, Outskirts of Magnolia-

"Are you sure its fine to leave those two alone so soon." Lucy asked Enno as they walked down the dirt road. Natsu and Happy had already gone to take Wendy and Charle back home to Porlyusica while the rest went their separate ways after getting back to the guild.

"Its fine. Macao and I might not have been able to get along, but he's still a good father to Romeo." She smiled at the new member. "Besides, someone has to show you to the girls dorm."

"I guess. And thanks again for that. With everything that's happened today, I don't really have time to look for a place to stay." Her eyes started to sparkle. They had just arrived at the front gate at the dorm, the words 'Fairy Hills' written above. "To think the guild had a dorm where I can live and get to know its other amazing members!"

"I'm glad to hear you're excited." Enno stopped as she looked at the porch of the entrance. "The manager probably already has a room ready for you."

"Already? But how would he..." She stopped her question as she followed the woman's line of sight, seeing who was sitting the porch in front of them.

"Hey there. Back already?"



Sitting before them was none other than Natsu, Happy, and Plue.


"But I live here. Where else am I supposed to go?" Natsu genuinely asked.


"Yeah, about that..." Enno scratched the back of her head. "It's a bit of a long story, but the short version is Natsu's the current owner."


"Heh, heh!" Natsu cheerfully chuckled. "Heh, heh." he chuckled again, this time less enthusiastically. "Heh... heh." He started to hunch over. "... aaaauuuuuhhhhh..." He was now groveling on the ground.

A bead of sweat ran down the back of her head. "What's with that reaction?"

"Aye, its not as dreamy as you think."


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Now, before anyone asks, Aquarius's name "Undine" is based on a character from another of Mashima's works with a similar design and characteristics to her.

Since Virgo was shown in the guild, that means the Everlue arc has already happened and the next one will be Lullaby. I was contemplating on making the Everlue arc focused on Levy's backstory seeing how it has to do with books and Letter Magic, but decided against it... for now. I might bring it up later in a flashback omake for previous content... As you'll see in this chapter.


-Guild Library-

"Hey there, Reedus. Looking for help?" Lucy asked the artist as he sat at the table with a book in his hand. She had heard from Levy that Reedus was working on making a child's book and was looking for help with the writing. Since it was about something that happened to the guild from when they were younger, they figured someone with a fresh perspective on what happened would be perfect for conveying it to others.

The fact the blonde was hoping to become an author didn't hurt either.

"Oui, thanks for agreeing to help with my project." the man nodded to the girl.

"No problem. Let's see what we got." Handing the book to Lucy, she looked at the cover art. From what she could tell, it had most of the people from the guild when they with younger. What she couldn't tell was the answer behind the blue dragon Little Natsu was riding and the white dragon Littler Wendy was riding. "What's the deal with these two dragons?"

"Oui, those are Happy and Charle."

"... WHAT?!"

"It might be easier to explain if you read what I have so far."

And with that, she opened the book. It started with Natsu in the forest when a giant egg landed on his head, then taking it to the guild.


"Look! A Monster-Buddy egg!" Natsu yelled as he held the egg above his head, showing it to everyone in the guild.

"What in the world is a Monster-Buddy?" Gray asked him like he was insane, despite being the one only in his underwear.

"Gray, your clothes." Cana reminded him, much to his shock.

Natsu had a huge grin on his face. "You know, a monster you have as a pet that fights bad guys!" He could imagine it now. Him, sitting on top of its head with the wind blowing around him and could hear music in his head...(the monster is a shadowed figure, destroying the city it was in with its atomic breath burning it to the ground as it prepared to fight a giant man, a giant mecha made from five other machines, and a mecha version of the monster.)

'The hell is he thinking?' the others thought as they somehow new what he was thinking.

From behind him, the head of a miniature Wendy popped out to look at the egg. "If the Monster-Buddy in there is a baby, will the baby be cute?"

"Of course it will. All babies are cute. Even the ugly ones." Natsu affirmed her.


"How is it supposed to be cute if its ugly?" Gray asked as he walked up to him, getting ready for another one of their arguments.

Wendy grabbed the end of Natsu's scarf to hide her from the scary half-naked stranger. "Kya!"

*Bam!* Natsu slammed him away with the egg. "Don't make Wendy cry!"

"DON'T USE THAT THING AS A WEAPON!" the others shouted at him.

"Stop right there!" a young Erza scolded the boy. "Knowing how you are, you're not nearly well equipped enough to take on raising a monster. Give it to the Master for him to decide what to do with it."

"No way! Its mine!" Natsu clutched his arms around the egg.

A tick mark appear on her head. "I told you. You can't handle it."

"Like you would know?" came the snarky comment of a younger Mira. "If anyone knows the most about monsters between the two of us, its definitely me, and I say he should keep the thing."

Erza locked eyes with her. "No one would think of you as an expert of anything, Troll-Breath."

"You want to start something, Rust-Bucket?" They were now literally head to head.

While they were distracted, Natsu took the egg with him out of the guild with Wendy following behind him, still holding onto his scarf.


"So that's what Wendy was like before she got to know everyone." Lucy observed as she read the book.

"Oui, she was very reliant on Natsu to keep her safe back then." Reedus told her. "The part of the story I'm really struggling with is the ending."

"Hmm." She flip through the pages. Natsu watches over the egg. The other girls each volunteer to help. Natsu wakes up one morning with the egg missing. He can't find it and gets sad. Someone named Elfman has the egg, saying he just wanted to help. The egg hatches and a blue cat comes out. Everyone feels happy once he appears and decide to name him Happy.


Natsu held the cat in his arms. "From now on, your name is Happy."

"Aye!" the cat chirped.

"Happy the magical platypus."


"That thing's a cat, not a platypus, idiot!" Gray shouted at him.

"What are you talking about?" Natsu glared back at him. "He looks like a mammal, has bird parts, and came out of an egg! And he's magic, so that makes him a magical platypus!"

They all looked at him skeptically. 'That somehow makes actual sense.'

Their conversation was cut off when Wendy barged into the guild, carrying... the egg?!

"Na-nii! I found it! I found it!" She was overjoyed. She found the thing her Na-nii was looking for so much. She got to help him.

Everyone started to sweat, especially Natsu. "Umm,... we actually found the egg."

"Wha...?" She blinked repeatedly. "But this looks just like it. Where's your one?"

He pointed to Happy. "It hatched and he came out."


Everyone around them kept nodding in agreement, but Wendy didn't understand it at all. "Kitties don't come from eggs." Her eyes began to water. "I found the egg. I did good. Why are you lying?"

Natsu started to panic. "I'm not lying! He really did come out the egg!"


The tears began to build up at the corners of her eyes. None of this made sense to her. Why was her Na-nii being mean to her? He was supposed to be nice. He was supposed to protect her from mean people. Why was he lying about the kitty coming from the egg when she had it?

"It's true! He's a magical platypus!" He tried to explain it to her.


"Kitties aren't platipa... platapo... plapa..." Now he was using big words against her. That just made her want to cry even more.

"Happy! Go back into the egg and show her how you were born! Now!" Natsu shouted at the cat


"He's getting desperate." Levy sighed.

Mira and Lisanna couldn't help but feel sad for him. "Normally he'd beat up who was making Wendy cry."

"But now he's going to be the one to make her cry."

The amount of tears had reached its limit, causing the guild to hear a painfully loud-


Wendy and everyone's thoughts were interrupted as the egg in her hands started to hatch, breaking apart until they could all see the... other cat?!


Sitting on the ground was none other than another cat with wings, this one with white fur and with a dazed look on its face. Unlike the energetic blue cat, this one was staring off as though it was looking far into the distant.

Wendy was caught off for a few seconds until it suddenly dawned on her. "Kitty!" She immediately hugged her new friend.

"See! I told the cat came from an egg! Na-nii didn't lie to you!" Natsu was greatly relieved she wasn't going to cry because of him anymore.

"Do you know what you want to name the cat?" Erza asked the girl.

"Mmm..." She thought hard for amount, then thinking of the perfect name. "Charle."

"Carla, huh?" One of the older members said. "Sounds good to me."

"No. I said Charle." Wendy tried to speak up.

"Carla sounds like a decent name for a cat."

They didn't hear her. "I'm not saying Carla, I'm saying Charle."

"Carla." "Carla." "Carla." "Carla." "Carla." "Carla."

"Its Charle." The tears started building up again.

Natsu had people to beat up again. "DON'T MAKE WENDY CRY!"


"And so, the reason I drew them as dragons on the cover was because of the surprise of what we actually got." Reedus told her.

Lucy was at a loss for words. "Well, you're not wrong."

"Was there anything that needs any major corrections?" he asked her.

"Hmm, it looks simple enough to follow, but..." She flipped through the pages again, stopping at the page with the reveal of where the egg was. "I don't think I've met this person so far in the guild. Who's this "Elfman"? He seems like was friends with the others, especially with Mirajane and Lisanna."

Reedus had to look away from her. "Oui... That's... not for me to tell."


In case you're wondering, since her name always sounded more like Charle than Carla in the original japanese, I'm sticking with Charle. Consider it the same thing as when you read character names spelled as Chelia or Sayla when the exact spelling was revealed to be different but everyone still going by the old ones.

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