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""Talking in unison""





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Chapter 4: Cold Past


-Fairy Tail Guild-

"This is pretty cool." It had been two weeks since the incident with Eisenwald, and one week since Natsu, Erza, and Bisca were arrested for all the damages caused as a result. Luckily for the group, it was mainly a publicity stunt by the Magic Council to ensure the people's image of them being absolute instead of the incapable group they appeared to be during the event, meaning they were only imprisoned for a single day. Now, Natsu and the others crowded around him were having fun examining the Compact Communication Lacricma (CCL for short) Warren had made. "It doesn't just let you talk to people, it lets you send written information, works as a camera, it even gets the latest magazine issues." Natsu said as he went through the photos of Mira's Sorcerer Weekly centerfolds and Erza's debut posing for Heart Kreuz.

Cana was leaning on his back, her head resting on his shoulder as she took a look. "I still can't believe you managed to get Erza to do this."

"Well, I did, meaning you have to regularly pay rent from now on." he told her with a smug look on his face.

"Meh. Worth it."

"Yeah, but I still have one question about the thing." He looked at the creator, Warren, standing nearby. "Why didn't you tell us about this before I got sent to prison?!"

"H-Hold on a minute!" Warren took a few fidgeting steps back in fear. "I was only hired to be apart of the think-tank by the actual owner of the product! In fact, you should have known about it before any of us!"

"Huh? Me?" Natsu pointed to himself.

"That's right! The person spearheading the project was one of your lady friends! Her name was… I can't remember right now, but it was the one with blue hair and really smart!"

Natsu tried to think of who it was. "… Levy?"

"You're gonna have to be more specific." Gray barged into the conversation. "If you're clue to him is that the person is smart, that'll only narrow it down to everyone he knows."

Natsu calmly stood up, handed Cana the CCL, and tackled Gray like a mad man. "AAAAAAHHHH!"

As the two of them brawled around the guild, Lucy and Wendy watched from the sideline along with Happy and Charle. Luckily for the blonde, she had grown used to this type of behavior. "Do they always have to fight?"

"We're just fortunate the pyromaniac is forbidden from using his magic inside the guild." Charle commented in the same cold tone as Lucy.

Looking to the side, the blonde noticed Wendy taking pictures of Happy with another CCL. "Wait, you have one of those too? Those things are supposed to be super expensive."

She giggled. "Warren-san gave it to me. He said it would be good if I was able to contact others whenever an emergency might happen."

"R-Right." Lucy did her best to smile. She leaned away from the two over to Charle. "Do I need to be concerned about this?"

"I understand what you mean. Fortunately, the fire breather does an efficient job at preventing anything bad from happening to her."

"I suppose that's one way of looking at it." She still felt uneasy. "Still, he must have it nice owning the girls' dorm, being able to live there and get money from it."

*PFFT!* Happy covered his mouth.

Lucy had a feeling he was holding back his laughter from her. "Okay, what's so funny?"

Happy did his best to stifle more of his laughter. "Owning the dorm has been a giant hassle for Natsu since he won the deed from Ruchio!"

"Won from who?"

"He's the father of one of the members." Charle informed her.

"Aye! One day, he invited Natsu to a poker game and when it dragged on, Ruchio bet his ownership of the dorm." Happy looked like he was about to burst. "And now Natsu has do deal everything that goes wrong around there! Ahahahaha!"

"Happy, you're being rude!" Wendy scolded the blue cat.

Back with Natsu and Gray, they were going head to head with one another, literally.

"You're lucky I'm not using my magic right now! Otherwise, I'd have incinerated you by now!"

"As if! The only reason you made it to S-Class is because those missions are the only ones where you blowing yourself up can be useful! And you still can't fully control it!"

"This coming from the guy who can't even control keeping himself from taking his pants off?!"

"ENOUGH!" With a giant hand slamming down on them, Makarov stopped the fighting. "Can't the two of you get along for ten minutes?"

"C-can't breathe!" Natsu wheezed out before Makarov removed his hand. Both of them gasped for air.

"Gramps, I wanna prove I can handle S-Class work better than this idiot." Gray told him as he got up.

"You seriously think you can do better than me?!" Natsu shouted back.

Makarov let out a frustrated sigh. "If it will help shut the two of you up, then fine!" He pointed to the dragon slayer. "Natsu, go pick the lowest request from the second floor. You two will work together to complete it."

"Right, Gramps." Natsu walked towards the stairs leading to the second floor.

Back at the spectators table, Lucy thought of something. "You know, I haven't been up there since I joined."

"And for good reason. The second floor is restricted to only those of S-Class, the guilds strongest members, can go up there for the more difficult requests." Charle informed her while keeping a paw over Happy's mouth.

"Okay, but does that mean it's that much more different up there than it is down here?" Lucy asked.

Happy freed his mouth. "Aye! It's time for Happy's Explanation Corner!"

Charle sighed. "You just had to keep pushing the issue."

"I-I'm sorry." A bead of sweat ran down the back of her head.

"The Second Floor of the guild…!" Happy paused for a moment. "… You can see the tops of everyone's heads from up there."

The two of them fell backwards. "That's what you choose to point out?! What about what's on the floor?!"

"There's a second request board and some other stuff." Happy mentioned.

"What kind of stuff?"


This cat was making the blonde's blood boil. "What kind of explanation is this supposed to be?!"

"Indeed, this was one of his least informative sessions." Looked at the Charle, Lucy then looked at Wendy.

"Wendy, you've gone on plenty of jobs with Natsu. Surely you can tell me what it's like on the second floor."

She pointed to the request board on the first floor. "Na-nii and I have only gone on missions together for normal requests."

Jumping back to the first floor, Natsu had a request in his hand. "Alright, time to prove I kick more ass than you."

"Fat chance of that happening." The two of them were once again head to head.

"Hold it!" Makarov got their attention again. "The request takes priority over your silly competition. If the two of you are heading out, you'll need to take another S-Class member to make sure you don't botch this up." He looked around the guild. "How about-"

"I'll go!" Mira barged in out of nowhere, eyeing down Natsu. "You just came back from going with Erza. I'm not going to sit back and let her get any sort of lead."

Both Natsu and Gray were too afraid to comment.

From behind, Lisanna approached her sister. "Mira-nee, are you sure you want to go along with them to wherever it is they're going?"

She smiled back at her. "I can take care of myself. I mean, what are the chances of this place having anything I can't handle?"


Everyone looked around trying to figure out where that sound came from. "What happened?"

Natsu answered. "It seems like the fourth wall broke from the second story."

That caught everyone's attention. ""What?!""

He pointed to the second floor and the new slivers of light. "Up on the second story of the building, it looks like one of the walls broke down. That's the fourth time this has happened."



-The Next Day, Hargeon-

"You know, just because you decided to run alongside the train all the way here instead of getting on, that doesn't have anything to do with getting the request done better." Gray told the man who was currently catching his breath.

"I know that, I did it because it's still better than me getting sick on one of those deathtraps. Especially since you said having Happy along to help me fly from place to place was considered cheating." Natsu told him between his gasps.

Mira looked over him. "I could have just used my sleep magic to knock you out."

"I'd rather stay awake, in case something happened." Getting back up, Natsu pulled out the request form. "Now, let's find out how to get to Galuna Island."

Gray stared dryly at him. "You do know we'll have to take a boat there, right."

"I'll deal with that later." Natsu said as they walked up to one of the fishermen in the docked boats. "Hey, could you give us a ride to Galuna Island?"

"What?!" the fisherman gasped, nearly falling over his boat. "I'm not going anywhere near there! No way, no how!" And with that, he slammed the door to his boat as he went in to get away from them.

The group was stunned for a moment. "That was odd." Natsu looked around the dock. "How about this? We each go around and see if anyone is willing to give us a ride."

Gray shrugged his shoulders. "Fine by me."

Mira looked off at the end of the dock, seeming distant. "Yeah, sure."

With each one going around the dock, Natsu approached another boat. This one overflowing with squid to the point he could see neither any part of the boat nor the actual bodies of the crew. "You look like a daring group. Any chance you might be willing to drop me and my friends at Galuna Island?"

"Do we look crazy to you?!"

Gray meanwhile approached a boat with a crew of two muscle bound men passing the time by lifting anchors. "Hey, my group wants to head to Galuna Island. You guys interested?"

They dropped their anchors. "Hell no!"

As Mira walked down the dock, feeling as though someone was watching her, those thoughts became redundant as she heard the catcalls coming from a cluster of men crammed in one boat.

"Great pair of legs on starboard!"

"An even greater pair higher up!"

"I think I spot a mermaid on land!"

She smirked, leaning forward in a flirtatious manner. "~Oh, boys~! ~Any of you interested in a trip to the beach on Galuna Island with me~?" she winked at the end.

They looked away. "Not even that is worth it."

After an hour of asking around, the team regrouped at the end of the dock. "Not a single person was willing to help us get to the island. Does this happen a lot on these missions or did we seriously get screwed before we even start this thing?"

Natsu unfolded a new piece of paper. "And what's worse is that it isn't on the map of islands nearby."

As the two of them argued over the problem, Mira looked off to the side at a small boat with one person on it who was fidgeting as he looked away. Having had enough, she made her way towards the man.

"Mira?" Natsu was the first to notice her walking away and pursued after her.

They both finally caught up to her when she reached the sailor. "Why'd you walk off like that?"

Mira kept her attention on the robed man in the boat. "Hey, you're a demon, right?"

He flinched.

"What?!" Gray's jaw dropped. "What's a demon doing here?!"

"P-please! I don't mean any harm!" He raised his hands in defense. "I come from Galuna Island, and I'm here in hopes for someone to help my people!"

Natsu blinked. "Wait, so Galuna Island is inhabited by demons?" He paused for a moment. "… That explains why no one was willing to take us there."

"Is that all you have to say about this?!" Gray shouted back.

He ignored him. "But if you're looking for people willing to go, why didn't speak up sooner? You had to have overheard us talking about the island?"

"B-Because-!" His eyes darted back to Mira. "I could tell, even if I've never come across her before, all demons I know have heard of her!" Mira's image in his sight was replaced with a mental image of a large beast with a body covered in darkness, scarred out eyes, ivory horns protruding from the back of its head, and white fur coating its claws, hind legs, long tail, and around its collar under its hungry maw. "The Soul Eater, Mirajane Strauss!"

A vain bulged on Mira's forehead.

'Soul Eater?' Gray pondered in his head.

'I suppose it makes sense demons would think of her like that with her magic.' Natsu reasoned in his.

Mira let out a long sigh. "If you're done hiding, let's hurry up and get to the island so we can get this request done."

He was taken back. "Y-you're willing to help?"

"Hold on a sec!" Gray interrupted. "He just admitted his island is populated with demons, and you're seriously suggesting we go there?!"

Natsu looked at him over his shoulder. "I was raised by a dragon, and those are way more fearsome than any demon. Plus, if they're so desperate to ask help from humans, it must be bad."

Gray looked to Mira. "And you?"

Mira shifted her gaze at the demon before them. "Judging by how afraid this one seems to be of me, I have a feeling we don't need to worry about them trying anything against us." Her gaze darkened. "Just lay off the 'Soul Eater' crap. Got it?"

"Y-Y-Y-ES, MA'AM!" he shrieked.

As Mira got onboard, Gray clenched his fists.

"Aren't you getting in?" Natsu asked him.

Taking a deep breath, he reluctantly jumped in. "Let's just get this over with." He stay aggravated like that for a few more seconds until he noticed Natsu was still standing on the dock. "What's the hold up?"

"…" He didn't say anything at first. "… Is the island close enough for me to swim there and not have to ride on the boat?"


-Several Hours Later, Night at Galuna Island-

"Uuuuughghhh…" The group had finally arrived to the island, everyone having gotten out of the boat except for Natsu, who was still dealing with his motion sickness.

Mira looked around the coast. "So, this is the island? Seems rather peaceful."

"The village isn't far from here, just a short walk's distance." The man pointed past the trees.

Gray had his arms folded. "I still don't like this idea."

"Then, by… all means… stay by the boat until we're done… or leave and admit I win." Natsu, flopping out of the boat with the grace of a drunken chicken, said while struggling to settle his stomach.

And like that, Gray was focused again on the mission. "Let's get a move on."

The man gestured to the group. "Follow me."

"Wait!" Natsu shouted, drawing everyone's attention as he walked up to the man. "I gotta get this out of the way before we go any further." He tugged on the man's nose, then his ears, moustache, and his blue cap until he finally swatted Natsu's hands away.

"What are you doing?!"

"I'm looking for demon parts. You said you're one, but I still haven't seen anything."

"We use magic to take on human forms." He fixed his cap back on his head. "Since you've already agreed to help us despite knowing what we truly are, I guess it makes sense I let you get familiar with how we actually look like." His skin turned purple with dark splotches, a pair of horns protruded from his head, his ear became pointed, and his hands turned to claws. "So, what do you think?"

Natsu looked at him,… bored. "That it?"

"What do you mean 'that it'?!" he shouted.

"You don't look all that different to be honest."

His left eye twitched for a few seconds, then turning around. "If that's all you have to say, let's head to the village."

Making their way through the trees for a few minutes, they managed to reach the entrance of the village, which was barricaded with massive logs reaching high above with only one equally massive gate to allow access in or out of its confines.

Gray examined the structure. "You'd think a bunch of demons on a far off island wouldn't need a wall surrounding them. Is the wildlife here that dangerous or is this one of those 'it's not to keep others out, it's to keep it in' sort of deals?"

"Well, it's-"

"Halt and kneel!" Everyone looked up to see someone covered in red and blue robes standing over the gate. "Behold! I am the Key Keeper of the Master Gate! None shall enter this hallow ground nor leave to search in the great beyond unless they are proven worthy of passing through the gate's divine…" he stopped when he spotted the demon in the group below. "Bobo, you fool! You've dropped your disguise in front of the outsiders!"

"It's okay, Vinzuul! They already know and have agreed to help us in spite of that!" Bobo shouted back up to the guard.

He leaned further over. "It that true?! Are you sure they aren't deceiving you?!"

"Is this gate that important?" Gray asked as he watched what was going on.

Bobo shook his head. "No, he likes doing his job as watch guard with… dedication."

"Hmm?" Vinzuul looked over to the scantily clad Mirajane. "You, female! Any human women who wish to enter must disrobe before them may travel through the gate's passage and bare their flesh to the judgment to the hands of its keeper!"


"What are you talking about?! I-" Vinzuul then saw the same mental image of the creature Bobo had envisioned looking hungrily at him in Mira's place. "GYAAH! IT'S THE BEAST! SHE SEEKS TO SATE HER GLUTANY WITH THE GENOCIDE OF OUR PEOPLE! THE BALANCE OF LIFE WILL BE THROWN INTO DISCORD! THE DEAD SHALL RISE FROM THEIR GRAVES! DOGS AND CATS WILL JOIN THEIR LIVES TOGETHER! THE DARK TIMES ARE UPON US!"

"HURRY UP AND OPEN THE DAMN GATE BEFORE I EAT YOU!" Mirajane hollered back, interrupting his rant with a burst of her demonic energy.

Natsu gave her a nervous look. 'I have the feeling you would have done something worse to him if he didn't recognize you.'

When the gates opened, the group was greeted to the site of the village and its inhabitants. Each person had a unique physical appearance, but all retaining a relatively human-ish appearance along with their tribal garbs. "I don't like the looks of this." Gray whispered to the rest of the team.

"I agree." Natsu commented as he looked around. "Everything in this village is either made of wood or straw."

"How is that a need for concern?!"

"Me being here makes this a giant fire hazard!"

"The only issue we're going to have is if the two of you start fighting here, so zip it!" Mira shushed them before they reached the center of the village. There before them and in front of a crowd of other demons was their chief, an elderly man covered in purple scales with surprisingly large sideburns (in Natsu's opinion).

"Greetings, travelers. I would first like to thank you for agreeing to help despite knowing the truth of what we are."

"That actually brings up a question I've been wondering." Mira spoke up. "If the rumored curse associated with the island stems from you're village, and for demons to seek the help of humans, what kind of problem could you be facing?"

"You'll see when the sky clears." Raising his staff, the group shifted their gaze upward. Seconds later, the clouds parted, revealing the moon emitting a purple glow.

"It's purple?!" she gasped.

Gray remained silent.

Natsu… blinked a few times. "How did I never notice that before?"

"This light is a curse that has haunted our people for as long as we can remember. Under its radiance, our way of life will be brought to ruin." The chief now pointed his staff at the group. "Please, head our plea! We need you to destroy the moon! Before-!"

"That's enough, pops!" Bobo grabbed him by the shoulder, pulling him back. "Sorry, my father has a habit of being overly dramatic."

"That seems to be a common custom here." Natsu commented.

A bead of sweat ran down Mira's head. "You're the chief's son, too?"

"Let me try to explain as best I can." Bobo took in a long breath. "Centuries ago, our ancestors came to this island in search of refuge. Since they had to stay far from the mainland, they learned to make as much use from what resources they had available to them. As they noticed how well the moon's light would shine down on the island every night, they learned to harness its power, using it to create their magic, the most powerful being Moon Drip.

Mira recalled the name of that magic. "Moon Drip? Isn't that the spell said to be able to dispel any magic it comes in contact with?"

"Indeed, it is. In fact, this purple glow is a result of extensive buildup of the Moon Drip spell, gas emitted into the sky that then crystallizes into a lens over the island."

Natsu looked back up. "That explains why I've never noticed it before."

Bobo pointed to a far off hill. Past the trees, they could faintly see what looked like a stone structure. "In that temple over there, an unknown group has been casting the spell down on their location for three years." He looked back at the group. "We have a spell capable of removing the lens, but we can't perform it without being where the Moon Drip is directly pointing. What we need from you is to either bring whoever is casting the spell here and have that person make this village its new target, or invoke the Moon Drip's ritual and continue to do so as you gradually change the direction of the spell in your return. We would do this ourselves, however our ancestors have long since placed an enchantment that prevents our kind from approaching the temple."

"Is that supposed to be some kind of joke?" Gray interjected, narrowing his eyes at him. "Not only does your request sound like a mundane errand to a closed off area to manage magic you've practiced for who knows how long, but your reason for why you can't go yourselves is because you made it so you can't and don't know why?!"

"It's because of the side effect."

Gray's attention turned to Mira.

Bobo stared at the ground, his hand twitching. "As time passed, our ancestors who were bathed in the light cast from the lens fell into madness. The lines between what they knew to be real and false blurred. They would attack one another, triggered by the fake memories the light had contaminated their minds with, and taking countless lives because of it. As a result, much of our past was lost when those who held the knowledge were killed before they could pass it on." He clutched his head. "While we have developed a way to use Moon Drip without it affecting us, the buildup created by this unknown presence has reached the point we can already feel the contamination happening again." Throughout the village, many coward in their huts, hiding from the light. "Despite being demons, we ourselves are not a combative tribe. If we leave, we run the risk of being hunted down, and if we stay, we will parish at our own hands. Please,… before it is too late,… help us…"


-Dawn, Moon Temple-

"UUUUWWWWWWAAAHH~!" Natsu yawned as the three of them stood before the entrance to the temple.


Gray bopped him on the head. "Keep it quite! You'll wake up whoever's here!"


Natsu bopped him back. "I'm tired, too!"

"Shut up, both of you!" Mira barked back at them before they entered the temple. Inside, the walls were covered in ancient text and symbols of the moon. "Hey, Natsu. Do you see anything here that could let us know more about this place?"

Natsu looked around. "The only parts I can read just say what we already heard from the villagers."

"So in other words, you're useless at this." Gray spoke up.

"It's not like I'm Levy."

Mira stopped in front of one of the murals. "If the villagers can't warn us about anything dangerous that might be here, we'll need to be extra careful."

While looking at one of the other walls, Gray asked a question. "About that, how'd you know about Moon Drip's side effect on demons? It doesn't seem like something that would be explicitly explained to more than just them."

"… It's because of that effect I know about Moon Drip." She avoided eye contact. "Back when I first used Take-Over, when I used it on a demon, I doubted how human I was. I believed I had truly lost my humanity and became an actual demon. The reason I looked into Moon Drip was because I was trying to look out for anything that would further ruin my life."

The hall fell silent. Neither Natsu nor Gray knew what to say.


They all jumped to attention. "What was that?"


Mira braced herself. "Something's here."


Gray brought his hands together. "It sounds like it's coming from-!"



Looking down, they saw Plue tapping the ground with his nose. "Pun. Pun. Pun."

Mira relaxed her body. "That's disappointing."

Gray looked skeptically at Natsu. "You had to bring one of your pets?"

"I didn't, I left him with Wendy!... Wait, since when did you get here?!" He crouched down to Plue. "And why are you doing-".


"TTTHHHAAATTT?!" The ground collapsed, causing them to fall into the dark abyss below, later reaching the ground at the bottom, hard!

"Natsu, wake up! Wake up!" Groggily opening his eyes, the dragon slayer woke up from Mira shaking him. "Are you feeling okay?"

Propping himself on the palms of his hands, he quickly clenched his stomach. "Was I buried under some rubble?"


"I'm not that heavy!"

"You fell on me?!"

"Pun! Pun-pun!" Plue's nose had imbedded itself on a small rock, one he tried to shake off but couldn't. He continued to struggle until Gray popped out of the rubble next to him. "Pun?"

Standing up, he placed his hands together. "I'm going to kill you for that."

"PUN?!" Flinching at first, Plue ran away into the nearby passage as fast as he could. "PUN! PUN! PUN! PUN! PUN! PUN! PUN!"

"Get back here!" Gray chased after him, followed by Natsu and Mira chasing after 'him'.

"You're not killing my dog!"

"I don't think 'dog' is the right word for that!"

"PUUUUUUN!" Reaching the end of the passage, the two caught up to Gray, who stood motionless behind Plue.

"Gray, if you so much as give Plue a cold, I'm gonna-Na! NA! NAAAH!" Natsu's rant was trailed off when he saw what had stopped Gray. In the center of the cavern's large opening rested a glacier of ice that, in the purple light illuminating the cave, revealed a demon of colossal size.

"Look at the size of that thing!"

Natsu's mouth was gaping open. "I take back what I said about us not coming across any demons here as terrifying as a dragon!"

Gray's body was shaking, his eyes locked on the large mass. "It can't be… Why?... Why the hell is Deliora here?!"

Mira turned towards him. "Gray, you know what this thing is?"

"This thing… this THING shouldn't exist!" he shouted in rage, his voice echoing through the caverns. "That demon decimated the village I was born in. It took the lives of my parents and everyone else there. I barely survived and would have died if it wasn't for my teacher."

"You're teacher?" she asked.

"Her name was Ur. She came across my village after the attack and took me in, taught me Ice-Make… But,… when I soon heard where Deliora had gone… I wasn't thinking…" He fell to his knees. "I ran off to get my revenge… and I couldn't do anything… Ur… she came after me… tried take on the burden of fighting off Deliora for me… but not even she could defeat it…" Tears welled in his eyes. "In the end, she was forced to use a forbidden spell, Iced Shell. By sacrificing their physical body, the user imprisons anything caught in the spell, sealed away as the person's life is spent as ice for eternity." He punched the ground, causing his knuckles to bleed. "But the Moon Drip!... If the people who have been trying to harness something meant to dispel any magic for three whole years are the same ones who brought Deliora here!..."

"Um, guys?..." Natsu interrupted, still looking up at the mass of ice. "Bobo said we would only be able to see where the light from the Moon Drip is being focused on at night when the ritual is happening, right?"

Mira hesitantly replied. "Yes,… why?"

He pointed at the ceiling. "Because I'm pretty sure that light up there is the Moon Drip being used."

Sure enough, in the small gap between the ceiling and the peak of the ice was a column of purple light raining down through the earth.

Gray's breath hitched, his eyes wide in shock.

"How is that possible?! We entire the cave at sunrise?! The only thing we've done between then and finding this thing is look at the writing on the walls before-…" Mirajane found the last piece to the puzzle. "WE WERE PASSED OUT FOR THE WHOLE DAY!"

*Sniff! Sniff!* "Whoever brought this thing here, they left their scent behind! We can follow that to find out where they are!" Grabbing Plue, Natsu lead the others in a mad sprint.

After moving through the passages, returning to the insides of the temple and moving further up, they reached the summit of the hill. Stopping behind a row of boulders, they spied over to see a crowd of cloaked figures circled around as they performed the ritual.

Off from the side, a group of five individuals approached the chanters. Leading the group was a man clad in a large white cape with a wide collar, golden edges and fur trimmings over the shoulders, held closed by a belt, blue robes underneath, and wore silver helmet that resembled Deliora's head. Following behind him were two women with pink haired tied in wavy ponytails and curvaceous bodies. One wore a pair of black earmuffs, a red dress with a golden trim around the deep neckline exposing the top half of her cleavage with a short skirt, a yellow ribbon tied around her waist, and black stockings with brown boots. The other wore a black vest top sporting a collar and tie ending to where the underside of her breasts were exposed, a matching skirt, and a dark hairband with points resembling cat ears. And bringing up the rear were a slim man with extremely bushy eyebrows, blue hair, in cloaked in blue and green robes and another with dog-like facial features, orange hair, torn jean pants, and a sock draped around his neck. "How much longer until Deliora is freed?" the masked leader asked, stopping short of where the chanters were holding the ritual.

"It shouldn't be much longer." The woman with the under-cleavage answered with a fond look on her face. "Be it later tonight or early tomorrow, the moment we have waited for will finally come."

"~Huuaaaaah~…" the blue haired man in the back yawned, rubbing his eye. "Hopefully this means we won't have to continue sleeping during the day. Spending so much time being awake at night for the Moon Drip has gotten monotonous." Opening his eyes, he glared at the woman. "We could have been done already if you included your cousin in the preparations."

"Absolutely not!" she gasped in shock. "She's too young to sleep at such strange intervals. It's bad for her health, and… for love."

"STOP USING 'LOVE' IN EVERYTHING YOU SAY!" shouted the other man.

While the three of them bickered amongst themselves, the second woman decided to address the masked figure. "When Deliora is finally revived-"

"I'm aware of the agreement I have with your boss in exchange for helping us collect resources." He kept his gaze forward, basking at the sight of the column of light pouring down. "Regardless, I will be the one to kill Deliora once and for all."

Back behind the boulders, the Fairy Tail team couldn't believe what they were hearing.

Gray's eyes were wide open. "That… He… He can't be…"

"They're insane! They actually want to pick a fight with that monstrosity?!" Mira was fuming at their absurd behavior.

Grasping on the top edge, Natsu pulled himself on top of the boulder. "I think we've heard enough."

Standing up there, he drew the attention of both the enemies and Gray. "What are you-?!"

"Let's make each of the faceless members worth one point, the ones with faces ten points, and that jackass dressed like a demon's pimp fifty. Whoever gets the most points wins the bet!" Stepping off the boulder, he crouched in the direction of the hooded figures and his body radiated in a flaring blaze. "Now, time to put in the maximum effort."

Swinging his cape open, the masked man pointed out Natsu. "You there, who do-" Before the next word could leave his mouth, Natsu's body had flicked away into several streaks of fire that simultaneously struck each of the figures, knocking them out instantly as they were sent flying backwards. 'When did he-?!'

"That's thirty, right off the start." Natsu said with a cheeky grin as he rotated his arm around.

"YOU BASTARD!" the dog-faced man shouted at the top of his lungs as he ran at Natsu with his hands over his head and extended green claws over his fingers. "I'M GONNA-!"

Natsu grabbed him by the face. "Fire Dragon King's…"


"Engulf Burn!" Flames erupted from the palm of his hand, blasting the man back past his group. "Forty."

Taking the front, the man with the eyebrows widened his stance. "Don't think the rest of us are as naïve as Toby." Directing his hands at Natsu, he launched a wide pulse.

"Fire Dragon King's…" In another flicker, the wave was sliced in half as Natsu swiped his clawed hand down on the man. "Cleaving Fang!"

'Impossible! Yuka's Wave negates all magic based attacks used against it, yet his tore through it!' Watching another one of his men fall, the masked man instinctively took a step back, much to his disbelief. 'My body… I actually made a move to flee?!'

"And that makes fifty." Natsu gave a quick glance to the rest of his group. "You better hurry up! If I get the masked one, I'll win!"

"You dare take me lightly?!" Casting off his cape, the masked man extended his hand. "Ice-Make…"

'It is him!' Gray realized in his head.

"Snow Dragon!" A serpent dragon manifested out of ice raged towards Natsu.

"You call that a dragon?" Tilting his head back, he inhaled some air. "Fire Dragon King's Roar!" With a blast of flames, the ice dragon and everything in its path disintegrated.

'Shit!' Before the flames could reach him, a glow of light enveloped his body and the ice leaving his hand rapidly increased. Soon, the attacks canceled out, only leaving a trail of smoke between the two combatants.

Natsu raised a brow. "You actually endured that?"

Lowering his hand, he clenched his fists. "Sherry!"

The pink haired woman flinched.

He didn't look away from Natsu as he addressed her. "You used your enchantments to strengthen my attack. I've devoted myself to defeating Deliora with my own power. Do you honestly think I'd lose a fight to this interloper?"

"N-No! But, his magic, it's as if…"

"Don't be ridiculous. He's a man, he can't be a dragon slayer." He crossed his arms over his chest.

"I am a dragon slayer!" Natsu ignited his fist in rage.

Taking a closer look at Natsu's appearance, the man noticed his pink hair, his scale pattern scarf, the red Fairy Tail emblem on his shoulder, and how the fire covered his body without hurting him. "I see,… you must be the Patient Zero."

"If you're gonna call me by a moniker, use Torchbearer!"

(Quick Exposition: In recent years, rare lacrimas capable of granting individuals Dragon Slayer magic have been discovered. However, for an unknown reason, these lacrimas have only accepted women as their hosts. After countless research, the closest explanation for this is the theory that, due to the first dragon slayer of the current era being a male with the Protagonist Effect, it caused a chain reaction in the crystals to seek out the primary user by selecting potential mates as the means to bring them together. Incidentally, the male in this theory has been dubbed as the "Patient Zero".)


-In Magnolia at the same time-

"AYE! THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE MY JOB!" Happy abruptly shouted to the empty space.

"To whom are you yelling at?" Charle retorted while she was cared in Wendy's arms, which then started to squeeze down. "Wendy, loosen your grip!"

Tears were welling in the corners of her eyes. "Plue,… where are you?"


-Back where we were-

"Call me what you want, it won't matter in a minute." Launching himself forward, Natsu prepared to deliver a fiery kick until he was blown to the side by a torrent of ice. But it wasn't cast from the masked man, it came from the boulders the others were hiding behind for cover. "Gray, what the hell?!"

"Gray?" Shifting his gaze from Natsu to where the others were, Gray had revealed himself, kneeling next to the source of the ice trail.

"More intruders!" Seeing the new threat, Sherry instinctively moved between him and her leader before taking a deep breath. "Sky Dragon's Roar!" A tornado of sparkling wind shot out of her mouth. Leaping out of the way, both Gray and Mira managed to evade the stone breaking attack.

"For someone who was so eager to prove his competence on this mission, you're making some stupid decisions!"

Ignoring her, Gray stared down the masked man. "What's the meaning of this, Lyon?"

Smirking, the man removed his helmet, revealing his face and spiked silver hair. "Isn't this a surprise, you and me reuniting like this?"

"I want to know what you're thinking in using Moon Drip on Deliora!"

He dropped his helmet and cape on the ground. "It's what I'm 'finishing' is what I'm doing."

Meanwhile, Natsu got back up, dusting off his clothes. He had stopped glowing as a result of his magic. "I don't know if you mainly did that because you know the guy or because of what I said about the points, but if it's the latter, there's still a chance we'll end up tied if we each take on one the other two when he's-!" he stopped when he noticed Sherry was the only one left. Blinking a few times, he looked around. "Where'd the other one go?"

"She must have ran when Gray distracted everyone!" Mira started to sprint towards the temple entrance. "She might have gone inside to hide!"

"No time! Just grab one of the knocked out idiots and head back to the village! We won't need to worry about Deliora once they cancel out the Moon Drip!" Natsu hollered at her as he sniffed the air for her sent.

Doubling back, she grabbed one of the hooded members as a pair of tattered black wings emerged from her back.

"Hold it right there!" Lyon sent a swarm of bees made of ice darting towards her, only for a wave of flaring flames to intercept them.

Natsu waved of his ignited hand. "Not happening." With the four stuck on the ground, Mira was free to fly away to the village with the captured enemy.


-Unknown Location on the Island-

Hidden amongst the cluster of trees and boulders laid a natural hot spring, surrounded by a ring of stones as the moon shined exquisitely directly overhead and illuminated the water. Within the spring laid a woman of equal beauty with long dark hair and voluptuous figure bathing. Eyes closed, uncrossing and recrossing her legs, sliding her hands up her thighs and gradually bringing them to caress her grand breasts. In a state of pure serenity until she heard the sounds of someone rustling through the trees to where she was. She opened her eyes to find the pink haired woman looking back at her. "Oh~, it's you~." she said with a blissful tone. "Did you come to enjoy yourself with me, Meredy?"

"I'm sorry, Ultear, but something has come up. It seems the villagers have started to cause trouble and have set up a means to stop Moon Drip before it's complete." she informed her.

*Sigh.* "I see." She made her way to the opposite side of the spring, picking up a black cloak off of one of the rocks. "At the very least, we'll be done here soon. Until then, you should refrain from addressing me by name." As her hair swayed to the side, a dark insignia could be seen on her back resembling two hammers crossed over one another over a crescent arc. "We can't let there be any slipups."


-Moon Temple-

The area was dead silent. As both dragon slayers observed from a few steps back each, the two ice mages stared one another down.

"Sherry, I want you to remove whatever enchantments you still have on me."

"But, Lyon-sama-!"

"This is someone I'll never need help to defeat." Widening his stance, his ice magic began to build up in his hands.

Gray slammed his hands together. "Ice-Make: Lance!" Several spears of ice launched at Lyon, who conjured a large shield strong enough to defend against the attack with one hand.

"Still only capable of molding inanimate objects?" He raised his free hand. "Ice-Make: Eagle!" A flock of birds made from ice soared between the lances.

"And you're still only using one hand when molding instead of taking the time to make them fully stable!" Hands together again, Gray created a bow, followed by multiple arrows as he shot at the oncoming eagles. "Don't you realize if you unleash Deliora you'll kill what's left of Ur?!"

"She's been dead the moment she sealed away Deliora!" With a flick of his wrist, the eagles changed direction, striking Gray from multiple angles. "I was meant to surpass her. I was meant to become more than just her pupil. But because we took you in, because you ran off blindly after him, Ur had to lose her life and I lost my chance at surpassing her!" He sent volley after volley of eagles at him. "With her gone, that only leaves Deliora! If I can defeat the demon even she couldn't, I will have proven I transcended past her!"

*Ka! Hack!* Gray coughed, struggling to get back up. Before he could get back to his feet, Natsu stepped in between the two. "Natsu… Step aside… This doesn't concern you."

"Sorry, but we don't have the time for the two of you to duke it out." Natsu told him over his shoulder. "For all we know, they might end up collecting enough magic to use the Moon drip if we so much as let even one of these guys performs the ritual before it gets taken down."

"As much as it pains me to agree with him, you're getting in the way of something that's long overdue. I'll dispose of you after I've dealt with him." Lyon retorted from where he stood.

"I can understand the feeling, both having to take his side and what you're doing." Reaching around his neck, Natsu proceeded to take off his scarf. "In fact, I'm probably the one person who-"


Out of nowhere, a jagged cluster of ice impacted the back of Natsu's head, neck, and spine. Losing consciousness, his body fell to the ground, revealing his bloodstained backside, and Gray standing behind him.

"PUN!" Digging himself out if the rubble, Plue frantically ran towards him. "PUN! PUN! PUN! PUN! PUUUN!"

*Pfft!* Lyon started to break out in laughter. "I have to admit, that was rather underhanded, even for you."

Gray limped towards him, anger burning in his eyes. "I'm in no mood for one of his '100% Hit' attacks."

Lyon cocked his head. "A what?"

"Ice-Make: Battle Axe!" Gray suddenly formed a massive amount of ice in a quick swipe.

"Ice-Make: Ape!" Lyon created a beast to catch the attack. It then pounced at Gray, who created a shield to protect himself. Both creations shattered on impact.


"Ice-Make: Snow Tiger!" Before Gray could finish his attack, Lyon sent a large beast, crushing him beneath its claws. "Even without the use of both hands, my creations still do more than you're pathetic attempts." Walking towards him, Lyon stopped his previous spell, shattering it into shards. He looked down on his fellow pupil's fallen body. "It just so happens I've been working on something perfect for this occasion." He placed his hand on Gray's chest "Ice-Make: Diamond Cage!" In a spiral of icy wind, sharp pieces formed and grew around Gray's body. "Just as Ur did with Deliora, the ice will spread until you're fully trapped inside. And once you've been engulfed, your body will shatter with the ice."

'D-Damn it!' The light began to fade from Gray's vision. 'Ur… I'm sorry…'


In an instant, the ground erupted in a flash of fire.

"Yaaah!" Sherry screamed as she protected her face with her arms, Lyon only doing the latter. Once the smoke cleared, both Natsu's and Gray's bodies were gone. The only evidence left of their presence was the blast mark on the ground outlining where the dragon slayer was and his scarf.


-Galuna Village-

"Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!" Mirajane shook the still unconscious prisoner, trying to wake him up while surrounded by the villagers.

"To think they've been collecting Moon Drip to bring back some behemoth." Bobo muttered. He, just like the rest of those who heard, was still in shock at the revelation.

"I knew it! The moon will bring our demise! We must destroy it! Destroy the moon!" The village chief shouted, flailing his staff around.

"Now it's the time for that!" Bobo moved to restrain him. "For now, our top priority is getting the site of the ritual moved to here so we can put a stop to all of this!"

"Umm!... Excuse me!" the gate guard spoke up, drawing the crowd's attention. "There's someone approaching! Is it another one of these enemies trying to awaken the destroyer or is it another alley to the Soul Eater?!"

"I said to stop calling me that!" Mira shrieked at the demon. "But, one of the enemies did go missing. Is it some pink haired woman?"

"The hair is hidden by a hood, but that definitely looks like a woman?" Vinzuul started to drool as he examined the stranger. The person appeared to be dawning a black cloak decorated with gold chains that dangled around the neck, a zipper running down the front that remained open at the bottom, creating a slit for movement and revealing a pair of black boots, and a hood that kept her face hidden from view. The only other aspect that could see the unknown assailant was indeed a woman her obvious hourglass figure that could not be hidden by her attire. "You, female! I, Key Keeper of the Master Gate, command you strip off your robe if you wish passage inside!"

Failing to notice the wind around her moving irregularly and seemingly getting colder, a blizzard of cold air, ice, and seemingly snow erupted from the stranger's hood, striking the barricade surrounding the village. The gate began to shake until it suddenly froze over in ice and Vinzuul was catapulted into one of the straw huts.

"We need to get out of here!" One of them sprouted wings, only for another to pull him down.

"Idiot! Going into the sky will just make you a clear target!"

"The gate's been frozen solid!" one of the villagers shouted as they panicked.

Bobo and the chief pulled Vinzuul out the wreckage. "Can you move?! Answer me!"


"This is bad. It looks like this one's going to be a pain to handle." The she-demon uttered before noticing the enemy walking atop the ice.

"Hello there." she called out to the crowd as they, with the only exit blocked off, fled into the farthest corner of the village. "I know this may seem short notice, but I'm afraid you'll all have to be removed." She then hopped down to the ground in front of them.

Mira moved between them and the enemy. "Everyone, stay back!" Dark magic began to build around her. "This one is all mine."

"No need to say that twice!" one the fleeing villagers replied.

"No one here wants to get between those two living nightmares!"

As the villagers looked for safe escape route, the two combatants continued to stare each other down. "White hair, demonic magic,… You must be Fairy Tail's famed Mirajane Strauss." Ultear deduced.

Mira smirked. "It seems you're well informed."

"Hmm, hmm!" she giggled. "I'm fairly certain any man in Fiore would recognize you from all those suggestive photo shoots you do."

A blood vessel bulged onto Mira's head from rage. "Okay. I think it's time we stop with the needless build up and get this fight started." The next moment, she changed into her Satan Soul, firing a blast of dark magic at Ultear, causing a large explosion upon impact only to reveal a wall of ice that shattered to show her unharmed. "Damn it!" She then charged straight towards her, ready to slash with her craws. Before the attack could strike, Ultear coated her arm in ice and parried the assault. As soon as they collided, sparks and steam erupted from where they touched, forcing Mira to leap back as she let out a yelp from pain. "What the-!?" Mira looked at her left hand to see it injured and discolored, as if it was stricken by frostbite.

"I'm not sure 'fight' is the right word to describe this."Ultear sneered as she slowly trekked towards her. "The way I see it, this is merely an extermination."

"Tch! We'll see about that! Darkness Stream!" Mira extended her arm as hands of dark energy shot out towards Ultear.

"Hmph." As the dark construct rocketed towards her, she clasped her hands together. The next moment, a statue of snow and ice was brought forth, taking the full blow from each hand as is swung its arms to take out the remaining tendrils before shattering. Ultear then placed her hand on the ground. "Frozen Roses." A field of ice flowers tore open the ground, bursting forth at Mira who was forced to leap back repeatedly, avoiding vines of thorns and petals as they tried to ensnare her. While in the air, Mira's eyes widened for a split second as she spotted Ultear wielding an intricate bow of ice aimed at her. "Got you." A charged arrow of ice bolted at her, striking her in the gut, causing her to scream in agony as an array of icicles formed from the impact spot and crashed into one of the huts behind her. Sparks and steam again ignited from her body.

"This ice! What type of magic is it!?"

Ultear scoffed as she looked at the damage she caused. "Is this really the best Fairy Tail's Demon has to offer?"

Mira dug her way out of the rubble, panting heavily. "Don't underestimate me!" she shouted as flames surrounded her body, breaking the ice on her torso and hiding her body amongst the fire. "Satan Soul: Phenex!" A flash of light tore through the flames to reveal her in a sleeveless black gothic dress that ended at her knees with white trimming, three feather tail-like protrusions from the back, pinstripe stockings connecting to a pair of heels, opera gloves draped in black on the outer part and white along the palms, a pair of silver horn resting on the top of her head, and a matching small crown holding her ponytail that was now curled in a spiral.

The white haired beauty stood there with her left arm bent onto the other arm that was bent upward as she stared down her opponent. "This is as far as you go."

"Do you honestly think that you'll suddenly gain the upper hand simply because you switched to-!" Ultear was cut short as she suddenly noticed a cluster of embers and spark in the air around her.

"Ember Wing Lantern!" Mira then snapped her fingers. Instantly, an explosion of flames consumed the cloaked figure in a blazing inferno. Moments later the resulting smoke began to clear, already showing her enemy's silhouette fallen on the ground. "Like I said, this as far as you-!" the silhouette shattered into bits of ice. From above, Ultear cocked her right arm back, encasing it in giant, rigid ice armor. Mira barely managed to sidestep out of the way before the frozen fist could strike her, instead crashing into the ground. Mira drew her hands in, streaks of fire lit up from her fingertips. "Ember Wing Whip!" Twin streams of fire spiraled out at Ultear, who merely leaped straight in. As the woman's hands lightly grazed to the spinning tendrils, the flames rapidly began to freeze over entirely. "Wha-!?" Mira was motionless from what was happening to her attack. In this lap of time, Ultear covered her right fist with her left palm before separating them, creating an ethereal blade, and delivered a swift slash across Mira's body.

"Blame fate that I was your opponent." she spoke calmly as Mira fell to her knees behind her.

'What is this? Not only does fire based magic seem to do nothing against her, Phenex's healing abilities aren't responding to her attacks.'

"Is that all you have left?" She rested a hand on her hip.

"Satan Soul…" The flames were extinguished as an icy haze shrouded Mirajane from sight. "Leviathan!"Blowing away the haze, she now wore a pink vest with a matching skirt, both draped in black straps, pink and black striped stockings, black heeled shoes with white straps around the ankles with matching fingerless gloves that reached her mid-biceps, and a white ribbon tied around her neck held in place with a gold pentagram star like the ones now holding her hair in twin tails. "Winter Trident!" She scattered three large torrents of ice and water that converged into Ultear, then freezing into a solid mass. "You're not the only one who knows how to use ice."

*C-Crack! Crack, Crack, CRACK!*

Ultear soon broke free. As the ice shattered into shards, they then swirled to her mouth.

"The ice-! You-! You're magic-!" Mirajane suddenly found herself unable to move as she finished inhaling.

"Ice Devil's Rage!" Another blast of ice shot out, blasting Mira with enough force to send her through the village wall.

Meanwhile, Ultear remained standing where she was, growing board with the lack of entertainment. "This has gone on long enough." With that said, the air around her began to rage, frost forming as magic built up within her. "Niflheim." In a matter of seconds, a blizzard overcame the entire villages, tearing apart the trees, huts, and blowing back the villagers before freezing them in her ice.


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Chapter 3.5


-Magic Council Prison-

Deep in the isolated section of the cells, Natsu, Erza, and Bisca have been sitting alone, positioned at an intersection that gave them a clear view of no other person in either three directions on that floor to talk to, for the past six hours.

"We had to get arrested the one time this place has no one else in it." Natsu groaned as he sat on the floor, looking out past the bars.

"I'd think there being no major criminals around is a good thing." Bisca nervously replied from the left back corners, not quite agreeing with his sense of logic.

Erza sat on the bed on the opposite wall. "While what we should be fortunate about in our situation should be that we will be out by tomorrow, it's still true we're left without much to pass the time."

They had nothing to do. Sure, since they were in a cell made of Magic Sealing Stone, their hands weren't restrained by any cuffs, but it didn't have much point without anything to do with them. Even if they were free to talk to one another, they had already run out of things to discuss. Seeing how it was only them in the cell, and looking around the hall to see them empty with the only other face there being that of one clock, Natsu thought of something enjoyable for them to do. "How about we have sex?"

""What?!"" Erza nearly fell off the bed as Bisca went rigid.

"It's not like we have anything better to do."

"W-W-W-We're in public!" Bisca gasped, extremely nervous with a blush on her face.

"I don't think it counts as public if it's a closed off space with one other people around."

"There are still guards on patrol!" Erza interjected, not looking much better than Bisca.

Natsu pointed to the clock. "There's a good amount of time until they come around. Last time I got locked up, I picked up on how the guards regularly only make a full round trip of the place until eight hours each time. That leaves us with plenty of time to ourselves."

They both gave him dry looks. ""What else have you done to get punished like this?""

"I was with Gildarts! It was his fault!" Natsu frantically tried to defend himself before calming down. "So, are you in?"

The two gave each other a look at one another before answering. "What should we do first?"

Smiling, he tugged at his pants. "Let's start with a blowjob."

Stepping closer to him, they both went do on their knees side by side and reached at the waistband of his pants. Once they pulled it down, they we greeted to his semi-hard member as it swung out, dividing them from one another on either side. Surprisingly, Bisca was the one who acted first, grasping her hand around his girth. "I-it's hot!"

Reaching out with her left hand, Erza was stopped when he caught her by the wrist. "What are you doing?"

His face paled a bit. "As much as I want you to be apart of this, you really should take off your armor first."

Fidgeting back, she went to remove her armor, starting with her gauntlets, but found little luck doing so. "Damn things!" Having grown accustomed to using requip to change out of her armor in an instant was working against her in this situation.

"It seems like Erza is going to take a while." Sighing, Natsu directed his attention back to Bisca. "Looks like you'll have the spotlight instead of her."

"Me?!" She was shocked. Having held Erza in high regards, the thought of out shining her was rather startling. None the less, she gave a shy response. "I understand." With that, she shifted to being directly in front of him, looking at his dick head on as she proceeded to stoke him off. Then, once she had gotten him to full mast, she brought up her left hand to assist in jerking him off.

He admired her work. "Your hands feel great, but…" He ran a hand through her hair. "I think we can move on from here."

Taking the hint, she leaned in closer. Opening her mouth, tongue out, she took in the head. Trying to take him deeper, she wasn't able to take much more without choking. Finding her limit, she bobbed her head over what she could manage, continuing to use her hands on the rest of him.

"Yeah, that's it." Taking his hand away from her hair, he reached down to Bisca's bikini top, tugging it down and enjoyed how her breasts bounced out. "Next up…"

Leaning back, she raised herself up to smother his member within her cleavage, managing to cover all but the portion she could take in her mouth before. Placing her hands on the sides, she moved her breasts up and down, first in synch with one another, then bringing one up while bringing the other down and alternating between the two for several minutes. "Is this good?"

"Definitely. It's just missing one thing." Shifting his hand behind her head, pushing, Bisca was forced to swallow the rest of his dick.

"Mlugh! Ghuh! Hgh!" She drooled around his member, causing her saliva to splatter from her chin down her neck and to her breasts from her frantic movements.

Natsu sped up their pace. "That's it, just a bit more." Keeping up their speed, he suddenly stopped, holding her head close to his pelvis as he came. "Drink it, Bisca!"

Feeling his seed pouring down her throat, she pulled back to breath. Once his member was out, he continued to cum on her face, hair, and back into her gasping mouth.

Grabbing his dick, Natsu rubbed it against her cheek, smearing his essence against her skin. "That was a great start." He looked over to Erza, still having trouble removing her armor. "You're going to fall behind if you don't join in soon."

She finally got her last gauntlet off. "J-just give me a minute!" Now she had her breastplate to eat up her time. The only upside in her choice of armor was that it had a normal skirt and boots instead of covering her entire body.

"Sorry, but I can't wait that long." He pulled Bisca up to her feet. Guiding her to the bed, he started to take off her vest, top, and skirt.

"Do you really need to take off all of my clothes?" she hesitantly asked as he finished removing her last few articles of clothing.

"You don't want them to get dirty, do you?" Pushing her down to the bed on her back, he held her pinned by her shoulders. "Because I'm definitely going to make a mess of you by the time we're done." He ran a finger along her soaking lips, giving her a bit more teasing. "Are you ready?"

She looked away. "Just get-" Before she could finish her sentence, Natsu shoved his entire member inside, bashing the head against her womb. "Aaah!" Her walls constricted, her juices squirt out, and her toes curled. "AAAAAAAAUUUUUUUHH!"

"Cumming already, huh?" Natsu admired the way she looked in her post-orgasmic state. "Just because you're new to the harem doesn't mean I'm going to take it easy until you get used to it. In fact, it makes me want to take it up a notch to get you adjusted sooner." He then went on to thrust in and out of her at full speed, shaking her and the bed.

"Nuah!" Bisca couldn't help but moan uncontrollably. Having only fairly recently joined the guild, she was still fresh from being a virgin to being in a physical relationship with a man who dominated the field.

Watching her breasts rapidly flail up and down with the movement of his thrusts, he found himself hypnotized. Breaking out of it, he leaned down, roughly fondling her left breast while assaulting the right one with his mouth. He went from smothering his face against it to blowing his heated breath onto her nipple, lapping at it in quick licks and circling it with his tongue, doing the same when he wrapped his lips around it until he decided to bite. "I love how the guild attracts so many big tittied women!"

Bisca was being driven insane. He never seemed to slow down. Everything he did was always a step up from what he was doing before. "N-N-N-N-AAATTT-!" She couldn't speak. The only thing her body could do was react to the chain of orgasmic bliss he was bringing her over and over and over again after again.

Grabbing the back of her right knee, he brought it up and pressed it against her should. He stopped fondling her left breast as he took the nipple into his mouth, doubling down on his oral assault on both at once. With his hand now free, he stuck his fingers into her mouth, playing with her tongue and she attempted to suck on them between her gasps.

Feeling Natsu continue to speed up, she just managed to feel his swollen member twitch through its thrusts. "Auh! UgH! Nuah!"

"Get ready!" Pistoning his hips one last time, he stayed buried as deep in her as he could, gripped down on her leg, biting down like a vice on her nubs, he flooded her womb with torrents of his seed.


Soon pulling out, he let out his last few ropes on her breasts. Once it was over, Natsu leaned over to look at her face, seeing she had blacked out. "I guess that's all you can handle."


Looking towards the bars, he saw Erza standing there, having finally gotten free of her armor. With her body now bare, her slender waist, luscious breasts, full ass, and arousal dripping down her legs were on complete display. "Took you long enough."

She blushed. "Bisca has had enough! Now, get moving already!"

"Alright, alright." He pushed himself off the bed. "But first, prop yourself against the bars, it'll make for a good position."

She looked nervously at the bars. More precisely, the extensive halls past them. "Fine." Bending at the waist and spreading her feet apart, she grabbed on the bars, leaving her ass sticking out and her breasts swaying like a pair of pendulums. "This should do, right?"

Natsu stood behind her. "Perfect."

"Uhhii!" Erza tensed up when she felt a familiar part of Natsu lay in the crevice of her cheeks, dividing her globs from one another. "Where do you think you're aiming?!"


"Kyah!" A moan escaped her lips when he suddenly spanked her ass, the jiggling staying to the one cheek as his dick buffered the wave of the impact.

"Nothing wrong with a little foreplay. Besides,…" He caressed both cheeks in his hands. "I think you need a fitting punishment for taking so long." With that, he spanked her other cheek.










She braced herself as best she could. Natsu was relentless with his assault. He'd go back and forth with each smack to focusing on one side for an extended time, enjoying how it made her shake and the embrace of her ass around him. Every now and then, he would change things up by targeting the sides of her breasts. It was as though he was attempting to make her softest spots as red as her hair with the amount of force he put in his strikes.

"Will you stop that and hurry up with-!" Cutting her off without warning, Natsu shoved his cock inside her cunt, knocking the air out of her as he went on fuck her like a wild animal.

"What's wrong? I thought you wanted me to get straight to it?" he taunted her. He rocked her body between him and the bars, giving her ass a few more spanks.

Erza bit down on her lower lip. She had to be strong, to not give him the satisfaction of hearing her moan out no matter how much she wanted to. Focused on her own objective, she was surprised when Natsu grabbed her left leg. "What are you doing?!" Lifting it higher, he slipped her leg passed the bars, resting it on the horizontal piece running across. "Natsu, put my leg back this instant!"

"Relax." He then did then same with her other leg. "Don't tell me this isn't turning you on?"

"But what if someone walking by sees my legs and comes looking at what we're doing?!" Feeling him press his chest against her back, he pressed her closer to the bars, squeezing her breasts through them. "I-It's cold!"

"I bet that feels good after all those slaps I gave them." With her arms falling down to her sides, Natsu braced his hands around her waist, using them to pump her up and down his member.

"Aaaah! Auh! Aaauah!" She could no longer hold back her moans of pleasure. Her legs and breasts jumped in a lewd display. "I-I-t feels so good! More! More!"

*Step. Step. Step.*

Erza's eyes shot wide open. "I hear footsteps!"

"Huh?" Natsu stopped his movements. "I guess I was wrong about their rotation times."

"Hurry up and get me down!" she was now trembling, terrified of what would happen if they showed up with her as she was.

"Mmm… nope."


"I don't stop until I'm finished with the round I'm on. That said,… thrusting in you like this is a bit of a hassle." He let go of her waist. "If you want this done quickly, you're going to have to be the one to do the work.

She grit her teeth. Of all the times for him to be so stubborn… Grabbing onto the bars again, Erza pulled herself up before impaling herself back down on his prick. Using what little strength she had left, she vigorously repeated the process. They had already been fooling around long enough for her to feel him getting close to his release.

*Step! Step! Step!*

Hearing the footsteps getting closer, she used up one last burst of energy to end it. She could feel it. She was so close. She was almost there. "I-I'm cum-ming! I'm cumming! I'm-"

"What are you prisoners doing?!"

It was too late. She didn't see who it was, but someone had seen her. A stranger had seen her naked body, naked in public, in a vulgar display, her reaction to Natsu cumming inside her, to 'her' cumming from all of it in a voiceless shout!... Her world faded into unconsciousness as her body hung limp on the cell bars.

"Wha-What is the meaning of this?!" came the feminine yell of the person who caught the aftermath of what had happened. A sunglasses wearing woman with long, wavy blonde hair, her womanly figure was nearly tearing apart her uniform.

Pulling out of Erza, Natsu stepped aside and waved at the woman. "Yo, Head Jailer-san!"

Turning her gaze from Erza's post-orgasm image to look at him, he eyes drifted to see Bisca in a similar state on the bed. "You! You three did this here?! Where anyone could see?!"

"No, just the one." Natsu put his hands behind his head. "I remembered from my last time here how dedicated you are to running this place, so much you would always be the one patrolling this floor to let your subordinates handle the less dangerous criminals above us." He looked around for a moment at Erza and Bisca. "It doesn't seem like they'll be able to keep going anytime soon." He looked back at the blonde jailer. "Any chance you'd be interested in going a few rounds with me until they get aback up?"

"W-W-W-W-W-WHAAAAAAAA-?!" Her face blushing redder than Erza's hair, she ran off at top speed. "YOU FILTH!"

Hearing her footsteps fade away, he leaned his back against the bars with a smile on her face. "That was fun! Good thing I knew she'd be the one on patrol, Erza would have killed me otherwise! Ahahaha… ah…" His smile was suddenly mixed with a look of horror. "…She's probably still going to kill me for this…"