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Before I died I was your usual male college student. Well... as usual as you can be with a drunk abusive mother and no father to speak of after he left you and your mother when you were just born.

The only thing particularly 'unique' about me was that I was born a female.

Of course, my change wasn't easy, on myself and my mother who believed and still does that all men are scum on earth.

Still it didn't matter after I moved out when I was 14 thanks to a teacher who saw the bruises on my arms.

My death thought, was not pretty to the onlookers, was very quick for me.

Everything had been fast. Being crushed by a speeding truck and all that.

So, when I randomly wished to end up in the Naruto world, as I laid on the road bleeding out, I didn't think I will end up as Naruto himself.

Regardless, at least I was born the right gender this time. As for all the kyuubi jinchuuriki haters, they had no idea what they are massing with.

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