Hello! I thought this would be interesting for some since I never did touch on "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" or Rivendell. About how long Harry was in coma…She was asleep for about 4 months.

This is the first version of the story and what would have happened if Harry talked to Radagast. It contains snippets of cute HarryxThorin moments. So…I thought maybe some of you might want to read it.

Warning: Totally not edited.

Extra Chapter-

"Diffindo!" Harry cried flicking her wrist to cut at their legs, with strips of sharp powerful magic. The spiders whined, rearing back in pain and horror. Harry turned and pointed her wand at the offending spiders, glaring fiercely. "Depulsio!" They flew back, hitting the tree with a hard thump. With a loud whine, they scurried off in the other direction, looking fearfully and angrily back at Harry. She grinned. Her combat skills weren't that bad after all eh?

"You're an Istari! A new Istari! I can't believe it!" An old man slightly shorter than herself, dressed in rather tattered robes, really old hat, with bushy long moustache and was that bird shit on his hair? He stared up at her smiling widely.

"I'm a what?" She blinked staring at him.

"A wizard!" He chirped, his friendly eyes sparkling happily. This conversation seemed vaguely familiar.

"I'm Radagast! Radagast the Brown and tender of the beasts!" He grinned, taking her hand to shake it frantically.

"Um, hi Radagast." Harry awkwardly nodded towards him.

"You're so young! Who taught you? Oh the Valar must have heard my plea for help!" He cried out.

"Wait hold on a second Radagast. Valar?" Harry asked.

"Spirits who help protect this world! Do you not know?"

"What no! I appeared here hours ago after this sparkly women said I was needed here!" Radagast's eyes widened.

"Yavanna help me. You are hours old?"

"Uh technically physically yeah. But, mentally I am seventeen. Mind you!"

"Goodness gracious. I have a lot to teach you but I'm in a hurry you see. I have to follow those spiders you just blasted away." Radagast adjusted his cloak.

"What? Can I follow you?"

"No! You're a babe of a wizard! Now, you should go to find Gandalf. I'm horrible at teaching people. He will enlighten you about this world, in the meantime what is your name my dear?" Radagast asked stepping onto what appeared to be a sled led by a bunch of large rabbits.

"I'm Harry Potter. But, just call me Harry!"

"I see! I see! Harry huh? What about your colour, my dear boy?"

"Colour? And I'm a girl!" Harry raised a brow at him. Were boys of this land this girly? Radagast stopped to stare at her. His eyes widened significantly.

"Oh my. With your dressing I just assumed…A female Istari? This is-I'm sorry my dear I just assumed since the only five wizards here are all males…" He glanced up. "Oh dear I have got to go! Find Gandalf! Don't remember to find him!" And then the bird shit wizard was gone, in a flurry of rabbit's foot, leaving Harry to stare blankly at his trail. Five wizards only…Plus her that would be six. How the f*ck was she going to find this Gandalf guy? Plus, if she was such a baby…Was it even safe to leave her alone?


"Point me Gandalf." She murmured. The stick spun a few circles before pointing to the north. She groaned. How far was Gandalf even anyway? She had walked for days! Her arse hurt from all that muscle strain. She was currently in a prairie of sorts. Brown tufts of dry grass for all that the eye can see with the occasional rock and tree every so often.

She paused, there was a rather large rock in the distance that was radiating magic. Nah stop it Harry. Find Gandalf! She turned to walk off only to stop and stare back. Bugger. She was hooked. She raced to the stone to find a small cave. Without giving it any second thoughts, Harry stepped in and slide down the rocky mouth of the cave.

After tracking through stony paths, she found herself in a valley well-hidden between two beautiful scenic mountains of green trees and waterfalls and there was actually, a town located in the valley at the edge of a long river. It radiated with soft magic, and from what Harry could see the houses there was constructed with magic of some form too. Finally civilization!

She crossed the stone bridge leading to the entrance, with interest. Why the hell do they not include railings? What if someone fell in? Or she fell in? She glanced up to see two immensely tall statues with spears guarding a rather beautiful platform surrounded by trees and interesting buildings that had a design similar to that of perhaps Greece.

"My lady, what is your business here?" The clear voice of what appeared to be a very tall handsome guy. He appeared to be a guard due to the weapon in his hand and he was dressed in armour. Were all the people here this tall?

"Sorry, I couldn't help but notice the magic from this place. Where am I?" Harry asked sheepishly. Harry didn't know if her accent was weird or if her question was weird because he looked stun for a second.

"You are in Rivendell my lady, Valley of Imladris an Elven Town." He replied politely before leaning to a side to whisper in another language Harry did not know to the other guard who nodded to him and strode off in a quick manner. Elven? Harry squinted in the distance to see the two sharp tips of his ears. An elf? Bloody hell. So the elves here were actually pretty? Not short, madly in love of housework or look anything like house elves. Harry couldn't help but glance at his legs. Damn was he tall. One step of his was twice of hers.

"Oh uh. Do you happen to know of someone called Gandalf?" She asked, scratching the back of her neck.

"Ah Mithrandir, my lady? He comes here from time to time." The guard gave her a kind smile. "Would you like to stay here for the time being my lady? Perhaps some food and a bed for the night? My Lord Elrond would be able to direct you to the last whereabouts of Gandalf."

"Really? Uh sure! Thanks." Harry blinked in surprise. These elves were really friendly to strangers aren't they? Then again if a hot girl ever appeared on her doorstep asking for help. She would have given it freely in the past.

"Then please follow me." An elf walked in from the top of the steps. The guard bowed to him politely placing his palm on the left side of his chest. Harry blinked. He looked like one of the more important figures here judging from the silver circlet on his head. He gestured for her to follow, and she nodded.

"My name is Lindir, my lady. We elves heard you had crossed into the Valley." He gave her a polite smile as they walked further into the town. The inside of the town was just as beautiful. Each carving and wood inlayed with a kind of shimmery magic and magical fire hung in tiny lanterns on large trees all around creating a soft mystical glow. Harry glanced up at him. Heard huh? The magical barrier around this place must have triggered some sort of alarm.

"I'm Harry, Harry Potter. Please drop that my lady thing. I'm really just Harry!" Harry told him, giving him a grin.

"As you wish." He nodded, leading her to a door. A very well carved door. "This is your room. We will send someone to call for you when my Lord Elrond has returned." Harry nodded.

"Thank you so much."

"My pleasure." The corners of his lips tilted up and he left in quick strides. She opened the door and glanced at her room. It was pretty nice. The bed looked really fluffy and there was a window with an amazing view of the sky, currently aqua blue with dabs of dark purple and hints of ultramarine and splatters of white, and the river which gushed and bubbled down to a mountain far ahead.

She opened the wardrobe and wrinkles her nose. They gave her some kind of dresses and jewellery? Aren't they scared that she might steal them or something? That's way too generous. She glanced into the next room. Oh damn. A huge bathroom, with water from the river bubbling through a crevice from a small crack from a rock, into a large beautiful small creek. She needed a bath. Using cleaning charms still made her feel uneasy.


After transfiguring her clothes into a new pair, technically not new since it came from the same rock. A light grey lace up top, black jeans, sneakers and a leather jacket. It's okay for people here right? Screw it. She could wear what she want. Who cares right? She tied up her glossy raven curls into a messy high bun, revealing the creamy skin of her neck. She glanced up at the sound of knocking on the door and she opened it.

"My lady, Lord Elrond is already here, would you like to join him for dinner? Although we happen to have some guests as well." The tall crazily beautiful elf maid who glowed with ethereal beauty asked her, with a kind smile.

"Guests? Uh, I'm not intruding am I?"

"Not at all. And Gandalf will be dining there as well."

"Gandalf? I really need to speak to him. Okay I really don't mind please lead the way." Harry nodded to her. The elf maid bowed and led her up the road towards the top of the town. Harry watched in awe at the intricate design of the place. She glanced up at the ceiling. Holy shit the ceiling was also made of those curly pretty wood designs and was that magical fire too. Damn-ouch. She winced bumping into someone. Noticeably shorter than her.

"Sorry!" She squeaked rubbing her shoulder. That hurt. His head was super hard, her shoulder felt really sore.

"Watch where you're going!" A voice hissed, it was deep and low with voice cracks that sounded so incredibly sexy to Harry. It was like chips of melted dark chocolate, slightly bitter with a tang of sweetness. It rumbled through her body sounding oh so dangerous and-f*cking sexy. Harry shivered and glanced up to meet the most beautiful pair of cerulean eyes, with its hints of the lightest specs of green and gold, she had ever seen in the world.

He had a tall high bridged nose and rather thin face. Aristocrat features so perfect they seemed to be shaped and sculptured by a well-known master. Blessed with masculine eyebrows that made him look menacing, dangerous and the sexiest moustache she had ever seen. His hair a thick chocolate brown that ranged from a light creamy hazel to a dark almost black kind of brown. It curled down his face and to his back.

Clearly he was way older than her, probably way past her league but still. He was the most dangerous, beautiful and sexiest creature she had ever seen in her life. Well short creature but anyway. She thought she was going to be lesbian from her past life, but looks like she had no qualms fitting in with the other gender. She blinked, shaking herself out of stupor. Bloody female hormones. Before, giving sexy shorty an apologetic grin.

"Sorry about that. Ah excuse me." She nodded to him. He watched her, a kind of shocked expression on his face, before he swallowed and nodded back to her. His smouldering gaze still glued to her eyes, almost as if they were searching for something. She looked away, breaking off from his heated gaze. She turned to follow the elf maid up the steps to a balcony with an amazing view of the sunset. There were people having dinner there along with some musicians playing soft melodies.

Harry glanced around. There were more short men eating at a table, sitting on stools. There was a taller round table which had four chairs. Sited there eating his dinner, was an elf which seemed to be the boss of this place, considering how he had a gold circlet on his head and his chair looked more like a throne. Lord Elrond perhaps?

As always, he was tall and handsome, but for some reason Harry felt that everyone else looked less handsome after seeing sexy shorty. Sited beside him was a guy that kind of looked like her old headmaster. Sure, he had various different features, but the same long white moustache. The two taller men both glanced at her curiously.

"My lord, this is Harry Potter. She came to Rivendell this afternoon looking for Gandalf." The elf maid, curtseyed.

"Me? Whatever is the problem my dear? Do please take a seat." Gandalf smiled good naturedly to her, gesturing to one of the tall chairs.

"Oh uh okay." She awkwardly sat down beside their lord. Probably screwed up all manners what so ever. Urgh she was kind of panicking. It's not every day you sit with royalty eating dinner. She glanced down at her plate of salad and weird wraps and bread rolls.

"Well, go ahead and eat!" Gandalf told her. She smiled at him sheepishly and begun to tuck in to the rather vegetarian meal. It wasn't that bad. There were many vegetables not native to her own world and it was kind of interesting to taste some of them. It was really good with edible flowers, berries, and fruits. Even cakes.

"So, what is it you wanted to speak to me about?" Gandalf asked. She took a sip of the red wine given. Eugh she couldn't. She didn't like wine. Just wasn't used to it. Never had the chance to do so, since she's still underage.

"Um, Radagast asked me to find you. He said something like," she frowned trying to remember exactly what he said, "Er, you should go to find Gandalf. I'm horrible at teaching people. He will enlighten you about this world? Yeah."

"Teaching?" Lord Elrond asked with a raise of a brow. "Why so?"

"I'm kind of new here. I don't know a thing about this world." Harry told him, polishing off her plate. The short men had begun to complain about the musician's choice of music.

"You speak as if you are from another one." Gandalf questioned raising a brow.

"Yeah, I am. For one, my world is called Earth with none of that Middle thing what so ever."

"Then how did you get here, my dear?" Gandalf frowned. The fact that he was able to ignore the singing of the dwarves so well, when Harry couldn't help but want to take a glimpse at them was astounding. Damn her curiosity.

"I died. Then this sparkly, shiny lady thing talked to me about Middle Earth needing me. Proceeded to then dump me here right smack in the middle of nowhere." Harry decided to leave out the gender change or the tattoo. They didn't need to know that right? Gandalf looked astonished. He put down his fork.

"You passed away? Then this must be your-"

"Yeah rebirth, new body, and new life whatever you called it-"

"The Valar." Gandalf whispered to himself. Lord Elrond looked at him in surprise. "What were you in your past life my dear Harry?" Gandalf asked.

"What was I? Same as what I am now, a wizard. Sorry, witch." Harry shook her head at the wrong use of words. She should stop thinking of herself as male. Gandalf exchanged a look with Lord Elrond.

"And do you mind showing me some of your magic, my dear Harry?" He asked. Harry nodded. They probably could not believe her.

"Well, uh sure." Harry turned around just as a potato, what a waste of potato, came flying across straight to them from the food fight that had started amongst the short men. She whipped out her wand. Her eyes meeting those cerulean blue. Shorty? He watched her heatedly, sipping from his mug, standing at the far end of the place. She swallowed and shivered slightly flicking her wrist.

"Protego." A barrier, of blue shimmery glossy quality appeared from her wand, rebounding the potato back towards its thrower, who gave her a wide eyed stare. "Avis." Harry conjured a flock of tiny robins who chirped and flew at amazing speed towards the potato, eating it up at lightning speed before going about the room to peck at the food that had been thrown on the floor.

By then the short men had stopped to stare at the birds. They flew up and about in a controlled circle before disappearing in a shower of gold dust, which flicked and turned into butterflies, flying about the occupants of the room. They had been complaining about no meat had they? Well, okay.

She motioned for the butterflies to clump together into the proper mass and size of roast chicken. The laws of transfiguration must be followed after all. The chicken won't be as filling as a real one, but it did come from a magical flock of birds so it would have to do.

Flicks wrist. The remaining potatoes on the table fly into the air followed by shock yelps of the dwarves. A wave and the remaining salt zips into the air to fly over the gradually melding into the butterflies slowly changing into a scrumptious well roasted chickens. A twirl. The herbs on their plates are scattered on the chicken.

Fresh. She circled her wand. A pink chicken, well plucked and prepared, with its guts and innards taken out. Seasoned. Another flick of the wrist. The herbs are rubbed into its skin, along with a side of mashed potatoes and gravy. Roasted. The roast chicken is making an amazing smell, with the tangy sweetness of herbs and the salty smell of delicious meat. Plate. It flies onto one of the dwarf's plate and lands there. They all stared at the chicken with awe, salivating over it. Ignoring the growingly burning stare of her sexy shorty. She turned to glance at Gandalf with a sheepish smile.

"I think I overdid it didn't I?"

"Well, you certainly did." Gandalf chuckled, his eyes glinting with mirth he turned to call to the short men. "Well go ahead lads. That chicken won't turn into birds." The men glanced at him and back at Harry nodding to her in thanks before beginning to take apart the large meat in their hands.

"A female Istari. How curious." Lord Elrond watched her with rapt interest.

"You are very powerful my dear. I believe it is best if you followed me and my companions. I will teach you about this world." Gandalf told her, with a smile on his face.

"Companions?" Harry asked.

"These dwarves over there are my travelling companions. Descendants of the house of Durin and the hobbit."

"Oh they're dwarves?" She mentally slapped herself, she turned embarrassedly hissing softly to her dinner mates. "I thought they were just really really really short people!" Gandalf chuckled well naturedly, and Lord Elrond smirked at her, amused.

"Lord Elrond here, is well versed in the history of these lands, while I will be able to give you some advice on your status. So what is it you want to know?" Gandalf grinned. Harry sighed. Oh boy. It feels like McGonagall's classes in Hogwarts all over again.


Thorin couldn't help himself. After years without his soul mark, the name of his beloved. He had been despaired, growing weary and bitter each day. His grandfather had promised him to find a beautiful dwarf women for a bride, but it was just not the same. Now, he couldn't help staring at his mark, touching those words. Perhaps his love found it a joke because it painted a really odd image.

"Uncle!" Kili, his rascal of a nephew called at him from the other compartment of the fountain. Being dwarves, they hated elves to the core, they kind of wanted to annoy them till death. Hence, they were bathing in their fountains. In their rather expensive looking, royal, holy fountains. Heh. "Stop touching your jam bag! It looks gross as hell!"

He raised a brow, giving Kili a smirk. "Don't you touch yours all the time, dear nephew?" Kili coloured, a bright red, opening his mouth to give a rebuttal.

"Cut it out lads." Balin chuckled. "We've had years to admire our soul mark, but your uncle had mere days. It's alright for him to touch it albeit if it's at a little private place." The old dwarf turned to give Thorin a cheeky grin. Thorin shrugged off his comment, finding it better to enjoy the cool water then deal with their perverted comments.

"Balin," He grunted, the question always on his mind. "Have there been any dwarves with soul marks so close to intimate areas before?"

"Surprisingly no. I think the most was the inner thighs. Your soul mate must be a real spit fire for it to be there." Balin winked at Thorin. Thorin sighed. Harry Potter huh? An odd name, definitely not a dwarf women. Perhaps from the race of men? Or a hobbit? Endless possibilities, but at least he had a name.

The flash of bright emerald green eyes appeared in his mind at the thought of a soulmate. The memory of a girl with raven hair appeared in his mind. The Istari. He had never seen such a bright colour on the eyes of men before. The colour of one of his most favourite stone in the world, her eyes captured it beautifully, with its dusting of gold and specks of silver. Plus, was it a coincidence that his mark was in the exact colour? He did not know.

"The female wizard, what is her name?" Thorin asked his company of dwarves.

"I heard it from the elves. I think it started with a H…" Ori, scrunched up his nose in thought. Thorin's heart skipped a beat. "Harold? Harrison? Henriette?"

"It's Harry, her name. Harry Potter." Kili cut in with a sigh. Thorin froze, he could hear his heart beating in his ears, blood rushing through his ears. What were the odds? "She's really pretty isn't she? Not like elven pretty but kind of really exotic. Shame that wizards don't have soul marks or soul mates. They're soul were already whole when they were born."

Thorin grunted in acknowledgment. After all, Harry Potter could be a common name of men. It's not like she was his soulmate right? But, the memory of the most beautiful angelic girl he had ever seen in his entire life entered his mind and for some reason his heart squeezed painfully, his chest horribly tight. He felt almost heartbroken. He stood up from the fountain feeling a little sick, he strode out to bend down to pick up his clothes.

"Shit! Get out of the way! AH!" He winced at the warm body that pushed him onto the floor on his back. He was yet again hit for the second time of the day by a familiar raven head, who came crashing down on him from the sky. Mahal, did she just drop from the sky? He snapped open his eyes to see the most adorable sight he had ever seen.

Her raven hair pooled over his chest. She was wincing and prodding her tender face, and a very beautiful face that was. Long lashes fanning her cheeks ever so slightly. His breath hitched as he felt her shift, her breasts pressed tightly onto his chest, the tips of the creamy flesh could be seen under her shirt. He could even feel the warmth of those lumps of fat seeping into his body. He mentally moaned. She would be the death of him.

Up close he could not see a single blemish on her flawless, well-proportioned face, aside from that scar shaped like lightning on her forehead which he longed to touch and trace with his fingers. Durin be damned, what was he thinking?

Her eyes snapped up to look at him. Mahal. She was beautiful, too beautiful. Her eyes, those favourite emeralds of his were wide open, doe like, staring at him with a childlike innocence. She shifted and an involuntary groan escaped his lips as he felt her warm, smooth and silky leg rub against his very male throbbing organ. She blinked and leapt away from him in horror.

"F*ck! Sorry sorry sorry sorry. I was trying to fly with a broomstick it clearly failed. I can't make a broomstick." She gestured to what appeared to be a moving broomstick in her hand, which wagged and shook ever so often. Thorin could not help but find her accent the sexiest thing he ever heard. She appeared to have seen the bunch of naked dwarves who were all staring at her curiously, the younger ones looking a little embarrassed, because burned a bright red. Thorin wondered how far the colour would go on her skin.

"Uh. Goodbye." She turned and bolted as fast as she could. Thorin watched her go, eyeing her curiously.

"HAH! I've never seen uncle so stunned in my entire life!" Kili's mad cackles pierced the silence and Thorin turned to give him a deadly glare as the other dwarves joined him. Urgh dwarves and their teasing. Mahal help him. For some reason, a dull ache continued to be felt in his chest.


Harry groaned. At this rate, her arse was going to be thick and muscular and her thighs bulging with meat from all this bloody walking. How she wished to just apparate them all to their destination, but Gandalf had chided her on doing so since she was unfamiliar with the lands and who knows how dwarf magic would react with hers.

"Are you alright, Harry?" Bilbo, the only hobbit in the company, called to her, with a kind smile on his face. He had a soft spot on her. Actually the whole company did. It was probably because, firstly she was female, secondly she was cute and thirdly she was just a wee little baby. She grumbled, thinking back on how Gandalf had introduced her.

"This is Harry Potter! The first female witch of her kind. Now, she will be following you all to Erebor to go along with your quest." Gandalf had introduced her to the dwarves, the other day.

"Sure a wizard-"The rather plump dwarf, Bombur, having had introduced himself before, begun to speak. "Sorry, witch, would be of good use to our company. However, are you sure she can take the hardships of our travels? She is female after all and she looks really young too."

"Master dwarf. I am sure she could easily beat a 100 of your best dwarven men with a single flick of her wrist. I assure you she will be of good use to your quest and she is well versed in dragons." Gandalf smiled down at Harry kindly. Blasted wizard was incredibly over protective as well, thinking of her almost like his own granddaughter. Technically true, since the same God of theirs, aka sparkly ass women, did contribute in the making of both their bodies.

"Well-verse? What do you mean?" Oin, a fierce looking grey haired dwarf with badass braiding asked, frowning slightly.

"Uh, in my past life. My best mate's brother was a dragon keeper. He always had a thing for dragons, and I've fought-okay-stolen from a dragon before. Well, one of her eggs actually, for a competition. I also rode on the back of a dragon before." Harry explained, feeling creeped out by the stares of shock aimed at her.

"A dragon? Did you not get burnt?" Bilbo gaped at her.

"Uh well sure! I had to regrow some skin, nearly broke off my head. But, it's fine."

"And I also need to teach her about being a witch in this world." Gandalf butted in, patting her on the head. "So I entrust you all with her. She is after all only 5 days old-"

"Merlin! How many times have I told you that I am mentally 17! Not 5 bloody days old!"

"-A mere babe of a witch."

"Gandalf! Stop telling them how much I am like a baby!"

"-Doesn't know what dwarves or hobbits are let alone an orc."

"Shut up!"

"-Used to think goblins were rude creatures who took care of gold."

"I can't believe you!"

"-and elves were short, ugly creatures who did housework." Gandalf's eyes twinkled. Lord Elrond had been really offended by her explanation of House Elves. Gandalf beamed at her with his annoying twinkling eyes, much alike her old headmaster.

"That makes you the youngest then Lady Harry?" Kili, the resident trickster with a rather handsome face, grinned. Harry blinked, she wasn't that much younger than them right? "Because, Bilbo is 50 and the youngest in our company." Oh. 33 years age difference. Good God. Kili grinned at her stunned expression as she gaped at him in horror.

"For your information," She quipped, glaring at him. "17 is considered an adult in my past life, so don't you even dare!"

"Oh, but not in this world, Baby Harry." Kili winked at her. Urgh. Insufferable dwarf.

"That's not really polite Master Kili." Bilbo worriedly frowned at him.

And that was how her relationship between annoying youngsters who could be her grandfather, cheeky old dwarves and a dotting hobbit started.

"I'm fine Bilbo. Just thinking about being lazy." She told him. "Like maybe grow a pair of wings on my shoes to see if I can fly?" She mused.

"Your broomstick was bad enough and now you want to fly like a bird?" Fili, the second blond youngster of the dwarves, grinned at her, the less annoying but still annoying brother. She froze, and blushed bright red. Why did he have to remind her of her landing on sexy shorty? It was already horribly embarrassing that sexy-cough-Thorin was the leader of their little tour group. She really did not need more teasing.

"Hey! Hold on!" Sexy shorty called back to them. She really should stop calling him that especially when she was on a cliff, with rain paltering like needles on her back. She glanced at her water shoes, spelled with a dry charm and a mountain climbing sticking charm. She won't fall off the damn cliff, maybe a charm to her fingers would help too. Bilbo slipped, yelling in horror, his feet, touching the edge of the slippery wet cliff, tripping over some rocks. He teetered over the edge, shocked horrified screams from dwarfs echoed through the mountain as they grabbed his bag and clothes.

"Accio! Bilbo Baggins!" Harry snapped. He flew, literally towards her hand. He blinked staring at her in wonder and relief.

"Thank you Harry." He breathed, wiping his sweaty hands on his pants.

"Don't sweat about it. If you fall off the cliff. I can still save you." Harry grinned at him, he nodded looking green.

"What if we're too close to the floor?" Ori, a rather slow and friendly young dwarf, piped in, looking nervously at the floor.

"A cushioning charm then. You can go ahead and try I'll catch you." Harry nodded towards the cliff. He gulped.

"We must find shelter!" Thorin screamed towards them blinded by the rain. Why is it that she constantly worry for him despite having just met him the other day? Harry hit her chest, shaking her head quickening her steps to trail behind Kili sullenly.

"Look out!" Dwalin, the only balding dwarf or perhaps the only dwarf who shaved his head, yelled. Harry glanced up and stared at the large rock sailing across the air, crashing against the mountains above them creating a freaking avalanche of deadly rocks that could potentially pulverise you into fleshy bits.

"Look out brothers!"

"Hold on!"

The company screamed at each other, lying flat against the rock. Kili and Fili were both pressing her against the rock protectively, blocking off every single stone that flew towards them. Protective grandpas, did they forget about her shield charm?

"This is no thunderstorm!" Balin yelled pointing towards the distance. "It's a thunder battle! Look!" Harry perked up as she watched, stone men fighting against each other. Bloody awesome!

"Well bless me, the legends are true. Giants; Stone Giants!" Bofur, the dwarf who liked to wear a really fluffy hat, screamed excitedly watching the large figure raise a huge rock in his hand. That did not look so good. The stone giant flung it towards them, and Harry watched as a giant rock, fifty times bigger than her sailed in the air like a football, heading straight towards another stone giant behind them who winced at the hit falling painfully on the current mountain they were on. Cool.

"Take cover, you fools!" Thorin screeched at them. More stones rained down onto them destroying the tiny pathway they had into an even tinier one. Kili protectively shielded her head. Ah thank you so much you bloody grandpa but if your smelly pits are on my head. I really can't cast the charm dude.

"Ah!" She nearly slipped, when the mountain started to split into two. Kili watched in horror as the other half of the company drifted further away.

""Kili! Grab my hand! Ki..." Fili's words were cut short by a rain of even more large rocks. Harry glanced up in shock. They were standing on a stone giant's knees? The shit? Whipping out her wand, she begin to shoot protection charms on the dwarves she could see. The ground shook and tremored and she nearly toppled off the mountain. Now, the two mountains were head butting each other. Why couldn't they just sit in peace?

Kili pulls her across the knee of the stone giant to a safe spot of the mountain, holding her tightly. Harry watched as the stone giants begun a boxing match. The stone that appeared to be safe, started to shake and crack. Crap. It leaned forward heading for a rather huge rock at rapid speed. She flicks out her wand charming a cushioning charm and they glide towards safety, as though weightlessly, landing painlessly on the rocky debris path. Kili glanced at her raising a brow. She shrugged and smirked at him.

"Cushioning charm. It's nice right?" She grinned, dispelling it so that they could stand.

"No! Kili!" Thorin screams and he climbs up to see them, his eyes flickering over their faces, landing on hers to meet her eyes. F*ck. Harry gulps, practically feeling the tinge of something like electricity in the air when their gaze met. Thorin still as sexy as ever despite looking like a soaked cat. He heaves a sigh, slouching with relief.

"We're all right! We're alive!" Balin, the oldest of the dwarves, assured him.

"Where's the hobbit? Where's Bilbo?" Bofur's frantic voice pierces the air. Harry glanced up in horror to see Bilbo hanging on the edge of the rock with just his fingertips. With a startled yelp, he slips and falls lower. Too low to reach. Harry takes out her wand only for Thorin. Trying to be a hero huh? He swung himself down and gripped Bilbo's wrist pulling him up and back to safety. To only slip due to the slippery rock.

Harry felt her heart leaped up into her mouth. No. Horror and dread filled her in that tiny second, only for one of the dwarves to grab him. Phew. She sighed. Too slippery, he slips and falls from their grasps.

"NO!" Balin screams. Harry flicks her wrist, her heart thumping in her chest.

"ACCIO! THORIN OAKENSHIELD!" She shrieks so loud, her voice nearly hoarse. He flies backwards so fast, slamming into her arms with a grunt and they topple to the floor. He props himself up, cerulean meeting emerald green. She could feel him panting hard, her pulse racing from the closeness to him. His warm skin like fire to her cold one, wet with rain. His lashes dripping with rain water, and his hair plastered to his face the water trailing in rivulets down to his collar bone soaking his clothes. F*ck he was beautiful even in this weather. He breaks their heated gaze with a nod of thanks standing up quickly. She got up and dusted herself. Why does this always happen to her? She sighed.

"I thought we'd lost our burglar." Dwalin huffs, panting slightly.

"He's been lost ever since he left home." Thorin replied bitterly, his eyes meeting Bilbo's. "He should never have come. He has no place amongst us." Thorin steps forward, motioning for the dwarf to follow. "Dwalin!" Harry glanced at Bilbo, who looked immensely hurt by his words. That was kind of mean, even if he had good intentions. Harry raced forward to follow him, closely behind.

"And you nearly died too!" She snaps back at Thorin. He raised a brow at her, stalking off. She fumed, following him with rather angry stomps. He suddenly stops and turns to her, his eyes meeting hers.

"I trust you." Thorin murmurs to her, the words warming her heart. She freezes for a second, a blush creeping up her face and walks faster to keep up. Merlin, what was wrong with her?


Harry couldn't quite put a finger to it. They had found a cave in the mountain with nothing in it which they immediately assumed safe enough to sleep. However, Harry's danger senses were tingling. To put it simply, she had a horrible feeling in her gut that this was going to turn out badly. She sat up from her resting spot, reaching for the elder wand. She glanced around at all the somewhat peacefully sleeping dwarves and sighed. Perhaps a muggle-repelling charm? A room-sealing spell?

She glanced up, searching for her favourite hobbit. The spot he once lay on was empty, not even his sleeping bag was there. She sat up, she could hear someone arguing at the entrance. Slowly she crawled over the dwarves, curiously peeking her head over to see what was going on when the most sinful and sexiest voice whispered to her.

"What are you doing?" She glanced down to see one Thorin Oakenshield glancing up at her. She could wake up to those cerulean eyes any day.

"Um. Walking? I've been wanting to say this. But, I have a really bad shit feeling about this place." She whispered back to him. "It feels like sleeping on a trapdoor. You don't know how many random holes my old school had and sometimes I found myself stepping onto trapdoors which opened up at random intervals so this really feels like-" She stopped as he gripped her wrist, glancing down to see the sand of the floor seeping through what looked like a long crack on the floor. His eyes widened in realization.

"Wake up!" He yelled at the dwarves. "WAKE UP!" They jolted awake, glancing about as the floor begin to move and give way. Oh oh. Harry begin to respect her gut feelings even more when she fell through the trapdoor. Just perfect Harry you could have said that sooner. Thorin gripped onto her tightly, holding her close to his body, her head shielded by his large warm hand as they crashed onto what begun to feel like a slide, rolling down a long narrow steep road. She winced as she dropped onto the dwarves with a soft thump. She should have sent that cushioning charm.

She sat up, feeling something hard prod at her. She glanced down to see sexy shorty's wide eyes and slightly flushed face. F*ck she was straddling him. She blushed, a dusting of red on her pale cheeks, feeling his arousal from under his pants. She immediately swung off him.

"Look out!" One of the dwarves cried as a horde of ugly half naked, large eyed monsters ran towards them grabbing at them. Thorin snarled, holding her behind him, the dwarves around her beginning to quickly make a human, or should she say dwarf plus hobbit, shield around her.

"Filthy scum!"

"Get back!" The sound of animalistic growls from the monsters and the yells of dwarves pierced the air. The things pushed them forward, one even grabbing her ass much to her horror, she kicked it with her water shoes with rage sending him flying off the railing.

The monsters snarled at her, gripping her shoulders to lift her up over their heads. They proceeded to carry her to the biggest fattest ugliest one of all the monsters sitting on a throne singing some crack song. He leers at her, his chin so fat it swings as he waddles around warts all over his body as he sings? Well, a monster who sings. Is it rude of her to call them monsters? Perhaps they're just a hostile race of this land. Then again judging from the expressions of the company. They are clearly not friends.

"Catchy isn't it?" He sneers at us. "It's one of my own…Compositions." He looks almost proud.

"It's not a song…It's an abomination!" Balin yells. The dwarves all nodded, chorusing in agreement, as they discreetly begin to encircle Harry hiding her from view. Protective much. She glanced around. Hey! Where is Bilbo?

"Abominations. Mutations. Deviations. That is all you're going to find down here." The big boss monster smirks down at them. The tiny monsters around them begun to take away the weapons of the dwarves dumping them on the floor in front of the big ass boss. He looks pissed off.

"Who would be so bold as to come armed into my kingdom? Spies? Thieves? Assassins?" He eyes them, looking at each one of their faces. Thorin grips onto Harry's hand tightly.

"Dwarves, Your Malevolence." One of the tinier monsters bows. Oh they speak English, or Westron as Lord Elrond had taught her, how interesting.

"Dwarves?" Boss Monster, raised a brow.

"We found them on the front porch."

"Well, don't just stand there!" Boss Monster snarled. "Search them! Every crack, every crevice." The monsters begin to grab at the dwarves, throwing away whatever they could find. They grabbed at Harry who discreetly spelled a repelling charm on her wand holster.

"A women!" One of the monsters screeched. Bloody hell. The dwarves stiffened. They tried to keep Harry in their safe circle, holding her arm only for the goblins to peel her away from them. Boss Monster eyes her with an almost lecherous leer. Is this what girls felt like when boys stare at them? Because it was creepy as hell.

"Wait." Thorin steps up to hide her behind him, looking pissed off.

"Well, well, well, look who it is. Thorin son of Thrain, son of Thror; King under the Mountain." The Boss Monster, someone should really tell her what these things, sneered, bowing mockingly. "Oh, but I'm forgetting, you don't have a mountain. And you're not a king. Which makes you nobody, really." He laughs and leans in.

"I know someone who would pay a pretty price for your head." He grins, revealing yellowed teeth. "Just the head, nothing attached. Perhaps you know of whom I speak, an old enemy of yours. A Pale Orc astride a White Warg." Thorin is giving him death glares at this moment, looking disbelieved

"Azog the Defiler was destroyed. He was slain in battle long ago." Thorin spits fiercely.

"So you think his defiling days are done, do you?" The Monster chuckles, turning to a tiny monster holding a slate? Was this how letters were sent here? "Send word to the Pale Orc; tell him I have found his prize." He turns to grin at Harry. "And something much more, precious." That does not sound good at all. Then he started to sing yet again about shattering bones and shit, wheeling out a freaking torture chamber.

Harry gulped. Wait did he say goblin town? These are goblins? Oh gosh. The goblins of Gringotts would scream in shame. A goblin screams, flinging a sword onto the ground. Harry watched as the goblins around them flinched and inched back from the sword creating a clear ring around it.

"I know that sword! It is the Goblin cleaver. The biter! The blade that sliced a thousand necks! Slash them!" The Boss Goblin yelled. Harry flinched as the goblins begin to bather their fists against them, using sharp claws to pull at the dwarves. Harry fumbled for her wand.

"Beat them!" Harry unlatched the wand holster. She watched in horror, as Thorin is pushed to a corner far away from her. Harry could feel her heartbeat, beating loud in her ear like a drum, blocking out all the sound into a low hum.

"Kill them!" She pulled the elder wand out into her hands. Thorin is pushed to the floor and she sucks in a ragged breath, which suddenly became so loud and clear in her ears. Her hands were shaking and her heart clenched painfully so painfully. Almost like her soul, her magic was begging her to stop them. Begging to be with Thorin.

"Cut off his head!" Her eyes met his as the goblin raises a knife over his head. His mouth parts as he gasps, and Harry could almost see his breath escaping his body. No. The knife is going at him, slicing through the air with a high wheeze. NO!

"EXPECTO PATRONUM!" A white pulse of light shoots from her wand surrounding them, pushing back all the goblins like a force field. It surrounds her, a warm friendly magic as it shields them away from the goblins. Her patronus had changed. She watched wide eyed as the phoenix swooped and spun around her and Thorin.

He raised his hand to let it perch on his finger. It purred, rubbing his face with its own. Urgh, annoying bird. Thorin tenderly stroked its feathers. It trilled happily, before taking flight and disappearing into a burst of white smoke. How ironic. Harry scoffed to herself. A phoenix, a bird that could die and reborn again. A symbol of rebirth.

"Nicely done, my dear." Gandalf's voiced echoed behind her. He ruffled her raven locks affectionately. "Couldn't have done it better." He smiled down at her, like a friendly old grandpa.

"Take up arms." Gandalf gazed at the dwarves lying on the floor. "Fight. Fight!" He cried. The dwarves cried, picking up their swords. A battle begun as they slashed and whacked at the goblins with their swords. Harry flicked her wrist sending a few stunners, only for Gandalf to grip her wrist and pull her. "Follow me, run!" Gandalf cried as he hoisted her across the bridge racing across.

"Quickly!" He screamed, pulling her along, whacking the goblins off the bridge with his staff. Harry could only run after him. Harry twisted her wrist sending a wind spell that swiped the goblins off their feet sending them falling down the deep cave. They really should invest on railings and safety nets. This was kind of like dominos. Gandalf grabbed her tightly as they swung across the hanging bridge? Who made this safety hazard?

"Jump!" He threw her across the damn thing. That hurt old man. She got up and they were off again, swiping goblins. They entered a path which had thankfully lesser goblins. Harry mentally sighed. Only to see big fat Boss Goblin burst up from the wooden planks swiping at them with his skeleton staff. Gandalf tripped and stumbled.

"You thought you could escape me!" He hissed. "What are you going to do now, Wizard?" He snarled at Gandalf. So he thought Gandalf sent the patronus charm huh? Gandalf poked him in the eye and the goblin let out a squawk of pain before slashing at his stomach and head. The goblin fell, unconscious at his feet. But of course, he was too bloody heavy for the wooden bridge. It broke, sending them flying down, sliding down the cave and all the way to the bottom of the rocky cavern. This was getting more exciting than riding on dragons.

Ouch. Harry winced as she landed on a warm body that smelt pleasantly good. The faint scent of . She glanced up to see Thorin under her again. Would he stop protecting her? Probably not. Would she stop finding herself lying on him? Hopefully. The dwarves groaned as the Fat Boss Goblin fell on top of them squishing their body.

"Gandalf!" Kili screamed pointing to the army of goblins heading their way.

"There's too many. We can't fight them!" Dwalin huffed, pulling the dwarves from under the wooden planks.

"Only one thing will save us, daylight!" Gandalf cried, almost hysterically. So they're weakness is daylight? She was pulled again to her feet. At this rate, she'll have be able to run as fast as an Olympic sprinter. They exited the cave to race through the forest. Gandalf counting the dwarves. She strode off, back towards what she could feel a kind of dark presence.

That felt like her invisibility cloak only laced with dark magic, just as the company begin to realize that Bilbo was gone. She glanced at the presence. Every being here had a magical core, and this person or thing felt like Bilbo a kind of warmth that you will get from a pleasant hearth. Does he have a cloak too?

"Are you coming with us?" She whispered to him. His magical aura felt surprised, almost shocked. She smiled at the presence. "If you want I can just pretend to look away?" He appeared out of nowhere, slipping a ring into his pocket. Was that the Deadly Hallows of this world? He fondly smiled at her before steeling himself and walking to the company to declare his whereabouts much to their surprise.

Harry glanced at the road that they came from, was it that easy to escape? The goblin did say he was going to send some message to an Orc right? She sighed and walked back to the company just to hear Bilbo finish his speech.

"Look, I know you doubt me, I know you always have. And you're right, I often think of Bag End. I miss my books. And my armchair. And my garden. See, that's where I belong. That's home. And that's why I came back, because you don't have one. A home. It was taken from you. But I will help you take it back if I can." He told them. There is an awkward silence for a moment as the dwarves looked down, thinking about what he has said.

"That reminds me. I don't have a home." Harry broke the silence, pursing her lips.

"Well, you're most welcome to mine Harry." Bilbo smiled at her.

"Or you could always stay with us." Kili and Fili chorused with matching grins.

"Aww, thanks guys." Harry smiled.

"We can't leave you alone anyway ickle baby Harry." They laughed. Harry fumed raising a fist. She froze at the sound of a wolf howling

"Out of the frying pan." Thorin's eyes widened in horror, he glanced at Harry protectively. What? Was wolves that bad?

"And into the fire. Run. " Gandalf finished for him. "RUN!" He screamed at the company. The dwarves were racing through the forest, Harry sprinting along, her legs burning from overuse. Fili grabbed her hand, pulling her along as she turned to look to see giant wolves tearing through the forest, crashing down large trees. The shit? They tore through the forest at an alarming rate, catching on to their tail. Some of the dwarves turned to slash them on their heads. Harry's heart sunk at the sight before them. Bloody hell. A dead end here? Really? You got to be kidding me!

"Climb!" Gandalf screeched at them, and Fili hoisted her up a branch. He was really strong. Hari weaved through the branches easily making her way to the top. The giant wolves surrounded the trees, snapping and biting below their feet. Harry watched as a pale skinned man, with beady blue eyes and not a single hair on his head. Was this an Orc? He rode on the largest of wolves, or more like large rabid dogs the more she looked at them. He grinned eerily at them holding a mace in his remaining arm. Following behind him were a group of similar looking orcs on slightly smaller giant dogs.

"Those are wargs." Fili whispered to her in explanation. "And that is Azog the Defiler an Orc." He nodded towards the largest one. Harry frowned. So that weird letter sending thing Boss Goblin sent. Did actually work. The Orc yelled some commands to his group in another language Harry did not know and the wargs begun climbing the trees.

Harry wobbled, barely holding on to her branch. Shit. They were biting off the branches, tearing at the trunks of the tree getting too close for comfort. The trees were toppling over one another roots being uprooted, and the dwarves were forced to jump over to the last remaining tree. Gandalf set an acorn alight throwing flaming acorns at the wolves. He passed it on to the other dwarves and they begun a crazy throwing spree. The wargs are obviously scared of fire because they run and leave.

The tree groans under their weight and beguns to tear apart. Shit. Harry cursed as it topples over. 13 dwarves, a wizard, a witch and a hobbit was too much for the tree. Someone needs to get off this thing. She gazed up to Azog to see Thorin, walking straight towards the orc, sprinting faster and faster with a wood as a shilef in his hand. IS he freaking crazy?

He practically gets tramples by the large warg. Bloody stupid of him to even try. She can't take it anymore. Sure being protected is nice and all. But, she's no stranger to duelling, combat or war. She gets off the tree, and aims her wand at Nori who is slipping off from his hold on Dori who is clinging on to Gandalf's staff for both their lives. She flicks her wrist, charming a feather light charm on them. Gandalf gazes at her in surprise as suddenly his staff which is the only thing ensuring the survival of the two dwarves is as light as air. He easily lifts the both of them up safely on the branch and she quickly dispels the charm.

"Thorin!" Dwalin screams. Harry turned to watch as Thorin gets hit by a mace hard on the stomach and falls to his feet. The warg rushes back to him and its jaws pierce into his body. His scream, shakes Harry to her core. Horror, sorrow, fear bites into her skin and she feels cold all over at the sight of him. They just met. Yet, she felt as if she just watched a precious person get bitten. Her eyes are focused on one thing, Thorin's face, and her hand is trembling as she watch the warg take another bite of his body.

Thorin manages barely to land a hit on the wargs face with his sword which sends him flying painfully backwards. How could he survive? His wounds. He needed medical attention. He needed her help now. Her mind flashes with memories of all the healer spells Hermione had forced him to learn for the war. The countless practices of advanced Healing arts, even forbidden ones. Spells that could save lives.

Bilbo is running, running towards the orc who is just about to land the killing blow on Thorin's head. No. He leaps just in time, tackling the orc down and Bilbo lunges at the orc striking the killing blow, with one swift stab. One of the orcs snarls knocking Bilbo aside going straight for the kill. His wand raised high. F*CK NO!

"Stupefy!" Harry screams and the red light knocks him out cold. The dwarves are running to Bilbo's aid slicing at the orcs and Harry find herself travelling ever so fast to Thorin side. She is stumbling across the wood, not caring when a branch snags her rather thin sleeve and tear apart her clothes on her left arm. She knelt beside him nearly in tears. Thorin's eyes were shut and blood trails down his face. Her heart is thumping so loud. She fumbles to check his weakening pulse. Good, he's still alive.

"Episkey. Episkey. Episkey." She jabs her wand on his skin, feeling tears at the back of her throat, watching as his minor wounds slowly heal. The sound of birds echo through the air and she glanced up to see. Eagles. Bloody giant eagles swooping through the air killing off orcs and wargs. An eagles flies over to grab Thorin, pushing her with its head. She coughs as she lands on its back with a hard thump. Ow. They fly across the mountains travelling a great distance. The view was beautiful but for some reason all she could thing about was Thorin. Thorin thorin thorin. Oh god what was that healing spell? She can't think!

The eagle lands gently on the ground, placing Thorin on the rock gently. She gets off, gently stroking the eagles head in thanks. It cooed, trilling softly before taking off. She rushes to Thorin, he lay unconscious. Blood trailing from his mouth. Shit, internal bleeding. Pressing her wand gently on his body she whispers frantically.

"Vulnera Sanentur. Vulnera Sanentur. Vulnera Sanentur." She trails letting strong pulses of her magic enter his skin. The blood on his clothes is seeping back into his skin and for a moment she wonders if warg bites are poisonous. Gandalf is beside her in an instance and he watches in wonder as the cuts on Thorin's skins was healed. He gently places a hand on her shoulder and she looks up. He nods to her and she stand shakily. Thorin would be alright. She looks away, willing back the tears threatening to spill. This was too much shit.

She stumbles to the side of the cliff to look at the sunset. A hand on her beating heart. She used too much energy. Gandalf must have awakened him. Because she hears Thorin's voice calling for Bilbo. Gandalf assures him that Bilbo is alive and he stands his eyes ablaze, angry at Bilbo.

"You! " He snarled. That worrywart. "What were you doing? You nearly got yourself killed! Did I not say that you would be a burden? That you would not survive in the wild and that you had no place amongst us?" Thorin was really kind but really scary. Harry sighed, a fond smile on her lips. Bilbo stared at him like a deer caught in headlights. Only for Thorin to hug the living daylight out of him.

"I've never been so wrong in all my life!" Thorin embraces Bilbo tightly while the dwarves cheer loudly slapping each other on the back, laughing good naturedly. "I am sorry I doubted you."

"No, I would have doubted me too. I'm not a hero or a warrior...not even a burglar." Bilbo admitted sheepishly. Harry watches. This was turning into bro-mance. "No and well Harry saved you too. She shot some red light at another orc who was trying to kill you so, I think she deserves some credit too."

"And your wounds were healed by her." Gandalf grinned, winking at Harry. Thorin glances up meeting her eye, and for a minute Harry feels as if everything stops.

"Can you even heal wounds Gandalf?" Bilbo asked in the far distance, as Thorin walks up closer to her.

"No I can't Bilbo. We wizards don't have that skill, except to speed up the healing process! But our dear little Harry is an exception to this rule." Harry watches as Thorin walks up to her with a soft smile on his lips. He looks beautiful under the sunlight. His cerulean eyes are so much bluer under the light it looks really pretty. Urgh she was being sappy wasn't she?

"Thank you Harry." He smiles at her and Harry feels as if she could possibly melt under that gaze. Ah her brain was turning to mu-"What's that on your skin?" Thorin's sudden change of tone, snapping at her almost desperately. She glanced at her sleeve. It had torn apart showing the glints of the tattoo of what did that lady say again? Khuzdul.

"Oh, a really glittery lady gave me that tattoo after I died. Then she sent me here. I guess you could say I was born with it?" And Thorin is suddenly holding her arm and ripping her sleeve apart. "Hey! It's already bad enough!" He gently traces the words, the words glowed and shimmered slightly at his touch radiating the colours of the rainbow. He is murmuring dwarven language to himself, tracing each runic character as if he were familiar with them.

"Do you know what they mean? I really don't-"

"Thorin. It says Thorin Oakenshield in your language." He whispers. Harry gave him a disbelieved look. Are you kidding me? He gives a bark of laughter, a wide grin on his face. He looks so freaking beautiful, but Harry was starting to wonder if her sexy shorty is on crack.

"You have the arkenstone! In my name! I cannot believe this!" He is stifling disbelieved chuckles.

"What's so funny? Did you just spoil uncle, baby Harry?" Fili wanders over looking at the chuckling Thorin as if he's a new zoo animal.

"What's an arkenstone?" Harry asks him.

"It's the Heart of Erebor. Our grandfather named it The King's Jewel. The dwarven army swore to an oath that whoever has it they will follow that very person and it's the only thing that will unite them-Wait why are you asking this?" Fili asked, staring at her weirdly.

"I don't know? He finds it funny that I'm born with his name tattooed in that stone. Is it because that means I can control your army or something? Because I don't really ca-"

"You have uncle's name on your arm?" Fili squeaks in shock. "Aren't you a wizard?"

"I'm a witch!" Harry corrected him, harrumphing indignantly.

"Whatever is the matter?" Gandalf stalks over, raising his brow.

"Gandalf, did you not say that she was a wizard as well?" Fili asked.

"Why, yes. Yes she is one of the Istari…"

"Do Istari have soul marks?"

"No we do not have them because our soul is whole…"

"Then why does she have a soul mark?" Fili pointed back at Harry. Gandalf's eyes widened. He strides over, lifting Harry's arm. He frowned.

"How very strange." Gandalf spoke softly to himself.

"I did say I might not be the same species at all." Harry told them pointedly. "What's a soul mark?"

"It's a mark indicating your other half. The person you are the most suited for as a lover, your soul mate. The one person in the entire world that your soul longs for. Genetically, mentally, physically, spiritually you are the most compatible with." Balin replied, as the rest of the company stumbled over for a look.

"How far is it supposed to extend to? Because I have another one on my back." Harry asked.

"Another one?" Bilbo asked. They should have known that their female companion had the most surprises.

"Yes!" She twisted around, transfiguring her clothes into a slightly lower cut to show her back and the vine like mark that snaked from her shoulders. Gandalf's mouth dropped open.

"My words, this is an elven soul mark! You're bonded to two people? This is very curious indeed."


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