Chapter 1: New Foundations

The prelude of the fall season was well over by now for Royal Woods, Michigan. The coming end of the month of October saw to that, with the surge of more foggy, rainy and cloudy days; this was the prelude to winter. Right now the leaves of fall bloomed to their multi-colored reds, orange and yellows, one by one leaving the deciduous trees around the neighborhood, coating the Halloween season decorations. Trees now became barer with the passing days. The old-school mix of 1920's Victorian housing, to 60's and 80's home style houses as far as the eye could see were all prepped with the horror and Sci-Fi decorations for Halloween due within the week.

Even the good-natured yet somewhat curmudgeon Mr. Grouse next door put up a couple of uncarved pumpkins by his front door, some sign that the old guy still had some gusto for something, besides comically yelling out, "MY YARD, MY PROPERTY!" before throwing back the item to one of the neighborhood residents with a smirk. He turned out to be quite a good, old-school neighbor since the prior two Christmases, once a certain white-haired young lad payed off the damages to the window from the sled debacle.

Time and daylight seemed to shrink with the coming of the cold months. Even with the chilly, cooling fall season coming, this did nothing to quell the reliable standard of utter chaos that was the Loud House.

Early evening at 6:30 PM permitted the residence of those on 1216 Franklin Avenue, one Rita and Lynn Sr. Loud, the parents and heads of the household, the remaining nine sisters and the one single white-haired boy, Lincoln Loud, to prep for a Friday family movie night.

Regarding Lori Loud:

The most notable change to the typical debauchery of the Loud House was the absence of Lori Loud, the eldest of the Loud siblings. Turning 20 years old back in August, add to it her full physical frame and bust being in the slimmed but near-mirror image of her mother minus the enormity of Rita's hips, she and her bunny-bubby boo-boo Bobby had decided to get an apartment together in the downtown area of Royal Woods, close to their employers to decrease the traffic time. Lori began work with a law firm as a legal assistant, and started attending college to prep for Law School, hoping to become an attorney specializing in Patent Law, Consumer Law, Communications Law and cell phone service regulations. She really jived with this area the most since most of what she did every day was text and text and text…and text.

Bobby was an astute salesman at a large-scale car lot, already an assistant lead manager for the company, making an abnormally high amount of money his age, though he pooled it with Lori's income to help with their bills and her law career; he gave a cool fifty bucks here and there to his beloved younger sister Ronnie Anne.

They were inseparable in the past; now they were permanently glued, deep soul mates for one another, regardless of whether Bobby would pop the question, which was something Lori gave passing consideration for. Bobby had matured enough to the point that his love for Lori manifested in an outstanding work ethic to provide for him and her, which day-by-day also included the rest of the Louds too.

Lincoln and the other sisters were saddened but well-understanding that this was part of the maturing stage everyone could and would go through, something Leni needed careful clarification on. Lincoln's only solace was that he'd no longer need to be an occasional foot stool for Lori. At first he was afraid the family might be in the beginnings of falling apart, but later introspection allowed him to realize that he'd always have his eldest sister, and that, in a way the family was getting closer to becoming bigger with Bobby now more permanently fixated in the picture. They both got along extremely well, so in the end it was awesome. For the remaining sisters and everyone else, it also meant that Lori's tyrannical babysitting days, laxed as they were in the past two years but still strict, were gone. A new age of laissez-faire babysitting took place with Leni and Luna sharing dual roles in the responsibility, which meant much more relaxed guidelines.

Lori's move out of the house was not entirely unexpected, and had little impact in reducing the residence's reputation as being the loud Loud house. It was still heartbreaking for her, the family, particularly for Rita, Lynn Sr., and most tearfully of all, Leni Loud, the second oldest of the Louds.

Regarding Leni Loud:

Though you couldn't tell with her rather reliable air-headedness, Leni, now 19 years old, was coming into her own, blossoming into the white and aqua-green heart-throb blonde with a hourglass body all the guys and some girls in her college craved for, save for the ones that didn't totally go straight. With Lori's hair being the most dark-blonde, Leni's was the lightest, angelic colored, matching her extremely caring and perky side.

She loved working as an assistant in a décor and clothing store. Her airy and sweet bunny-like charm gave her a slightly undeserved reputation of being an Einstein in fashion, clothing, the anomalous skill of lock-picking, and decorating….and that was about it. It was routine to expect Leni to confound a saying, quote, idea, situation, misread or misinterpret something, though these occasions happened far less frequently...only twenty times a day like clockwork, a new record for Leni; Lisa Loud jokingly kept track to wait for an outlier or variation in the data. Every day saw a new outfit with a variation of the aqua-green and white color-combo scheme Leni prided herself on, but she kept her trademark sunglasses and sandal-look, thinking from some unknown happenstance from Lucy that her toes would disappear should they be enveloped in regular shoes. Of course Luan would chime in and insist Leni was being "Toe-tally" ridiculous with her subtle, good-natured chuckle-pun, followed by, "get it?" Leni didn't understand or mind.

She loved the flexibility of her work and her pursing a college degree in Fashion Design, this situation only working since she decided to stay home longer and pay rent for the same room she and Lori lived in for all their lives together; even if she was now alone in the room. That change she didn't like. The mannerisms and cues with which she learned with and from Lori, her bestest best friend and closest sister of all, were now wasted in the larger amount of space, the reliability of more closet room for clothes, more time to openly speak thoughts that may or, in Leni's case, more likely not make sense, more time, just…alone.

Leni did not at first understand what Lori was doing, at least until her other siblings, particularly Lincoln, broke down why Lori had decided upon this new venture, even if Lori was within a ten minute drive. It broke poor Leni's heart to see the brass yet motherly sibling she grew up with leave the Loud nest. Eventually though, Leni gave a tearful goodbye to her sister…then proceeded to call her within the minute she left to check up on her, and call Lori every day at least three times to keep in touch. Lori secretly told Leni that she would want Leni to be the "maid of honor" should Bobby pop the question, which seemed to be inching closer and closer every day, getting uncontrollable squeals from Leni.

Leni was now the de facto sibling-matriarch of the sisters and brother, though not to the degree Lori took on the role, and the only exception being Luna since both were legal adults and kept co-charge of the house to extreme liberation, so long as the other siblings didn't abuse it, which they did. Unlike Lori though, Leni and Luna didn't care so much as no one got hurt on their watch. The biggest change in this new senior role was Leni's penchant to make smoothies for everyone in the house every day, a habit she slowly developed into a new creative art form that could give current smoothie shops a run for their money.

The most frequent visits to the now oldest Loud sibling in the lone room came from her still closest siblings; munchkin Lily, beauty-pageant Lola for tips and tricks on style, since they now had the most in common, Luan, even when Leni tells her she should consider getting rid of the fashion-nightmare that was her scrunchy, Lincoln, and Luna Loud.

Regarding Luna Loud:

Luna Loud, the slick styling, head-rocking, rock music pumping, self-admitted anglophile of the family with an ever-improving array of multi-British accents and tongues, was now 18 years old, legally an adult and much more able and mobile to explore the rock scene. Her roadie Chunk unfortunately had to make a career move and choose the Trucker's road, escorting rock bands in the way a roadie would, but with vast more responsibility and pay. Though distressed at first, Luna fully understood the private reasons Chunk had for doing this, giving her longtime rocking-companion the best of the best for a departing bloke; a gigantic collection of Cockney rock, Chunk's favorite.

Besides this and the Lori upset, Luna had been doing extremely well, following Leni's footsteps in going to the same college to find out how additional education could help her in her desired Rock career. She took the bare requirements, focusing on an associate double-degree in music and business production, a good start for an individual not too crazy about college at large, but needing educational anchoring for all that was involved in Rocking out rock music hard, other than music theory, harmony, structures, melody and the lay of instrumentation possible for rock in general and its variations.

She had just recently, since July, heard orchestrated recordings of her precious rock bands from Britain. At first mortified and furious by such a drastic modification to her favorite British monster hits by an equally famous monster, the London Symphony Orchestra, she began to slowly jive with them, culminating in a secret and somewhat embarrassing new love for orchestral music, or at least the orchestral adaptations of rock music...if done right in her opinion.

Luna's frame came with Leni's in being as drastic, her bust being among the most pronounced, only rivaled by Leni, Lori and quite possibly surpassed by the fourth oldest Loud, though Luna had the fullest and bounciest… gluteus maximus, of the sisters with Lori out of the house, Rita notwithstanding. Her bust slightly exceeded her hip width, freckles now sloshed all over her body, and toned stomach for constant abdominal rock-motions gave her a mix of a figure eight and triangle body frame, vastly more exotic, attractive and grungy in the rock music way, something Luna didn't pay much heed to.

She loved jamming more than the looks, but still took care of herself just for the sake of cleanliness and making rock-out, freak-out face paint, while spending a good six to eight hours a day practicing and feeling the melodious flow with her array of guitars. From acoustic, electric, bass, harp, a Russian one from a successful drinking dare she had with some mates, she now had in excess of twelve different types, all begrudgingly jimmied-up by Lisa Loud to connect to Luna's Sterrett amplifier. Lisa prepared herself and the other siblings with modified headphones and insulation inside Luna and Luan's room, designed to quell the sounds of a Boeing 747 in close proximity, so tinnitus would not be a total problem for the family.

When not busy rocking out alone, she rocked with Lincoln, one of her most favorite activities as of recent due to an increased interest by him in her classic guitar. Besides this, Luna hung out with her sisters she deeply cared about, helped lead the house while Rita and Lynn Sr. were out, and spent time with arguably her closest sister sibling, her roommate, Luan Loud.

Regarding Luan Loud:

Now 17 years old, the third oldest in the house and in 11th grade, was still the titanic comic figurehead of the family, a characteristic she may have gotten from her father. Ever the prankster and joker, she never let off the comedy gold gas, only reveling in puns, acts and family stories. However, her once personal revulsion to dirty jokes began to wane with age, and with more adult shows, began crafting hybrid risqué jokes and stories while still utilizing her favorite comic trick, the pun, and started to mush in the tradition of her favorite stand up comedians; Gabriel Iglesias, George Carlin, Kate McKinnon and Robin Williams. Clean comedians were her preference, but exploration of the craft of comedy gave a revelation to Luan over time; so long as it wasn't the total crux of an act, sprinkling in risqué and bad words here and there didn't kill comedy, so long as it didn't take full center stage. The real meat of a routine was the beginning, middle and end, the storyline, and there has to be a payoff, no matter what the payoff was. Why she really started liking Gabriel's Fluffy routines.

Luan had already made a name for herself in the Royal Woods comedy circuit just at the age of fifteen. Now with two years of mapping the scene, by age 17 she tried more stage appearances and introductions to large comedy clubs in the surrounding suburbs, especially in Grand Rapids, though still nervous to try Detroit, given the rowdy, crass reputation of some crowds in the comedy clubs. Slow and steady, not even eighteen yet, Luan was already throwing out the textbook for comedy and stand up for women her age, though the feminist angle wasn't her drive. It was the comedy, making people laugh, the unusual amount of hard work for such a fairy-sounding career that drove her.

Most of all, she loved seeing her family laugh, especially Lincoln, though they still groaned at the puns. They always had her back, particularly when at one of her shows a particularly bad heckler began getting to Luan, to which Lincoln yelled out and challenged him to do better; put up or shut up Lincoln yelled at to the jerk. Trying from his seat and failing in spectacular fashion by a booing audience, the guy left with his tail between his legs, shouting he had cats with droppings that were funnier.

"Well folks, it seems our guy had to leave, possibly to attend to his kitty cat at his house; you could say he's pussin out." This risqué pun got a rave response from the crowd, giving stimulus to Luan to keep the act all the way to the end. Luan found another level of love and respect for Lincoln backing her up like that.

If there was ever a time the genetics and puberty of the Loud sisters was exorbitantly too kind to one of them, and hit one of them like a ton a bricks, Luan Loud would be that sister. She became the surprising barer of the biggest bust of the elder Loud sisters, including Lori and mother Rita, which made Luan occasionally self conscious as to whether the crowds cheered for her or her unusually large breasts. With a minimum E bra size, this made Luan buy several yellow baggy sweaters and shirts so her audience members with chest-seeking eyes would be more inclined to focus on her as an individual and her comedy routine. Luna told her to flaunt what she was told was damned lucky to have, much to her flustered chagrin. Luan still kept some semblance of her traditional outfit and look from when she was younger, pony tail and all, save for the braces that came off a year ago. The problem now was that her checkered skirts had to be tailored for her hips and gluteus maximus that rivaled that of Luna and Leni, which Leni too kindly provided the services free for.

Lincoln became Luan's most reliable tester for her routines and jokes, followed strangely enough, by Lynn Loud, getting a newfound kick of her weaved stories after her practices and games.

Regarding Lynn Loud:

The bombastic athleticism of Lynn Loud only grew in degree with aging and high school, fostered by the greater interaction with several athletically-likeminded students. The 16 year old 10th grader loved to compete against this new larger pool of other students, and win, win, WIN! All sports lay at her domain, even so far as getting into the Royal Woods Football and Wrestling Teams. The coaches at first were not comfortable with a girl on the team. She proved her worth to the coaches and other team members right off the bat in Freshman year 9th grade, being able to throw passes and perform runs as quarterback that would give the defense of the other teams unspeakable hell. For wrestling, her mixed martial arts, kick boxing and lucha libre gave the team a huge upperhand against even the toughest of opponent schools.

She may have been lean and not as heavy as the big boys on the football team, but she was more than able to take a hit from the opposing defensive linemen, now fully growing out from being a late bloomer to above-average bust and a complete hybrid of the hourglass-lean athletic build with toned muscle. In fact, she routinely surprised and scared her other teammates in being able to dish out one hell of a tackle, downing guys much stronger and heavier than her, and make them blush by how attractive her ferocity and determination could be.

She, Leni, Luna, Lincoln and Lana seemed to have been born with hummingbird metabolisms, making their frames untypically easy to maintain, but requiring more energy for Lynn since she did the most physically strenuous activities of the Loud family. With or without the noticeable late onset of development taking over Lynn, she was the only one ever in the girls locker-room during practice and games. Occasionally while looking into the mirror before the game, she'd be wondering silently and fearfully in the way, way back of her mind if she was sometimes a bit too tomboyish, that maybe a boy wouldn't want to ask her out...because they were afraid of what she was. Even when she tackled Lincoln for fun, rough-housing with him, it was never in malice.

"Lincoln's not afraid of me."

She took solice in the fact that her younger sibling didn't fear her. In fact, he came to her for defense training, unable one day to use his smarts against a bully and Clyde ending up being seriously hurt a year and a half ago. Lynn more than willingly volunteered to help Lincoln learn self defense and mixed martial arts techniques. With Lincoln's want and determination to be able to defend his family and friends in a rough situation, he became surprisingly competent in mixed martial arts, being able to break even with Lynn in spontaneous spars. With these skills in tow, when the bully came back into the scene to go after Lincoln, he gave the kid that sent Clyde into the hospital a peaceful request not to start any more business with him, his friends or family. He warned this young reprobate about being trained by his sister in self defense skills. He laughed in Lincoln's face, and then into Lynns, who was by his side, in the exchange, before cowardly pulling a sucker-punch against Lynn. Lincoln's mind went blank through the whole ordeal when he saw Lynn get punched so dishonorably liked that. According to Lynn, Lincoln snapped, turned off his peace-loving reservations and gave the bully one hell of a beat down, one he would never forget in his lifetime. This gave Lynn extreme pride in Lincoln.

While her athletic prowess continued to soar, her grades, and to a lesser extent, her self esteem…not so much. School was the major burden with her life at the moment, finding the studies nauseatingly boring and pointless. One class that surprised her for her sophomore year was Speech/Debate, mostly because in her mind the objective of a debate using the mechanics of a speech was to win. Being able to turn anything into a competition, this longstanding tradition of debate played extremely well for Lynn, which took off in being the one area of school besides sports she did extremely well in, if not the only time she really studied her heart out; to beat the other side in any potential situation, just like any sport.

At home Lynn got all of her tutoring from the combined forces of Lincoln and Lucy, given Lisa's new responsibilities in helping tutor the burgeoning younger generation of Lola and Lana, Lily and the older sisters now in college. Lincoln did not mind in the least, seeing how he enjoyed talking to Lynn about some of the coursework he enjoyed, and owing her for the self defense training. Lynn nearly fell asleep with drool and ever-increasing snores during any study session. Lincoln got a serious kick out of the site, Lucy a small grin, and both had Luan come and help pull a wake-up prank with a cream pie, whip cream in the open palm of her hand, or just a scream prank from her laptop, to which a good-natured lucha libre body slam waited all three, then the laughs, then, Lynn dreading the boring coursework, reluctantly backed into studying again.

Even with polar opposite interests and abilities, Lynn having more in common with Lana physically in terms of a lack of fear of rough housing, Lincoln entertainment-wise, and Lisa for their shared degree of dislike for imperfect striving. Most of all she was extremely close to the sibling she shared her room with, the one she use to have more frequent fights with than anyone else, not including Lincoln, Lucy Loud.

Regarding Lucy Loud:

It would not be unwise to argue that the little Goth, Lucy Loud, being only 11 years old and in 5th grade, had the highest EQ and degree of emotional perceptibility of the family, if not for her age, the compassion angle only rivaled by Leni, Luna and Lincoln. Unusually mature for her cohort, she still retained the same mannerisms and interests as she had three years ago, just more sophisticated and knowing that occultism was not likely real, but still reading extensively on it, though she still states she communicates with her great grandmother Harriet.

Not much changed for her in the last three years. The only major difference now was that she and Luna became a bit closer the last few months, ever since she accidently walked in on Luna mock-conducting to the somber strings of an adapted rock song, followed by the somber folky strings of the movie, "The Village." It seemed to speak to Luna, which Lucy subsequently heard in the vents while trying to find poetry and musings to jot down. Luna was absolutely mortified from Lucy doing her classic unintentional pop-out-of-nowhere trademark scare, and discovering Luna doing something so un-rock like. Lucy was more than understanding, wanting out of curiosity to learn what Luna was listening to. They both bonded over somber, gloomy orchestral music. While she and Luna bonded over music, Lincoln still helped Lucy with her craft in poetry writing, still getting pointers and tips on adjustments and utility of the language to its fullest extent. Exploration of gothic literature and Fanfiction helped immensely.

She also began secretly watching horror movies with Lincoln, most of the house unaware of this fact besides Luna and Leni. Though Lincoln seemed to still get perturbed by films like these (ever since the one from three years prior), Lucy loved watching them; a mode of relaxation in the scary or morbid. She took to movies like Halloween, The Exorcist, Nosferatu, Psycho and The Shining.

However, she did fall into the trap of secretly loving Princess Pony to an excessive point of considering going to a Princess Pony Comicon covertly. Trying this ended in near-disaster. Luckily, Lincoln took the fall for Lucy and pretended that he brought her along to this place, tricking almost all the sisters into thinking he was into that. If covering for the pony-comic in the toilet could be topped, it was falsifying a love for the genre to your fellow siblings again that would even further cement Lucy's trust in Lincoln. How much he sacrificed his reputation, putting it all on the line, just for Lucy's insecure feelings about letting her passions become public knowledge. Eternal and, begrudgingly for Lucy…affectionate trust.

Still roommates with Lynn, she found the changes with Lynn much more…curious than alarming, considering the rather large age discrepancy between them, the biggest in the Loud house by five years. While they were close, they still seemed to drift apart, or at the very least, Lynn did. As Lynn slowly blossomed out of to a more feminine shell with iron-tick boyish athleticism, Lucy just sat in her bed, doing her trademark expressionless sighs while Lynn was hardly around anymore, except to help with her studies with Lincoln.


Being forgotten about; she greatly disliked this, but at least Lincoln, Luna and Lily were still close. And at least she still had the commotion around by the twins.

Regarding Lana Loud:

Lana's tomboyish nature, perennial love of mud, filth and grime never receded once in the last three years; it grew. Now in 3rd grade and 9 years old, her only gripe with growing up was that, occasionally, you had to get clean for school, either the night before or an extremely early shower in the morning. Otherwise, your parents would not let you play outside anymore or help in working on the house.

She was an early sleeper now, not for the beauty-sleep reasons Lola had, but to be sure to get the bathroom before anyone else, though barely using any hot water and her father's stick deodorant, something entirely unnecessary for a girl her age.

Even though her and Lola were the closest together, she avoided Lola's tea parties and pampering like the plague, ever-vigilant that she might be tackled down by the occasional, surprisingly strong and vicious Lola for a make-up test.

A recent aptitude test in her 3rd grade class made Lana want to be a journey man, or in her case, a journey women; a jack-of-all-trades in various home improvement, carpentry, autobody mechanics and grease monkey shenanigans. She also began to take to Lisa, asking to assist in her projects, either doing the grunt work or providing important tools of the job to get a science experiment of hers done. Lana took in all of Lisa's more grid-iron methods, omitting the precariously detailed, minute aspects of Lisa's research, and going after bulk tools and equipment, learning how they worked, taking them apart and putting them back together. Lisa found this new hardware girl assistant in Lana mildly enjoyable and useful, far more than the girly nature that was Lola.

Lana's DIY expertise came extremely handy to the well-meaning but inept Rita and Lynn Sr., who somehow seemed to have a daughter, self taught in the ways of carpentry, plumbing and electrical wiring, and could now only truly fix a DIY problem with the free consultation of Lana. Lisa got a kick out of this, why she found Lana much more useful and insightful than in her past.

Lana still had her pets from three years ago living and sleeping with her in her bed, ever much to Lola's chargin. Though they seemed to not help much for a particularly nasty dream she had many months ago one night.

Usually tough on the spectrum of Lynn, she nervously asked Lincoln if she could occasionally sleep next to him, to which Lincoln understandingly agreed. It wasn't long till Lola had an occasional bad dream and ran into Lincoln's room to crash with their big brother. Eventually when bad dreams for each of the little girls happened in erratic patterns over the next three years, one night both had them at the same time, and both huddled together while in big brother Lincoln's bed, him pushed to the wall, sleeping in tight quarters while they inadvertently cuddled asleep. The older siblings saw this one night and nearly died of overload cuteness, before Lincoln sent them on their way so he could get some sleep and not risk waking them. Lola could get one hell of a violent temper should anyone wake her.

Regarding Lola Loud:

Like her twin sister, in age and grade, only being two minutes younger, Lola Loud still retained the love of pageantry and beauty necessities she had with such intense, vigorous pink style. Her interests, like the rest of the Louds, hadn't changed, but her temperament has gotten a bit better, being less bratty and conniving and perkier, ever since she began hanging out with Leni more often in Leni's room.

Both took to each other for their love of fashion, though Lola used fashion design more as a tool to look as fabulous as possible for the beauty pageants she regularly attended and won. They began to gradually matter less to Lola in terms of what the judges thought of her, and more of how she could better improve, or experiment, or modify a look and still look totally fabulous to her, herself. Either way, they got along extremely well, Leni's sweet, ditzy charm seeming to control the potential volatility that could bubble out of Lola in villainous, chaotic spells. All it took was a day of finger and toenail painting, lip gloss, a mammoth number of clothing options, magazine reading, tea parties that Leni apparently loved still and variations on makeup application; this seemed to do the trick.

Lola has not once tattled against a sibling, a fact she gloats about all too often now, yet still jokingly yells out, "I'm telling Dad," to which she follows up in a sly, sarcastic, "kidding!"

For the last year, Lola has been slowly trying to bring Lily into the world of pageantry, seeing a queen or princess within the potential young child Lola could mould out. Lola thusly began hanging out with and caring for Lily much more frequently, almost as much as Leni, Luna, Lucy or Lincoln did, relative to the care she got by the older siblings. Meanwhile in a room tailored for and by a diminutive young genious…

Regarding Lisa Loud:

Paradoxically one of the quietest of the Loud children from a physical point of view, the 7 year old was still the loudest in terms of her scientific experiments she routinely conducted around the clock. Being the second youngest Loud, it was still comical to see her do the taxes and expenses of the household, bringing in a sizable income from her side projects for various government and private institutions.

One of the biggest changes to Lisa Loud was her ironic revelation to fix the issue with her glasses slipping off her nose; self-induced laser eye surgery, negating the need for her glasses. She didn't like the results…her new appearance without them, so she kept the glasses, just taking out the standard lens and putting in laboratory-grade glass inside. She may be the smartest child prodigy of her age, but she, like Leni, seemed to be prone to being scatter-brained in the search of answering a question or solving a problem. Ever-wise to the mantra and meaning of Occam's Razor, she frequently failed in applying it to her own problems, enjoying the disciplined craft of solving complicated mathematical expressions and resolving the incomplete calculations of NASA rocket scientists.

Her recent new area of interest was in sociology and psychology. Unlike the natural and mathematical disciplines, human social sciences presented to Lisa a challenge unlike any other; the fickle and inexact nature of the fields giving inexact, fluffy answers or a range of questions and issues, particularly on human affairs, geopolitics and the spontaneity of human consciousness. In a way, her thinking was concluding that particle physics and quantum mechanics might not be as hard as sociology, in terms of crafting an algorithm that could duplicate the events of human history, let alone an algorithm accurate enough to broadly predict the events of human culture going forwards in the coming centuries. In studying full time with neurology and other brain sciences, she played with these gigantic, overly-complicated sets of algorithms, and applied them at the individual level; Lisa tried to replicate the natures of her siblings…to disappointing results. Failure with Lisa was a never-ending nagging curiosity to try at the developmental scale, Lily Loud, hoping to work all the way to socio-political and economic structures.

Regarding Lily Loud:

4 and a quarter years old with blonde hair exactly like Leni's, and just a little taller and lankier than Lisa Loud was a four years old, Lily Loud was turning into one of the most kooky, entertaining Loud siblings. Now just getting able to speak words besides the phrase, "poo-poo," she began absorbing her auditory environment like a sponge, and seemed to be able to mimic sounds extremely well.

When Lily was doing her most favorite, and for most of the other Loud siblings, exhausting habit, running around the house, Lincoln and Luan turned the TV on momentarily to relax while Lily bounced off the walls. When old cartoons popped up, they saw Lily stop on a dime, walk to the TV and watch it like a hawk. To Lincoln and Luan's amazement, Lily started being able to replicate the voices, accents and mannerisms of the cartoon characters to extreme and frightening accuracy, dumbfounding the siblings watching the youngest perform vocal impressions the likes of which they hadn't realized were possible from someone so young and inexperienced with film or media characters.

Eventually it got to the point for the last few months that when the whole family would watch a cartoon or movie together, they'd see how close Lily could get to an impression or vocal effect of the cast of the show; almost spot on every time, still off on slightly deeper voices like Bea Arthur or Alan Rickman, but overall better than what most voice actors can do in replicating that voice. All were still astounded that she could do this; Lincoln encouragingly remarked that Lily could be an actor or impressionist specializing in celebrity impressions, and it looked like Lily was really, really good at doing a spectrum of famous TV and movie actresses of old from the 30's to the 80's, and add to that, a multitude of Disney and Looney Tune characters. Weirdest of all, to Lincoln especially, she could mimic Popeye to a tee, double-octave and all.

The visceral, pliable nature of Lily's voice, sounded utterly impossible, but could come in handy to the other siblings in pulling pranks on one another, and especially when they would want her to imitate Rita and Lynn Sr. How she could mimic her father's voice, or most male voices, no one had a clue, and was an ongoing topic for Lisa Loud to investigate, though she suspected Lily might have a genetic mutation in her voice box and auditory recognition in her brain.

Ironically with her blossoming vocal skill, she did not talk a lot. When not watching cartoons or movies, she was very quiet, coloring in her coloring book or looking at pop-up books.

Besides having a genius-level aptitude for voices, Lily began watching more and more movies, something Lincoln enjoyed immensely himself, both bonding over the classic kids movies and somewhat older types he liked. Lily was always game for a movie, whatever it was. His genre was mostly in anime and Sci-Fi, yet she crossed the rainbow of genres age-acceptable for her to watch, sucking up the immense amount of films around the house, Lincoln's room and secretly ones intended for 13 year olds and up from Luan as much as possible, becoming at her age the Lisa Loud equivalent of movie film buffs.

Lincoln thought it was stellar to see the peculiar variety of uniqueness and genius manifest in so many ways from each of the Loud siblings. How could he ever compete?

Regarding Lincoln Loud:

Lincoln Loud, the only boy in the family, was now 14 years old and in eighth grade, had undergone some serious physical changes in the last few months, up to the point of some minor discomforting pain. Leaner with a bit more muscle, slightly deeper voice, still white-haired as ever, and now in better shape thanks to Lynn's self defense training, was slightly taller than Lynn by about an inch, her five-five, him barley five-six. The only ones taller than him were Luan, Luna and Leni by several inches still, but recently he saw pictures of his Pop-pop from his younger navy years. Lincoln was told that maternally, he might grow to as much as 6'3, the tallest in the family possibly like Pop pop was. Pop pop apparently lost a lot of his height from a combination of getting older and the effects of throwing around engines and roughhousing, both taking a toll on his spine, even though he was a spring chicken still for a man his age.

Lincoln's physique may have changed, but his outlook, mannerisms and interests stayed relatively constant from his eleven year old self. He still retained his charisma, enthusiasm, knack for planning ahead and nerdy love for video games, manga, comic books, science fiction movies and stories. Girls, however, flew on his radar like clockwork the year before when he turned thirteen, the effects of his ever-increasing levels of hormones taking their wrath on the teenager's mind. His main brain became much more prone to the other brain in his body.

Lincoln however still maintained an admirable degree of control and discipline with his developing nature, and by extension, the unintentional dreams and fantasies that would pop up in his mind whenever he saw girls his age or older around that peeked his interest. Ever the gentleman, he kept his biology in check, even with Ronnie Anne no longer his girlfriend. Their relationship last for two more years, until Lincoln got the feeling she was drifting on and not as reliable a regular friend as she could have been. It was at a sudden confession from Ronnie Anne that she may not really like Lincoln that way. She apparently began to have thoughts for girls, and girls only.

This broke Lincoln's heart for a while, but they made up and still stayed friends. Lincoln even joked that he'd help his former girlfriend find a girlfriend, with of course Ronnie Anne punching Lincoln in the arm with a smile on her face, still ever grateful to have him in her life.

Now that he was a free agent again, he still held some reservations in diving into another relationship, still sore from Ronnie Anne, it almost being a full year. When his sisters found out, they jumped the gun and were about to go after Ronnie Anne with everything they had, until Lincoln calmed them down and told them it was a mutual break up. He only specified the reasons to Luna and Lucy, not wanting anyone else to know about Ronnie Anne's new persuasion.

With the loss of Ronnie Anne as a big role in his life, it didn't help that his wingman, his best, best friend Clyde, had to move out of the neighborhood half a year ago. Clyde's dads had found out that with the change of administrations and the conservative nominations of several Scalia-like supreme court justices, an overturning of Obergefell v. Hodges had recently occurred, throwing same-sex marriage in Michigan to the state level, and a huge push from the conservative side in the state seemed all-too certain to severely damage the McBrides and the state of same-sex marriage in many states across the US. The McBrides took refuge in Washington State, a more liberal area that they could easily enjoy, but at the unfortunate expense of Lincoln and Clyde's inseparable friendship. They still kept in touch, but…it wasn't the same.

Of all things, even including the Ronnie Anne ordeal, this actually caused Lincoln a serious case of depression, creating a wave of serious concern from Lincoln's parents and fellow siblings. All did their best to try and keep up his spirits, but for weeks he seemed on autopilot, going through the motions of life, not being his typical self.

Luna and Luan accidently say him tearfully cursing out at a televised interview of the Michigan legislature members that successfully pushed to make same sex marriage illegal in Michigan again. They were shocked by how sudden and violent his yelling and anger had become, frightened and saddened by their stressed, emotionally drained younger brother acting so out of character. With tears in their eyes, Luna and Luan saw him collapse to his knees on the carpet, introspectively releasing all at once his pent of sadness and rage over the move of Clyde, his eyes streaming. Humbled by his passion and love for his friends, they immediately formed a plan with the rest of the family.

Communication from the McBride fathers to Rita and Lynn Sr indicated Clyde was going through this phase too, but was dealing with it better and starting to get some new friends. Only weeks after the move, Lincoln was thrilled to see Clyde and his father's at their house. Lincoln was moved to tears to see Clyde again, as was Clyde too, and the site brought the fathers and Lynn Sr comically crying too. They found out the sisters all pulled their earnings together, along with help from Bobby and Ronnie Anne, were going to spent the weekend together, Friday night at the house, all day Saturday at Dairy World, and Sunday back at the house. The McBride fathers subsequently promised Lincoln that they would try and bring Clyde to visit every few months to keep their friendship. Lincoln loved how they were awesome people.

With things in relative semblance for Lincoln, the matter of girls could be back on his mind, his charisma still matched by how awkward his stuttering and nerdiness could be, and especially, for some reason, around his older siblings. He couldn't quite gage it, but his suspicion was that his biology was throwing out of whack his mind and usual proclivities. Ever since Luna and Luan spearheaded the return of Clyde back into his life, he was finding them more…interesting. They had good figures, but Lincoln's mind wandered to other words that he was ashamed he was associating with his sisters, especially in the late night where his conscious could not control his messed-up, dirty subconscious teenaged testosterone-laden dreams. These were nightmares for him, but surprisingly good nightmares, if there ever was such a thing. And he would not proceed to pursue any inquiry to these dreams ever, intentionally in the real world or in the imaginary world… that is, until, they may have been gradually accumulating and being reciprocated by another older Loud sibling.