Chapter 30: Rita's Son Has Got it Goin On

Lincoln stared at the hallway and setup Luna just jimmied up. It was rushed but pretty decent for last minute, looking akin to their karaoke times they'd both do together or when the family sang songs together...minus Lucy since she typically erred from singing with the family.

"Luna? What are you doing?"

"Something wicked my dear lil duuuuuuuuude. Here, take a seat," she said, gingerly plopping him on her bean bag chair that somehow magically was right behind him.

"How'd that get there?"

"Spend enough time with Black Magic girl, ya learn some tricks, hehehe," Luna cooed with a smirk, slipping on her guitar and hooking it up to her amp.

"Did you make a new song Luna?"

"I made like, thirty-six. But this is an oldie...well a newby, sorta a remix that I think you'll love, hehehe. Did some tweaks."

Luna grabbed a remote control and pressed a comically large red button, turning on the Sterrett amp. A tinge of static cling tickled Lincoln's ears. Besides him was possibly the most 80s looking Panasonic Boombox ever. Luna seemed to have hooked everything together, though given Luna's skills with rock tech and equipment it didn't surprise Lincoln.

He sat back and relaxed as the beat started playing, Luna playing minor chords with it.

And then Luna began singing.

"Rita's son, has got it goin' on. Rita's son, has got it goin' on. Rita's son, has got it goin' on. Rita's son, has got it goin' on."

Lincoln laughed out so hard he fell over off the bean bag chair, gasping for breath while slipping back in it. Luna took a few steps closer to him.

"Rita, can I come over after scho-oo hoo-aa-oool? After schooooool."

"Holy crud Luna AHAHAHAHAH!"

"We can hang around by the po-oo hoo-aa-oool. Hang by the poooool. Did your son get back from his field trip? Field trip"

"Oh my GOD that's soooo bad!" He cried out laughing as he rocked his head along.

"Is he there, or is he trying to give me the sli- hee, heeaa- iiip? Give me the slip."

Lincoln wiped tears from his eyes.

"But you know, he's not the little boy that he used to be. He's all grown up now. Baby, can't you see!?"

"Here we go," Lincoln said in anticipation.

"Rita's son, has got it goin' on! He's all I want, and I've waited for so long! Rita, can't you see? You're just not the girl for me. I know it might be wrong but, I'm in love with Rita's son."

"HAHAHAHA! Luna that is so beyond FUCKED it's beautiful!"

"Rita's son, has got it goin' on. Rita's son, has got it goin' , do you remember when I mowed your lawn? Mowed your lawn. Your son came out, with just a towel oo, oo hu aw on. Towel on."

"Oh that was just one time! Lana screwed up the plumbing downstairs and crossed the cold and hot water together."

"Pft, you just wanted to show of Linc," Luna said, nibbling his ear for a moment, almost causing him to faint.

"I could tell he liked me from the way he stared. The way he stared."

"Retrospectively yes, yes I did in fact."

"And the way he said, "You missed a spot over there, " a spot over there."

"You were soooo sweaty girl, and you never did get that spot in the yard" Lincoln said, blowing a raspberry and smirking at her, before Luna leaned forward and tunged his tongue with tons of drool oozing onto Lincoln's mouth.

"And I know that you think it's just a fantasy. But since his girl walked out your son could use a gal like me! Rita's son, has got it goin' on! He's all I want, and I've waited so long! Rita, can't you see? You're just not the girl for me! I know it might be wrong but, I'm in love with Rita's son!

Luna started rocking hard, super hard, like her concert with Chunk years ago, drumming the solo from the song at full blast. It was so epic Lincoln found the strength to jump to his feet and rock along, lost in the love of his life's musical flow and expression of how much she loved him. They locked eye contact as they rocked together, their eyes tingling from the sites of one another. Lincoln couldn't help but blush by how loose he was being. Luna just let this side out of him so naturally, and after the day he was having, this felt angelic.

"Rita's son has got it goin' on! He's all I want and I've waited for so long! Rita can't you see? You're just not the girl for me, I know it might be wrong but, I'm in love with Rita's son, aaoooh aaaooooh! I'm in love with Rita's son, aaooooh aaooooh! Wait a minute. Rita can't you see? You're just not the girl for me."

Luna scooted next to him, looking directly down into Lincoln's eyes, drunk off the music and Lincoln's ecstatic happy smiles as she began blushing herself. Lincoln gently grabbed her side hips, rocking along with her as she scooted in closer to whisper the last lyrics.

"I know it might be wrong but, I'm in love with Rita's son."

"I know it might be wrong but, I'm in love with Rita's daughter," Lincoln sang back to her in a little chuckle. Luna pulled his forehead into hers as she looked in his eyes.

"You're the cutest thing ever."

"Naaaaaaaaaaah, I'm handsome," Lincoln said with a cheeky grin. Luna just leaned down and kissed him.

"Cheeky, cute and handsome, deal mate?"

"Deal, ehehhe. And you're incredible. Wait...Luna?"

Lincoln saw tears streaking down Luna's cheeks.

"Luna? Wha's wrong?"

"Huh, what dude?"

Lincoln wiped from the tears running down her cheeks and showed her.

"Holy crud...I'm just like, so happy, I think it's makin me like, cry tears of joy dude," Luna giggled in embarrassment. Luna got flustered as she tried wiping her tears off.

"Let me help my rocker gal,"Lincoln said gently as he used a corner of his shirt to wipe her face.

"Thank you dude. I, I dunno why...I just feel so happy and I think it just made me cry for some reason."

"Pst, Luna."

"Yeah dude?"

"Herdi Verdi Verdi."

"That's my line damn it," she choked out in a teary giggle, embracing him in a tight hug, losing her balance and falling with him gently onto the bean bag chair, her under him. Luna scooted the guitar off her with care as she pulled Lincoln onto her, Lincoln staring in her eyes with a big goofy love-struck smile. She ran her fingers through his hair, twiddling with his trademark cowlick.

"I love you Lincoln."

"I love you too Luna, so much."

"I don't wanna move."

"Me neither. I'm comfy as heck," Lincoln said, nuzzling his chin affectionately all over Luna, nibbling her neck and ears.

Then it started again.

Luna looked at Lincoln's throat, then placed a hand on it; he was purring loudly like a cat.

"We gotta figure out when the fuck that started, hehehe," Luna laughed, as she pulled Lincoln's neck onto her face so his purrs could smother her cheeks.

"Yeah, I still don't know what the hell caused that."

"It was totally Lisa. Callin it."

"Well...yeah, probably was."

"I'll send her some flowers and thank her," Luna said under her breath.

"No you won't!" Lincoln exclaimed loudly, rubbing more along Luna.

"Hehe, well I like it. It feels soooooo good. On my lips or down there," she said with a wink. "That was a fun lil discovery last Friday."

"Mmmmmmm, my weird purring thingy that starts up when I'm happy?"

"Yeah dude! Especially when you ate me out, and while you made me cum you just put your neck on it...holy FUCK that like shocked my system."

"I do aim to please, hehehe."

Luna scooted on her side and proceeded to big spoon Lincoln, closing their eyes for a few moments. They rubbed and caressed one another, taking this time and freedom to just focus solely on one another.

"I wish I could purr like that. Every time I see you and am around you I wanna purr."


"Yeah Linc?"

"I wanna do this...forever," he said gently, now finally feeling at peace from this whole ordeal from the day.

"Me too...although we're sorta in the hallway, haha. Back in me room mate?"

"Nooooooooooo, I is comfy," Lincoln comically grumbled, spinning around and attaching himself to Luna's sides, wrapping his arms and legs around her.

"Hehe, hold on dude," she said, as she popped her neck and rose up with surprising upper body strength, Lincoln still clinging on to Luna's larger body.

"Hehe, lil Kuala."

"Hold me," he said with a giggle, Luna slipping her hands under his ass to support him.

"Jesus crimeny are you fucking cute!"

"Hey, shouldn't I be carrying you?"

"Nah, I've carried you more times than you'll ever know, heheh."

"Oh yeah! Oh I ever gonna get taller by the way?"

"Eh, who cares. Short or tall you're still my lil Lincoln Loud," she cooed, nibbling his cheeks, causing Lincoln to giggle. Luna tried to carry him to her room, but she couldn't help but pushing him against the hallway wall and looking at his eyes.

"I love your eyes too," Lincoln said with a wink, before leaning in to french Luna.

They locked in place, making out profusely, saliva and sweat lathering one another.

"Hehe, your sex drive is gnarly mate. Looks like someone's already rearin to go," Luna giggled, pressing her crotch into Lincoln's very noticeable erection under his clothing.

"Well, you're good making him cum out, ahahahaha, get it?"

"Pffft, okaaaaay Luan! Silly."

"Ppppfttt yourself," Lincoln replied back, sneaking a hand down in Luna's groin, rubbing her crotch; whatever fabric Luna was wearing was terrible because Lincoln easily got her soaking through them on the spot.

"You kinky lil bastard, hehehe. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm….hey, wanna take it in me bedroom?"

"Mmmmmmmm...I wonder what my dear older sister wants with me?" Lincoln teased.

"Hmmmm...well...maybe I'm trying to collect on what we were gonna do at Dairlyland," Luna said with a wink. Lincoln's eyes went wide, his face cherry red, his erection fully hard.

"Oh yeah...we...I..I...uh,..uhm…" Lincoln mumbled.

"Only if you still want to Linc. Won't ever-"

"No! It's okay Luna. I...I want to. I just...don't wanna hurt you, ya know?"

"You won't hurt me Linc. That's what patience, foreplay and lots n lots of lube is for," she said, kissing his forehead.

" wanna fuck my ass bro?"

Lincoln went more red than cinnabar, more red than a volcanic sunset.

"Sorry mate, what I meant to say wanna fuck my ass so deep you fill me up with your cum and lay with me with your big cock still in me, keeping your cum in my tight tight thicc ass?"

Lincoln utterly melted, damn near fainted, as an incomprehensible onslaught of swooning gibberish escaped his words.

"I'll take that as a yes goofball, hehehe. I'mma take a shower to freshen up and prep. Just remember lil bro. Go easy on me luvs."

Luna placed him back on his shaky legs...he needed a minute. Luna held him in place as he was re-calibrating his footing and conscious mind.

"Hmmmm, note to self; if I wanna cripple Lincoln easy, talk about how much I want him to ass-fuck me, hehehe."

Luna placed the dazed Lincoln on the bean bag chair as she proceeded to clean up the hallway up with her gear, piece by piece.

"Give me about ten minutes dude. Take a breather in your room. And you may wanna cool off for a lil, cause it's gonna get hot in a lil bit cutie-butt. And one more thing Linc."

", ye,ye,yeah Luna?"

"Herdi verdi verdi," she smirked in his face, licking his nose as she twirled around, leaning over and booping her toes comically on his nose, then knowling swirled her huge ass back and forth just to entice Lincoln.

A big streak of blood shot out of Lincoln's nose as she disappeared out of sight into the bathroom.

"Holy shit...I can't feel anything but fizzies and fuzzies," Lincoln mumbled happily, leaning up unsuccessfully, tripping over his feet and landing back on the bean bag chair.

"Alright Loud, get it together! Come on man! Just...just relax. You're just...hanging with the girl of all girls...and...about to anally...holy fuck...she's right, I need to cool down."

Lincoln leaned forwards on all fours, taking his time to find his balance on two legs again. This was just as bad as being high. He remembered he was still high as a Dubai skyscraper.

"Don't mess it up dude. Luna's gonna guide ya. You won't screw it up. You'll make her happy...just...just gotta...holy shit I'm tired."

Lincoln got to his door. The horror from earlier trickled back in for a moment, before his mind, and the fanciful idea of Luna's spirit being there with him, quelled those scary images.

He smiled, taking a nice, long, slow deep breath, in and out.

And back in his room he was. Nothing weird, nothing abnormal. Just like it was a little bit ago.

"Okay, this is good. My mind is mine again. Things...things are good. It's all good."

Lincoln collapsed on his bed, taking some deep breaths, letting his mind relax, focusing just on Luna, how much she really pulled him out of his trip.

He grabbed a Dr. Pibb Xtra he hid under his bed; damn near four twelve packs from the rest of the family, his own personal stash.

"Here's to you Luna. Remind me to thank you for getting me out of there and putting me back on my feet. You always do."

Lincoln took a nice long gulp, burping loudly several times, just for the heck of it. He leaned over and grabbed one of his Calvin and Hobbes books Lori bought him a little while ago and started reading it, enjoying the wholesomeness and art the comic was drawn and written.

He forgot the time,probably five or so minutes passed by. He was enjoying the cool down time, musing at how polar opposite the situation he had with Luna was compared to the wholesomeness the comic portrayed.

"Wow, hehehe, life is strange. Who'd ever thought I'd end up falling in love with Luna and it being mutual...and end up blowing loads in my sister. PPPFFFTTT AHAHAHAHAH! Well, haven't done that yet. Still gotta see if I can fit without hurting her."

Lincoln had a quick idea.

He pulled his laptop out and did a quick search.

"Do women with big asses have tighter pussies?" Was the search.

Then, Bun-Bun suddenly plopped onto his lap.

"Oh, Bun-Bun!" Lincoln said happily, not hesitating to hug the little stuffed bunny.

"I missed you," he said, laying on his side. He normally would NEVER let anyone catch him with it; what little reputation he had would all be destroyed if it got out he still snuggled with a stuffed animal at his age. Bun-Bun still came in handy, especially when he had...nightmares, memory flashbacks to Sister Fight Protocal, the tornado, Mary...he always tried if he could not to rope in the rest of his family with his night terrors.

Sometimes, he recalled, finding gashes and scratches on himself; he found one night he dug his nails in his skin and game himself some pretty deep bloody scratches. He's just say in the morning to Luna, Luan, Leni, Lynn, Lola and Lana, Lucy or Lisa, even Lily, his mom and dad, that Cliff tore him up when he tried petting him, or that he was doing something stupid like mess with some tools.

He didn't want them knowing anything about what still plagued him. Especially not Leni and Luna...especially not Luna...never Luna he thought.

They went through so much hell to get him.

Why he dug all his personal issues into Bun-Bun. Bun-Bun would always be there. Best to not bother the rest of the family with his problems, his parents especially since they had a whole house of kids to raise still.

He was strong enough to do this he told himself, and Bun-Bun would be there to help him. Of course he'd confide a little with Luna, but never hint at the nightmares that still scared him. of losing her again like that on the ferry, seeing someone's life leave their eyes, seeing the horror that was the Tornado outbreak in the region.

No, life was good now. Things were better he thought. It was still, he wondered, a curiously chaotic day, getting drugged and high, having shenanigans and hijinks with Lynn. He laughed how that turned out...till remember certain key details, like at the showers, the more...awkward moments on the floating cheese roll. the hallway stuff with Luna and Lynn.

"Life is weird Bun-Bun. At least you'll always be there for me," he said, snuggling his head into it.

"I'll always be there for you Lincoln."

"Thank you Bun-Bun. You're the best...wait a...oh no."

"I love you Lincoln."

"Oh shit. No, no no nope! Not you Bun-Bun!"

It happened again.

Bun-Bun, in Lincoln's arms, before his eyes, was morphing into an anthropomorphic bunny-woman.

"Nope. This is where I draw the line. Nope, I'm out."

Lincoln hopped up, grabbed the flirty Bun-Bun and placed her on his pillow, closed his laptop, and started heading out of his room.

"Lincoln, don't you wanna cuddle?"

"You're a figment of my still volatile drugged-out state Bun-Bun. You're not actually talking right now."

"Oh come on Lincy. I've been with you for sooooooo long. Don't you want this?" Bun-Bun said with a velvety tone, hopping up next to him, nibbling her little nose into his. Lincoln took a stern step back.

"I'm not letting my mind pull this shit again. You're not really here, you're on the bed still. Last thing I'm every going to do is fuck my stuffed bunny companion."

"So I aaaaaaam your companion! Yay! Now come over here so I can nibble-paw you."

"Enough imagination," Lincoln more sternly said, brushing off the advances of Bun-Bun.

"You meanie. Come snuggle and fuck me."

"I'll always snuggle you Bun-Bun. But never fuck you, because that's a line I'll never cross."

"That's silly, cause you've crossed soooooo many lines already with those big bunny feet of yours."

"Hey! If anyone has big bunny feet it's you! And I know those lines I've crossed are like, not exactly...wait a sec...what the fuck am I doing?" Lincoln asked openly, grasping that he was in the throws of a conversation that was in truth, one-sided.

He quickly opened his door, popped out, then came back in.

There Bun-Bun was, the stuffed little toy, sitting on his pillow.

He sighed in relief, walking over to Bun-Bun, giving it a big, long hug.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be mean. I just can't cross that line, not with you. I love you too much Bun-Bun."

He hugged it so gently and gingerly, keeping mind of Bun-Bun's weak stitches and some fluff sticking out.

"Note to self; need to secretly ask Leni and plead her to fix you and never tell a soul I still have it. Never should have said I got rid of it...dang it."

Lincoln placed Bun-Bun in a secure secret spot, behind his mattress, buttressed between the wall so there was space for Bun-Bun not to be suffocated.


Lincoln shot off the ground and screamed in terror, landing face-first in his wall, rattling the shelves. He turned around and saw a fully alert, anxious Lynn bouncing up and down with a freaked out grin.


"Come on Lame-O! We gotta go!" Lynn cried out, tugging his arm, then tossing him over her shoulder into her room. It was a complete disaster, like every sport in the known universe had a fight with each other then had a crazy sweaty orgy.

"Lynn! What the hell!"

"Hold this," she said, tossing a boomerang at him, hitting his face before it wedged in his hair. He angrily grumbled pulling out, before seeing Lynn...completely in her birthday suit.

"LYNN, MAKE YOURSELF DECENT!" Lincoln cried out, blushing hard, covering his eyes and turning around at lightening speed.

"Shut up! The Gods can't hear," Lynn growled back, balancing on her tippy-toes, holding 40 lb dumb bell weights straight out, squatting up and down in a rotational circle. She then pulled a basketball with her foot and slowly balanced herself on it, using her feet and ankles to slowly twist herself around and around, mumbling a voodoo-like ritual chant.

"What the FUCK Lynn?"

"QUIET! I hear them."

Lincoln held the boomerang and grabbed anything he could to cover his eyes, falling backwards into Lucy's tattered bed. Several bats came hurtling out, hiding behind Lincoln's arms, as though they were petrified of Lynn's shenanigans.

"Hang on, hang on! I'll help ya guys," Lincoln said, letting them flutter on his shoulders, grabbing a bat to block them from Lynn. He inched towards the window and let them fly out; one surprisingly turned around and gave Lincoln a tender lick on the nose.

"Awww, thanks. Now get outta here and be safe. My insane sister is-"


"Lynn! Quit it! And put some damn clothing on you freak!" Lincoln roared, throwing some jerseys and shorts at her, knocking her off balance onto her bed and piles of sports gear.

"Serves you right. You scared Lucy's bats half to death with whatever the hell went down in here. And you tore the whole damn room apart. Lucy is gonna be pissed."

"I'll explain on the way, get your shoes on nerdo!" Lynn yelled back, slipping on a classic jersey and her red shorts to the side, her butt cheeks pointed at Lincoln. He violently blushed and turned around, trying in vein not to let himself get turned on.

"On the way? The hell you talkin about Lynn?"

"We gotta go out! It's important!"

"Youu're losing it Lynn! Calm down!"

"The task!"

"What task?"

"I...don't...know...but the Sport Gods told me I have a task to do, and I have to do it! It's somewhere out in town, I mean it's all over town, the task, I gotta, we gotta, task task TASK!"

"Lynn! Don't be nuts! We're still recovering from-"

"They told me it's somewhere close, the goal. We gotta find it dude! The amount of luck there is like a goldmine!"



Lincoln just looked at her in shock and bewilderment. Lynn fiddled with her socks on, putting them on upside down but not caring.

" seriously are fucked up right now. Take a moment and re-"

"I CAN'T! If I don't do this Lincoln, I'll never have a snowball's chance in hell of having things just right! I got the new plays written down for the game and made a shit ton of copies!"

"Plays? Things just right? DO YOU HEAR YOURSELF? I have no idea what in hell you're going on about!"

"I hear the Gods telling me I can make things happen now Lincoln. I have a chance. For it all to happen, just like in my dreams!"

"You're fucking high..."

"I'm fucking high on the adrenaline of collecting and spreading what'll be my greatest luck charm in the history of luck charms!"

"Luck charms? Oh HELL NO! If you think I'm getting back in that god damn Squirrel suit you're fuckin DREAMING! I don't care how hight you are. Don't you remember all that drama and bullshit we went through afterwards? The fighting? Pop-Pop getting involved? Running away? Tell your Gods they can KISS THE FRECKLIEST PART OF MY ASS!"

"I'll keep that in mind nerdo, but, no such luck, no stupid squirrel suit," Lynn said with a rather disturbing, intimidating wink that was on par with her beastly sports mode. It terrified Lincoln but he still held his ground and stance.

"Nothing like that bro, now let's go! I'll explain on the way over!" Lynn ecstatically said with a tense twitching eye, grabbing Lincoln with full force and carrying him away.



"WHY...why us?"

"...I MEAN FOR ME NERDO! And you owe me!"


"Yes you do! I saved you from that cheese stampede."

"...YOU'RE THE ONE THAT STARTED THIS WHOLE CLUSTERFUCK OF A DAY! DANG IT LYNN!" Lincoln cried out as he was being carried away by Lynn downstairs, her other arm carrying a binder full of newly made football plays. As they passed Luna popped open the bathroom door, her towel still on.

"The blimey hell? Nah, probs nothin dude. Now...back to gettin ready for dear lil bro," Luna said, letting a lil rock and sign of the horns ripple out. She still couldn't help but getting frisky in the shower to get even more prepped.

Lincoln however was being carried by an unusually determined Lynn, trying to struggle free, a rather futile attempt; once she was in this mood, rarely anything could stop this juggernaut.

She grabbed his shoes, headed out the back kitchen door and to the garage, single handedly flipping it open in one loud bang.

"God dang, knew the girl was tough but, dang tomboy Loud," Mr. Grouse mumbled to himself, in the backyard grabbing a a few pieces of leftover cut wood Lincoln did a while ago.

"HEY LOUDS! Keep that racket down, will ya? I'm old n fallin apart, not deaf!"


"WHAT? CAN'T HEAR YA LINCOLN, SPEAK UP!" Mr. Grouse shouted ironically, unable to hear Lincoln shouting at the top of his lungs.


"Gaaauugh? What in tarnation does that mean?"

Some rustling from the garage for a moment, like a large penumatic pump moving a heavy weight up and down, loud neon flashes of green, blue and white, clicks, metal throttling, extremely loud throttling of an engine.

"The danged heck is-"

"WHOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Lincoln cried out in a blurry flash as a huge tricked-out souped up UTV side by side came roaring out, Lynn driving like a lunatic down the street.

Mr. Grouse just blinked a few times, rather shocked, then hobbled over and shut the garage door.

"Nope, not gettin involved," he mumbled, brushing his hands of all responsibility then throwing them in the air, and hobbled back in his house.

"LYNN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP!" Lincoln cried out as Lynn drove them at speeds upwards of a hundred miles an hour. The UTV suddenly cloaked itself, becoming invisible as Lynn swerved erratically through traffic, down streets, back alleys.



Lynn pressed several buttons out of curiosity. The UTV stopped on the top of a hill, with a hybridized voice of Lana and Lisa announcing, "seatbelts secured, activating aviation mode." Helmet shields formed around their heads, as did a rather unusual liquid-like metal swirl around their bodies, forming suits as comfy as cotton, with a near-impenetrable and temperature resistant surface.

"Cool suits! Aviation what?"

"Lynn, no."

"Aviation mode! WOO!"


Lynn pressed her foot on the gas, and suddenly the UTV wheels curled down, and the whole vehicle was now flying at close to three-hundred miles an hour above the streets.

Lincoln blacked out while Lynn screamed at the top of her lungs flying the UTV all over downtown Royal Woods, swooping along the mall, curling in maneuvers akin to Star Wars ship moves, intentionally flying as close to buildings only to barely just miss them.

She made one quick turn though, and smashed right through the "Welcome to Royal Woods" sign leading to town. People below just saw the middle of the sign blast apart, raining debris in a nearby tree canopy and all over the street.

"Oh shit. Better not stop now, haha."

She retrograded and twirled over several office buildings down to some train tracks passing through town, diving under bridge after bridge, swooping in a tunnel. The sides of the UTV scrapped the tunnel interior from Lynn's erratic driving and being unable to see in the dark.

"Holy crap HOLY CRAP," she dreaded, suddenly hearing a fast-coming horn far in front of her.

The tunnel exist was closing fast, as was a train headed right for them.

Lincoln woke up for a moment, only to see the coming head-on collision and pass out again.

"Shit, SHIT SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!" Lynn screamed, gunning the gas as hard as she could. She angled the UTV low to the tracks, flying as low as possible so she could shoot up at an angle. Mere seconds.


The horn roared at them, the train closing the gap to the tunnel exit; it was coming.

Lynn tilted the UTV upwards at an angle, and within seconds, right when the train was on top of them, she blasted the gas pedal, barely inching out, though the sides shared the top of the train's engine.

Lynn was near comatose, wide-eyed and almost ready to pass out herself.

"...never...fucking...again...well maybe once more," she chuckled, before regaining control, slowing her speed till she was hovering the UTV above the high school football stadium.

She looked down at the field, the stands, the field goal post, and then the locker-rooms.

"Four days...I got four days...I'll make it happen. The Gods told me I can," she whispered, looking over to a comically passed out Lincoln, lurched downwards.

"Hehehe, you're still cute when you're all passed out like that," she mumbled under her breath, "get some sleep. I can take care of giving me mates the plays."

She circled around towards a neighborhood on the outskirts of Royal Woods.

"I'm going to win this game Lincoln, I know the goal now. I've never lost when I had this fire before...I'll win you, and I...I can feel feel it too" she whimpered with trembling delight, blushing at the thought of getting her dream to become a reality.

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