Chapter 33 - Leo-Catptra

"Okay, please tell me I'm not tripping," Lynn said, hesitating to open the door.

"We're in no condition to see who this is Lynn. Maybe we should just ignore it," said Lincoln.

"Especially because, I don't know what the heck to make of this; a friggin dude...I think, with cat ears. Holy shit is that a tail!? It's totally swaying back and forth! That's a frickin tail dude."

The doorbell rang again, and there were a few more knocks. Lynn and Lincoln still kept their position taking turns looking out through the peephole.

"You know anyone like this Lynn?"

"No clue doofus. I'm thinking this might be one of Lucy's friends."

"Lucy's? But this guy's gotta be in his late teens if not older, he's way too old to be in Lucy's age range."

"Hey, I'm just guessing from all that emo-goth clothing, plus he's sorta...femmy?"

"Femmy Lynn?"

"I dunno what the PC term for gay-wad is."


"Jeez Linc, cool it. Not like I got a problem with em, hell I play with several on my team."

"Yeah but, Jesus Lynn, don't call someone a gay-wad."

"Not trying to be negative about it. I mean come on, how many guys dress like a femboy cat? Maybe it's a colleague of Lisa?"

"Well...wait no, Lisa's not a furry. Even with all her science knowledge, she wouldn't waste time doing-"

"Dude, the heck, furry? The fuck's that?"

"Furry, you know what that is, right Lynn?"

"Noooooooooo clue dorkcoln. That some nerd shit you're into?"

"Ugh nevermind. Let's just-"

"Hello?" A gentle voice called out from the other side of the door. Lincoln and Lynn stopped their bickering. "I thought I heard someone pass by. Is there a Luan Loud here?"

Lincoln and Lynn looked at each other with perplexed faces. "The hell? He's here for Luan?" Lynn pondered for a moment.

"Okay, now I'm curious. Ask what he wants."

"I'm sorta against it, plus we're still sorta baked out of our think you can handle this?"

"Totally Stinkoln. Call me Lynn-Can-Handle-Anything-McGee." Lincoln looked at her deadpan, unimpressed.

"I will never call you that," Lincoln said dryly. Lynn punched his shoulder as she unlocked the door and opened it up to reveal in full detail who stood on their porch.

Standing before them in large black boots was a young man, somewhere around Lynn's age if not a little older. His black thick wavy hair covered a part of his left face, his right side of his face bearing a long scar flowing down from his right eyebrow to his cheek. Through his flowing black hair poked out two cat ears on either side of his temple, the right one twitching erratically just as Lynn and Lincoln saw from the peephole. He gave a big toothy smile to the both of them, exposing his abnormally huge canine teeth as he shifted back and forth on his huge boots that looked way too big for his stature. The furry tail that seemed to oddly be poking from just below his back seemed to waive back and forth.

"Hi. Is Luan here?" He said with an eager tone, rubbing his leather jacket. Lincoln noticed that his shirt was a red and black striped under armor texture. Lynn noticed he wore a really stretchy kind of yoga pants she's seen on late night commercials with lots of pockets. A few quick glances revealed that he was rather gifted with a thick backside, much like Luna was. "Oh that is so god damn unfair," she thought to herself, thinking about her butt size, "since when the fuck can guys be even thicker than me!? And he's not even fat!"

"Sorry, lemme introduce myself," the young man said, "I'm Leo Saddystyck Xiner. I'm a friend of Luan Loud. We went to camp together a few years ago and she left me her address and number in case I ever had time to come by and say hi."

"Hi Leo. My name is Lincoln Loud. I'm Luan's younger brother," Lincoln said very cordially, taking control of the situation as he shook Leo's hand. "This is Lynn Loud, Luan's younger sister."

"Hi Lynn."

"Sup dude. So I gotta ask somethin."

"Is it about the tail?" Leo said with a coy grin.

"That's among many questions I got cat-boy."

"I like being called cat-boy," he giggled out with a slight purr in his voice, startling Lincoln momentarily yet Lynn just found it hilarious.

"You say you went to camp with Luan? Don't recall Luan ever going to summer camp."

"Oh, pft, here, this should clear things up, haha," he giggled, pulling out a few pictures. It was of Luan in her clown costume, and there he was, totally unrecognizable, a tiny scrawny teen, a nervous looking clown being hugged by Luan as they were tossing cream pies on unicycles. Another picture showed them balancing on huge circus balls, him standing on her back as they were juggling bowling pins.

"Huh, checks out cat-boy," Lynn said with a minor tinge of skepticism, "but looks like you changed a lot." Lincoln shook his head from how suspicious Lynn was overtly being.

"Yup, that's our Luan," Lincoln said, looking at the pictures. "She did say she made quite a few clown friends when she was gone. This was like, two years Leo?"

"Yeah. We always paired off together at Clown Camp. She really made it the best time ever cause I never wanted to go. Rich neglectful parents and stuff, ya know? I was terrified honestly cause clowns always scared me. But Luan showed me how being a clown could be fun and nifty and, well, pulled me under her rubber nose, ya know?"

"No Clown left behind as she'd always joke with me haha," Lincoln said. "Would you like to take a seat? She's asleep at the moment. We all had a really long day but if she's up I'll let her know you're here."

"Thank you very much Lincoln," he said, walking in and observing the interior. Lynn gave a few doubtful looks.

"Sure about this dude?" She said under her breath to him.

"You're the one who wanted to let him in. Come on Lynn, can't go back on being cordial. He's fine. Heck, I think I remember Luan talking about him a few times."

"How come I don't then?"

"Cause you're nose deep in balls most of the time."


"Is that you Lynn? That is so cool," Leo said, looking at several pictures and awards in the trophy case.

"Oh, those old things? Yeah, I'm pretty awesome," Lynn gloated as a huge smirk formed. Lincoln sighed with an annoyed tone as she started talking about all her trophies, awards and being the sportiest of the family.

"And this one was setting the push up record at high school in three minutes."

"No way! 229 push-ups? Bullshit!"

"With a broken leg too, hehe," she boasted while Lincoln rolled his eyes in the back corner.

"Oh now she warms up to him. Of course it's only when she's gloating," Lincoln huffed as he headed to the kitchen to grab them all some drinks.

"That's really impressive Lynn. Pretty sure Luan told me all about how you're the sports expert."

"She ain't lyin my dude."

"My best push up score in a minute was like...forty? I'm better at mixed martial arts anyways."

"No shit, really Leo? I got top scores in all the local leagues. Wanna give your skills a test?"

"Mmmmm, go easy on me? I'm still learning Lynn," he said with a rather weak tone. Lincoln set the drinks on the table and was about to head upstairs, but decided to watch this and make sure Lynn didn't go overboard. He wondered if being still twacked out, she could do those martial art moves.

"Lynn, what about Lily? She's sleeping on the couch."

"She's cool dude. I wanna see what this kid's made of," Lynn said

Leo and Lynn went to the center of the living room, both bowed, but then he noticed Leo shoot Lincoln a rather mischievous, outright sinister grin.

"What the hell?" Lincoln mumbled under his breath, watching the happening.

She called out the Ding-Ding. She came out at him with multiple moves, but like water, he dodged them and within seconds, performed several moves that sent her somersaulting right into Lincoln's legs across the room. "Whoa," Lincoln mumbled, pulling a dazed Lynn up to her feet. Leo bowed, then gave a cute but snickering purr sound.

"Hehe, see? I'm just a tiny harmless thing."

"Clearly," Lincoln laughed. Lynn got her balance, then walked over to Leo.

"I gotta admit, I've not been tossed like that for some time dude. You and me should spare more sometime," she said, putting on a bigger smirk. "That way I won't have to go easy on you."

"I'd love that," Leo said happily, before he started sniffing the air.

"Whoa, what is that? Smells like…"

"Yeah I know, Lynn has the rankest socks on Earth."

"Shut up Stinkoln!"

"You're one to talk Cheddar-Feet."

"No, no it's not that," Leo said, smelling the air a bit more. "It smells more like…sweaty sex in here."

He said it so nonchalantly, but it still froze Lynn and Lincoln in place. His nose took him to the entrance of their parent's bedroom, sniffing the air. Lynn and Lincoln looked at each other awkwardly, before both got red and looked away.

"Or it could be some other smell in the air. I'm probably wrong, but my nose isn't usually wrong," he said, giving a couple spry winks at them. Then he twirled around and saw a sleeping Lily.

"Awwwwwwww oh my god! Is this the little adorable Lily Luan told me about?"

"YES!" Both Lincoln and Lynn blurted out. Lincoln quickly rushed over and started talking about Lily and her eccentricities, trying to distract his unusually pesky nose and thoughts and give a tour of the family via an album. He eyed Lynn to shoot upstairs to get Luan asap.

Lynn ran as fast as possible upstairs, tripping over a few steps in the process. "DAMN IT" she growled loudly under her breath. Leo smiled happily as he was being shown the photos of Luan and the family, but he was secretly laughing at how much he caught them both off guard. It was a bad joke, but the more he secretly breathed the air in, he could swear it smelled like sex. His nose kept making Lincoln the focal point.

"Hmmm, Luan didn't tell me of this dynamic. Kinky and forbidden," he thought as he nodded and gave no outward inkling to his suspicions. Lincoln was putting on as jovial and relaxed vibe as possible, even though he was in truth, shitting bricks.

"How the FUCK did he smell us? God he must have extra good senses from whatever the hell he did to himself to be more like a cat. Damn it…DAMN IT," he thought mortified. "And this is our older sister Lori, she's a golfer and this is her boyfriend and family friend Bobby," Lincoln kept on, trying to distract his internal panicking at everything.

"This little cutie is adorable when he's struggling to play misdirection," Leo thought slyly.

Upstairs Lynn was quickly putting on deodorant all over her body to quell the smell on her, then slowly popped in Luan and Luna's room.

"Hey, hey, Luan?" Lynn called out gently, seeing if she or Luna were awake. Both were passed out hard drooling in their sleep sprawled out.

"And they say I'm the only one who sleeps like a slob. Pft. Whelp, these two ain't getting up anytime soon. Probably should just leave Luan his number n shit and get him outta here before he noses in on us even more."

Just as Lynn left, two sleepy sisters started mumbling and stirring about.

Lynn ran downstairs to see stacks and stacks of album and pictures of the Loud family surrounding him and Leo, with a stack shield Lily as she sucked her thumb. Lincoln literally deluged Leo in family pictures and stories as Leo contently

"Way too obvious you moron," Lynn moaned nervously, heading downstairs with the full intent now to usher Leo out of the house.

"Hey Leo, looks like they're still asleep. And I just forgot that Lincoln and I need to do a few extra chores before the fam gets home so we're gonna need to-"

Lily was suddenly beginning to stir awake from her powernap. She cooed and wiggled to her side. Looking up, she saw Lincoln holding multiple albums, and next to him, she would never have guessed it.

"Kitty…kittyboy," she mumbled, before her vision focused on the tail-wagging, ear-twitching young man.

"Aww, hello little one," Leo gently said to the awaking Lily.

Lily's eyes went as wide as when she discovered ice cream for the first time.

"Kittyboy…KITTYBOY EEEEEEEEEEEE!" She cried out happily, running over and mauling Leo in the cutest little hugs possible. "LYNN, LINCY, CAN I KEEP HIM, PWETTY PWEASE!?" She cried out so sweetly it near melted Lincoln and Lynn's heart. Leo smiled happily as she petted his ears and tugged gently at his tail.

"Okay Lily, down. He's not a kittyboy, he's a friend of Luan's."

"Oh it's okay Lincoln. Little kiddos love the ears and tail. Hi Lily, my name is Leo, and I'm a good friend to your older sister Luan," he said to her, picking her up and putting her on his shoulders. She rested her head on his and let his ears flicker in her face. She giggled her head off and was so happy.

"You know, this actually might be a good thing. This guy should babysit Lily so we can get a break," Lynn joked to Lincoln.

"If he lived in the area maybe. He's just visiting in the area I think," Lincoln said. "Come on Lily, be gentle."

Lily was burying her head in his hair, giving the side of his ears scratches. "Sorry Leo, she can be a lil tick sometimes."

"It's no trouble. This Lily is adorable. Say Lily, can you promise Kittyboy something please?" Leo said, bringing Lily down to the ground. She focused all over attention to his every word. "Can you make sure you behave for your brother and sisters and parents? Especially Luan? If you do, I'll let you give me all the pats, scratches and hugs you want."

"Can I keep you?" Lily asked in the most bashful manner. Lincoln's heart melted into puddy at how cute she was, Lynn shaking her head.

"Oh I know I'd love that Lily, but I can't unfortunately, but I'll tell you what. I'll make a mini stuffed Kittyboy toy for you so you can keep that in my place. Is that okay?"

Lily gave a quick sad sigh.

"Can I still give you patses and scratches?"

"Of course Lily! Whenever I visit you can."

Lily couldn't help herself, she catapulted into his chest and snuggled up.

"I've never seen Lily warm up to someone so on-the-spot like that," Lynn said. "Well…if Lily likes him, then I trust him to hang out I guess. What do you think Lincoln? Lincoln? Hey, answer stupid! Don't die of cute-overload."

"Oh! OH! Sorry, that was just so flippin adorable. So…yeah, Leo can hang out till they wake up I guess. I don't think I have it in my heart to break Lily's heart like that," Lincoln said as Leo was letting Lily ride him like a black panther.

"Do you have any siblings Leo?" Lincoln asked, "cause you're really good with kids. Sorta didn't expect that."

"I'm full of lots of surprises hehe. And no, I wish I did but, only child here. OOF, careful Lily, tail pulling a no no," he winced out, before he got up and twirled with her.

"I gots a new Kittyboy for a pet friend!" Lily shouted out with glee, before her eyes ran heavy and she fell over. Lynn saw and swooped over with a couch pillow. Leo looked taken aback as the suddenly rambunctious little girl suddenly passed out.

"It's cool dude. This is sorta her frequency," Lynn said, patting Lily on the back and curling her back on the couch. "And put these albums back Linc. They're crowding the joint."

"Oh my GOD that is adorable!" Leo said, looking at an open album of little Lincoln and Lynn playing in a bathtub as tiny munchkins.

"Hehe, yeah, we were tiny little smallfry," Lincoln said, Lynn scooting over to see. "You're still a tiny little smallfry Linc," Lynn joked.

"Get bent Lynn. You're just as short."

"We can all be smallfry! I'm short for my family so I know what it's like," Leo said, standing up to show his form. "Oh, hold up," he said, slipping off his boots very quickly to show how tall he really was, just barely taller than them.

"Your stacks are shorter than I expected, hahaha, get it?"

"Oh MY GOD! LUAN!" Leo squeaked out in such a way Lynn and Lincoln would never have expected. Luan was now at the foot of the stairs coming at them. And just as Lily did with Leo, Leo catapulted towards Luan and gave her such a warm huge hug.

"Leo! I wasn't expecting you'd still be here! How are you little buddy?" Luan said with a sleepy mug.

"Luan, it's been soooooo friggin long. I'm doing much better! How was the SkireChestmire Clown Camp this year? I'm sorry I couldn't go, I got held up."

"Awe it's okay Leo. And whoa have you changed. Let's see…wow, you weren't pussyfooting around, HA! Get it?"

"Hehehehe, I always loved those corny puns," Leo said, beaming now at Luan in a way that Lincoln could detect felt a touch more than just friendship. Even Lynn could see how happy Leo looked, glowing even more than before as he and her sat at the stairs and just got to talking and talking, joking, pun-making, doing old clown exercises.

"Yeah…he totally has a crush on her," Lincoln whispered to Lynn.

"Okay, I was wrong, he ain't gay. Could have sworn he was."

Lincoln sighed, wondering where the hell Lynn's mind was sometimes. Suddenly the stairs rocked a bit. They all looked up and saw Luna looking over the surroundings.

"Well blimey. Been a fat minute since I didn't get invited to a party in me own home, hehe," Luna said, heading downstairs.

"Luna! Luna! This is Leo! Remember Leo, from Clown Camp."

"Ah hey dude! Finally gnarly to meet ya mate. Love the ears and tail man," Luna said, giving Leo a big hug. "Joker girl told me all about you."

"So YOU"RE the famous Luna I heard all about! Wait here, I got something," Leo said excitedly, running out of the house for a moment, then back with multiple items.

"Luan? This is for you," Leo said. Luan's eyes went totally wide.


"When I went back this year I went down to the lake a bunch of times. Was right at the bottom of the deepest part was totally worth all the pond scum I had to step in."

"Leo…I…" Luan mumbled before grabbing him off his feet.

"And Luna? Luan told me you like rock and music, so," Leo said, rummaging his pile and pulling out an original McSwagger 1st Edition CD and Vinyl set. Luna's eyes also went full blast wide open.


"Hehe, it ain't no biggy. Luan told me how much you loved his music, and what better than his first stuff in mint condition on both formats?"

"Man Leo, I don't know what to say," she gargled, pulling him in a huge hug too.

"Oh! Lincoln, Lynn, Luan told me all about you too. Remember that Ace Savy live action show?"

"The one that criminally only lasted for one season? Yeah, why?"

Leo threw over a small suitcase to him. Lincoln opened it up, and his eyes too went wide.


"Yup! And get this, the dude that played him in real life was a shorty, so it's just about your size. I'm pretty sure your other sister Leni can tailor it to your exact size."

Lincoln was drooling before he passed out. "Dude! DUDE! You cool?" Luna called out, running over to pick him up.

"I think he passed out over nerd-overload," Lynn joked, before Leo handed her a weird looking ball. Lynn inspected it for a few moments, before her eyes not only went as wide as everyone else's, she foamed at the mouth and passed out with a huge smile.

"What was that one Leo?" Luan asked.

"One of the original leatherback footballs from the old days when football was being made. I figured someone who loves sports would like something like that. I guess I was right, haha."

Luna quickly slipped in the CD into the living room player before she hustled over to pick up Lynn and Lincoln up, putting the overloaded young adults on the couch.

"Dudes, you cool? Dudes?" Luna said, waving a pillow at their faces. "Leo, dude, how did you even get this stuff? All this crap must have cost-"

"Not much actually, only a few thousand dollars actually! Super cheap honestly."

"That's cheap? Dude, are you loaded or something?"

Leo looked at is back and butt, then at Luna. "I wish I was as loaded as you, but as far as guys go, I'm pretty damn loaded."

Luan rolled over laughing off the couch as Luna chuckled. "Funny guy. Luan got you under the influence of that pun charm."

"Oh no, I'm not under the influence. I'm quite sober, get it?"

"HAHAHAHAH!" Luan cried out, Leo shooting her a happy grin as Luna face palmed. "Good god there's two of them now."

"That incindiery will get ya five to ten," Leo jokingly replied.

"Five to ten what? Degrees or inches? HAHAH!" Luan blurted out.

"I'm gonna let you two slobber each other with bad puns and jokes. And Leo man, thank you big time, I owe ya."

"No problem Luna! And it was no big deal, I just Mc-swaggered into the collector's shop, hehe."

"Ow, ooof, yeah Luan you destroyed this poor boy and assimilated him."

"Not as bad as how your butt ass-similated, HAHAHAH! Get it?!" Luan cracked, her and Leo now cracking up. Luna just sighed as she began rocking to her new music. Leo and Luan kept chatting and catching up in the dining room as Lincoln and Lynn came to, although a quick glance at the inner contents of the suitcase caused him to pass out again, as did Lynn with the old Leatherhead football.

A few songs later Lincoln finally awoke seeing Luna still dance, gyrate and rock to the old McSwagger songs. He couldn't help but secretly cover his face and ogle at Luna's body and immense ass bounce all over.

"She's still got it," he thought, feeling his heart flutter and his junk swell. Suddenly Leo came in.

"I love this one, one second Luan!" Leo called out. Luan watched from the dining room as Leo joined Luna in dancing too. Lincoln couldn't help at notice that he also had a ungodly backdoor gift in having a huge bodacious ass and thighs just like Luna. Seeing them both oscillate and orbit each other spellbound him.

"Whoa…his ass and thighs are huge, like…like really huge," he thought with a surprised stupor. Leo and Luna began matching each other's beats and dancing, doing comical butt bounces off each other. Lincoln could not believe what he was seeing.

"Whoa…what the?" He wondered, feeling himself still hard, if not harder. He looked over at Leo again; his and Luna's ass still moved and wobbled to and fro. Then he focused on his.

"Oh good lord please, please…please tell me this isn't what I think it is," he begged in his mind. He kept looking at Leo's body, specifically at his butt. His hard-on still didn't go away. He kept looking at Luna's, then Leo's, back and forth, then over their bodies. Still just as hard, no change.

"Oh fuck me."

Heyooooo all! OOF, what a way to end haha! Sorry I've been MIA. Life, am I right? It's rough and a doozy, plus I've been working on something I can publish to make monies and also, I procrastinate like a mother. I do hope you all get a lil kick out of this chapter. CHEERS! And I hope everyone is staying healthy n safe!