In front of the Hotel, a limo began to approach and when it parked, a Suit of Armor ran to the door and opened it, revealing a family. The first one was a young adult who wore red outfit like it was suited for officers. He had a coat clipped to him on his left side and the man had a chin beard and a mustache and nice smooth hair that looked like it was cut down.

Mr. Krum and Mrs. Krum came out. Next was Mr. Krum's brother and finally, his daughter. She was half Vampire, half witch. Her wizard parent was Mr. Krum's brother. She will be refined at the time they meet. Her hair is long straight dark brown. Skin is tanned, due to her witch heritage and making her immune to the sun, much like Harry is, and looks soft. Her eyes were amethyst purple, making her eyes look like they are sparkling in beauty when they are hit by light from any source. She has long eyelashes. She had C-Cup Bra size to border D. She has long legs, making her taller than Mavis with a thin and delicate build. She has a dash of freckles to her cheek through her nose to her other cheek. She had a cute nose and high noble cheek bones with pouty lips that gives the slightly vague impression that looks like she is pouting when wearing a neutral or blank look on her face, a good poker face. Her appearance makes her a beautiful and elegant young woman. She is quiet elegant, soft spoken.

Harry didn't know why but when the two made eye contact with each other, the girl's eyes suddenly sparkled and the two began to greet each other.

"Hello, my name is Harry Dracula." Harry greeted with a smile "Who are you?"

"Hello Harry, my name is Rayna Krum." The girl said with a bulgarian accent, but Harry could understand her perfectly.

"Let me show you around." Harry said as he kissed her hand. Rayna giggled a bit before nodding. Harry took Rayna for a tour.


"And here we are, your probably one favorite place in the world: The Library." Harry said as they arrived to the library. Rayna gasped at the sight of lots of books.

"You knew what my favorite was, didn't you?" Rayna asked Harry.

Harry grinned "I've seen the look of bookworms before, Rayna." Harry said as he walked with Rayna as she observed the books "You can stay in the Library until dinner, Rayna. But right now, there is someone I need to check in with."

Rayna nodded and went to a book. Harry left out the library and when he made it to the family wing, he stopped in front of a door and knocked.

" Who is it? " A happy sing-like voice said.

"It's me, Harry." Harry responded "Can I come in, Nyx?"

"Oh, Harry! Yes, come on in." Nyx's voice said from the other side.

Harry opened the door but found the room dark but his night vision allowed him to see his surroundings. He heard the door close and that is when he felt wrapped around and sees the light turn on and see Nyx inches away from his face. Harry felt her entire lower body wrapped around him.

"Hello Harry." Nyx said in a heated tone. Harry knew that Nyx had a crush on Harry and has been trying to get him alone so they could talk about feelings. Harry told his family about this and he was surprise what he got in return.

Vlad told him that he used to have multiple mates himself but all died of old age or was killed, his zing was one. Dracula told Harry that as long as he didn't have a human mate, he was ok with the multiple mates. Dracula, himself, didn't want multiple mates and just wanted his zing. Mavis told Harry that he told have multiple mates… as long as she approved of them and they are trustworthy. Harry did ask why they weren't weirded out about the whole harem thing and here was what Vlad told him.

"My dear grandson. Some species may have more powerful illusions, strength, or even better speed. But vampires, especially Draculas, are from ancient. The House of Dracula has been ancient and noble family with pureblood." Vlad told Harry from a memory Harry was remembering "The House of Dracula was so respected that monster kind said that certain families could have harems as long they weren't with humans. The Dracula family was among the families that could have a harem. So if you wish to start a harem, then do so. Just as long as they aren't human."

Back to the present, Harry decided that he will have a harem if the girls proved themselves. Winnie was Harry's zing, so she would be the head of the harem. Nyx had done the trial for worth and passed thanks to her cunning nature with smarts. Harry also learned that Nyx was sort of a Tomboy, she loved cars and did things that men do sometimes. But she was also half girl so she was sometimes weird. After she proved her worth, she has been trying to get Harry's first kiss but all attempts failed.

"Nyx, I already told you that we are having guests. Why don't you go down there and greet yourself." Harry said, hoping that the change of subject would make her forget the reason why she was doing this.

"They can wait." Nyx said with a sweet smile.

Harry sighed before turning into emerald green mist and it went to her door before it went out and Harry reformed before he ran. Nyx's cunning is getting better and better.

Harry sighed as he sat on the roof. One would think that it was dangerous but the roof was reinforced so it wasn't easily breakable. Harry watched as the sun began to set when he heard something sit down next to him and look, seeing Rayna.

"What brings you up here?" Harry asked with curious tone.

Rayna smiled "I always go to the roof to look at the sunset and sunrise. I think it is a good experience to see such beauty."

Harry smiled "Well, that is something we have in common."

As the two watched the sun set, they grabbed their hands without them noticing and when it did set, the got up and began to head back down and when they got back inside, they noticed that they were holding hands. The two blushed and let go and went to join their families.

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