By: Sailorjj07

Chapter 1

A/n: I'm back Am Drag fam! Yo, I haven't been under this tag in a while. I hope you guys haven't forgotten me. So recently I've been reading a lot of shapeshifter books and then I remembered - that's literally the premise of American Dragon, lol. So I'm back to show some love to one of my original fandoms. This story will be more mature than my past entries; I plan on getting steamy in here, :)

Also, I want to apologize in advance. I'll be switching POV's a lot in this chapter, just to set everything up. After that, I'll try to stick with one POV per chapter. If there's any questions, please let me know!

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Summary: "All dragons go through the Awakening between the ages of 18 and 23. You'll discover more about yourself, your powers; but most of all, Jake, you'll find your mate..."





Trixie's POV

I always imagined my high school graduation was going to be the biggest, happiest celebration of my life. I just assumed that the three of us: Jake, Spud and I, would be together, losing our minds over finally, FINALLY being finished with high school. I always pictured us in our caps and gowns, taking a million and a half pictures while our parents cried and cheered for us in the background.

Except that isn't happening.

Why, you ask?

...Because my best friend, Jake Long, isn't even speaking to me.

Well, I shouldn't say he isn't speaking to me, because that's a bit inaccurate. The reality is much worse. When Jake speaks to me, he doesn't even look at me. When I text him, I get one or two word answers. When I try to touch him, he immediately puts distance between us. My best friend has gone straight Arctic in a matter of weeks - I have no idea why he's being like this but it's suffocating me, ripping my heart to pieces in ways I didn't know was possible.

So here I sit, in the middle of my graduation ceremony, trying to hold it together as the threat of tears pricks at my eyes. I had already walked across the stage, recieved my diploma, and heard my family cheering my name. Jake was the next in our trio to do the same.

"Jacob Luke Long," the announcer called, and my bottom lip began to tremble as Jake strode confidently across the stage, accepting handshakes from our teachers. The first tear fell when he danced on the stage and waved excitedly to his family. The second was sneaky and didn't surface until he was walking back to/ his seat, and the third fell when he looked directly at me. There was no smile on his face then, and just as quickly, he gazed elsewhere. From the cheerful shout behind me, I could tell he had graced Spud with his smile.

I stared down at my hands as the fourth and fifth tear fell. I sniffed a little bit, and dabbed at my face with the handkerchief my grandma had given me, being careful of my make-up. By the time Spud took his turn, I had gotten myself together. I clapped and cheered loudly for him, along with his family. I felt eyes on me again, but I refused to look in Jake's direction. I wasn't going to let him get to me anymore because today wasn't about him. Our entire graduating class was here to celebrate our crossover into adulthood. I wouldn't let his coldness bother anymore.

Or at least, that's what I told myself.

Rose had invited all of us to a celebratory house party at her huge place. Her spot was probably big enough to hold the entire school, including the teachers and staff. There was loud music blasting from all sides and drinks aplenty. Spud and I arrived together because Jake said he was going to come on his own, later. We were dressed up and ready to party. I had straightened my hair for the entire weekend and my hair was sleek and smooth, and stopped the middle of my back. The red, body-hugging cutout dress I wore accented my figure perfectly and I made sure my makeup was on point. I looked great from head-to-toe. Spud had stepped his game up too, with fitted pants and a trendy cardigan to match his black pork pie hat.

As we entered the party, I looked around for Jake and Rose. A part of me wondered if he was dating Rose again, but since they had ended their relationship a little after junior year, it seemed unlikely.

"Trixie, you look good, girl!" Rose called when Spud and I stepped up. I grinned at her and gave her the biggest hug, thankful for her friendship. Though I was more than a lil salty when she and Jake got together at first, she proved a faithful and loyal friend. I couldn't hate on her too much because she had always stepped up to the plate when we needed her.

"Thanks, girl, you don't look too bad yourself," I grinned, rotating my finger in a circle so Rose could show me her pretty chiffon dress from all sides. It really did look flattering on her.

"Where's Jake? He didn't come with you guys?" Rose questioned over the loud music.

Both Spud and I stared at her in confusion, "He said he would meet us here. You haven't seen him yet?" I asked, instantly searching for his face amongst the many graduates at the party. He was nowhere to be seen though.

"Nope. I'll text him and see where he's at!" Rose said, taking her phone out of the small clutch bag she held in her hand. I nodded, taking out my own phone to see if I had gotten any missed calls or texts from him, even though it was mostly wishful thinking on my part.

I sighed as I put my phone up and suddenly Rose perked up, waving behind me, "Jake, you made it!"

Jake walked in, looking fine as sin. He wore black, fitted jeans that were ripped up around the knees and a black long-sleeved Adidas shirt, with white detailing all over it. His white sneakers were pristine and looked brand new. His snap back was pulled low over his head, but I knew it was him from the three stars tattooed behind his right ear, something that he, Spud and I had gotten together. Two small hoop earrings dangled in his ears and subconsciously I licked my lips, an odd reaction that I had been having to him lately.

"Yo, Rose, you didn't have to call me, I was on my way." Jake pulled his hat a little higher, gracing us with a view of his gorgeously dark eyes. He hugged Rose first in greeting, then high-fived Spud. When he turned to me, his gaze roamed over my entire body before he frowned at me, his handsome face twisting up, "Trixie, why are you dressed like *that*?"

This was another new habit of his, something that made our relationship that much more strained. Jake was an expert at picking fights with me. When he wasn't giving me the cold shoulder, he said whatever idiotic thing he wanted to say.

"Jake, are you kiddin me? You just got here and you already on my ass bout nothin? Fareal?!"

Jake rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest, looking me over once again, "I'm just sayin you could attract the wrong kind of attention dressed like that, Trix-"

"Maybe I want to attract the wrong kind of attention! What, you think you my Dad or somethin, Jake?"

"No, Trixie, I don't think-"

"Cut it out, you two!" Rose tsked, stepping between us, "Jeez, I swear that's all you guys have been doing lately. Come on! This is a graduation party! We're supposed to be celebrating."

"Ugh, whatever," I replied, flipping my hair over my shoulder and walking away from my friends. If I was going to get through this party, I needed to get the hell away from Jake Long. Funny how I spent the entire day missing him and the second we see each other, I'm the one that's putting distance between us.

I grabbed a drink from the punch bowl and explored the dance floor. The bodies all around me moved to the beat and I just sipped at what I now knew was an alcoholic party punch. Nothing like underaged drinking at a high school party, I guess.


I turned when I heard my name called loudly from one of the fine dudes on the football team. I smiled lightly when he walked up, taking another drink from my cup.

"DAYUMMMM MA! I had to see all this up close cause you're killing me."

I laughed, "There's a whole table of drinks over there if you feeling thirsty."

That cracked him up, "Nah, I'm good just looking at you. You wanna dance?"

I nodded, finishing up my drink. He took the cup from me and tossed it in the direction of a table, putting his arm around my waist and leading me to the middle of dance floor.

My jam came on just as we got there and I went to work.

Jake's POV

I watched Trixie dance on that guy downstairs and fought the urge to literally light him on fire. I knew it was just another one of my symptoms, flaring up as they always did around Trixie. Since my 18th birthday, my body's been doing the most - mood swings, hot flashes, aches and pains.

The worst of it all was the insatiable desire I had for my best friend Trixie.

My Mom called it "the Awakening". It's like puberty on steroids and it hits my kind after my normal, human puberty begins. At first, things weren't so bad. I would accidently light things on fire by simply breathing, or my back would hurt a little more than usual. But after the second week, I could smell Trixie from the other side of the room. Her laugh made my ears tingle. Her lips made my blood race. At the start of week three, the wet dreams started. It became harder and harder to even look at her.

Moms tried to say that all this is normal behavior for a healthy, young dragon going through the Awakening. She said that I would be a lot more moody and "easily excited". But the thing I didn't tell her was that I only felt this way around Trixie. I wasn't sure how to quite tell my mom that I was falling in lust with my best friend.


I turned from glaring at Trixie and ol' dude to Rose patting me on the shoulder. She handed me a drink and inclined her head towards a row of chairs, where Spud was chatting up a girl from the Science Club. I sat down between my two friends, trying not to sulk over my horrible mood and the fact that Trixie was downstairs grinding her hips on some guy.

"Jake, what's been going on with you lately? You've been fighting with Trixie so much lately," Rose questioned, watching me carefully. Sometimes I found myself wishing I still cared about her the way I had before. It would make everything so much easier. Really, anything would be better than wanting to sleep with my best friend every minute of the day.

"I'm… goin through some things. Am Drag stuff."

Rose nodded, her face understanding and serious, "Have you talked with anyone about it? Your Mom or your Grandpa?"

I downed the drink in my hand, my focus shifting back on Trixie and the guy. She was laughing at something while he whispered in her ear and I crumpled the cup in my hand. I never should've come to this stupid party.

Rose sighed and touched my wrist gently, "You know… if you talked to her, she might be able to help you with whatever you're going through."

I groaned, shaking my head quickly, "Trixie would never understand. I barely understand what's going on my damn self."

"You never know if you don't try, Jake!" Rose patted my wrist and stood up, "I'm going to go get another drink. You want one?"

I nodded and went back to watching Trixie dance, the dress she wore sticking to her form like a second skin. I knew I only had another hour before I had to go home and pack, but I was seriously debating on just leaving before anyone noticed I was out.

The longer I sat there, the better that idea sounded.

Trixie's POV

I saw Jake stand up from his chair out of the corner of my eye. I watched, crestfallen, as he said bye to Rose and Spud, before heading down the stairs and pushing his way around the dance floor.

Was he really going to leave without saying goodbye to me?

Upset, I told the guy I was dancing with that I wanted to get some fresh air and quickly followed Jake. I caught him just before he reached his car, out on the circular driveway.

"Jake!" I called breathlessly, as I ran to catch up. He stopped moving, his hand on the door handle as he turned to face me. He bit his bottom lip and instantly looked away. "You're leaving already?"

Surprisingly, he responded to me, "Yeah. I'm headin out in the AM so I gotta go make sure I got all my stuff."

" 'Headin out?' Where?" I questioned, floored. He hadn't told me or Spud that he was going anywhere! "It's our last summer together before college…"

Jake pushed out a sigh, tipping the brim of his snap back lower, "I know, Trix."

"If you know then why you wait till now to say that you were goin somewhere?!" I raised my voice and Jake's grip on the door tightened. I grabbed his shoulder then, getting angry, "Jake, I don't know WHAT your problem is, but this shit-"

"Trix. Let me go."

"No, Jake! You've been actin funny for 'bout a month now and-"

Jake removed my hand from his arm and I waited, thinking he was going to push me away. He didn't and instead looked at me with his coal black eyes glittering dangerously, "Trixie. Don't. Touch. Me."

I rolled my eyes, "You're touchin' me, stupid."

At my comment, Jake glanced down to see that our hands were indeed still clasped together. He released a growl of frustration and stepped away from his car, slamming the door loudly, moving me away from the vehicle. Shifting his grip on me from my hand to my arm, Jake dragged me away from the driveway and to the edge of Rose's house, pushing me up against the brick wall between her front yard and the back of the house.

I gasped on impact from the coolness of the wall and Jake's fingers curled underneath my chin. My heart pounded in my chest as he tilted my head up and looked down at me with a look that made my toes curl.

"Stand still. Don't move," he said, and I involuntarily licked my lips as his breath ghosted over my face. Jake groaned out loud, his gaze falling to my lips, "Don't do that either…"

Testing my luck, I did it again, on purpose this time, "Why not?"

Jake closed his eyes, and I watched him, unsure of what we were even doing. How did we end up like this? I could barely remember as his eyes fell back on me.

"Trix, my powers… my Am Drag powers are goin crazy. Mom's sendin me to a summer camp to learn how to control them again." Jake shifted, releasing his hold on my chin and grasping both of my shoulders tightly. I was feeling hot by then, and did my best to slow my breathing. It didn't work.

"H-How? What's happenin'?" I questioned, struggling to focus on his words. Jake was still staring at me and the look on his face made my pulse race. He looked like he was starving. That was the best way to describe it. I'd never seen Jake Long look at me that way.

"I… Trix, you don't wanna know." He leaned forward, burying his head in my shoulder, "It's so hard, Trix..."

Jake's POV

I knew this was dangerous. I knew I was putting myself in the worst position ever, but I did it anyway. The longer I stood there, my head resting on her shoulder, the worst it got. Trixie's scent surrounded me and suddenly, I could hear her heartbeat. It was loud and pounding in my ears. She was nervous or excited and all that did was make me want her more.

I inhaled deeply, which was another bad idea. I was leaning into her neck before I could stop myself.

Just one little taste… That was all I wanted.

My lips touched the base of her throat and she gasped, her fingers tangling in my shirt. Feeling the rapid beating of her pulse under my mouth was an indescribable euphoria. I pressed featherlight kisses on her collarbone, hoping it didn't scare her.

"Hey, is someone over there?" A voice called, and it was like dumping a bucket of cold water over my head. I instantly put some distance between myself and Trixie, feeling like utter garbage as she looked at me in confusion.

"I'll be gone the whole summer," I said gruffly, shoving my hands in my pockets. I was uncomfortably hard at this point and tried to hide it from her. Trixie stared at me with a hurt clear on her face.

"Will you at least have ya phone?"

"Maybe. I don't really know where this place is. Somewhere in BFE."

Trixie swallowed thickly, nodding slowly, "Be careful, aight? We gotta go to college. Together."

I nodded once, turning to walk away from her before I did something we both would regret.

Trixie recovered quickly, grabbing my wrist, "Jake, wait-"

"Trix, I gotta go."

She bit her lip and I tried not to stare at her mouth, "Just… we still cool, right?"

I finally looked at her then. Her beautiful brown eyes looked glassy, and I knew she was about to cry. I pulled my hand from her's, trying to ignore how her touch made everything in me feel warm.

'I don't want to hurt you. I don't want to leave you. I don't want to lose you. I don't want to be away from you.' So many thoughts were swirling in my head as we stared each other down, but I cut them all off. This wasn't me talking - this was my stupid hormones.

"Yeah. We still cool." I murmured, hoping that Trix couldn't tell what I was thinking. My simple words seem to soothe her worries for the moment and she let me go.

"Good." She stood there awkwardly, hugging her arms around her waist. "See ya when ya get back?"

I nodded, lying through my teeth, "Yeah."

She nodded succinctly, and for the first time in a while, gave me a small smile, "Good luck, Am Drag."

Just that little smile made me melt into a puddle. The urge to stay here with Trixie got even stronger and I knew I had to go. I gave her my own half smile and forced myself to walk away from her. She didn't stop me this time.

'Goodbye Trixie…'

End Chapter 1