By: Sailorjj07

8. Chapter 8

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Jake's POV

"Yooooooo Rose!"

I tried to greet Rose as cheerfully as possible, dodging the glares Trix was shooting my way. She didn't look amused at all, though I couldn't figure out why. Neither of us had known Rose was going to show up here, but she still our friend either way.

"Jake, it's good to see you. Are you two still fighting with each other?" Rose replied, a warm smile on her face.

Trixie huffed, crossing her arms over her chest, "We figured it out."

"Not quite," Councilor Omina interjected, a cruel smile on her lips. I felt fire burning in my chest; I hated that woman so fucking much. "We called Rose here for your interests, Jake."

"For some reason, you keep thinkin' that's gonna work," I retorted in annoyance, trying to force down my anger. I wanted to hear their excuse for this turn of events, "You already pissed me off by bringing Trix here, and now another one of my friends gets kidnapped by you people? You know she's a former member of the Huntsclan?"

"Of course we know that, Jake. But, we wanted to see if Rose could be your destined mate."

For some reason, it pissed me off even more that they would treat Trixie like she was unqualified to be with me. We were both certain that she was the sole focus of my Awakening. She was the one who's touch and scent drove me to madness. Rose wasn't even on my radar anymore.

I was furious. "I already have a destined mate," I bit out, grabbing Trixie's wrist and pulling her closer to me. "She's standing right here." Trix stared at me wide-eyed, then turned to face Rose and the Councilor.

Omina was unfazed by my terse reply, "So you say, but we haven't put it to the test yet, have we?"

Trixie blanched, finally speaking up, "What's that 'pposed to mean?"

"As your punishment for sneaking out, we'll test the bonds you claim to have. Do your best, Human," Omina's dead smile was the stuff of nightmares, as she raised her hands in the air, turning into a dragon with no hesitation. She immediately yanked Trixie away from me, grabbing her in her claws, and flying off, with Trixie screaming and squirming the entire time.

"TRIX!" I hollered, shocked that Omina would do something like this.

A sudden shout from my right took my attention away from Omina's looming dragon form. Isaac had shown up to grab Rose, and without a word of warning, he ran off in the direction of the mountains. With a flap of her wings, Omina was right behind him.

"SHIT!" I transformed and took to the air, changing forms as quickly as I could. There was no way I could save both Trixie and Rose at the same time.

What was I supposed to do?

As if hearing my thoughts, a familiar scent filled the air, and to my surprise Elijah and Elise flew at top speed to catch up with me. They rushed behind me in the air, each of them carrying our friends on their back. Karla gripped Elise's scales, holding on tight.

"What the fuck is going on?!" Karla shouted over the howling wind, watching Omina and Isaac as they fled across the camp grounds.

I noticed worriedly that we were headed directly towards the lake at the foot of the mountain.

"How the hell should I know?! Omnia said she was testing me!" I growled out, keeping a close eye on both girls. Isaac was struggling to hold onto Rose, who had rammed her palm against the werewolf's throat, but it didn't do a single thing to stop his speed.

Omina flew high in the sky and with no warning, released Trixie over the water like a plane dropping a bomb.

"Fuck!" I couldn't control the expletives streaming from my mouth as Trixie- no, as my mate, was released over the water like an anchor.

Trixie's shriek filled the air as she careened into the depths of the lake, and I tried to fly faster, nose-diving from the sky just as Isaac climbed to the top of a boulder, and tossed Rose into the huge lake too.

"Eli! Grab the other girl!" Karla instructed, just as Trixie landed in the water with a loud splash. As long as we got to both girls in time, this wouldn't be a challenge.

But things didn't work out that way. The lake's surface began to bubble like a hot tub, and one by one, long, inky black tentacles raised into the night sky. There were 6 in total, but as the water bubbled and gurgled louder and harder, a shrill cry pierced the air. A Kraken emerged from the lake, holding Trixie in one tentacle and Rose in the other.

"Lord have mercy," Karla whispered, in a mixture of fascination and horror.

"Snap out of it, babe, we have two humans to save!" Gabe shouted, his fairy wings buzzing as he flew towards the water. I was frantically trying to form a plan, but my heart was squeezing painfully in my chest. I had to help Trixie.

"Jake, go help Trix, and I'll get the other person. The rest of you, distract that… thing!" Elise pushed out a gust of icy breath, freezing a section of the lake so Karla and Jared had a place near the creature to cast their magic.

Logan lifted his necklace off his neck and dived into the water, "I'll try to communicate with him!" He cried, swimming towards the giant beast that was holding my mate and my friend hostage.

"Jake, don't worry about me! Save Trixie!" Rose cried, even though she was struggling against the tentacle holding her tight.

I honed my gaze on Trixie and felt a sense of dread filling my stomach. Trix wasn't speaking and her eyes weren't open anymore either, which made my heart clench even tighter. Was she unconscious?

"Damn it," I muttered, trying to fly closer to the tentacle holding Trixie tightly. Every time I got close, the creature would swing one of it's free arms at me, attempting to swat me out of the sky like an annoying fly.

"J, burn that bitch!" Jared shouted, and I glanced over my shoulder to see his eyes glowing an eerie purple color as he called forth a spell that sharpened pieces of the ice at his feet into spikes.

He launched the projectiles at the Kraken, and I watched in horror as the monster immediately used my friends as a shield. Karla groaned and snatched control of the spikes at the last minute, sending them sailing into the Kraken's body. The creature screamed and immediately set his sights on the witch and wizard pair. He used two free arms to swipe and swing at the two of them. Jared got thrown into the water, but Karla managed to roll out of the way and fire off two lighting bolts from her fingertips.

"KARLA!" Gabe's panicked voice matched exactly how I felt about Trixie's current situation.

Gabe snapped his fingers and the trees at the shore roared to life, their roots and branches extending much further than I'd ever even though trees were capable of. The three trees closest to the shore reached out and over the water as Karla ran toward them, leading the Kraken behind her. The Kraken fully extended it's arm, making one final swipe at Karla, but much like before, she rolled out of the way, and just in time too - a tree branch wrapped around the wayward tentacle, locking it in place.

Logan emerged from the water with Jared over his shoulder, the wizard sputtering for air. He placed our teammate on the shore, then turned back towards the rest of us, "Bad news guys! The Kraken is responding, but all he told me was that he was going to eat them both."

"Bro, that's so not helpful!" Gabe shouted, helping Karla to her feet. He hugged her tightly, whispering softly to her, and stroking her hair. I turned back to the fight to give them time to compose themselves.

"Jake, you have to help Trixie! She's not moving!" Rose screamed, still trying to wiggle her way free. I growled, spitting out a particularly hot burst of fire at the tentacle that had been caught by Gabe's tree. The appendage literally melted off and shriveled up, as if I had cooked it on a grill.

That pissed the Kraken off even more. It screamed out at the sky, holding Trixie and Rose high up in the air.

"Jake, I've got an idea! Li, come help!" Elise announced, flying over to the appendage holding Trixie hostage. "Now, Eli!"

The two of them faced either side of the Kraken's arm, blowing their icy breath until it formed one solid frozen section of tentacle. I immediately knew what to do, and flew at full speed, using my horns to pierce the arm. It shattered into pieces, and because it wasn't connected to the Kraken's body anymore, released the steadfast hold on Trixie. Gravity took effect and began to pull her out of the air, but I was faster, catching her in my grip before she could fall any further. Her cheek and neck were bruised with odd shaped circles from the Kraken's suction rings that had been holding her hostage. I gently set her down at the shore beside Karla, and went back in the sky, feeling more powerful now that Trixie was free.

With Trixie out of the way, I could really fight. And they were going to pay for hurting her. I could feel the anger filling me, fire burning through every cell of my body.

Omina had no idea how badly she fucked up. I was going to burn her and this damned monster to the ground for even touching Trix.

"J-Jake?" Rose's fearful voice barely registered to me when I slowly flew myself at eye level to the Kraken. I was trembling from the power I felt flowing through my veins. I'd never felt like this before.

"Yo Rose." I called back. I felt eyes on me from all angles, as if everyone was watching me; even the monster had stilled to see what I would do. When Rose didn't respond, I continued anyway, "How do you like your octopus?"

"Dude, what?" Eli called from behind me, and I didn't turn around because he would know soon enough.

"I liked mine cooked and crispy," I grinned wildly, and Rose's eyes grew wide as saucers when I opened my mouth as wide as I could, and fired off a blast of scorching blue flames directly in the Kraken's face. The monster screamed in agony, actually backing away from me in what could only be seen as fear, and I didn't feel an ounce of sympathy.

I was gonna set the entire mountain on fire.

Trixie's POV

"Holy hell," A voice exclaimed beside me, as blood curdling, painful screams brought me back to the land of the living.

"Jesus, remind me to never piss him off. I've never even seen blue flames before!" Logan shouted, his voice holding a mixture of nervousness and awe.

"There's no way on Earth Trix isn't his mate. He's literally cooking the thing."

"Shit, how are we going to get the other girl out of there? She's going to get burned alive!"

"I'll get her." Elijah whispered, and I finally forced my eyes open because I needed to see what was going on. Elise was cradling my head gently in her lap when I groaned out loud, grabbing her attention.

"I'm gettin' real tired of this blackin' out shit, ugh," I rubbed my neck, feeling odd circles there, but no blood. My head was pounding, but I was otherwise all right.

"Oh Trix! You're awake!" Both Elise and Karla helped me sit up, and that's when I noticed what was actually going on in front of me.

It looked like a scene from a horror film: there was a giant black mass burning in the lake, the fire spreading rapidly no matter how often the creature tried to dunk his burning limbs into the water.

A red blur flew around it in the night sky, flinging blasts of the blue flame here and there. The monster screamed in agony and the red blur kept finding other areas to spread the fire, just as Eli flew close and grabbed a coughing Rose from the final tentacle to be set ablaze.

"W….ha...t the-? Is that Jakey?!" I gasped, covering my mouth as the Kraken fell over, screaming in pain. Even in the water, the fire continued to burn, as if there was no way to put it out.

"You got hurt and he... demolished that entire thing. By himself." Karla explained, her brown eyes alight from the color of the flames. I turned back to the scene in front of me, wondering how long it would be before Jake killed the thing, and moved on to burning other things.

It seemed our time had run out. The Kraken gave one last final cry as it continued to fall apart under the barrage of Jake's blue flames. There weren't even ashes left of the tentacles he had already burned up. His ferocity scared me a little bit, but I had to stop him - calm him down before he did something really stupid like go after Isaac and Ominas' traitorous ass. She was a bitch, but she was still a member of the Dragon Council.

I shakily got myself to my feet, and moved towards the shore. I inhaled deeply, the smell of smoke burning my lungs, and shouted, "Jacob Luke Long!"

Jake froze in mid-air, turning in my direction with an unhinged look in his eye. But when he realized it was me calling him, his eyes softened and he looked a lot less like he was going to burn us all alive.

"Trixie…?" He called for me carefully, taking his time to fly towards our group. He landed at the water's edge and changed to his human form, shaking his head and rubbing his eyes blearily. One look at him and I knew he was struggling to stay on his feet. I pitched forward, reaching him just as he collapsed in my arms.

"Trix, did you see that? I-" His eyes were half-lidded, but he touched my face gingerly, caressing the marks the tentacles had left on my skin.

"I saw it, baby. Thank you for saving me." I replied softly, threading my fingers through his.

Jake grinned, pressing a kiss to my fingertips, "I won't… l-let anyone... Fuck with my girl."

"I know, Jakey Boy. Take a break, ok?" I smoothed his hair with my free hand, just as his lids slid shut and he drifted off to sleep from sheer exhaustion.

End Chapter 8