The sun was already high in the sky when Mya woke up. She slowly opened her eyes and smiled as she felt an arm around her waist. She moved to face Jayden who was still sleeping. She looked at the time. 7am. It was an hour before training, so she could afford to let the red ranger sleep. She thought back to the discussion she had with him a few days earlier.


« It's not that I don't want Mya. » He had said, gently taking her chin. He had just refused to help her apply essence of Dittamy on her wounds « It's hard enough for me to sleep with you so if I have to see you like that, half ... »


She had cut him off, understanding where he was coming to. Then she thought back to that night, where they had almost done it. She had hesitated and he understood but she had seen how he had tapped into all his self-control not to jump on her when they had decided not to go further. She remembered how much she had loved to touch his toned, muscular torso, how she had felt wonderfully well when he kissed her in the neck ...

« Why do you have the face as red as the color of my suit ? » Jayden gently asked her, stroking his cheek.

« I was thinking of stuff » Mya stuttered, becoming even more red

« What kind of stuff ? » Jayden smirked

« Nothing important » the witch replied, trying to get up from the bed

But Jayden had decided otherwise and put her on the mattress before starting to tickle her. She began to squirm and contain her laughers, but couldn't stand it, she burst into a clear laugh. She begged him to stop but he didn't listen. Instead, he grabbed her wrists with one hand and her waist with the other, and got on top of her. It had the effect of making her stop laughing and blushing, realizing the position they were in. Jayden smiled as he realized the effect he was making on her and leaned over to kiss her. Their lips would touch each other when someone knocked on the door.

« Mya ? » Antonio called. Jayden sighed heavily before getting off of his girlfriend.

« Yes ? » The witch answered, sitting down. The nightie she wore went up a little higher on her thighs. Jayden looked away, swallowing.

Focus, Jayden. This is not the time to think about that !

« Mentor's doing an emergency meeting. » Antonio continued through the door

« Okay ! I'm coming ! » Mya answered as she sat on the edge of the bed to get up

« And Jayden ! It's the same for you ! »

Jayden froze. He looked at Mya who was looking at him too. His eyes went down on his nightie. He closed his eyes and sat on the edge of the bed. Mya, meanwhile, bit her lip. She had been looking intently at her lover's body too. She shook her head and walked to her closet, wiggling as she passed Jayden. She wanted to seduce him. Attitude not very worthy of Hermione Granger, but she didn't care. Jayden chuckled when she saw her doing that. She pulled out a black slim jeans with a white long-sleeved shirt and turned to the bed. Jayden was still there and watching her.

« Do you plan to stay there while I get dressed ? » She teased, putting her fists on her hips.

« No, I'm leaving ! » He got up and went over to kiss her. The kiss lasted a few minutes and Jayden finally managed to get away from the girl to get dressed too. He put on a t-shirt that was hanging in his beloved's room before going out.

On an island near the city

« For centuries I have planned for this fitful day ! » Serrator said in his dark voice as he finished his trap. He was standing in front of a metal altar where a fire crackled « I will drive a wedge of misery into this island so deep that it will be felt in the Netherworld ! While these flames burn and glaze, fear will overtake the minds of the humans and the island will fall under my dark spell ! »

A fine rain of black ink fell on the people of the island who played volleyball, or who were walking. They began to be afraid of the world around them, people between them don't dare to approach anymore and they began to take refuge either in cars or at home.

« The human's fear will spread like a wildfire bringing me ever closer to my ultimate goal ! » Serrator continued to wander. « And you, my minions, shall help defeat the rangers when they fall into our trap ! » He finished after standing up and turning towards Dayu and Deker who were behind him. Then he laughed with a Machiavellian laugh.

Shiba House

Mentor Ji opened the map and pointed to a small island next to Jonathan Bay and Carol Bay. A yellow circle and a small beep were issued from the map.

« The Gap Sensor has detected some odd paranormal activity ! » Ji started as the rangers listened attentively. « On this obscur island ! But no actual Nighlock attack ! I tried to call in, but communication has been cut off. We can't reach anyone. »

« We'll go and check it out. » Jayden said, turning to the others who nodded.

On the island

« The trap is cast. » Serrator said, getting up. « They will come to this island but they'll never leave ! »

On the side of the rangers, they had taken a boat to take them to this island. They had just moored and walked on the dock. Mya and Jayden were holding hands, a gesture that was rare for both of them.

« Where did all the people go ? » Emily looked around as she walked.

« That's what we have to find out » Jayden interrupted. « We better split up into teams. »

« Got it ! » Mike nodded, slapping Antonio's shoulder, who nodded in agreement. « Let's go buddy ! »

Emily and Kevin left on one side, Mike and Antonio on the other, and Jayden and the two Mia-Mya of another too. Jayden had let go the hand of the witch who had smiled at him before looking around following the other two. People watched them go and locked themselves at home. They were terrified.

« Look Jayden ! » Mia started softly. « All the people seem to be hiding ! »

« They're afraid of something. » Mya commented, catching herself in the arm of her lover who held her so she would not fall. Her ankle wasn't completely cured of her sprain a few days ago.

« Something is definitely not right here ! » Jayden said after releasing Mya.

On the side of Emily and Kevin

« There's not a single person anywhere » He exclaimed. « Now that's kind of creepy »

« Hey wait ! » Emily shouted after Kevin showed her a little boy running to escape to the forest. « Hold on ! » The little boy didn't listen and kept running, trying to run away. « We're only trying to help ! » He's still no stop. « wait, stop ! » Emily begged him, appearing before him. He turned to flee to the other side but Kevin blocked his way.

« Hey ! » He began softly. « Take it easy. We're not gonna hurt you »

« Yes you are ! » The boy replied. « You're the enemy !»

« No ! » Emily contradicted, « We're the good guys ! Really ! That's better ! » She finished, placing her hand on the boy's arm when he was calmed. « What made you think that we were ennemies ? »

« Hey ! » Kevin leaned over to look at the little one's face. « What's that stuff on your face ? »

On the side of Mike and Antonio

Mike stood on a porch of a house and knocked on the door.

« Hello ? » He shouted after cracking. « We just want to talk to you ! »

He looked at Antonio, who shrugged. He mimed his gesture and turned away from the door. Their Samuraizer emitted a beep. Antonio was the fastest and answered the call.

« Que pàsa ? What's up ? » He asked

« Some kind of ashes fell from the sky ! » Kevin said. « And when it landed on the people, they all got super scared. The ash is coming from the mountains ! »

« Alright ! » Jayden agreed, turning to the girls. « Let's regroup at the base of the mountains and come up with a plan. »

« Okay, we're on our way ! » Kevin answered. The red, pink and Gryffindor rangers hung up and nodded before running.

On the side of Emily and Kevin

« Or not ! » Said Dayu, standing in front of the two rangers

« Dayu ! » Kevin exclaimed in a bewildered voice

« Oh, you look so surprised ! » She began in a clear voice. « That's strange, because we've been expecting you ! »

Emily and Kevin went directly into attack.

On the side of Mike and Antonio

The two boys closed their Samuraizer and started running when they heard a dark laugh. They found themselves in front of Serrator.

« Serrator ! » Exclaimed Antonio

« Not this guy again ! » Mike moaned.

« You're feeling it right now, aren't you ? » Exclaimed Serrator, turning toward them. « That feeling creepying up your spine. Tell you that you've fallen into a trap and there is no escape ! »

The two boys positioned to defend themselves.

On the side of the other three

The three friends were walking quietly in the forest. Mya was a little behind and watched as her man and one of her best friends spoke. She didn't know why but she didn't like their closeness. She knew that Mia liked Kevin but that didn't stop her from feeling a hint of envy when she saw them.

« I wish the others will get here soon." She told him

« We've worries of our own » Jayden answered hard, stopping to walk. Mia imitated him and the witch did the same thing when she reached their height. « Deker ! » The latter was walking quietly towards them. « Just what are you doing here ? » Jayden asked, stepping forward in front of the two girls as a protection

« Again I meet you ! » Deker started after stopping. « As a sword for hire. Soon my sword Urumasa will be whole again. But in the meantime, I can battle you with this. » Deker quickly looked at his weapon and transformed himself. « At least for a while ! »

The three rangers looked at each other and took out their Samuraizer to transform themselves.

« GO, GO, SAMURAI ! » They cried, tracing their symbol of power. Mya chose the snow and ran towards Deker along with her two teammates.

On the side of Serrator

« Your move of bravado is pityful ! » Serrator said to Mike and Antonio who had just released the Samuraizer. « Since you're about to meet defeat ! »

The two rangers didn't listen to him and shifted to face him. They fought against the Nighlock but neither boy managed to touch him. After a few seconds, Serrator had blocked their weapons and held them together.

« You're attacking me with common swords ?! The Nighlock chuckled, pushing them away violently. « Apparently you haven't heard the news ! The era of the sword is over ! In saying this, he had launched an attack against the rangers who avoided it. « A new era has begun and it starts right now ! » He launched again an attack that the rangers didn't dodge and made them rise into the air. The attack no longer allowed them any movement and hindered them. The two rangers moaned trying to free themselves from this shameful attack, but they couldn't do anything. « Think of it as your personal Apocalypse ! » Serrator looked at them then burst out with his evil laugh.

On the side of Mentor Ji

Ji was in the kitchen writing a letter to the Order. He had just received a letter from Minerva McGonagall giving him news of the country. The Death Eaters attacks were becoming more frequent and many muggles or wizards without defenses were dying. Mentor grimaced and finally allowed himself to disclose that Voldemort had attacked Panorama City. He was, however, disturbed by a knock at the door, preventing him from finishing his letter completely. He frowned and headed for the door. What was his surprise when he found Cody wearing something in his hands.

« Cody ! » He smiled gently at the boy

« Hi ! » Replied the guardian of the BullZord

« What did you got there ? You take permission to visit this time, right ? »

« Yeah ! » The boy nodded. Mentor smiled at him softly and made him go inside.

On the side of Dayu

« This islanders scare so easily ! » She exclaimed, advancing to attack the little boy. However, she was blocked by Kevin who counter-attacked while Emily was protecting the boy and shouting him to return home.

The two friends united to try to destroy the Nighlock woman but they didn't succeed.

« Give it up Dayu ! » Kevin ordered as Emily rose from the floor

« I don't think so ! » She retorted, continuing to fight them. She found a fault in their defense and managed to neutralize them by sending them into the river that was close to them. « That's two down ! » And she burst out laughing.

On the Deker side

Deker is a powerful opponent when he is human. So in his Nighlock form, Deker is almost invincible.

Mya was fighting violently against the half-Nighlock with the help of the other two. However, Deker looked tired and managed to send both girls to the mat.

« You're in my way ! » Deker cried angrily

The Nighlock wanted to give Mya a shot, but Jayden blocked the attack to protect her. The witch smiled under her helmet. Both men had a fierce fight but Deker finally got the upper hand.

« You rely on your teammates to fight your battles now ? » Shot the Nighlock as he stopped his attack. Have you become that weak, Red Ranger ?

Hearing this, Jayden raised his head and started a simple « What ? ». This distraction allowed the two girls to get up and return to fight Deker. Mya had slightly bewitched her blade so she could hurt the Nighlock but again, her magic didn't seem to have any effect on him. Deker managed a second time to fly the two girls and he turned to Jayden.

« The lone warrior is strongest ! You've lost your edge ! »

Deker had managed to place his blade on the shoulder of the red ranger, the sharp side to the boy's neck. He knocked Jayden to the head which distracted the latter and took the opportunity to send him to the ground further after several shots of dagger. Jayden demorphed as soon as he touched the floor, causing screams from the witch. Jayden winced and turned his head to the Nighlock without getting up.

« Pathetic ! » Deker told them, transforming into a human while Mya went to see her lover. « You're not worth fighting anymore... » He continued, addressing to Jayden who tried to get up. « Not when you're like this ! » Deker turned around and left.

Jayden fainted in Mya's arms as the pink ranger ran to her leader. She demorphed and looked at her friend who was trying to revive their team leader with magic.

In the Netherworld, next to the boat of Master Xandred, on the shore

« And now Master Xandred » began Maldan, a Nighlock accompanied by several moogers all lined up in a perfect line. « A demonstration of our new weapon ! » Master Xandred was watching the scene in his boat, Serrator and Octoroo, at his side. « Ready ? » shouted Maldan while the moogers were targeting straw targets with a laser rifle. « Fire! » He finally ordered. His henchmen obeyed and shot. « Be hold ! The era of the laser blaster is here ! »

« Oh, oh, oh ! » Exclaimed Octoroo, looking at his master. « That means that spin sword is obsolete ! Samurai don't stand a chance against fire power like this ! »

« Big talk ! » Xandred growled, turning away from the Nighlock. « A plan from either of you that really works will be a first ! »

« This time will be different ! » Serrator interjected with his deep voice

« Yes ! » Octoroo continued in a happy voice. « Once the blasters were unleashed, fire power will reign supreme ! And Samurais will be so surpassed »

« Quiet ! » Xandred shouted. « I don't care how you do it Serrator ! Just finish them off ! »

« Consider them finish ! » Serrator agreed, bowing.

Mya's side

Mya sighed as she put her boyfriend's head on her lap. She took a potion out of her bag and made him drink and asked for Mia's scarf so that Jayden wouldn't force his injured arm. The boy woke up a few minutes later with the two girls' heads above him.

« Hello sleeping beauty! » The witch smiled softly as Mia giggled.

« What happened to me ? » The young man asked, trying to get up but Mya gently put him back on the floor.

« You fought Deker and he beat you » Mia answered, taking his hand.

« We have to follow him .. » Jayden tried to get up.

« Stay here a few minutes Jay' ! » Mya ordered him. « Let the potion that I gave you work. »

She let Mia and Jayden talk and looked around. She wanted to finish this day quickly so she could continue her training. She spotted a kind of shed and analyzed the surroundings. Jayden had to rest but they weren't safe exposed as they were in the middle of an empty clearing. She showed it to the other two and they walked slowly. The two girls helped Jayden who was struggling to move. Mya made him sit on a crate while Mia tried to call Mentor., The witch stroked the face of her boyfriend who was looking in front of him, frowning.

« Hello ? Hello ? I can't reach Mentor ! » Said the pink ranger, closing her Samuraizer

« The Nighlock's ashe must be blocking all forms of communications from the all island. » The white ranger replied, turning to the pink ranger after standing up

« Jayden ! Jayden ! » Mia was desperately trying to get her leader's attention. The other Mya turned quickly with wide-eyed eyes to her friend when she saw her boyfriend who hadn't reacted. The latter, pale and exhausted, thought about what Deker had told him.

« The lone warrior is strongest ! You've lost your edge ! »

« Are you okay ? » Asked the pink ranger putting her hand on his shoulder. Her touch made him return to reality. He looked at her darkly and went back to look in the air. Mia sat next to him and put her hand on his back. « Don't worry, it's just a minor setback ! » She continued.

Mya looked at their closeness and Mia's hand in the back of her lover and felt a hint of jealousy in her stomach. She shook her head to remove that strange feeling but it didn't work. She clenched her fists and breathed to calm herself down.

« No ! He's right ! » Jayden answered firmly. « He can see my weakness ! I need to find him ! »

« Certainly not ! » Cried the witch, placing herself in front of her lover, her fists on her hips. The other two looked at her, surprised. « You're wounded ! And you need to rest ! »

« Don't you see ? » Jayden got up, his arm still in a sling. « He didn't have his true sword Urumasa today and when he'll get back it, he will be twice as deadly »

« Jayden ! » The pink ranger intervened, frowning. « We have completely faith in you ! »

Faced with what Mia had just said, Jayden frowned even more and said in a dark voice : « There are things about me you don't know »

Mya sighed and followed him as he ran off after removing the scarf. She left her friend behind, and ran to catch the man she loved.

« Jayden ! Mya ! » Shouted the pink ranger of the shed. « Don't do this ! » She still managed to catch them after a big sprint.

On the side of the Nighlocks

« Looks like we have visitors » Said Dayu to Deker who was sitting quietly on a rock

The moogers advanced to form a line in front of Jayden and Mya who had just arrived. Jayden noticed black smoke and elbowed Mya to look.

« So, this is where the ashe is coming from ? » Mya wondered looking at her leader and love

« Where there's smoke, there's fire ! » He replied in a snarling voice. « But not for long ! »

« And that is the closest you'll get to it ! » Dayu shouted as she pulled out her blade. « He's all yours ? I take care of the girl ! »

« He's no worth fighting anymore ! » Replied half-Nighlock without getting up from where he was sitting.

« Fine ! » Dayu agreed, stroking her dagger. « Then I'll finish them ! »

She began to attack Jayden who couldn't transform himself and put him on the ground. She was going to finish him when the two Mia-Mya managed to counter her attack together, without transforming theirselves.

« Mya ! » Jayden called. The pink ranger was a step further with Dayu. « This is too dangerous. Protect yourself. I can fight my own battles. »

Mya blocked a Dayu attack to protect the other two rangers and frowned.

« Have you forgotten ? » The witch got upset, causing the Nighlock to fly further. Her magic worked after all. « We put our lives in your hands, and you trusted to put yours in ours »

« She's right Jayden ! » The pink ranger nodded, continuing to fight with Mya.

« That promise isn't a weakness, Jayden. » The witch continued, giving Dayu a good jolt, who roared in pain. « We're Rangers together. Samurai forever. »

« I'd say more, but I owe Dayu some payback. » Continued the pink ranger

« More you than me ! » Mya smirked, looking at Mia, who chuckled.

« GO, GO, SAMURAI ! ». The two girls traced their symbol of power and transformed themselves. They began a fierce battle against their enemy.

« Okay girls. » Jayden nodded painfully, getting up with difficulty. « I've got your backs ! » He got up and took out his Samuraizer. « GO, GO, SAMURAI ! »

« You think you can do this all alone ? » the woman Nighlock asked badly, attacking them. The two friends blocked her attack.

« Yes, we can beat you ! » Mya replied, looking coldly at her.

« The other Power Rangers have been neutralized ! » Dayu continued. « There is no one but the pathetic Red Ranger to help you ! »

« I wouldn't be so sure of that ! » Mia spat at her, pushing her away

« Not so fast ! » Shouted a very recognizable voice : Emily.

« How did you.. ? » Exclaimed Dayu almost scared

« Serrator left us hanging ! Luckily Blue freed us ! » Mike explained quickly

« It takes more than a little water to stop us ! » Emily continued as the three friends rejoined the group.

« Now, either you put out that fire, or we will ! » Jayden had stepped forward as he pulled out his blade

« You're too weak to put out anything ! » Said Serrator, appearing between Dayu and the rangers, stopping at the same time Dayu's advancement towards the heroes. « But you can put away those pathetic weapons. No need for a messy swordfight. Haven't you heard ? The spin sword is obsolete ! Right, Maldan ? » He ended up talking to a new Nighock who appeared.

« Indeed ! » Said the latter. « The era of laser blaster is here ! Laser Blasters, Fire ! » The moogers fired on the rangers who tried to avoid the shots as much as possible.

« BLACK BOX, SUPER DISK ! » Jayden shouted, becoming stronger.

« More firepower ! » Maldan ordered. The moogers fired once more.

« SUPER SAMURAI MODE ! » Jayden protected others through his transformation. « We've got to move faster than they can shoot ! »

« Right ! »

They all threw themselves into the battle against the moogers by mocking them. A few minutes later, they managed to defeat them all and turned to the Nighlocks. Meanwhile, Antonio had taken care of Maldan, but too busy boasting, he had been badly touched. The others rushed to him to see if everything were ok. It was when they realized that hundreds of moogers with laser blasters surrounded them.

« It's like a whole army ! » Emily cried, looking all over

« Unbelievable ! » Mike said, turning to the pink ranger. « No way ! »

« Like I said.. » Maldan said, looking at Jayden. « The new era has begun ! These lasers will sap you strength till there's nothing left ! »

An engine sound was heard. Mya turned to the source of the noise and a big smile appeared behind her helmet.

« Ji ! » She exclaimed

« What are you doing here ? » Jayden asked as he stood in front of Mya to protect her.

Mentor got off his bike and was attacked by the moogers. However, he managed to beat them easily.

« You call THIS a blaster ? » Ji had grabbed an enemy laser blaster. « Now, THIS is a blaster ! » He had pulled a weapon from his back that looked like a bull's head. He threw the weapon at his godson who looked at him without understanding.

« Sweet ! » He said nonetheless.

« It's a gift from Cody ! » Continued Mentor. « It's called a Bullzooca ! Fire it up ! » He finished, throwing a disk.

« Cody is fine ? » Mya asked, tilting her head to the side while Mentor nodded.

« Thanks Mentor! » Jayden placed the disk in the Bullzooca and the weapon roared like a real bull.

« Stop him now ! Blast him ! » Maltan raged, who was more than scared.

Jayden glanced around quickly and fired at the moogers that all perished in seconds.

« Now that's fire power ! » He chuckled at the moogers and Maltan on the floor.

« Nice going ! » Kevin said

« Cody made that ?! He packs quite a punch ! » Continued Mia

« Cody is a kid with great potential » Mya murmured, impressed.

« I don't need these losers ! » Maltan yelled angrily. He grabbed a laser blaster and turned to the rangers. Jayden, meanwhile, caught his sword. « I'll take care of you ! » He tugged at Jayden, who dodged.

« Think again ! » Jayden warned, jumping to dodge the new laser shot.

They both started fighting. Jayden was constantly attacking Maldan who couldn't dodge and reply. The red ranger used both weapons to defeat the enemy. He found himself on the ground before he could say "Xandred" and Jayden stood in front of him.

« I've had enough of you and your popgun ! » He assembled the rifle and the sword to form the Super Bullzooca. « Time to really get this Bull lose ! » He activated the disk by putting it in the black box and the weapon roared again. « Super Bullzooca ! Bullzooca blast ! » The rifle fired a shot that hit the Nighlock directly and destroyed it.

Jayden finally turned to his teammates who came running behind him.

« Red ranger ! » Maldan shouted in his second form. « You just made a big mistake ! »

« I need to stop that fire ! » Jayden told to his teammates. « Can you guys hold him off in the Bullzord ? Antonio, you take the LightZord ! »

« No problemo ! » Replied the Spanish

« Good plan ! » Cried Mia

« Let's do it ! » Emily and Mya said happily.

« All right. You guys, saddle up ! » Jayden said, activating the Bull Zord. « BullZord transformation ! » The latter transformed into Mega BullZord and the rangers, except Jayden and Antonio, appeared in the cockpit.

« BULL MEGAZORD, ARMED FOR BATTLE ! » Cried the rangers, standing in front of Maldan.

« Nice ! » Antonio laughed, talking to LightZord. « Let's help our buddies LZ ! LightZord, MEGA-MODE POWER ! Samurai LightZord, COMBINATION ! Flashy positioned himself next to the BullZord. « You're out of your league, Maldan ! »

« Well, you haven't seen my battle cannon yet ! » Exclaimed the Nighlock, pointing to four moogers holding a big gun. « Giant master blaster ! Advance ! » He finished, snapping his kind of whip.

« Wow ! It takes four of them to carry it ! » Mike exclaimed whereas the moogers were coming forward with the weapon. « What do we do now guys ?! »

« That thing's huge ! » Kevin added, shaking his head

On Jayden's side, the moogers were protecting the fire so that he wouldn't reach it.

« Here is Serrator's fire! » Jayden started activating the black box. « Now to snuff it out ! Super spin sword and Bullzooca ready ! » The moogers rushed to the red ranger and attacked him, but three-quarters of the monsters perished from Bullzooca fire before they could even touch it. The rest of the moogers perished from a succession of strikes of his sword and rifle fire.

Meanwhile, the giant Nighlock was still busy with the rest of the samurai.

« Artillery ! » He commanded, raising his whip in the air. « Now ! » The moogers charged and the gun fired at the MegaZords, which moved in all directions under the force of fire.

« Time for to get blasted ! » Antonio angrily shouted.

« You don't scare me, Rangers ! » Maldan replied, firing the cannon again. This caused a new wave of groans in the cockpit MegaZords from the rangers who were struggling to keep control of the Zord.

However, when they had the opportunity, the rangers in the BullZord managed to avoid shooting and to fight back with Zord's rotating machine guns. They also succeeded in destroying the moogers who held the cannon in place, under the shouts of wrath of the Nighlock.

« Noooo ! » Maldan yelled when the barrel hit the ground. « Stand your ground ! » He ordered away from the area. « BARRAGE ATTACK ! » The machine gun he held between his hands fired numerous laser projectiles.

« Time for this guy to be blinded by the light ! » Antonio said as the Light MegaZord pulled out a huge disk that looked like power disks and held it in its hand. « Catch this ! » The golden ranger continued as Lighty threw the disk, which multiplied phenomenally. All the disks went to the Nighlock's shots and they destroyed them except one who hit Malda in the hand. « Yeah ! » Antonio shouted in the victory of his attack. « Blaster bulleyes, buddy ! »

« MEGA REVOLVING LASER BLASTER ! » Shouted Mya from BullZord to finish off the enemy. The machine gun snapped and fired at the Nighlock. « FULL DISK ! RAGING FORCE ! » She finished. A big power disk came between the two horns of the Zord and a large blue laser beam surrounded by a blue halo came out of its center to attack Maldan. The laser shots and the laser beam hit the naughty Nighlock who perished in excruciating pain.

« Booyah ! » Mike said when he exploded. The other rangers laughed with him.

Although the rangers had a great victory over the Nighlock, Jayden still hadn't put out the fire because of the moogers who were still attacking him.

« Before I can put this fire out, I guess I have to take all of you out ! » He cried, finishing to eliminate them. « See you later ! » Before they even waited for them to explode, Jayden turned away and walked to the cursed fire.

« So this is how you fight now ? » Deker snarled, putting himself on the way to the red ranger, making him stop walking. « With a baster ? » His tone resembled that of a mother who reprimanded her child. « Go ahead ! » He extended his arms to the sides. « I dare you ! ». Jayden armed the Bullzooca and targeted. « You don't have the guts ! » Deker continued without moving an inch.

Jayden puts his sword on the bull rifle, opened the black box to insert the Bullzooca disk and activated the weapon. « SUPER BULLZOOCA ! » The Bullzooca roared. « I have more important concerns than you, Deker ! » Jayden finally replied, shooting.

The shot grazed Deker who leaned over to avoid it and hit the nighlock fire directly. The latter exploded and Serrator's black magic evaporated into the air. The inhabitants recovered their spirits and returned to their normal life after many hugs.

« Face me one or one ? » Deker had advanced to Jayden a few steps. « So you're starting to get your samurai spirit back ! » Jayden threatened him with Bullzooca. « Unfortunately for you, » Deker continued, raising his dagger. « That thing is no match for a smooth blade ! » He raised his gun at his shoulder and started running towards Jayden before being cut by Serrator.

« Stop ! » He ordered, putting himself between the two men who lowered their respective weapons. « Gentelemen, a battle of egos ? No ! I have bigger plans for you ! » Serrator chuckled before turning to Jayden, laughing. « Let's elevate this to a clash of titans ! » And he disappeared with Dayu and Deker, making Papyrux and two SpitFangs appear at the same time.

« Oh no ! » The team leader was worried, looking up at the sky.

« These guys ! » Mia shouted closer to Jayden under the grinding of the other Mya.

« Jayden ! We got here as quickly as we could ! » Kevin tried to explain as he came running with the other four.

« Perfect timing guys ! SUPER SAMURAI COMBINATION ! » Jayden cut in, activating the disk of his sword.

The Zords assembled to form the MegaZord with Claw armored.

« Claw Armed MegaZord ! We are united ! » Shouted all the team members as they appeared in the cockpit at their respective places.

Jayden, always late ! Mya chuckled as Jayden appeared later than the others.

PapyRux attacked, followed directly by the SpitFangs. The rangers couldn't avoid the blows and had to restrain themselves at their control towers in order not to fall.

« Those SpitFangs are trying to roast us, huh ? » Said Antonio to the other rangers.

« Hold steady ! » Jayden said reassuringly. « DOUBLE KATANA STRIKE ! » The MegaZord attacked and destroyed the two cumbersome creatures. He turned to PapyRux.

« Yeah ! » Kevin happily exclaimed.

« oh Yeeeah ! » Mike continued

« Two SpitFangs down and one PapyRux to go ! » Emily finished in a voice full of joy.

« Calm down ! » Mya tempered gently. « We're not done yet ! »

« Let's end this ! » Jayden cried, cautioning his friends. « SHOGUN MODE ! » He saw himself put on an armor. « Power of the ancestors ! » He finally left the Bullzooca. « SHOGUN SPEAR TRANSFORMATION ! » He assembled the MegaZord and the Bullzooca, forming a large spear.

« Wow ! » Mike exased himself in front of the gun. « Sweet ! Now let's stick it to him ! »

« Let's go ! » Mya said as she prepared for the sequel.

« ULTIMATE SAMURAI COMBINATION ! » Jayden said as the other unused Zords flocked to the Claw armored MegaZord. « Samurai GigaZord, We are united ! »

The Power Rangers managed to defeat PapyRux by assembling the Attacks Tiger Tendrils, Pincer and the Shogun Attack.

« Samurai Rangers, victory is ours ! » Jayden said with a smile.

« Yeeeeeaaaah ! » Mya cried happily, raising her fist in the air.

They all demorphed after leaving the GigaZord and resumed the way to the port of the island. Jayden and Mia stayed behind, on the sidelines, and the others went away. Mya, laughing with Antonio and Emily, still glanced back at the other two from time to time. She found immediately this feeling of jealousy in her belly and crossed her arms while blowing.

« Jealous ? » Antonio asked gently with a smile

Mya didn't answer and frowned even more. She turned her head to Emily who laughed at her reaction, and accelerated her walk so as not to get angry any more. She missed, however, the look that the two friends made and ended up at the level of Mike who made her find the good mood quickly.

They arrived quickly at the port, where Mentor was waiting for them to return.

« Deker was wrong about you Jayden ! » Mia said softly to her leader, turning to him. « You're born to be our leader, to be a part of us. »

Jayden thanked her but lost his smile once her back was turned. « If only they knew ... » He jumped, however, when he heard a voice beside him.

« She's right, you know ... » Mya stopped when she heard him talk with her friend and waited for him. « You may not be the real red ranger, but you are the perfect leader for this team. You are and will always be better than HER in this. » She approached him gently, stood on tiptoe and kissed him tenderly.

He sighed and smiled before quickly taking her by the waist and putting her on his shoulder like a potato bag. He laid her on the floor gently under the laughter of the others when they joined them.

« Hey, did you see Mentor take out those Master Blasters ? » Emily asked Mike once everyone was calmed. This question caused a slight smile on the face of Mentor who was waiting patiently on his bike.

« Yeah ! » Mike answered happily. « Not bad for an old dude ! » Mentor tilted abruptly at this last sentence.

« Old ? » He said, getting up from his bike and turning to the rangers. Jayden smirked and put an arm around Mya's shoulders, which rested her head on his biceps.

« Uh ... » Mike was starting to stutter. « I didn't mean "old" in the sense of retirement home. » He began to wander and not know what to say to catch up. The others smiled as he watched him sink deeper and deeper. « I meant more of, like, you know, retro cool. » Ji sighed and turned his back to push his motorcycle towards the boat.

« Too late ! » Antonio said to him smiling

« Open mouth, insert foot ! » Kevin added, patting him on the shoulder.

« Smooth move, Mike ! » Emily finished laughing.

Mya and Jayden passed by laughing too and the witch took the opportunity to cast a spell on Mike.

« Come on ! You're not really upset, aren't you ?! » He stepped forward but Mya's little spell made him lose his balance and he fell back into boxes, completely trapped in an orange net. Everyone went back and laughed at seeing him in bad shape. « Okay I deserved that ! » Growled the green ranger as he struggled through the net. All continued to laugh.

« Fate had just punished you Mike ! » Mya dried her tears and freed him from the net before helping him to get up to go home.

He grumbled all the way but apologized to Mentor who shook his head. Once back home, Mentor left to finish his letter, and each in turn the rangers went to the shower after eating.

When she finished her shower, Mya found Jayden lying on the bed, arms crossed behind his head, looking at the ceiling thoughtfully. She sighed and joined him on the bed. She laid on her side, her head resting on her hand, and looked at him.

« Don't think about what Deker told you. » She simply said, tracing indeterminate shapes on his exposed torso. « He's wrong. You became even stronger thanks to the team. You. Are not. Not. Weak ! »

« I can't help but think he's right ... » he replied, turning his head toward her.

« You know what ? Don't think about him. Don't think about it anymore.. »

« Very well. Let's talk about something else. » He positioned himself like her. « I noticed that you looked at Mia in a funny way since we got home. »

« I don't know what you're talking about. » Mya turned to the bedside table to take her book. However, Jayden grabbed her waist and pulled to stick it against his chest.

« Liar ! » He whispered in her ear, causing shivers in Mya's back.

« I found her too close to you for my taste ... » Mya grumbled, closing her eyes.

Jayden was surprised. He moved slowly and made her stand on the back.

« There is only one I like Mi', and it's you. » He stroked her face gently. « I will not love anyone else. Never. »

« I know »

Jayden smiled softly and leaned over to capture the lips of his beloved. She answered the kiss right away and the kiss, at first tender and innocent, became more passionate as the seconds passed. Mya had her arms around Jayden's neck and he was right over her, one hand on either side of her head. He lowered his head into the witch's neck, still kissing her. He began to leave streaks of purple marks on his neck, while descending to the level of her collarbone where he could hear the perfect whine of Mya. He gave her a quick look to see her, eyes closed, hands in his hair. He smiled softly and went back to her lips. He grabbed his hip with one hand and continued his way to her chest.

Later that night, they were both naked, Jayden on the back with one hand behind his head and Mya, her head resting on Jayden's arm, one leg around his hip and her body leaning against his. Only a blanket covered them and their breathing was fast but they were happy. Mya smiled softly and once again pressed her lips to her lover's.

"Merlin thank you, my room is soundproofed. Otherwise I think with all the noise we just made, Mentor and the rest of the team would have come here. "

Jayden laughed at her remark and kissed her forehead before closing his eyes. They had, for the first time in weeks, a dreamless and restful night.