Watching Wolf girl and black prince for the first time last week was so amusing, I came up with this. This is just for my amusement, don't hate me. Especially because this'll be my first fic for this series.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Okay maybe the OCs…..and the somewhat plot. But that's it.

As long as I can remember, you've told me how you met mom. You've told me how she told a lie. You were that lie. She took your picture to show her friends, telling them you was her boyfriend. They didn't believe her, however so she needed a plan. You happen to walk by at that moment, overhearing everything. Mom told me that she wasn't thinking clearly and dragged you into the schoolyard. She needed you. She needed you to play a role as the perfect boyfriend. As the prince of the school, you had agreed with that prince like smile you told me that you hated. Tell me something, why did you do it? Especially with that ridiculous condition? You agreed to play the role as the perfect boyfriend on the condition of her being your dog? What the hell? You had two personalities? Is that even possible? Okay so the prince thing was just a act, I understand that, but why? Why'd you go through with it if you hated it? And what's up with the dog thing? Was she just a plaything to you? I bet that's what you saw her as, a toy. Have you considered that she has feelings? I'll answer that, no.

I'm ranting about this because I, Kai Sata, think I'm in a similar position? Why do I have to have your good looks and terrible personality? Do you hate me? You must've. Okay so I know it's not your fault but still, this sucks. It's the first day of school at a new high school. Your school, actually, and yes, I'm wearing your old school uniform. You told me that it'll fit me perfectly and shocker, you were right. Mom told me that I looked handsome in it, well after she had made some changes to it.

Anyway as I've mentioned, I'm in the same situation you were in. Well, sort of? Since I'm at your old school and I look just like you, your role as the prince of the school somehow came mine. I don't know how, but I'm now the prince, and just like you, I faked innocence. I let these people think highly of me because I'm your son. Why didn't you warn me that having girls around me would be exhausting? I'm not a people person, you know this. But yet, here I am, in the schoolyard, talking to girls who's already in love with me. It's been only three hours and I'm getting a headache. I need to get away from these somewhat fangirls.

I smiled apologetically towards the girls in question as I stood up, "My apologies, ladies, but I must get going," To get food into my system, "I'll be around." But again maybe I won't be. I thought as I left, not caring how disappointed those girls must be right now. Ow, my head. How did you handle this dad?

"Ah, it's Kyouya jr!"

Turning around, I groaned. Only one person calls me that. "Uncle Takeru, I'm at school." I told him boredly. "What's up?" I yawned.

He grinned. "You just remind me so much like your father, that's all." He patted my head.

"Please don't remind me, you're not the only one who tells me that and I'm sick of it."

"Huh?" Takeru looked at me confusedly.

I sighed, "Never mind." I shrugged. "Just tell Yuina she owes me 5 bucks. She'll understand what you're talking about." With those words, I entered the school building. I was hungry but I didn't feel like going to the café. Especially since I'd be going there later for work anyway. My older sister Yuina and I needed extra cash so we gotten jobs. I work with uncle Takeru as a waiter. It was better than nothing.

"How dare you!"

As I was walking, I heard voices. I groaned. What's happening?

"Were you watching where you were going? You may be the new girl, but watch where you're going!"

"S-sorry," The smaller girl apologized, looking a bit frightened. Wait, she looks familiar. I swear I seen her before. But where? I didn't had time to think on it, as the other girl spoke once more.

"Don't apologize, it shouldn't have happened in the first place." I watched the taller girl as she knocked the books out of the smaller girl's arms, papers flying everywhere. "That's what you get for—" The girl paused, spotting me. Great another fangirl has located me. Leaving the smaller girl on the ground, the bitch approached me. "Hey Kai, would you like to eat lunch with me?"

Faking a smile, I replied: "Thanks for the offer, but I have other plans." I lied. I was planning on eating lunch alone. There's no way I'm eating with someone who only hang around me for my good looks. Thanks again dad.

"Plans? Really?" The fangirl looked disappointed. Too bad. "What plans?" She asked curiously.

"I'm uh…." I paused, "I'm meeting my girlfriend…." I looked down, picking up the sheet of paper that the other girl had dropped, "Juliet for lunch." I walked towards the innocent bystander to prove it. I can't believe I just said that. Are you happy mom? I really am your child.

"YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?!" The fangirl yelled out, making a scene. Shit. Everyone's looking at me. Including the girl who I just made my fake girlfriend. Actually she's giving me a confused look.

"G-girlfriend?" The girl whispered, getting off the floor. "I-I—" Before she could continue, I wrapped an arm around her, guiding her out of sight.

Making sure that we were alone,I removed my arm from the girl's shoulder, sighing in a relief. "That was close. I'm so sick of this. Dammit, see what you've done to me with your looks and stories?"

Remembering that I wasn't alone, I groaned. "Look. Juliet was it? It's nothing personal and I know you don't know me but I'm Kai and I need a favor. Actually you don't get a choice in the matter." I smirked, patting her head like a dog. Remind you of anyone? "Because of my big mouth the whole school thinks you're my girlfriend. My parents met in this school and I won't bore you with the details but thanks to them, well, mostly my dad I now have to protect my reputation as the prince of the school even though I hate it so much. It's ridiculous, but it has to be done. What's in it for you you may be wondering? Well, I'm not sure but I get those girls off of my back. To me you're just my….dog. Don't ask, just deal with it." Smirking, I wrapped a arm around her once more. "Now let's go. I'm hungry and I told someone that I was having lunch with my girlfriend."