Hey guys I know it's been a while, a year I think. I've been working on other stories and stuff but...yeah.

This is ridiculous, why am I just standing here like a creepy person? Never mind my feeling I had earlier, I shouldn't be spying on Juliet? But again I probably should? Damn it that girl. Again, is this what you went through dad? Oh my god, I really am my dad. Watch: Juliet's going to ask me about dating other people just like mom—


Turning around, I smiled innocently at my fake girlfriend. "What? Can't a guy lean against the wall in peace or something?" I found myself sending her a glare.

"I guess?" She looked at me with confusion. "I-I wanted to talk to you anyway, um..." She paused.

I groaned. "Let me guess, you wanted to know if you're free to hang with other guys right?" I smirked at her reaction. Yup I knew what she was going to ask. Stupid parents. "Don't ask how I knew, just be grateful. We're not really dating so go for it." Part of me also knows how this is going to end and I don't care. But again dad said he didn't either...?

"A-are you sure? Kai, Allen asked me to the end of summer fair this weekend..."

I stand corrected... Ugh! "Yeah. Go. I hate crowds ao there's no way in hell I was going to take you to that stupid thing." Even part of me knows how this is going to end but I don't care.

"I-if your sure..." Without warning, she kissed my cheek. I knew people was watching but was that necessary? "I have to go, I have a job interview after school." She left before I could get a word in.

With a shrug, I walked towards my locker. School is finally over for the day and Juliet isn't the only one with a after school job. After getting my things, I went home first. Nobody was home thank goodness so I have a few moments of peace. Taking a short shower, it wasn't long that I was dressed and ready for work.

Arriving at the cafe, now I know why nobody was home. Dad was with Uncle Takeru as usual while mom and Yuina was talking some man's ear off. Actually now that I'm here Yuina probably can go home.

Approaching the counter, I gave my older sister a sign that said that she can get a break in. Spotting me, Yuina approached me. "I heard." Yuina spoke, keeping her voice down for my sake. "Come on we can talk in the kitchen."

With a sigh, I followed my sister. At least she's easy to talk to instead of my parents. "You heard how I'm just like mom and dad?" I groaned, "Their stupid stories gotten to me and now I'm literally living it..."

"What's her name?" Yuina started laughing.

"Juliet. And this, isn't funny!" With a groan, I looked at my sister. "I'm stuck with her,and the worse thing is, I can't get her out of my mind..." I found myself admitting.

Yuina thought for a moment, "You just met her today right?"

"I thought I did, but she said that we've met before. At our old high school before moving back here."

"Ah! That must be it! Kai, since seems you've met this girl before, your protective nature you've received from dad is telling you to protect Juliet from anything hurtful. In a way you're falling for her without realizing it, or even on accident."

"Great that's what I need. A secret crush I didn't ask for." I said sarcastically. "Pretty sure you're wrong on this one sis." Smirking, I patted her shoulder as I passed her. My protective nature has nothing to do with anything. But again I did followed Juliet to the nurses office earlier.

Entering the main room with my sister behind me, I looked at my surroundings. Teenagers everywhere, why did Uncle Takeru have to open his cafe near the school? With a groan, I got ready for my shift.

"Hey Kai come over here for a minute." Takeru Called me over, talking to Juli—wait...what?


"What's wrong?" Yuina approached my side.

"That's her." Crap. What is she doing here? Wait she said she had a job interview...no no no no no no. She's working here now? Will this nightmare ever end? Ignoring Yuina and her laughter, I sighed as I approached Takeru. Is it in my imagination, or is my heart beating? Damn it Juliet get out of my head!

"What's up?"'