Heyo guys this is a new idea I got inspired from a couple other stories I've read with the rest being filled in by my own (vivid) imagination. Also, give me your thoughts on my story, tell me how to improve. Tis' all up to you guys. Btw this after the giant war.

Percy POV:

Falling into hell isn't fun, at all.

I was falling so long, I even had the time to reminisce about all the crap I've been through, Zeus is officially on my shit list along with Ares and Dionysus. Ares because he's an arrogant meathead, Zeus because of his paranoia and Dionysus is fucking useless.

But anyway enough about the 3 stooges. Right now I've got to work out how to safely land without trashing my leg- scratch that my entire body.

Down below me I can see the river Cocytus running off into literal nothingness, although I can see a figure hunched over next to the river. Then I realize that I'm not exactly falling at a safe speed. I quickly pull some water from the Cocytus with a large amount of effort and let myself fall in a pillar I made out of it. What I didn't anticipate was the feeling of hopelessness that erupted within me. Sudden thoughts of suicide came into my head. But, I quickly pushed them away. Now is not the time.

I crawl out of the river to find this creepy lady looking over me. Which after some consideration I figured out it was actually the hunched figure...

And she was wailing uncontrollably...


Anyway I then asked her "Who are you?"

What she said, no wailed next creeped me out.


I was now backing away from the demented goddess (at least I think she is a goddess) suddenly though she started walking toward me and said something even creeper than the previous sentence.

"I recognize you... Grandfather has been looking for you, demigod. Go, go to the edge and he shall speak to you."

"Uhm, okay?"

I slowly walk toward the edge of Tartarus.

"Holy Poseidon..."

Down below the layer of ground I was standing on, was the largest castle I had ever seen. Made of what looked like solid Stygian iron bricks with Celestial Bronze as rebar and Divine Silver as the ends of everything pointy, be it tower or spike.

I look down lower and find a steep pair of stairs going down the entire way in the shape of a helix.

"GO, Demigod!"

I feel a pair of rough, wet hands push me down the stairs, I tumble down the stairs at speeds that would have killed me had it not been for the fact I was able to grab a Stygian Iron spike that happened to be there for me to grab. I pull myself up and start walking down the expansive stairway, although from what I can see, this might take awhile

2 Hours Later

(still) Percy POV

I finally reached the bottom of these stairs and now my legs are burning with both exhaustion and the sulfurous air of Tartarus. I look up slightly to see massive 3 story gates open from the bottom to the top in segments. "Whoa..." I step forward through the massive gates and keep going to try and reach the palace at the end which looks like the Taj-Mahal and Buckingham Palace had a baby. At that I stop a little bit as I think about my Wise Girl, now gone forever. I shake those thoughts out of my head as soon as I can. I suddenly hear growling from around me.

I turn around to find myself in a courtyard full of hundreds of Hell-hounds of every size and shape, I even saw one that dwarfed even Cerberus, ironic seeing as Cerberus was supposed to be the biggest Hell-hound. I whip out Riptide and Annabeth's dagger from my pockets and stand ready to fight. I was about to try a whirlwind attack to kill multiple at once when they all suddenly bow to me, or so I thought because I heard a voice behind me that sent shivers down my spine.

"Hello Demigod"

I whirl around to find a 7-foot tall woman in a pure black sundress covered in bright white spots? No, stars, her sundress is covered in stars. My eyes widen as I realize who it is I'm standing in front of. The thought of bowing enters my mind momentarily but I quickly push that out of my head and nod my head in her direction, however, I do not bow.

"Lady Night"

"Follow me Demigod, someone wants to meet you, and hurry, he is quite the old impatient geezer."

The entire place seemed to rumble in response to that, suddenly, another gate on the other side of the courtyard opens in segments like the first one.

"Where are we going Milady?"

"You, Demigod have been chosen, I however will now leave and find your two companions, oh and also, Here."

She simply touches my forehead, but as soon as she does, I start to glow black, actually more like all the light around me is sucked into no where.

"You now have my blessing Demigod, use it wisely, You can now Shadow Travel, control the shadows, speaks to hell-hounds and command up to 3 Hell-hounds to do your bidding except Cerberus and dear old Skia.

She points at the monster of a Hell-Hound standing over in the corner.

"Anyway night, night!"

Nyx legitimately implodes in a light sucking explosion with no sound nor damage.

"Hurry, Demigod I am impatient!"

I run forward and pass through the massive gates and come to a smallish door, at least smaller than the 30 foot doors from before.

"Enter" The voice rumbled.

I shakily open the door to appear in a lounge of sorts, with most of the furniture being black or a dark mahogany red and sitting on a armchair was a Caucasian man, with arguably the best looks I've ever seen on a guy. wearing cargo pants with a gold colored C on the pockets all pants have as well as a totally tie-dyed shirt that also had a large Golden C on it. He started at me, a mug with something that smells like coffee in his hand and a large grin on his face.

"I have been expecting you, Perseus"

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