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Anyway, without further ado, the story!

Percy's POV

The dreary, heavy air of Tartarus weighed heavily on my chest and the sulfurous part of it made breathing that much harder. Yet with Victoria in my arms, who I treat like a little sister, and with three loyal Hellhounds and five Loyal Blackscales protecting me, I felt good, even in the depths of Tartarus.

Unfortunately, that means I have to get up. This proved to be quite a challenge when I found out that Victoria had curled up on my chest and the Hellhounds have turned into massive furry walls around me. How did I even get out of my alcove? I look around and spot the answer when I find one of the Blackscales, the blonde one Echis, was trapped under Guinevere's body, though it appears the other four are still out guarding. I pick up Victoria as gently as I can and put her down on the ground, so I can get up, then put my backpack under her head so she's more comfortable and make my way outside after going around a very slobbery Guinevere and over Echis' Spear.

I walk out of the cave mouth and behold the landscape before me. The shattered black glass that made up the floor of this hell, the dark gloomy clouds that hung close to the ground, the dark red walls the color of dried blood which made up the structure of this cavern. This place was horrid, but I will say that the expansiveness of it cannot be ignored…

"Milord, if I may?"

I turn, and I find Vipera next to me in a smart salute, right fist over her heart (or rather where a human heart would be, for all I know her heart could be in her tail.)

"Yes?" I ask

"Nothing has happened while you slept apart from a rabid hellhound having passed by, which we quickly dispatched." As Vipera finishes saying this, one of the other ones, Atheris I believe, came up with a classical Greek pithos, which as soon as she gets within 5 feet of me, golden dust swirls out of the pithos, turns into silver mist, and flows into me. The same familiar burst of energy goes through me but leaves me faster. I guess it's a beginner thing.

I turn to Vipera. "Vipera, how good are you and your friends at building things?"

Vipera cocks her head to the side in a thinking manner and then says, "We are not the best, we only have the knowledge on how to build structures like the ones that were here previously."

I scowl, the previous structures here could barely be called hovels much less houses.

"Well the I suppose we'll need to find someone who can, in the meantime, I want you four to find vantage points as well as defendable areas around here, in case more things come at us. With just ten people including myself, Victoria, you Blackscales and the Hellhounds, it isn't nearly enough to defend against a total onslaught."

Atheris steps forward and bows her head and then waits, as if asking for permission to speak.

"Speak" I say.

"If any of us were to bite a regular Dracaena, that Dracaena would become a Blackscale like us."

"Interesting… Vipera, Cerastes, go search for a few more Dracaena, at least five more, turn them into Blackscales." I command.

"Yes Milord!" They snap a salute and immediately leave to do my bidding.

"Atheris, Sistrurus." They snap to attention.

"Find yourselves some tools of some kind, something to go through rock."

They look slightly confused for a moment, get a moment of recognition, and then they salute and slither off to once again, do my bidding.

I head back to the cave and notice the Hellhounds are all awake and Victoria is looking around, with a bit of black blood dripping from the corners of her mouth. Which makes me raise an eyebrow.

"Victoria, what did you drink from?"

She yelps, noticing me, and then says. "I drunk a little bit from Brutus since you weren't here, but I had to spit it out" She points at a little blotch of black blood on the stone floor "Because it tastes like sand."

"Well, I don't suggest doing it again then."

Suddenly, I feel a nudging on my mind, like someone is asking for permission to speak via telepathy rather than actual speech. I push back on the nudge, as an affirmative to speak.

"I should inform you Milord" I realize that it was Brutus speaking "We are not normal Hellhounds, those taken in by Lady Nyx become Shadowhounds, faster, stronger, and smarter Hellhounds. As such, your friend may develop side effects from drinking my blood."

"Like?" I reply.

"She will probably be able to bend the shadows like a spawn of Hades as well as being able to Shadow Travel, though…"

"What?" I say

"She may grow fur in some areas, and her claws will most certainly sharpen as well as her fangs."

"We'll see how it plays out." I finish.

I walk over to Victoria and say. "Are you still hungry?"

"I am, but only a little." She says though she looks downright ashamed that she's asking, so I simply put my wrist in front of and let her do as she wishes. She latches on, drinks only a few gulps and then releases my arm.

"You finally better now?"

"Yup!" she says, though it was slightly creepy since she still had blood running down the sides of her mouth.

"Well anyway, I think we need to start doing some other things, I sent two of the Blackscales to look for more Dracaena to turn into Blackscales and Atheris and Sistrurus to look for tools of some kind."

"Brutus, Jeanne, Echis, run a quick patrol around, if you see Vipera and Cerastes out there, help her out." He nods and then runs off.

"Guinevere, me, you, and Victoria have got a job to do. Guinevere. Kneel."

Guinevere nods and kneels down. I get on Guinevere and Victoria sits in front of me as we exit the cave.

Soon enough we're running at fifty miles an hour down the dark Tartaric landscape.

A few hours and monsters later

Soon enough we were back where we found Victoria. Unfortunately for my goal here, monsters have repopulated the place. So, I took out my goblet of infinite beverages and started pouring water out of it. Until I was covered in Icy armor stronger than Celestial Bronze. I unsheathe Riptide and went about making small traps around the entrance to this valley, which was only a short 100 feet from the cave where the monsters were. I set myself right at the valley mouth, which was a measly 10 feet across, with Guinevere at my side and Victoria up on the cliffs.

Then, the fun part.

"Hey you!" Several monsters look at me. "Yea you! You make Medusa look like Aphrodite with that face of yours!" Several of them get up. "Oh yea, I'm also Percy Jackson!"

All of them get up

"Yea I figured all of you would care for that one." I raise my sword and get in a fighting stance. One of the Hellhounds on their side yells at Guinevere to do something. He is quickly mistaken when Guinevere lunges toward him, knocks him down and proceeds to rip out his jugular. In that time, I set off majority of my traps, several rocks fall on the enemy flanks, spikes rise through the ground and impale their front line, and rocks fall and split the remaining front line from the back. I rush toward the few enemies left, a few Telekhines, a hound and a Dracaena.

Just for a bit of fun, and for testing, I turn into my Hellhound form, a clumsy transformation, still including pain, but not as bad as when it first happened. The monsters stumble and stagger back, and I realize why when I am suddenly as big as Brutus, maybe a foot smaller.

I really couldn't hold back the grin on my face.

With a howl of glee, I swipe all the Telekhines into a wall, instant death. The hound tries to run away but I trap its body under my enormous paw and use my other paw to stab its head with my claws. The Dracaena, now alone had no choice but to do as I wish, which was certainly not pleasant for it.

So I picked it up by her twin tails and shook it around, careful to not actually bite her. Soon enough, she was bare of all weapons and her helmet. I then threw her up, caught her in my mouth and walked toward the cave. I motioned for Victoria to get off the cliffs, who was just watching me, and Guinevere take apart the remaining back lines.

I walk into that cave, and find the same hellhound pelt house, built like those of the Inuit in Alaska. The Dracaena was getting very squirmy at this point, so I spit her out on top of the house, which collapsed around her. As she was sputtering and struggling to get out of the rubble, I turned back into human form.

"How dare you disrespect a servant of Kronos this way!"

"Oh you were Kronos' minion? All the better! I'm certain you'll like what I've got in store for you!" I mock, with that I lunge toward her and hit her with the pommel of my sword, knocking her out. I put her on Guinevere's back and start gathering the pelts around the collapsed wreck.

It was boring tiresome work, but I needed to start getting some materials and resources, this hut just happened to be an easy source of fur and pelts. I also found a few strange drachma, they were the size of regular ones but that was where similarities ended. They were made of some sort of black colored metal, with the silhouette of a Hellhound on one side and a large humanoid figure on the other, with five lines running through it. The rivers of Tartarus maybe? It might be a representation of Tartarus. Whatever, I don't know and I currently don't care. I took all those, maybe there's some kind of shop down- maybe there's a monster donut down here? Oh whatever…

"Victoria! Guinevere! Let's get going, I've got everything. I picked up my loot from destroying this hut and the pelts, gave them to Victoria and turned into my Hellhound form. I picked up the unconscious Dracaena and with that done, started the hike home…

Finally! It took me a surprisingly long time to finish this one. Although the fact that Lonixa Beta-ed for me helped. Apart from that, the next update will appear sometime next week, or maybe even tomorrow. Only the gods know that one. :P

If any of you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me what you need answered. Although I hold the right to keep information for cliffhangers and whatnot.