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Percy's POV

After a few hours of running back to our current home of sorts, we arrived to an awe-inspiring sight. Right in front of me were 44 Blackscale Dracaena sitting at attention with Vipera and company in front of them. However, the other Blackscales had neither weapons nor armor, just a black tunic with a sea green trident over their chests.

"W-what happened while we were gone?!" I said, my voice showing the sheer amount of excitement at the loyal army & workforce I now had.

Vipera slithered so that she was right in front of me.

"Milord, I have gathered a few Blackscales."

My mouth dropped open in shock, and I lunged forward and wrapped Vipera in a bone-crushing hug while whispering 'thank you' over and over.

"You've given me much more than I could ask for Vipera, for that I'd like to make you the leader of each and every Blackscale we meet, regardless of whatever they were in rank before transforming into a Blackscale." Vipera bowed and said, almost tearfully.

"Thank you Milord."

I turned towards the large audience in front of me and projected my voice so all could hear.

"Today, I would like to thank all of you for standing so faithfully with one who you would have attacked in your previous life. For that, you will be rewarded. In the near future we will have strife and many hardships, but we will not falter! No more war! No more murder! Just happiness and joy and something we all require, peace.

Without war however, there is no peace! So we shall wage war on those foolish enough to fight against our values! With that, my miniature Blackscale Dracaena horde yelled in approval of my rallying speech.

"Atheris, take twenty Blackscales and find yourselves another settlement of monsters, tell them of what we offer here, of what they might gain from joining us. Brutus, go with them. Cerastes, take ten more and find yourself a cyclops or two, restrain them and bring them here. Sistrurus, take four and see about turning this hole in the ground into something liveable. Echis, grab the remaining nine and form a guard rotation."

The Blackscales all performed the customary salute and slithered off to do my bidding.

"Vipera, let's start organizing ourselves…"

Four weeks later, three months since Percy was banished to Tartarus

It had only been a few weeks but the changes were extreme, the cliff that our settlement was before was now a bustling little town with 80 members, most of which were Blackscales, four were cyclopes, who were our smiths and made all our weapons. We had a small stone wall on the perimeter as well as four guard towers which overlooked the whole town. The Blackscales and Cyclopes were working on a castle at the entrance to the cave at the base of the cliff, which will be the panic room should something too big for us come and try to attack us. As of right now though, we were in a bit of a bind. At first, none of the monsters except Victoria needed a visible form of sustenance. However, today one of the Blackscales came up to me asking for food and the fact that two more followed wasn't a good sign. I asked Vipera what Blackscales eat, and she told me.

"The same as any human, just in larger quantities".

So I went to the cave at the back of our complex and used my plate of infinite food, put in a literal ton of hard biscuits, those that are normally used on sea voyages. They don't spoil and as such are a good form of rations. Unfortunately, there came the first disadvantage of the infinite food plate. It ran out about halfway through making that load of was not good. I tried making some eggs and bacon and it just ended up making a head of lettuce and the top of a carrot, both of which looked very sickly. So I definitely needed to find a source of food before that biscuit supply runs out. I stepped out of the cave and made my way to one of the Blackscale construction teams.

Third-Person POV

Life had been great for Victoria. Ever since Percy took her in and they found the Blackscales, they'd just been living the good life. Or at least as good a life as you can get in Hell. Sure, they got attacked every now and again, but now that they had over fifty monsters, even the larger warbands of monsters would be hesitant to attack, since most warbands consist of a hundred monsters or so. Attacking another warband of more than fifty monsters will definitely result in severe casualties and most warband leaders don't need those.

All the creatures in their makeshift village that weren't Blackscales were asking to give their home a name. They probably think this is like a warband of sorts. Victoria had been tasked with finding Percy to decide on a name.

"Percy! Where are you!"

Victoria entered the cave mouth in which they had rested on their first night together. It was empty. Where is he…

She turned and walked towards the house that the citizens of this unnamed village built for him. Then she heard a high-pitched 'ding' somewhere to her left, closer to where the forges were, which was odd, since the sounds from there tended to be of a lower pitch. So she strolled over to the forges to see what it was, not like she could find Percy anyway. As she neared the forge, she heard someone or something panting, and it sounded inhuman, so it was probably one of their three resident Shadowhounds. When she stepped into the forge , she found Guinevere, Vipera, and Percy, along with two cyclopes putting some kind of harness on Guinevere.

"Uhm, Percy, why are you putting a…" She glanced at the harness again. "Saddle? On Guinevere?"

Percy grinned a little and said "Well, there are no horses in Tartarus…"

"No way… we'll ride Shadowhounds to battle?!"

"Well, they're not exactly meant for battle, but long-distance travel. Additionally, they'll provide some protection, you know, with them being several ton canines of doom." Percy said.

"Interesting, well the cyclopes and other hounds wanted to ask you something. I probably should tell you about some of the more prominent warbands down here. Here in Tartarus, groups of monsters are called warbands. First off, there's there are the Scythes, which are the leftover remnants of Kronos' army. They live in the wastes near the heart of Tartarus There's also the Ashclouders, which consists of harpies, gryphons, griffins, dragons, you know, if it can fly, it's probably there. They live in the Ash and Shadow mountains. We want to name this group something like the other ones. Well, maybe not like the other ones. They have really crappy names. But we need a name of some kind."

"Hmm, well I have been thinking of something similar to that, and one name really stuck out to me, though not for the warband, but for myself, since Perseus jackson isn't very awe inspiring. So I thought..." A grin stretches across his face. "Conquest."

Victoria smiled, her ivory fangs glinting in the pale light of the Pit, a smile more of malice than of happiness…

That very night, in the forge was born a distinct light, one that would bathe the world in a new glow.

Unknown POV, In the deepest reaches of Tartarus

"What is it set at?"

The smaller creature trembled at the mere voice of it's superior and scurried to a large pedestal, which projected a beam of iridescent light into the heavens.

"I-It is set to full power M-Milord…"

"Good, good… It shall stay like that for hundreds of millenia yet, as is my station."

"H-However milord, there is an anomaly…"


The smaller creature was almost bowled over by the forcefulness of the entity's voice.

The Entity hovered over to the pedestal and looked it over. The ancient black dial, unmoved for hundreds of millenia, now had a shimmering rune beneath it. In the eerie glow, one thing stood out: swords crossed under a blue trident…

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