The Memo

A/N: This is based on the comic, The Nap Room, by Omame and featured in the Zootopia News Network website. All characters are owned by © Disney.

Many Japanese public service departments have nap rooms, where doctors, firefighters, police officers etc. can have a rest on long shifts. The ZPD is such a department, and in this sweet little story, Nick wakes up in the nap room with a certain someone in his arms!

Nick and Judy were the perfect team. As partners in the ZPD, they complemented each other flawlessly. Judy was always full of energy and was the gung-ho type. Nick was the slow methodical thinker and sought to resolve issues through non-violent means. Individually, their methods had intrinsic strengths and weaknesses but when they worked together, it was eerie how they seemed to almost think as one unit, even completing each other's sentences. Their time together was not limited to just work, though. As best friends, they also spent a lot of time after work and on weekends. It seemed like a natural extension of their friendship and neither of them gave it much thought although their co-workers at the ZPD seemed to think otherwise.

It had been a month since Nick had graduated from the Zootopia Police Academy and had begun his stint as Judy's partner. In that month, they had garnered an impressive record for number of criminals caught and cases solved. When they reported for work, Judy picked up Nick from his apartment, with a Snarlbucks coffee and muffin ready for him. That way, she was sure he would never be late and they would maintain their pristine attendance record. Nick had a penchant to sleep in so she acted as his alarm clock waking him up thirty minutes before she picked him up, giving him enough time to get ready for work. Which he did a very good job of, Judy thought. Nick took great pains to make sure his grooming was perfect and he didn't look too bad in his police uniform. He actually looked breathtaking in it. She, of course, never told him this. What she didn't know was that Nick took the time to make himself look good because of a certain bunny with amethyst eyes. Eyes that he got lost in every time he looked into them. Eyes that he would kill to be able to wake up each day to. But of course, he never told her this.

This routine worked like clockwork each day. That is until Judy encountered Morphy's Law: When things go bad, they get the shit-out-of-whack. Judy, after one particular grueling weekend where she and Nick had to do overtime to clear the backload of paperwork that had built up, had forgotten to set her alarm and had overslept. She ended up rushing to get dressed and didn't have time to brush her fur properly. This led to her waking a very tired fox who also had to rush to get dressed as Judy only lived 15 minutes away and she didn't have time to get him his usual Snarlbucks and muffin. So a very disheveled looking fox, who also had fur sticking out everywhere, was quite grumpy by the time Judy swung by his apartment.

They didn't talk to one another all through the ride and by the time they reached the ZPD, the morning meeting was almost over. They tried to get into the bullpen without being noticed, which of course was a bad idea since Bogo was a stickler for punctuality and hated it when his officers tried to sneak by him.

They both got called to his office where he gave them a stern dressing down and insinuated that he didn't care if they slept together as long as they maintained a professional relationship while at work, were punctual and properly groomed.

Both Nick and Judy felt that this was uncalled for and voiced their feelings about his insinuations, stating that they were merely friends.

"Don't care," said Bogo. "For now, I'm separating the two of you since you can't seem to tell the difference between your personal time and my time. Wilde, you start the night shift in Records immediately. Hopps, parking duty, one week. I'll find replacement partners for you in the meantime. Dismissed!"

Frustrated over the events of the day, they left Bogo's office knowing it would be impossible to change his mind once he had made it up and they parted ways, unhappy knowing that they wouldn't be seeing each other as much as they had previously. They promised to keep in touch at least through text messages.

Unbeknownst to them, nature tends to balance things out. Which is how Yhprom's Law took over: When things go right, beautiful music is created.

That afternoon a memo came out on the ZPD bulletin board.

Memo: Internal ZPD Memo 2016-59
Subject: The Nap Room

In the interest of promoting higher employee morale and better work productivity, Mammal Resources is introducing, on an experimental basis, a Nap Room where mammals can take a power nap while on their lunch breaks or, when their shift ends so that they will be alert right afterwards. Mammals wishing to use the Nap Room must sign in at the Reception Desk prior to using it.

Nick saw the memo just as he started his shift and immediately told Clawhauser he was interested in using it after his shift ended, since being a nocturnal mammal, he felt a nap right after would help him prior to going home.

As the week passed for both Nick and Judy, neither one felt happy that their partnership was being severed for something as trivial as being late. Nick, having had many disappointments in life, was able to handle it a little better than Judy. Judy, on the other hand, was missing Nick, whether she cared to admit it or not. She wasn't sleeping well at night and was tossing and turning because of the many thoughts in her head. That and the dreams she would have seemed to be filled with a certain russet-coloured mammal.

So, by the time Friday rolled around, Judy was a walking shadow of herself. As she walked into the ZPD thirty minutes before her shift started, she decided that she needed to take a quick power nap lest she hurt herself whilst on parking duty. That, and the fact that the coffee she had drank this morning didn't seem to help her sleep deprivation. Ben wasn't at his usual place so she hopped up onto his desk, snatched up the clipboard and quickly signed in for the Nap Room.

When she got there, she found to her surprise that the only one there was Nick who was sound alseep. He looked so peaceful lying there. For some reason, her body began to move to him of its own volition and next thing she knew, she had snuck into his arms and lay next to him, cherishing the feeling of being in his arms. She smiled, closed her eyes and immediately fell into the deepest soundest sleep she had had the last four days.

After a few minutes, Nick woke up to find Judy in his arms. He was shocked to find her there. He looked around to see if anyone else had seen them. Then, after making sure that no one else was around, he studied her beautiful adorable face. Through their texts, Nick was aware that Judy hadn't been sleeping well at all mainly because of the impending breakup of their partnership. He had been planning to speak to Bogo about changing his mind after his shift had ended hoping the Cape Buffalo had time to cool down after Monday's fiasco. Looking at her though, he couldn't help but notice the small smile on her face and that she was cutely snoring away, unmindful of where she was. He was disarmed by the fact that even though she knew they could both get fired for being in the same room together, she had decided that the risk was worth it. And for Nick, as much as he hated to admit it, the feeling of holding Judy was something he had missed too. So without another word, he merely wrapped his tail around her and went back to sleep.

An hour later, Clawhauser popped into the Nap Room to wake Nick for his appointment with Bogo. When he saw the two of them in each other's arms, he had to hold back an excited squeal lest he wake them. He did manage to take a photo of them together so that he could post it on his private Furbook page later. He went back to his desk and just as he was about to post it, he heard Bogo call his name, startling him and inadvertently hit the post button.

"Clawhauser! Where is Wilde? I don't have the whole day to wait for him. I thought I told you to wake him up?"

"Uh, Chief, I did but something came up."

"And what, pray tell me, is more important than my time?" Bogo huffed.

"Chief, remember I told you that Officer Hopps hasn't been herself lately these past few days? Ever since you told them that you were going to separate them, she's been down in the dumps and she's told me she hasn't been sleeping very well these last few days. Same thing goes for Officer Wilde. He just seems to be going through the motions these last few days. No life in either of them."

"Well, I may have been a little harsh with them last Monday but what the hell has that got to do with Wilde's appointment with me?"

"Take a look at this photo, sir." Clawhauser passed Bogo his phone.

Bogo looked like he was about to have an aneurysm as he looked at the photo of the prone forms of Nick and Judy in each other's arms. Just as he was about to yell, Ben interjected, "Now Chief, before you start yelling, think about this. The two of them look very much at peace just now. Then there is the unmistakable fact of their record as partners. They have the best arrest and success rate when it comes to solving cases. They work well together. But look what happened when you separated them. Both of their performances suffered. Officer Hopps has barely been able to issue twenty traffic tickets a day. The Records Department has asked that Officer Wilde be reassigned as he has inadvertently misplaced files many times. He's becoming sloppy which is very unusual for him."

Bogo started to rub the bridge of his nose with his hoof. He knew Clawhauser had raised many good points but then there was the issue of fraternization which he knew he had to address. And, unfortunately, it would mean that he would have to let his two best officers go considering the degradation in their performance. He sighed heavily. Suddenly, Clawhauser's reception desk phone started to ring.

"ZPD, Officer Clawhauser speaking. Good morning Mayor! Chief Bogo? He's right here, sir. Hold on." Ben passed the phone on to Bogo.

"Good morning Mayor! What can I do for you? Photo? What photo? Officers Wilde and Hopps? Sleeping together? You're happy for them? And you want them to become the face of the Mammal Inclusion Initiative? Just so I'm clear, Mayor, you want the two of them to be seen as a couple in ZPD uniform, together in public and holding hands? Yes sir. I understand. Thank you for calling Mayor. Goodbye."

Bogo looked at Ben with fury in his eyes. "Did you just post that photo on the internet?" he demanded angrily.

Ben looked a little guilty and folded his ears around his head. "I only posted it to my private Furbook account," he said. "Only my friends could see it and…oh, dear. It looks like I forgot to change the settings to private and it got posted publicly instead. Sorry about that Chief," Ben apologized.

Bogo knew he couldn't get mad at Ben and maybe all of this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't been so harsh with Nick and Judy. They were his best pair of officers and he shouldn't have made the threat to separate them. However, now that the cat, or in this case fox and rabbit, was out of the bag, he couldn't do anything about it.

"Let them sleep for another hour. Then wake them and have them report to my office." He turned and strode off. Just as he was about to ascend the stairs, he turned to Clawhauser and said, "They do make an adorable couple. But don't tell them I said that." Bogo bellowed. "I have to keep up my tough appearance."

Memo: Internal ZPD Memo 2016-65
Subject: The Nap Room

After having reviewed the efficacy of taking power naps, Mammal Resources has decided that a Nap Room is actually counterproductive because not all mammals have the same metabolism. Until such time that Mammals Resources can standardize the napping period required per mammal, the Nap Room will be closed and may be used for other purposes that will be determined in the future.