The Turtonator looked around Po Town, which was completely deserted, looking for any signs of life.

Then, he noticed a Tsareena sneaking out, carrying with her a bunch of Pokebeans. "Oh tasty tasty beanies! Can't wait to put you all in my tummy!"

The Turtonator, for some apparent reason, used Flamethrower, much to Tsareena's shock as she dropped the Pokebeans she was carrying back, running away as the Turtonator started chasing her, much to her misfortune, before a Drampa appeared from behind a building, using Protect while blocking the Turtonator's attack.

"Come with me if you want to live." Drampa stated, quoting Terminator as one would expect.

Tsareena nodded her head, getting on Drampa's back as the Turtonator watched them escape, just staring at them.