After Tsareena and Drampa got to a safe place, Tsareena let go of Drampa.

"Just what was that about?" Tsareena asked, chomping down on a few Pokebeans that she held onto from earlier.

"You've been targeted for Turtonation." Drampa stated.

"What?" Tsareena tilted her head. "That doesn't make any sense!"

"It doesn't have to! All you have to know is, that I am here to protect you.

"…from what? That Turtle Pokemon?" Tsareena held her leaves together.

Drampa nodded. "Yes. Allow me to take you to someone else that can help."

Meanwhile, the Turtonator was scouting around Route 8, looking for more targets. Then it stumbled upon a few of the native wild Pokemon in the area, it using Flamethrower on them, causing them to run away in fear.

"Oh my! That Turtonator sure is causing trouble!" Mallow, one of Alola's trial captains, stated as she farted loudly, puffing up her shorts, which the Turtonator noticed as it walked towards her, causing Mallow to retreat as she farted loudly again. "Ooh! Excuse me!" she put, farting out another smelly poot.

"I'll be back." The Turtonator put, sounding like Arnold Schwarzenegger as he walked away, leaving Mallow to scare away the local grass-types with her farts.