So I'm going for the one crossover that a lot of people are now hoping to happen one day mainly because both are now owned by the same Company Disney

Star Wars and Marvel Comics

Seriously who hasn't dreamed of the likes of the Avengers facing down the Empire lead by Vader and Palpatine, Vision interacting with the likes of C-3PO and R2-D2, Spider-man wielding a lightsaber in an epic clash with Darth Vader on some advance alien planet with the Rebels and Empire fighting around them and Han and Chewy teaming up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, can you imagine the things that Chewbacca and Groot could get up to? Maybe have Tarkin and Osborn or the Red Skull team up to plot some sort of genocide or something. Oh the possibilities… maybe one day

Parings for this will be an Assassin style Spider-man with Psylocke who will be a sort of ex-Jedi/survivor of order 66 and Elektra whose a former member of the Mandalorian group known as Death Watch while Darth Vader will be with X-23 and another woman that I'm still deciding on, I have it down to three but I'm confident I'll have the final one picked soon enough

Also a quick note, this Star Wars universe will be an alternate version of the Canon one in that the events of The Old Republic, Revan and the Mandalorian Wars, The Great Hyperspace War, the Great Galactic War and all of those events that happened before the events of the Star Wars movies happened also a few other characters that I feel like should be brought into the Canon verse of the Star Wars movies will appear, partly because I liked them and partly because of plot reasons

Another quick note, Spider-man's appearance will be that of his Ends of the Earth Spider armor only the blue will be replaced with Black, other than that it looks about the same and operates similarly. Also Elektra and Psylocke's appearance will be based off The Daredevil Netflix series and X-men Apocalypse respectively with a few alterations here and there

Also, BBY means Before the Battle of Yavin 4

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or Star Wars characters seen, mentioned or used in this story

…Dromund Kass, 5 BBY…

Director Miles Warren let out a tired sigh as he reviewed the information that his men had gathered in their excavation of the ancient citadel of the late Sith Empire that lord Vitiate created in the wake of the Great Hyperspace war and forced him and the survivors into the unknown regions for over a millennium before they returned stronger than ever and renewed their war with the Republic and the Jedi

As to why he was here, well the Emperor believed that there might be some sort of ancient Sith weapon here or perhaps documents of one that the Empire could use. Warren doesn't believe so and even if there was there's no guarantee it's survived this long but he wisely kept silent on the matter, he's seen what happens to those who challenge the Emperor…

He was just about to go over the reports of his men investigating one of the former strongholds of the Dark Council when his com link beeped, signaling one of his men was hailing him

He sighed as he answered the call "Yes?"

"Sir, we've found something underneath the citadel in one of the lower levels. It appears to be a sort of Cryo stasis facility" the Trooper on the other line stated

Warren's eyes widened at that "And?"

"One of the pods is still active…and it's occupant seems to be still alive" the Trooper said, causing Warren to gape in shock for a moment before he quickly responded

"Secure that area Trooper, I will be down there personally to asses this finding" Warren said as he stood and made for the door of his temporary quarters to gather some more men

'This may just be what the Emperor was looking for' Warren thought with glee at possibly discovering something truly significant

If only he knew…

When Director Warren arrived with an escort of almost a dozen Storm Troopers he saw that his men, both scientist and Trooper alike had already begun to set up equipment around the still active Stasis pod and secure it

Warren approached the head researcher of this squad, a thin man dressed in the typical uniform of the Empire's officers "What have you uncovered about this stasis pod so far?"

The researcher gestured to the pod's terminal "From what we could recover from the terminal, this person and the deceased around him were once part of an elite Sith unit whose primary duties involved protecting the Emperor and acting as his sort of personal assassins in the final days of the Sith Empire"

"So, the occupant is a Sith or at the very least a Dark Acolyte?" Warren pressed, if that was true then the Emperor's reward will be great indeed

"Yes sir, the pod is bio synced to the members of Vitiate's personal guard, no one else could access it" the researcher said

Warren nodded at that has he turned to stare at the pod and took several closer steps to it "Is it possible he's aware of what's going on in here. If I'm not mistaken certain Force sensitives were able to monitor their surroundings even when in such a state"

"It's possible sir, but I can't guarantee anything until we extract him from the pod which may prove to be a challenge that we are unequipped for" the researcher said

Warren turned back towards the man "What do you mean?"

"Well sir it's just…if he's unaware of what's happened since entering stasis and he sees us here, well…me and my men aren't trained to deal with a Sith assassin"

Warren's brow furrowed as he realized that the man was right. The pod's occupant may end up slaughtering them all before he can explain what's going on. It was then that Warren turned to one of his Troopers

"Contact the Emperor, he will want to hear this"

The white clad shock trooper nodded before turning to leave while Warren returned his gaze towards the stasis pod "You just may be my ticket to earning my Emperor's approval, assuming I live long enough…"

His response was silence as his men went about setting up the equipment and instruments required to help study and eventually release this ancient Sith warrior

Despite Vader's extremely high standing in the Empire, he very rarely visits the Imperial Palace that Sidious had constructed for him. In fact, aside from his own personal residence on Coruscant, one he hardly uses mind you, Vader rarely travels to the capital unless asked so by the Emperor himself

So Vader was a bit curious to know what it was that his master wanted to discuss with him in person that couldn't be said over a Holo message

'Perhaps it is another test' Vader mused as he made his way through the halls of the palace, passing by several squads of elite Storm Troopers and the infamous red clad Imperial guards

They did not acknowledge Vader aside from the customary bow and Vader didn't even bother glancing in their direction. It wasn't until he began to near the doors to throne room that someone finally addressed Vader

"So good to see you here Lord Vader" the voice of Sidious's favorite assassin/spy spoke

Vader glanced to see Mara Jade approaching him from another hall, her red hair still a bit damp likely from taing a shower and her lightsaber at her side. Vader had to hold in a growl of annoyance at seeing the woman, she was a bit too arrogant and cocky with her power and station and her desire to replace Vader as the Emperor's apprentice has annoyed the elder Sith lord more often than he'd prefer

The only reason he has yet to kill her is because at the moment there isn't another person in the Empire with her level of power or talent even amongst the Inquisitors… even his own secret apprentice wasn't a match for her…yet

"Jade" Vader barely mustered up the energy to acknowledge the woman as he continued his trek to the throne room, with much to his annoyance, Jade following him too

"No hello? I'm hurt lord Vader" Mara said in mock sadness with a hand over her heart "And here I thought we were friends Vader"

"Continue to annoy me girl and I'll sure you real hurt" Vader threatened as he glanced at the now tense woman ever so slightly

Mara remained quiet, even she knew that if Vader wanted it she'd be dead before she can muster her saber in time.

Vader internally chuckled as he and the red head entered the room to see Sidious himself talking to a hologram of Director Warren who was leading an expedition to the ancient Sith capital of Dromund Kass

"-Unfortunately, the rest of the occupants were found dead. He is the only survivor my lord" the director continued to give his report

Sidious's eyes narrowed at that "That is most unfortunate Director… have you and your men discovered anything else of note?"

The Director shook his head "No my lord, aside from a few outdated star fighters and a stealth Corvette than can be promising in some form or fashion to our fleets, but nothing as substantial as this"

Sidious made a sound of annoyance before he looked to see the kneeling forms of Vader and Mara before turning back to Warren "Increase security, I do not want the Rebels to somehow discover this, I'll be sending you Lord Vader and one of my best agents to oversee this old warrior's…re-awakening"

"Very good my lord" Warren bowed before his image flickered out of existence and Sidious turned to his two most powerful servants

"What is thy bidding my master?" Vader asked as he raised his helm to address his decades old friend, mentor and more often than not…enemy

"I will be sending you and Mara here to Dromund Kass. Director Warren has made a rather interesting discovery"

"And what is that my lord, a weapon to help us gain complete control of the galaxy and finally crush the Rebel scum?" Mara looked towards the ruler of the Empire with intrigue

Sidious shook his head as he leaned back in his throne "No…but this may prove to be every bit as useful. Director Warren has discovered an old stasis pod dating back to the days of Vitiate's empire…with a living occupant. An ancient Sith assassin if what his men have uncovered is to be true"

"You believe he will be of use to us?" Vader asked with a hidden frown, the supreme commander of the Imperial military couldn't see an ancient Sith assassin taking any kind of orders from anyone else aside from his own now long dead Emperor

"Speak your mind Vader, for this I would very value your opinion" Sidious said with a narrowed gaze

"Master…if what the Director has said is true and we do happen to awaken him. It is unlikely he'll see you or me as his superiors or even equals" Vader stated dryly

Sidious nodded thoughtfully as he was beginning to see what Vader was hinting at, having begun to form his own conclusions when he first heard of this "Indeed my friend, as powerful as you and I are, I doubt any Sith Lord aside from Naga Sadow will ever rival Vitiate in power"

The last part was said with some annoyance by Sidious. While he was extremely powerful, easily amongst the top tier of Sith Lords in the entire organization's history, Sadow and Vitiate were in a class of their own with perhaps only the likes of Exar Kun coming in a close second. Those two-possessed knowledge and power that the Emperor knew he would never be able to replicate or possibly master, one because he had over thirteen hundred years to do so and the other was a master of the highest order and had a rather gifted and powerful bloodline backing him

"Then why not kill him and be done with it?" Mara question with a confused look "He could prove to be too dangerous and may try to usurp-"

"Yes, I am aware of such a thing girl" Sidious scolded the young woman "But to destroy him will be an even greater lost to the Empire than mine or Vader's"

"How so my lord?" Mara asked

"As great as my knowledge of the Dark Side is my dear, the ancient knowledge of the Sith, their rituals, combat skills, lore and history is now all but nonexistent thanks to the efforts of the Jedi over the centuries and what remains is either of little importance or incomplete and lost. But this assassin, having learned the ways of the Dark Side at the height of its power will be a great boon to the Empire… which is why you and Vader will both see to it that he joins us"

"And even he does not my lord?" Vader asked the weighted question

"…We need only his mind then" Sidious said before waving them both away "I look forward to news of your success, one way or another"

Vader rose and turned in a single motion and made his way towards the doorway with Mara hot on his heels

After the two exited the throne room and were making their way down the hall that'll lead them to the landing pads, where Vader's shuttle is waiting for them, Mara spoke

"I do not like this lord Vader, this man will have hailed from a time where betrayal and lies make what we have today look like honesty and comradeship"

Vader didn't respond as he was busy running over all possible scenarios that may occur on this mission. Vader couldn't help the slightest bit of unease he felt at the possibility of having to fight this Sith. While he was powerful, according to some of the ancient Sith lords of Korribean one of the most powerful they've ever seen, he knows that he and this unknown man came from completely different lives

Vader wasn't born into the Sith, he wasn't raised by Sith and wasn't taught to live as a Sith fully. This assassin however was given all of those and more and may know how to wield the Dark side in ways that even the Jedi, himself and the Emperor are unaware of today

Vader shook his head to clear his thoughts of doubt, there was no evidence supporting that this man may be more powerful than Vader, better skilled possibly but for all he knew Mara was stronger than this ancient assassin though given he was made a member of a personal elite guard to one of the most powerful if not arguably the most powerful Sith of all time it was unlikely

'I will know soon enough' Vader thought as he saw his shuttle already prepared to leave, just waiting on him and Mara now

Warren let out an exhausted sigh as he made his way through the halls back down towards thee stasis chamber with a guard of six Storm Troopers. He was hoping to check to see how things were progressing before he retired for the night

As he was approaching the entryway to the chamber Warren noticed something odd and alarming…

There was a dead Storm Trooper lying on the ground, with a large burn mark on his back that Warren knew was caused by a Lightsaber. His men quickly readied their weapons as they observed their surroundings

"Sir, I've just lost contact with base" one of the Troopers said as they scanned the shadows for any signs of the unknown assailant "Somethings jamming our comms"

Warren gulped a bit in fear as he scanned the shadows as he felt that he and the men were being watched by something…

"Come out, whoever you are!" Warren shouted while trying to keep his courage going strong but finding it falling

There was no response for several moments and Warren was about to order his men to escort him back when a figure landed in front of them clad in red and black armor and slowly raised their head and glared at Warren and his men with two pale white lenses, on his chest was something odd, a black spider symbol with the ancient Sith Empire's symbol sitting in the center of the head and on the man's shoulder pads

"Well here I am…" the figure said with an electric growl in his voice before he activated two ruby red lightsabers and held them both in a reverse grip

Before Warren or any of his men could react, the figure leaped at them

And done.

So next chapter which takes place a little over several days later, Vader arrives to see what the hell is going on and we get a bit more back story into the Sith assassin that you've already guessed at being *cough* Peter *cough*.

Psylocke, Elektra, X-23 will show up soon enough with the last actually being next chapter a she follows Vader, Mara and a few dozen Storm Troopers down to Dromund Kass

So what do you think so far? Peter is an ancient Sith Assassin and is looking none to please to have unknown trespassers in his lord's citadel