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RonaldM40196867: The man does not let shit go.

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Overlord4646: It will be a mix.

Imperial warlord: No she's not dead.

Guest: Peter's not being made a Darth yet, he's being made a Sith Lord, which is right under the the title of Darth, though a Darth can also be called a Sith Lord as well. Yeah, Miranda being from Jabiim will have a bit of a role to play soon and it gives her a less than stellar perspective of the Old Republic, for obvious reasons.

jocoleman2017: Miranda hating Peter? Are you even reading this story, because if you actually were you would see that she's not once shown any hate towards him or even mild dislike or are you literally just writing crap down followed by asking when another story is going to be updated?

Raventus Dracoria: Let's just say that Phoenix Cell has a few surprises in store for the Empire, though you are right in that things are not gonna be easier for them this time around, or for the Rebellion in general. An alliance of people, allied with Jedi, looking to restore both the Republic and Jedi Order? Peter's gonna take that hella personally.

DoctorWhoXX: It might be.

superpierce: He didn't, he did something worse.

Rougarou144: Uh, noo I haven't. Not sure what your reading but she doesn't have any sort of repressed sexual urges for Peter, she legitimately wants him dead. It's just to some people on the outside, she's acting more like an ex that sees her old boyfriend is doing fine instead of being miserable.

DarkSpider33: Maybe.

BrotherofaStudio: Why would she be assigned to Peter? She's an Emperor's Hand, a spy and assassin, Palpatine isn't gonna waste her on following Peter around like that.

Jebest4781: He might, might not, it really wouldn't do much considering at this point in time, Sidious's rule over the Imperial controlled portion of the Galaxy is practically absolute.

Guest: Who said Obsidian is dead?

Howardlan: You do realize that only orbital platforms can fire MAC rounds that travel that fast, right? The very large, unshielded, stationary platforms that are normally reserved for planets that are vital to the UNSC? And your really overplaying the whole 'Imp commanders are very arrogant' card, a lot of them are actually pretty reasonable tacticians, a lot of them are gonna figure it out fairly quick that MAC guns are only effective when the ship or platform their on has a line of sight on them, Imperial warships don't need that sort of fire corridor and have been shown to be surprisingly nimble and agile in space combat on occasions. And the only reason that the A-wing was able to ram that Dreadnaught's bridge is because A-wings are designed to be fast and it was already flying towards it at extremely high speeds. Point defense turrets on warships are good, but they, like all warships, still rely on fighters to pick off the much more nimble craft attacking them. And who says the Empire will even engage in ground wars? A number of Imperials Fleets will prefer orbital bombardment straight out the gate unless told otherwise. The only reason the Covenant never did was because of how religious they were and how sacred and long the ceremony to glass a planet took. But a battle group led by someone like Tarkin? He'd be like 'You may Fire when ready' once the fleet orbiting it is taken care of.

Jason Chandler: Uhhh, the Doom Slayer obviously. The man made Hell itself and it's legions of the damned terrified of him. The UNSC and all of it's Spartans will at best be a warm up.

Mr Holocene: Of course he would, after all why wouldn't Peter, a Sith and is damn proud of it and wants to see their influence spread across the Galaxy, not want to help restore the man that's supposedly destined to destroy the Sith and restore the 'Balance of the Force' in the JEDI's favor? That'd be crazy!

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Traveling through space was never one of Betsy's fondest moments in life.

She hated the close quarters of ships, the smell of machinery running, that annoying hum of the engines in the background, and the knowledge that only a few inches to a few feet of metal separated her from the cold vacuum of space. True there have been a few luxury liners that she was able to ride on when she was younger that could almost make her forget she's in space and the size of the old ships she served on as a commander in the GAR allowed herself to be distracted with the prospect of exploration, but in the end, the cold reality that she was in a glorified metal box in zero gravity always came back.

Master Gallia always found Betsy's anxiousness of space travel amusingly endearing.

"You okay there?"

Betsy blinked at the sound of Ahsoka's voice and turned to see the Togruta looking at her with a look of concern which in turn caused her to scowl at the woman "Yes... why wouldn't I be?"

"Your unease is radiating off you like a super nova" Ahsoka stated as she turned her seat so she could face Betsy "Still afraid of space travel?"

"No..." Betsy said as she tore her gaze away from Ahsoka and looked out towards the swirling blue and white vortex that was hyperspace "Just don't like being chased from one end of the Galaxy to the other in a ship when we could've easily just find a heavily populated planet to hide out on"

"You do realize that's exactly what the Empire would be expecting, right?" Ahsoka shot Betsy a dry look "And even if they weren't, we just killed an Inquisitor. More of them, along with probably an entire fleet, will be locking down Dantooine and probably the whole sector at least. And likely a few neighboring star systems. It's best we get as far from Dantooine and the Outer Rim as possible"

"Which is were exactly?" Betsy said just as Ahsoka's ship came out of hyperspace and a blue and green planet appeared in front of the two former Jedi.

"The last place the Empire would ever think to look for two former Jedi on the run" Ahsoka said as she took control of the ship's navigation and steered it towards the planet "The Emperor's own homeworld"

"Naboo?" Betsy sad with a frown as she stared at the Imperial controlled world with confusion "Why in all the nine hells did you bring us here?"

While there was a large number of Imperial fortress worlds and stations scattered throughout the Mid Rim, Naboo was known to be the unofficial center of Imperial rule and policy in the region. Large in part was the fact that the planet was the birthplace of the Emperor himself and thus benefited from a massive military presence in the form of seven Star Destroyers along with dozens of smaller warship classes, many of which Betsy could see orbiting the planet. Only a handful of worlds in the Empire possessed a greater defense fleet, and almost all of those worlds were within the Core itself.

"Like I said, last place they'd think to look" Ahsoka answered before she nodded towards a beeping light "Can you send the transponder codes before some really bored Imps get a little too trigger happy? I'd rather not have flied us all the way out here just to get blasted"

"I should let them out of spite" Betsy grumbled as she sent the transponder codes.

"Of course you would" Ahsoka said with a snort as she waited for their clearance to enter Naboo's atmosphere.

"How long are we going to be here?" Betsy demanded with a scowl "Naboo's one of the planets that I don't fancy staying on longer than absolutely necessary. Given it's importance, it's bound to have a few Inquisitors or other Dark Jedi running around it"

"Which is why we're staying only for a few days while I contact a few people to help us get back into the Outer Rim" Ahsoka answered with a small shrug as she leaned back in her chair, one hand on the ship's steering "After that we can link up with the rest of-"

"I'm not joining your insurrection!" Betsy suddenly snapped, jumping to her feet and glaring at the Togruta woman with a glare that would've given Count Dooku pause "I want nothing to do with the Rebellion or whatever sham of a Jedi Order that's left. I thought I made that clear before!"

"That 'sham of a Jedi Order' is the only thing standing between the Sith and the rest of the Galaxy" Ahsoka said with a scowl towards the purple haired woman "If we fall, than no power in the Galaxy will be able to stop Sidious or Vader from dominating the rest of it"

"Yes, because a galaxy dominated by the Jedi are so much better" Betsy said with an eye roll.

"What are you talking about?" Ahsoka gave her friend a startled look "The Jedi had never-"

"Ahsoka, there have been more Jedi Supreme Chancellors in the Republic's history than there have been non-force sensitive ones" Betsy said with a pointed look.

"That was different" Ahsoka stated with a frown "The Galaxy was in turmoil and there was literally no one else at the time to-"

"Take control" Betsy muttered darkly.

"To lead" Ahsoka corrected in a strained tone, causing Betsy to look at her as if she just admitted to killing a baby for being too loud.

"Ahsoka, do you have any idea on how the rest of the Galaxy felt about us? How they actually saw us?" Betsy demanded as she gestured out the ship's viewport to both the planet and the ships orbiting it "They never loved us, not for centuries! For years I've been wandering from one end of this cosmic shit hole to another and saw the reality we've been living in. Do you know how and why Sidious was able to turn so many of the people against us? Because the Jedi Order did a damn fine job doing it for him decades before he ever came to power!"

"Betsy, your being ridiculous" Ahsoka shook her head in growing frustration "During the war, I was on the front lines on dozens of worlds that were ravaged and just about everyone I met was happy to see the Jedi. We were symbols of hope-"

"Well considering the other side of said war had Grievous and a army of murderous Droids and Dooku's Dark Side adepts, they really didn't have many options to choose from in terms of heroes" Betsy muttered darkly.

"And while we're on the subject of Dark Side adepts" Ahsoka said as she regarded Betsy with a cold expression "You mind explaining just what in the hell 'that' was?"

"Your gonna have to be specific dear, apparently I've done a great number of things you dislike" Betsy said with a scoff.

"I'm talking about your use of the Dark Side!" Ahsoka snapped as she sprung to her feet and pointed towards the aloof woman "You cut those Stormtroopers down with a technique that's as synonymous with the Dark Side as a red bladed Lightsaber is!"

"And yet you didn't bat an eye at the sight of my later master's first blade" Betsy growled in growing anger "And why in the hell should I have to defend my actions? It's because of me we were even able to kill that damned Inquisitor and get off Dantooine before more Imps showed up!"

"That's not the point Betsy!" Ahsoka hissed as she leaned forward and jabbed a finger at the other woman's chest "We do not use the Dark Side under any circumstances! It's that kind of thing that led to so many in the Order to joining Dooku and later Palpatine in the first place. It's those kinds of decisions that led that Inquisitor to where he was. Is that what you want? To one day find yourself hunting the people that were once your friends and allies and either cutting them down or being cut down by them?"

"I'm not like him, or any of those others. I'm not weak enough to let myself fall into that trap" Betsy said as she turned to leave before she felt a grip on her arm and slowly turned to see Ahsoka had grabbed her.

The two women stared at one another as a dark tension filled the ship's cabin.

"Let go Ahsoka..." Betsy whispered with a dark hiss as her hand drifted towards her lightsaber's hilt.

"Or what, you'll cut me down?" Ahsoka demanded before she caught herself and took a deep breath before she slowly loosened her grip on Betsy's arm and moved her hand up to the woman's shoulder "Betsy, whatever this is your going through, let me help you, please!"

"I don't need help" Betsy replied in a low voice as she pulled away from the Togruta and retreated further into the ship, leaving Ahsoka alone in the cabin.


Entering the atmosphere and landing the ship at a small port on the outskirts of Theed proved to be uneventful. Betsy remained in the back of the ship in one of the small cabins, leaving Ahsoka alone for the most part to dock the ship at a small landing pad where their ship was being slowly refueled.

She was still upset about Betsy's blatant use of the Dark Side, and even more so at her friend's lack of concern over it. It reminded the former Padawn far too much of Barriss in the final days of the Clone Wars, the anger, the attempts to justify her actions. Stormtroopers weren't Ahsoka's favorite band of people in the Galaxy by a long shot, she's seen too many instances of them committing horrid acts of cruelty to ever gain her sympathy, but she didn't believe they deserved to be killed in such a manner like Betsy did. And their fight with the Inquisitor, how Betsy went on the offense throughout most of the fight, aiming to main and kill, took the Imperial assassin by surprise.

'What am I going to do?' Ahsoka thought as she sat back in the pilot's seat and rubbed her brow to try and stem the coming headache.

Ever since Adi Gallia's death, and before that Betsy's predecessor as the late master's Padawan, Siri Tachi, the young woman had been on a slow descent into... whatever it was Ahsoka saw on Dantooine. And the hell that was the Jedi Purge that followed the war likely didn't help matters either, even to this day Ahsoka was still plagued by nightmares of it, how her brothers in arms suddenly turned on her and tried to shoot her down.

With a deep sigh, Ahsoka glanced out the cabin's viewport and stared at several ships either descending to the port or departing, off into the greater Galaxy.

'Probably don't have much to worry about outside of Pirates' Ahsoka thought as she rested her head against her hand and watched the ships coming and going 'Just go from one planet to another, delivering or picking up shipments, seeing new or old planets every other week. Sometimes I wish I could live that kind of boring life'

Before Ahsoka could lose herself too deeply in her own thoughts, she noticed a small party of Imperials approaching her ship. Two Army troopers being led by a single Officer, the distance was to great for her to make out an exact rank, dressed in the universal grey green colored officer uniform. She didn't sense she was in danger, but Ahsoka didn't let her guard down as she quickly stood up and made her way to the ship's hatch. She made a breif stop at her room to make sure her lightsabers were hidden before exiting down the ship's small ramp just as the Imperials arrived.

"Hello there..." the Imperial Officer, a lieutenant said in a bored tone "Welcome to Naboo, homeworld to his grace, Emperor Palpatine. My name is lieutenant-"

'Sweet mother of a Gundark, please just call me out as a Rebel or Jedi if it means skipping this frakin orientation' Ahsoka thought with a mental groan.

No mater what planet Ahsoka arrived on and no matter how little the stay to each world was, she always found herself being caught by that one Imperial Officer that has to give her some damn 'welcome to 'insert name of planet'. At first it was a little intimidating because she had no idea if somehow she been found out as a Jedi and was being distracted from some sort of trap. After a while the fear began to subside and these little orientations became a little funny as she waited to see if the Officer was fresh out of the academy and all patriotic and excited to be doing his part or someone that's been in for a while and completely bored with his assignment.

But soon things began to become repetitive and Ahsoka soon found that she could actually recite this damn little orientation greeting word for word.

'Went from being the Padawan to Anakin Skywalker himself, commander of an entire legion of Clone Troopers, to walking away from the Order and becoming a honorary Mandalorian to listening to some random officer explain to me all the great spots this planet has to offer, some no go areas because I'm not a human and the price I'll pay if I break any laws... I just know Anakin and Obi-wan are laughing at me right now!' Ahsoka thought as she occasionally nodded to show that she understood what she was being told.

"What brings you to Naboo, if I may ask?" the Officer said as he held up a datapad while the two Imperial Army troopers with him began to walk around Ahsoka's ship, giving it a quick once over.

"Just stopping by to refuel, grab some supplies before heading back out" Ahsoka answered with a shrug as she folded her arms across her chest and leaned a bit of weight on one of her legs, cocking her hip out a little.

She was amused to see the Officers eyes dart towards her hips, and remain their as his eyes lit up briefly with a familiar light, before he schooled his features and brought his attention back towards the Togruta's face "W-Will that be all your here for ma'am?"

'Ah, so we got ourselves a officer that's not xenophobic... or he just has some kind of fetish for alien women. Eh, I'll take what I can get' Ahsoka thought as she gave the young man a 'coy smile' "Don't know yet. I was thinking of heading into the city tonight, see what I can find. On top of that, my ship can get a little cold sometimes and I find myself in need of something to help keep me warm tonight outside a blanket. Who knows, whatever I find might be rather... pleasurable"

Ahsoka made a show of flickering her gaze up and down the human's body before she turned on her heel and walked back towards her ship's ramp with a slight sway of her hips.

"Y-Yes ma'am" the officer stuttered before he gestured for the two Army troopers back to him "E-Enjoy your stay ma'am. And I hope you find something to help keep your warm tonight, it can get quite chilly on Naboo sometimes"

"Thank you lieutenant... it's nice to see men in uniform such as yourself being so, so... considerate of me" Ahsoka looked over her shoulder with a wink before sashaying back up the ramp and into the ship to see Betsy leaning against the side with a raised brow aimed at her.

"What was that?" she nodded towards the departing Imperials.

"That?" Ahsoka glanced at the three departing Imperials for a moment before shrugging "Just ending that man's inspection of my ship a half hour early"

"How?" Betsy asked with confusion.

"He seems to have an interest in me and I hinted that I might be going out into the city tonight for something... pleasurable" Ahsoka grinned at the look of surprise on Betsy's face "So, he's more than likely decided he's going to try and score with me tonight by cutting his inspection early, giving me preferential treatment that he believes will raise him a few notches in whatever book he thinks I might have and increase his chances of getting laid tonight when we 'randomly' run into one another later. The bit of flirting I threw in only helped cement this possible eventuality"

"You sure about that?" Betsy asked with some doubt as Ahsoka walked past her and to her room.

"Eh, it's happened with the last dozen guys, don't see why it'd fail now" Ahsoka answered before she paused and tapped her chin in thought before snapping her fingers and giving Betsy an amused look "And when he sees you with me, he might think he hit the mother load"

"See me with you?" Betsy said with a frown "Why would he? What makes you think I want to go out tonight?"

"Would you rather stay on this ship all night alone?" Ahsoka asked with a raised brow "We're gonna be here a few days Betsy, might as well enjoy it while we can. At least I am before it's another week long trip back out into the fringes of civilized space"

"So my choices are either stay on this rust bucket of a ship all night alone or go out and club with you on one of the most Imperialistic worlds in the known Galaxy and maybe run into some lovesick officer hoping for an easy score tonight?" Betsy said with an eye roll "Such a romantic. Surprised that Lux fellow didn't pick you over that girl from Onderon"

"Apparently she put out more on their first date than me" Ahsoka said with a sigh and shrug "What can you do?"

"Have better taste in men?" Betsy said with a un-lady like snort.

"I was like fifteen. The only examples I had to go off of were my fellow Padawans and a bunch of Clones that think a great place to take a girl out on a date is a blaster range" Ahsoka said as she and Betsy entered the Togruta's room.

It wasn't much bigger than Betsy's own, but it was far more furnished and it possessed it's own refresher. The bed had a number of furs on it that when Betsy ran a hand through them, she was surprised by just how soft and warm they were. That mattress, she noticed when she sat on it, was also rather soft and sunk in a little.

"How much did this cost?" Betsy asked as she watched Ahsoka move to a small closet and open it to reveal a few articles of clothing and a extra pair of boots.

"The furs I got myself" Ahsoka said as she began to remove her clothing "The bed? About a nine, no ten thousand credits"

"You spent ten thousand credits on a bed?" Betsy asked with a look of disbelief.

"When you spends weeks to months on a ship, you want something comfy to sleep in" Ahsoka said with a eye roll before she shot her friend a annoyed look "And didn't you used to say how much you loved Senator Amidala's beds compared to the ones we had at the Temple?"

"Those didn't cost as much as a small ship" Betsy countered with a shake of her head.

"Your right, they cost as much as a large ship" Ahsoka said with a nod as she removed her chest bindings and let out a sigh of relief as she let her 'girls' free. She was about to remove her pants and slide into the refresher for a nice warm shower before she felt a flash of relief followed by a feeling of smugness from Betsy, causing her to glance at the purple haired woman with a raised brow "What?"

"Nice to see I beat you is all" Betsy said as she leaned back on her hands an crossed her legs at the knee as she nodded at Ahsoka's breasts "I have a full cup size on you"

"Really?" Ahsoka said as she glanced down at her chest before she glanced at Betsy's and noticed that they were a little bigger than her own "Damn... to think I paid thirty grand for these!"

"You did?" Betsy's eyes widened in shock at this.

"Of course not" Ahsoka said with a scoff "I hate cosmetic surgeries like that. Their so... just eck!"

"Well maybe you should get some work for your ass done at least" Betsy nodded at the woman's rear.

"What's wrong with my ass?" Ahsoka said as she looked back as far as her back would allow, which was quite a bit given how flexible she was thanks to decades of training.

"It just doesn't have them same firmness as it used to" Betsy said as she scooted off the bed and examined her friend's rear with narrowed eyes before reaching out to run a hand over the woman's orange colored skin.

"It's rounder, I'll give it that much. Not missing many meals hmm?" Betsy teased with a slap that caused Ahsoka to jump a little before she scowled at the woman.

"Fuck you" Ahsoka as she made her way into the shower.

"Is that an invitation?" Betsy asked with a growing grin on her face.

"Not after you called my ass fat!" Ahsoka said as she closed the door on the pouting purple haired beauty.

"I didn't mean it as an insult" Betsy replied as she looked around the room as the sound of water sprung on within the refresher.

She didn't see any pictures hung up, which she had no doubt Ahsoka possessed somewhere, nor did she see any sort of mementos from her travels. She didn't notice a few books on a single shelf, all of them part of some romance series that she remembered Ahsoka being a big fan of. Her fellow Padawan tried to get Betsy interested and for the most part the books did have a descent storyline going for it, lots of very gruesome and detailed murders, sex and intrigue, but the characters were too one dimensional for her liking.

"So if your not gonna come back with me, what are you going to do?" Ahsoka called from inside the refresher "Is there anywhere I can drop you off?"

"Alsakan?" Betsy joked.

"Somewhere more reasonable?" Ahsoka stated with obvious annoyance "Also, really? You'd stick out like a sore thumb on Alsakan! Purple hair isn't exactly a common sight there"

"Than I'll dye it black if I have to" Betsy scoffed "Even if my hair color would add some much needed diversity to that dull planet"

"Whatever you say hon..." Ahsoka said with amusement as she continued her shower for another five minutes before eventually shutting off the water and emerging from the refresher clad in a very small red towel.

"Did you steal that from a kid?" Betsy asked with a incredulous expression on her face as she took in Ahsoka's attire "It's barely covering anything"

"I washed it the other day and forgot that the material in it doesn't go well with cold water and it shrunk" Ahsoka said with a frown as she pulled the towel tighter around her "Leave me alone!"

"Kind of hard to when your walking around like that" Betsy said as she followed Ahsoka's form to her closet.

"It isn't something you haven't seen before" Ahsoka said with an eye roll as she allowed the towel to drop and reveal her in all of her wet, nude glory.

Without another word Ahsoka began to pick out a outfit to wear into the city while Betsy continued to stare at her with a look that looked torn between longing and annoyance.

In all honesty, Ahsoka was a bit surprised with how much restraint her friend was showing. When they were young teens going through the beauty that was puberty, the little violet haired girl couldn't keep her hands to herself when it came to either Ahsoka or Barriss. And it wasn't just them that 'suffered' at the clumsy and inexperienced hands of the telepathic little witch, some of the boys in their age group fell to Betsy's advances as well. Nothing too serious, just a bit of caressing, groping at some rather sensitive areas and the occasional kiss.

Betsy had a bit of a reputation amongst their peers, one that mercifully never reached their masters ears... far as they knew.

"So, are you going to be coming back tonight, or should I not wait up and find a way to fend for myself while you crawl into someone's bed?" Betsy asked as she watched Ahsoka assemble her outfit for the evening.

"Your coming with me, remember?" Ahsoka said with a little smirk as she made a show of putting on her briefs and bra.

Betsy made a face at this and lifted her chin up as if to covey some sort of disgust "I never said yes"

"No, but you didn't say no either sooo..." Ahsoka trailed off as she pulled on a pair of black fishnet shorts and a equally black fishnet crop top. She nodded to herself before turning towards Betsy and doing a small twirl "So, what do you think?"

"I think you look like your about to go out and make some very dumb decisions" Betsy sighed before she looked away and mumbled in a low voice "And I suppose I have to come along too so you don't"

"See, I knew you'd come" Ahsoka said as she reached into the closet and pulled out a few articles and tossed them towards Betsy "Here, try these on"

"What makes you think I'll like whatever you have?" Betsy asked as she began to remove her own clothing to try on the ones offered by Ahsoka.

"Cause their like what I'm wearing only... less appropriate" Ahsoka said with a grin as she slid on a pair of boots.

"Are you implying something?" Betsy asked with a scowl.

"Imply?" Ahsoka said with a gasp "I'm merely confirming that you tended to dress in a way that made what I used to wear seem modest in compariosn"

Betsy's response was a scowl along with the extension of her middle finger aimed at Ahsoka before she began to redress herself in the new clothing. A tight dark purple and black crop top that seemed to be squeezing the life out of her well endowed chest and showed off her tight midriff, black spandex shorts and a dark purple skirt over that with slits on each side that drew quite bit of attention to her legs and rear.

"I feel like some trust fund brat out clubbing dressed like this" Betsy said with a frown as she took in her appearance "Should I act like some ditz looking to have someone between my legs tonight to sell it?"

She looked good, yes, damn good in fact, but the outfit wasn't exactly something she'd want to wear very often... if at all.

"Bold talk coming from the woman that wanted to wear the slaver outfit I had to endure on my assignment to Zygerria" Ahsoka said with a unimpressed look.

"That was different" Betsy said as she avoided Ahsoka's gaze "And I liked the color"

All things considered, it was a nice piece.


Two hours later, Betsy and Ahsoka found themselves in front of a well lit bar only a few blocks away from the Royal Palace.

According to the speeder that dropped them off, this bar was the most popular in the entire city and was frequented by both locals and members of the Imperial garrison. On some worlds, it was a open secret that the Imperials stationed on said planet were less than ideal customers and were known to cause issues. But given the significance of Naboo in the Empire, and it's relation to the Emperor, the troops stationed on the planet were known to be far more reserved and respectful.

"You know, if the Empire's people were like this everywhere, I don't think I'd have as big an issue with it" Betsy said as she and Ahsoka entered the establishment after a off duty Stormtrooper held the door open for them.

"It's actually not as bad as you think in the Core Worlds and even most of the Mid-Rim" Ahsoka revealed with a thoughtful look on her face "I've been to worlds in both where the inhabitants have never seen a Star Destroyer in real life, or even a Stormtrooper"

"Must be nice... by the way, what do they call this place?" Betsy said as she looked around to see a number of humans, a few Pau'ans, a couple of female Twi'leks in attire not too dissimilar to her and Ahsoka attire and a Gungan serving drinks at the bar "Quite a few non-humans in here"

"It's called..." Ahsoka took a few steps back and looked up at the bright neon lights "'Bombad Drinks'... huh, catchy. Must be owned by a Gungan, explains the non-humans at least"

"What does 'Bombad' even mean anyway?" Betsy asked as she and Ahsoka made their way through the crowd towards a section of the establishment reserved for table booths.

"Really good or superior I think" Ahsoka said with a shrug as the pair found a table and slid into the seats "This Gungan that I sorta knew, Jar-Jar, he said it sometimes"

"Well lets hope that this place's name holds some merit" Betsy said as she noticed a pair of menus already at the table and picked one up to read through. A frown quickly grew on her face as she went through a few pages "They better be very 'bombad' with the prices their charging"

"Agreed" Ahsoka said as she took the other menu and gave it a look through to see what Betsy was referring to "Wow... and here I thought bars in the Core worlds were ridiculous"

"I blame the Empire" Betsy said with a sniff.

"You know, not every inconvenience is because of the Empire" Ahsoka joked as she looked for something a little... less costly, to drink.

"That'll change once you and your insurgents start to launch more attacks and they have to start stepping up their security and presence as a result" Betsy said.

"Well it's not like we can sit the Empire down and talk to them on what we want changed" Ahsoka said with a frown "I know it's hard to believe, but I don't want what's coming anymore than you do"

"And yet you still help them" Betsy said as she put her menu down and leaned forward "You can come with me. And bring whoever else isn't interested in fighting another war for a bunch of greedy, entitled politicians that feel wronged and cheated out of their power"

"Their not greedy or entitled, they just believe that things would be better if a democratic government was restored" Ahsoka stated.

"I'd believe that if the founders of your little rebellion weren't members of worlds that used to have a hell of a standing in the Republic" Betsy said with a eye roll as she began to name planets with every finger shoe raised "Alderaan, Corellia, Chandrilla... interesting that the founders of your little alliance all hail from planets that founded the Republic and enjoyed being such influential and wealthy worlds throughout it's time"

"Their not like that Betsy" Ahsoka gritted out.

"I mean, it must really boil their blood to know that their status is now on par with that of a world in the Mid-rim and even lower than some Outer Rim worlds" Betsy said with a thoughtful look on her face "I know I'd be feeling pretty angry"

Suddenly Ahsoka stood up, causing Betsy to quirk a brow at the women

"Where are you going?" she asked.

"The fresher" Ahsoka snarled as she all but stomped away from the table.

Betsy watched her go for a moment before she shook her head, Ahsoka always seemed a little naïve when it came to these sorts of things. It wasn't her fault, she was never around politicians nearly as much as Betsy was under her apprenticeship to Adi Gallia. True Ahsoka was around Padmé a lot when the Naboo senator was still alive, but even Betsy back than noticed that Padmé spent much of her time around senators from the Core worlds, such as Bail Organa and Mon Mothma.

'I wonder if she ever only interacted with them because doing so would raise her status in the Senate. People did tend to pay attention more to senators with Core World allies, even if the current Chancellor at the time was from that senator's planet as well' Betsy thought as she leaned back in her seat and ran a hand through her hair.

"Excuse me?" a voice from behind Betsy caused her to turn and see a young man, a little younger than her, standing there with a confident grin on his face.

His clothes were a bit more well made than many of the other patrons in the club, likely a high ranked Imperial or some wealthy kid enjoying a night out. And given his appearance, tall, tan skin, obvious muscle development, a thousand credit smile, a good night out was likely a common thing for him.

"Yes?" Betsy said, putting a hint of a Outer Rim accent in her voice, more often than not it was enough to turn off men and women that were from closer to the Core.

"I couldn't help but notice that a beautiful girl like yourself had an empty seat in front of her" the man nodded at where Ahsoka once sat.

"For the moment" Betsy said with a nod "My friend will be back soon enough however"

"You mean the Togruta?" the man said, his face briefly contorting into something akin to disgust.

For an instant, Betsy wanted to crush the man's throat with a telekinetic grip before she caught herself at the sight of a few off duty Imperials on the other end of the club.

"Yes, the Togruta" Betsy said with her eyes narrowing slightly at the man "And her name is Ashla"

"Ah, my apologies" the man said as he stepped around until he was next to Ahsoka's seat and made to sit down before Betsy raised a foot and left it on the seat while shooting a glare of mild annoyance at the man.

"I don't remember giving you permission to take my friend's seat" Betsy hissed at the man, his confident grin faltering slightly.

"Worried she'll be jealous?" the man said with a snort as he gave Betsy a few once overs "I mean, I'd be jealous too if I had a beauty like you with me but someone else came along and began to waste your time"

"Jealousy isn't what I'm worried about. Ashla can be... temperamental" Betsy remarked.

"Aren't all savages like her are?" the man said with a laugh that sounded a little nasally.

"She's not a savage" Betsy said as she felt her nails digging into the table top "If anything, I am"

"Is that right? Well, maybe you can give me a little private demonstration of your savagery, hmm?" the man said with interest as he began to lean forward before Ahsoka suddenly appeared and slid between the man and the table and sat on Betsy's lap with a coy grin.

"Sorry I took so long babe, there was a line if you can believe it. Now, where were we...?" Ahsoka cooed as she leaned forward and planted a series of kisses on the side of Betsy's face before she paused and glanced at the man that was speaking to Betsy and gave him a obvious dismissive once over "Can we help you kid?"

The man opened his mouth to reply, like some sort of derogative insult before the look Ahsoka sported turning into a dark glare that would've given even Grievous pause.

"Uhhh... n-no" the man said as he quickly turned and made his way back to the bar's counter, likely for a few more drinks.

"That was... mean" Betsy chuckled as she leaned back in her seat, though she did nothing to remove Ahsoka from her lap.

She rather enjoyed the weight, comforting in a sense, it reminded her of the times that she and fellow former Padawn used to spend nights curled up beside each other whenever they found themselves working with one another during the war. Though towards the end of the War, before Master Gallia's death, Betsy and Ahsoka's time with one another began to lessen, partly because the Clone Wars demanded their masters to be on the other end of the Galaxy for weeks or even months on end. Than came Master Gallia's death at the hands of Maul's bastard of a brother, Ahsoka's framing of the Temple bombing, trial than departure from the Order...

'I wonder if I should've gone with her... at the very least, I would've gotten a shot at killing Maul' Betsy thought as Ahsoka turned towards her with an amused look on her face.

"Oh, so your saying that you wanted that guy to keeping hitting on you while making passive aggressive remarks about me?" she asked with a teasing grin, it seems her anger and annoyance for Betsy's view on her allies has for the moment, been restrained.

Though Betsy knew she'll be hearing more of it later when they were back on the ship.

"It's been some time since I was desired and the attention was... decent" Betsy said with a smirk "My prospects on Dantooine were... scarce"

"Still an attention whore I see" Ahsoka snorted as she slid off Betsy's lap and into the seat next to her.

"Says the woman that used to run around warzones dressed in leather midriffs, short leather skirts over white leggings and knee high boots" Betsy said with a pointed look "I swear you looked like some dancer in Prince Xizor's Palace"

"Oh I know you liked it" Ahsoka said with a eye roll "I could feel your eyes on my butt every time we were in the field together"

Betsy broke out into a fit of laughter at this "You think our masters ever noticed?"

"I know yours did when she began to notice how you kept 'falling' behind me" Ahsoka said with a laugh "She took me aside once and gave me a very strongly worded 'mom' lecture on being modest and dressing appropriately. I swear she spoke to master Luminara before that cause that's the kind of thing I'd imagine she'd say. Afterwards I began to dress more... 'appropriately'"

"So that's why Skywalker tried to give Master Gallia a piece of his mind not long after your wardrobe change" Betsy said with a snort.

Ahsoka blinked in surprise at this "Really? Wow... how'd that go?"

"I never saw anyone up until that day seemingly shrink in on himself before scurrying away with his tail between his legs as fast as him" Betsy laughed "Ten seconds prior he had the look of sheer determination on his face, like he was ready to face down Dooku, the next, he was running like a Rancor was after him!"

Both women delved into a fit of laughter at the image and eventually ordered a drink each and sat patiently for the server droid to return with them. Ahsoka took this time to rest an arm around Betsy's shoulders, pulling the purple haired woman closer.

"My, my, what are you doing?" Betsy asked with amusement though did nothing to resist her friend's actions.

"Giving the impression that I'm making it known that your mine" Ahsoka said with a snort "Rather not have anyone else try their shot at you or even me"

"Jealous that I'll get more attention than you?" Betsy asked with a grin "I already have one"

"And I got two while in the fresher" Ahsoka said as she gave Betsy a wink "and I'm counting the Imperial Officer from this afternoon, so that's three in my favor"

Betsy hummed at this "It seems no one on this planet has good tastes'"

"I guess some people just like a bit of savage in their women" Ahsoka snorted.

"If that's the case, why aren't the flocking to me?" Betsy asked with mock confusion.

"Uhh, I'm here" Ahsoka said as if it was the mots obvious thing in the Galaxy "Add the fact I'm an alien and I just about tick off all the right boxes"

"Well boo..." Betsy grumbled as she shifted closer to Ahsoka and began to run a hand up and down the woman's montrals, causing her to shiver a little, much to Betsy's delight "Would you get turned on if someone bite the tip?"

Betsy wasn't much of a biter, mostly because she hated being bitten during sex herself, the pain was quite the turn off for her, but the former Jedi felt that simply dragging her tongue across Ahsoka's montrals was too... basic.

And a small part of her wondered if perhaps Ahsoka liked it a little rough and... savage.

"You bite it, and I'll bite you, harder. Trust me, it won't be the kind of pleasant you want" Ahsoka warned with her eyes narrowing slightly as she watched several men, all dressed in black Imperial uniforms, enter the club on tthe far side of the room.

Normally she'd chalk it up to just a few Imperials looking to blow some steam off after a long day of work, but the fact that they didn't make a beeline for the bar like many others that have come through, and in fact had taken a seat at a table that gave them a large view of the room and began to watch the crowd struck her as... suspicious.

The fact they were all still armed was another warning bell for her.

"I think... I think we may have a few party crashers soon" she said after a few moments of watching them and realized that it was her and Betsy's table they were looking for.

"What makes you think that?" Betsy said, her attention still on Ahsoka's montral as she trailed a finger down it and considered running her tongue along the warm sensitive flesh, just so she could see and feel if they were as sensitives as a Twi'Lek's and cause Ahsoka to shiver.

"Because their looking right at us... and not in a exactly friendly way" Ahsoka said as she met the Imperial's stare with a raised brow, a silent challenge.

Normally Ahsoka would be doing her best to avoid attracting any sort of Imperial attention, let alone provoke it, but it seemed that Betsy's presence was causing her to act a little more daring than normal.

'She does tend to do that to others' Ahsoka thought as she finally tore her gaze from the table of Imperials as they stood up from their table and stared at Betsy with a look of mild concern "We need to go"

Betsy raised a brow and ceased her ruminations on Ahsoka's montrals "Why?"

"Because the Imperials that've been staring at us since they got here are now coming towards us" Ahsoka said with a sigh.

She could sense the men had split up, and while Betsy seemed aloof, Ahsoka knew her well enough to know that she sensed it too. With a nd, the two women silently rose from their seats and quickly made their way towards the main entrance, using the club's various patrons as a sort of cover. A little use of the Force to cause people to either ignore them or conveniently move with them as a mobile shield didn't hurt either.

'Have to be careful on how much of the Force we use' Ahsoka thought as she and Betsy were forced to spilt up as well 'If there's an Imperial nearby that's Force-sensitive, things could get a lot worse'

Add the fact that she and Betsy left their lightsabers on the ship, Ahsoka wasn't keen on any serious confrontations if she could help it. Just as Ahsoka had reached the front entrance, she could sense that Betsy had made it outside, two of the Imperials she saw earlier suddenly appeared in front of her and cut her off.

'Ohhhhh brand my ass and sell me to a minion of Xendor' Ahsoka thought as she came to a stop and gave the two Imperials a bemused grin "Uhh, evening boys, can I help you?"

"Are you the owner of a light freighter called 'Snipps'?" the Imperial said as he pulled out a small holoprojector and brought up an image of Ahsoka' and Betsy's craft.

"I am" Ahsoka said with a frown as she folded her arms across her chest, being mindful to keep her eyes on the two men in front of her and the third slowly walking up behind her through the Force.

"We have reason to believe that this ship was involved in a incident on Dantooine several weeks prior" the Imperial stated with a harsh look in his eye "That it may have ferried a Jedi off the planet"

"Well I don't ferry people" Ahsoka said with a shrug "I move antiques and deliver more personal items to specific individuals that don't like to use the standard mailing system"

"Are any of these items illegal by chance?" the Imperial beside the one holding the holo projector asked with narrowed eyes.

"All legal, you can check my ship's records" Ahsoka said with narrowed eyes as she looked back and forth between the two men before taking a step forward "Now if you would be as so kind to let me pass, I'd like to head back and get some sleep"

"What's sudden rush?" the Imperial that Ahsoka sensed coming up behind said as he casually walked into Ahsoka's line of sight before coming to a stop behind the two men in front off the Togruta "You and your companion seemed content not too long ago"

"Well she began to stroke my montrals and it got me excited" Ahsoka said with a cough as she feigned embarrassment and avoided looking at the three men as a blush began to form on her face "And have you seen her?"

"I have" the Imperial said with a frown as he took in Ahsoka's appearance "Though why she'd waste her time with a beast like you is beyond me"

'There is no emotion, there is peace' Ahsoka thought as she fought down the urge to break the nose of the man for calling her a beast.

Just as the Imperial was about to speak again, Ahsoka sensed a strong use of the Force nearby before sensing the men's' minds begin to shift from asking Ahsoka more questions to... wanting a few drinks.

"Damn I'm thristy ..." one of the Imperials said as he stepped past Ahsoka and headed for the bar followed close by his companion.

The apparent leader of the group stayed where he was, a frown appearing on his face as it seemed he was reluctant to follow suit before he nodded to himself and walked past Ahsoka without another glance.

"Yeah, drinks sound nice now" he said.

Ashoka watched them go for a moment before she sighed and shook her head as she stepped out of the club and into the cool humid air of the Naboo night and saw Betsy leaning against a light pole with an amused look on her face.

"No thanks are necessary" she said.

"How'd you get out of there so quickly?" Ahsoka asked with some confusion as she approached her friend.

"Not the first bar I had to sneak out of because of nosey Imperials" Betsy said with a shrug as she kicked herself off the light pole and followed Ahsoka down the sidewalk.

"You took a big risk using that strong of a mind trick on them" Ahsoka remarked as her eyes darted to every shadowed corner she could see, wondering if perhaps some Imperial Force-sensitive assassin was lurking within.

"Well they had a little more will power than most" Betsy said.

"I could've handled it" Ahsoka said with a scowl.

"Ahsoka they knew that your ship was at Dantooine and they knew that a Togruta matching your description was seen in the company of me" Betsy revealed with a blank look on her face "What they didn't know is if I was still with you. I made sure to check to see if they saw and recognized me but they didn't"

"And how do you know this?" Ahsoka asked, a bit confused as to why those Imperials didn't recognize Betsy as the Jedi they were looking for.

Something about all of this didn't sit right with the Togruta.

"I saw it when I was in their minds, persuading them to get a drink and making sure they forget that they ever saw you or me at the club" Betsy said as the two passed a squad of Stormtroopers on patrol.

The two gave the white clad troopers a pair of suggestive grins and had to hold back a laugh when they saw one of the troopers had walked into one of his squad mates because of it. Once they squad was far enough away, Ahsoka and Betsy resumed their conversation.

"Did they know if I'm a Jedi or not?" Ahsoka asked with a worried frown "That Mandalorian I fought could've told them and word had spread"

At this, a confused look grew on Betsy face "That's the thing, they didn't seem to realize that you were also a Jedi, which I have no doubt that Mandalorian mentioned when she got her pay and likely demanded an increase because of it"

"Why do you think that is?" Ahsoka asked with equal confusion "Wouldn't make sense to keep the fact that I'm a Jedi hidden, if they know I am one that is"

"Maybe someone, somewhere took pit on you and decided to let you slide" Betsy suggested before a glare appeared on her face "Be nice if they extended that cutesy to me too"

"Well I'm sure we'll figure it out soon enough" Ahsoka said as she rested an arm over Betsy's shoulders and pulled her in close "Come on, let's get the hell off this planet before what very little luck we have runs dry"

"I thought you wanted to meet with some agent of the Rebellion here or something. Plan out your way back out into the Outer Rim... after you dropped me off somewhere of course" Betsy stated.

"Change of plans, we're leaving tonight and I'll drop you off on my way back" Ahsoka revealed, already having a place in mind to leave Betsy while she returned to the Rebellion. She'll hate her for it, Ahsoka knew, and it could make matters even worse, but she had to do something about her friend's growing attachment to the Dark Side.

She dint want to lose another person she scared about to it like she did Barriss.

"You better" Betsy grumbled, unaware of Ahsoka's thoughts "I'm not getting involved"

As Betsy and Ahsoka quietly continued on their way back to the spaceport that housed Ahsoka's ship, a lone Imperial Probe Droid on a random patrol turned it's gaze towards the pair before it's lenses focused on Betsy's face and quickly ran a search of the Imperial database before coming up with a match.

Elizabeth Braddock (Alive, Fugitive)... registered as former Padawan to Adi Gallia (Deceased). Registered as member of Jedi Order (Defunct).

Status: Marked for termination on sight.

With a beep, the Droid began to transmit it's signal to the nearest Imperial Garrison as it silently followed the identified Jedi.


And done.

Next chapter, Accession of a Lord of the Sith...