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Lorelai was awoken hours later to the sound of very loud and insistent rapping on the front door. She bolted upright in bed and saw Luke sleeping next to her, soundly. A glance at her alarm clock told her it was 2:00am.

"Who the hell is at the door at this hour?" she thought to herself.

She grabbed her robe and ran downstairs, taking a large umbrella with her, just in case she needed it to defend herself.

She opened the door slowly, eyes only partially open, while raising the umbrella high above her head. There on the front porch was Christopher.

"What in the hell are you doing here, Chris! It's 2 in the damn morning! Are you insane?" Lorelai whisper-shouted at him.

"I needed to see you, Lor. I hated the way we left things."

"What are you talking about, 'the way we left things'?" she asked him. "I was painfully hungover after a night of a lot of tequila and, thankfully, lost memories, and you sent me home telling me to fix things with Luke. Which, by the way, I did. So we're done here. You can go."

"I just...I love you, Lor. I always have. Can't we try this again?"

"Christopher. I swear to God. You need to leave this instant. Didn't you hear me? I somehow managed to fix things with Luke. I never imagined it would be possible, but we worked through it. Last night meant absolutely nothing to me and you're an ass for using my vulnerability to weasel your way in. I don't love you. I never have. I love Luke!"

"But Lorelai…."

"You need to leave, Christopher. I love Luke!"


"NO! I love Luke!"


Lorelai opened her eyes to Luke shaking her.

"What in the hell is going on? Are you okay?" he asked her.

"Oh my god, Luke." she said, pulling him down toward her and hugging him close. "I had a terrible dream!"

" were saying 'I love Luke'..that's a terrible dream?" Luke asked, cautiously.

"No! I dreamt that Chris came over and was trying to worm his way back in and I was so scared he was going to screw everything up again!"

"It was just a dream, Lorelai."

"I know, but it felt so real."

"I'm here. I'm right here."

"I don't want to lose you, Luke! I can't lose you!" Lorelai said, almost desperately.

"You won't." Luke responded. "I'm not going anywhere. And in less than twelve hours, you will be my wife, and I can't wait."

At that, Lorelai took a deep, though somewhat ragged breath, fighting tears. She smiled and looked deep into Luke's eyes and saw that old look. The one Sookie told her to look for so many years before.

Just look the guy in the eye. It's right there.

Sookie's words came flooding back to her and in that moment, she knew she was safe and always would be. She kissed Luke gently and snuggled up next to him.

"Thank you for loving me, Luke." she said quietly, kissing him on the chest and closing her eyes again.

"Thank you for loving me back" he responded, kissing her head as she quickly fell back to sleep.

Luke awoke later that morning around 7. Lorelai had rolled onto her other side during the night, but was still pressed up against him. He wrapped his body around hers, stroked her arm and kissed her shoulder gently, hoping to get her to stir.

Lorelai shifted slightly and opened her eyes slowly, making absolutely certain she was really awake. She turned to face Luke and saw his gorgeous blue eyes smiling at her.

"Good morning." she said to him, offering him a smile of her own.

"Same to you, beautiful." he responded, winking at her. "You sleep okay?" he asked.

"Mmmm," she began. "My second dream was so much better than the first one."

"Oh really? Should I ask?" he questioned.

Lorelai giggled.

"Well…let's just say it was a preview of tonight" she said, raising her eyebrows suggestively.

Luke's eyes widened.

"If you're a good boy, I'll recreate it after we become husband and wife." she told him.

Luke smiled at her and pressed a kiss to her lips.

"I look forward to it. But it's officially the day of our wedding and it's bad luck for us to see each other on this, the day of our wedding." he said in his best Godfather voice.

Lorelai's eyes brightened excitedly.

"You've been practicing!" she said proudly.

Luke laughed.

"And here I thought you looked so excited at the thought of marrying me in 5 hours." he told her.

"Careful or I'll show you just how excited I really am" Lorelai said, grinning at him suggestively.

Luke cleared his throat.

"I...uh….I'm gonna head over to the diner to get ready." he told her, trying to clear his mind so he didn't jump her.

Lorelai giggled at him, but nodded.

"Next time I see you, we'll be saying 'I do'." she said.

"Can't wait." he replied genuinely.

They kissed goodbye and Lorelai smiled as she watched him walk out of the bedroom. She couldn't believe how lucky she was that she was going to get to spend the rest of her life with this amazing man. The thought of spending the rest of her life with just one person had always terrified her before Luke. But now...despite their challenges and their issues, she knew that they were meant to be. If she was being honest with herself, she'd known from the moment he'd shown her the horoscope that he'd saved so many years ago.

"...and under 'Scorpio' she'd written 'You will meet an annoying woman today. Give her coffee and she'll go away."

Lorelai recalled their first official date with startling clarity and smiled to herself. She still had a hard time believing that 1) she would ever lie so blatantly by telling someone she'd go away if she was given coffee. Good coffee is the only sure-fire way to make her keep coming back! And 2) that he'd saved it. For eight years.

Lorelai climbed out of bed and grabbed her cell phone off the dresser. She dialed the diner and waited for someone to answer.

"Hey Caesar!" she said, after Luke's right hand man answered. "Is Luke there yet?"

"Oh hi, Lorelai. No, he's not yet. Do you want me to have him ca….wait a second! Here he is now!" Caesar said to her, then handed off the phone.
"This is Luke."

"Do you still have the horoscope?" she asked him.

"Lorelai?" he asked.

"What? You've saved other horoscopes?" she said, teasing him.

Luke grinned.

"Sorry, I just didn't expect to hear from you. I think this is against the wedding day rules, too." he told her.

"Whatever." she said. "Do you still have the horoscope?" she urged again.

"Yes." he said simply.

Lorelai hung up the phone without responding and shook her head, smiling to herself again, and returning to the memory.

Lorelai. This thing we're doing here. Me. You. I just want you to know I'm in. I am all in.

She remembered Luke asking her if she was scared. She didn't respond, just smiled. But she had been scared. It was the first time in her life she had ever been afraid of a relationship because of what she might do to it. She'd never felt so deeply about another person. This amazing man took care of her. Looked after her daughter. Helped her. Fought with her. Made up with her. And through it all, he stayed. He even supported her through her various breakups. So many memories were flooding back.

I hate admitting it because I fancy myself Wonder Woman, but I really want it. The whole package.

She remembered saying those words to Luke in the diner long ago.

You'll get it.

-How do you know?

I know.

-How do you know?

Because I know, okay? I know. Now eat your donut.

Lorelai smiled remembering the exchange. He had been so insightful that night...when he really didn't even want to have anything to do with her. They'd been fighting and not speaking for months, but that was the night they'd made up. He knew she'd be hungry and made her take the donut. And he somehow knew that, someday, she would get her "whole package." She wondered if he knew it would be him.

Looking back, she couldn't believe it had taken her so long to see it. Sookie used to tease her about having a thing for Luke. The whole town knew that Luke was into her. Hell, even Emily knew before she did that there was something there!

Lorelai rolled her eyes, but laughed at herself, remembering her mother's words on several occasions.

I have seen the way he looks at you. The way you look at him. I'm not a fool!

The moment he calls, you run to his side.
He's my friend. He needed me. I had to be there.

-Yes. I know you did….

She allowed herself to briefly wonder "what if". What if she had allowed herself to be more perceptive to her feelings and to his a long time ago? What if they had gotten together sooner?

She shook her head to clear away the thoughts. No way. She wasn't ready for Luke until the moment he asked her to dance at Liz and TJ's wedding.

Or we could….you know.

-We could what?

You wanna dance?

Lorelai smiled at the memory. She had been so nervous about dancing with him. About getting close. But she took his hand and they waltzed around the square, sharing knowing looks and timid smiles between them. What a beautiful beginning they'd had.

A knock on her bedroom door shook her from her reminiscent thoughts. Rory opened the door slowly and stepped inside, grinning when she saw the huge smile on her Mom's face.

"Boy you look happy." she said to Lorelai.

"I am, kid." she responded.

Rory sat down on the edge of the bed.

"I'm glad. You know that's all I want for you, right mom?"

"I know, hon. And I love you for that." Lorelai responded.

She looked at her daughter and thought about all of the times Luke had put himself aside to help Rory. To help the both of them. He had been caring for them for years like he was a member of the family and in just a few hours he finally would be.

You know I care more about her than I do myself…

Luke had told her that at a low point in their friendship, but all these years later, as she back then, she took the words to heart.

"You know Luke loves you, right?" she asked Rory.

"I know, Mom. That feeling's mutual. He's always been the most permanent father figure I've ever had. I couldn't be happier for you two!"

Lorelai pulled her daughter into a hug and then cleared her throat.

"So did you finally hear from Logan?" she asked her. "I'm sorry I was so distracted yesterday and we didn't have much time to talk." she said, disappointed in herself.

"Mom, please. You had way more important things going on."

"You're always the most important. You always have been and you always will be." Lorelai told Rory.

"Mom, I'm a big girl now. I'm an adult. I've got this. For once in your life, please think about yourself first. Especially where Luke is concerned."

Lorelai stared at her daughter and shook her head in disbelief.

"You're amazing, kid. You know that?"

Rory shrugged. "Well, I learned from the best." she responded, winking at her mom.

"But since you asked, yes I heard from Logan. Twice. He landed safely at Heathrow and then he called me when he got to the flat that his father had set up for him."

"That's good. Hopefully he settles in quickly." Lorelai said, focusing all of her energy on her daughter in that moment.

"I'm really bummed he can't be here for today." Rory said.

"I know, sweets. But maybe for the first time ever his dad is right and this will be good for him?" Lorelai offered cautiously.

"It will be. He's so smart. Even if he does leave the family business and branch out on his own eventually, this will still be good for him. I love him, but he needs some good old fashioned hard work to kick his butt for a little bit. I just miss him…." Rory trailed off.

"I know you do." Lorelai said, hugging her daughter again.

"Okay, enough of this." Rory said. "We have more important things to discuss…"

"We do?" Lorelai asked honestly.

"Mom. You're getting married in less than four hours!" Rory said.

"Oh. That. That's all handled." Lorelai told her. "I feel completely calm about that weird? I just...I've never felt so right about anything in my life, besides the day I took you and left my parents' house" she admitted.

"I'm glad you're so calm and happy, Mom. But we still have to get ready." Rory said, laughing.

Lorelai nodded and climbed out of bed, walking toward the closet. She stopped and stared at the dress she'd bought months before. The Perfect Dress. She fingered the fabric tenderly as Rory appeared behind her.

"Are you wearing that one?" she asked.

"Nope. Doesn't feel right for today. It sure is beautiful though, isn't it?" Lorelai said.

Rory nodded. "So what are you going to wear?"

"Ah" Lorelai said, a twinkle in her eye.

She turned and pulled a dress from the back of her closet. She'd bought it recently having no idea where she'd wear it or what occasion it would be suitable for, but knew last night during her discussion with Luke that this was exactly right. She looked at it now, her eyes filling with tears, figuring that deep down her subconscious must have known that today was going to happen.

The dress was a perfect Lorelai blue. Knee length and strapless, with a sheer beaded strip along the neckline and the bottom edge of the skirt. The fabric was shimmery, almost iridescent, with a cream colored belt and shrug.

Rory almost gasped.

"Oh my God, Mom! It's...perfect!" she said to Lorelai.

"I know." Lorelai said smiling, still staring at the dress. "I didn't even know why I was buying it when I did, but I guess maybe a part of me did."

Lorelai hung the dress on the closet door.

"Okay kid, I'm going to shower. Go raid your closet and bring me dress options in 30 minutes!"

Rory laughed and went back downstairs, leaving her mother to start getting ready.

As Lorelai started the water for her shower, she thought again about how lucky she was. Never in a million years could she have predicted that her life would end up like this. When she left her parents' house at 17 with a baby and showed up at the Independence Inn desperate for a job and a place to live, she would have never imagined that she'd end up here...owning her own Inn and about to marry the most amazing man she'd ever met. Maybe her "whole package" took its sweet time getting to her, but if she had it to do all over again….

Memories started flooding her head again.

Go to hell!

Right back at you!

Lorelai cringed remembering her first big fight with Luke, long before they were ever a couple. She wished she could take those words back. Then and now. She was thinking of nothing but Rory at the time and still felt badly about how she'd treated Luke. He never held those words against her, but she'd never forget saying them. Okay maybe that part exactly she wouldn't want to do over. But then again...

Rory. Nothing would compare to how he'd supported her and taken care of her when she and Rory weren't talking last summer and fall. He'd whined initially, but accepted Paul Anka into their lives. He'd renovated the house. And then there was October...

Hey...You can pull link sausages out of me if you want.

Rory's 21st birthday had been a rough day for her in general. Luke knew that, and in the end agreed to her insane Halloween idea because he knew it would make her happy. Up until the last few months, he had always been amazingly perceptive of her thoughts and what she needed and when. That period without Rory last year would have been her rock bottom if Luke hadn't been there for her and with her. And while being apart from her daughter for so long was difficult, looking back she realized it was probably a good primer for what her life was going to be like in the coming year with Rory off in the "real world" though at least now they'd be talking. She was so glad her daughter was with her to share this day. After all they'd been through - all of them - she'd never felt more sure about anything.

Three hours later, Lorelai was showered, dressed in her new "perfect dress", with her hair in big, bouncy waves and a small wreath of white and pink flowers around her head. It was similar to the one that she had worn when she and Luke had first danced at Liz and TJs wedding a couple years prior and she thought it would be perfect for today. Together, Lorelai and Rory had chosen a simple, but classy blush colored dress for Rory to wear.

Lorelai and Rory had just put the finishing touches on their hair when the doorbell rang. Lorelai called to whomever it was to just come on in, and Emily and Richard appeared in the foyer.

"Seriously, Lorelai" Emily began. "One of these days, you're just going to tell some crazy person to come into your home and god knows what will happen to you!"

"I just did, Mom. Now relax." Lorelai joked.

Rory chuckled and Emily rolled her eyes at her daughter's chiding, but she was grinning also.

"Wow!" Emily said, finally looking at Lorelai. "You look beautiful!"

"I concur!" Richard added. "Perfect for a late Spring wedding!"

Lorelai was tearing up. "Wow, guys. Thank you!"

She looked at Rory, "Hey kid! Thanks for the reminder to wear the waterproof mascara today!" she told her while dabbing under her eyes with her ring finger.

Rory smiled at her mom and took Emily into the kitchen to show her the bouquet she'd picked up from the flower shop that morning. Lorelai started to follow behind and then she saw her dad, once again inspecting the fireplace, as was his habit whenever he visited. She smiled to herself and walked up behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey dad?" she began, and Richard stood up and looked at her. "I know this isn't the wedding you had in your mind all those years ago, and I know I'm not that young anymore, and I know I've been out of your house for a very long time...but…" She was getting choked up and she could tell that Richard could sense what was coming because his blue eyes were swimming with tears.

She cleared her throat and took a deep breath. "Would you...walk me down the aisle?"

Richard's eyes got very wide and he blinked back tears. "Why yes, Lorelai. I would like that very much. Thank you for asking me."

Lorelai smiled. Ever the professional, her father. She reached out and took his hand and for a moment they just looked at each other. She and Richard didn't often see eye to eye, but she respected him greatly. And it seemed over the years that he'd come to respect her also.

She recalled helping him move into his new office when he'd opened his own insurance firm a few years back. Shopping with him for office supplies was a rare glimpse into a Richard who can let loose and really have some fun. And then helping him set everything up and act as his secretary, apparently so well that he had forgotten she had another job and didn't want to let her go.

Lorelai felt Richard squeeze her hand, pulling her back to the present, and she smiled at him.

"Thank you, Daddy." she said softly, just as Rory and Emily came back into the room.

"I think it's time we head out" Rory announced.

Lorelai dabbed her eyes again and nodded. They gathered up purses, flowers, emergency hair spray, and some tissues, then headed out the door.

Luke was anxiously pacing back and forth in his old apartment. He hoped Lorelai would like the suit he was wearing. She should since she'd bought it for him on one of her mall adventures. He'd chosen a blue tie, hoping that would be right. If anything, it matched Lorelai's eyes.

Just then, Jess came barreling through the door of the apartment, stopping Luke in his tracks.

"Jess! What are you doing here?" Luke asked, shocked to see his nephew.

"Rory called me. She figured I'd want to be here and that you'd be too wrapped up in everything to think about calling anyone." Jess said, shrugging.

"Damn, Rory thinks of everything." Luke said, to nobody in particular.

Realizing he was just standing there a bit dumbfounded, Luke stepped forward and gave his nephew a hug.

"I'm glad you're here." he told him.

"Me too," Jess began. "Now then, is that what you're wearing?" he kidded.

Miss Patty let Lorelai use her dance studio as her waiting area before the wedding. Despite the fact that this was supposed to be an elopement, the whole town seemed to want to be there to see Luke "table for one" Danes and Lorelai "I'm sorry, can I get an industrial forklift for my emotional baggage?" Gilmore finally tie the knot. It seemed everyone in town had gathered in the square, just milling about, waiting for the festivities. Kirk had come by Miss Patty's to lead Emily to her seat, so that just left Lorelai, Rory, and Richard waiting. Richard had been walking around the dance studio looking at all the photos of Miss Patty from the various stages of her career. Both literal and figurative stages. Lorelai and Rory were reminiscing about all the times Luke had come to their rescue before he and Lorelai finally realized they were meant to be together.

"Did I ever tell you that he offered to loan me the money to fix the house when we had the termites?" Lorelai asked Rory.

"What?! He did?" Rory exclaimed. "Wow. No, you never told me. Of course I figured you were still mad at me for telling Grandma about the whole situation." she added.

"I am." Lorelai said, matter-of-factly. "The therapy bills will be addressed to you."

Rory laughed. "What about all of your birthdays when he fixed everything around the house that needed to be fixed? What would we have done without him?"

Lorelai didn't know. She was so grateful for everything he'd done. With Rory. With the house. With the inn. With her.

"How about that coffee cake he made you for your sixteenth birthday?" Lorelai added.

"And letting Taylor lease the space for the Soda Shoppe just because we said we liked ice cream!" Rory said.

"And don't forget the time he closed the diner and dropped everything to drive me to the hospital because Dad was in the hospital."

Lorelai remembered that night like it was yesterday instead of almost 6 years before. She'd told Luke he looked good and he teased her about it.

"I didn't mean to listen in on your conversation." Lorelai heard her Dad's voice and looked up, abandoning her memories. "But did Luke really do all of those things you mentioned?" Richard asked.

"And so many more." Lorelai told him.

"Well," Richard began, "I didn't realize. I'll have to make a point to thank him for looking out for you girls for all these years."

Lorelai winked at her dad just as Kirk appeared at the door.

"Everyone's ready." he told them. "Showtime!"

The girls stood and turned for each other to make sure everything was in place. They grabbed their flowers and allowed Richard to lead them out the door.

Lorelai sent Rory ahead for her to head down the aisle first. While she and Richard walked slowly toward the gazebo, he placed his hand on her shoulder.

"Wow. This is quite the gathering." he said to her.

"News travels quickly in this little town." she told him. "Even faster when it involves any kind of celebration."

"I'm not sure this is just about a celebration, Lorelai," Richard said. "I think this is a testament to you and to the life you've created here. takes a remarkable person to inspire all of this."

Lorelai's eyes were full of tears. They had stopped walking and Lorelai just stared at her dad for a beat.

"Thanks, Dad." were the only words she could get out.

Richard squeezed her shoulder, then offered her his arm. "Yes well. Shall we?" he asked.

Lorelai grinned and linked her arm through his. "Let's do this thing!" she said.

Lorelai floated through the next 30 minutes, knowing she wouldn't remember much from the ceremony. She smiled at April and Sookie sitting in the front row of chairs next to Lane and Zach, and at Jess standing up next to Luke. (How did Jess know about this?) She remembered Luke's face when he first saw her walking toward him down the aisle. Those blue eyes of his were like pools and she'd never seen him look so...sure.

Kirk got nervous right before the vows and fainted, so Reverend Skinner had to take over the ceremony. That wasn't something she could forget easily. She remembered them both saying "I do" and exchanging rings.

What she knew she would remember forever was the moment Reverend Skinner pronounced them husband and wife and they finally kissed, for the first time, as a married couple. The entire square erupted in applause and she heard Babette's voice as they broke their kiss.

"Now that's how ya kiss a man!" she had said.

Lorelai had laughed and Luke blushed, but winked at her. She had never felt so full of love in her entire life. They clasped hands and walked back down the aisle toward Luke's. She chuckled to herself as she remembered something her mother had said long ago.

"...being as I'm probably standing in your reception hall"

"Hey do you remember when your Uncle Louie died and I was helping out in the diner for a few days while you got his affairs in order?" she asked Luke.

"Of course I do! You were a life-saver!"

"My mother knew then."

"Knew what?"

"Me and you. That we were destined to be together." Lorelai told him. "We were in the diner arguing about Sookie's wedding, and she made some comment about how she was probably standing in my reception hall. And now, we're headed to our makeshift reception. In the diner. God I hate it when my mother is right!" Lorelai said, feigning irritation.

Luke laughed. "Never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad she was right." he said.

Lorelai stopped walking and kissed her new husband.

"Me too." she said, and they walked into the diner where Sookie had set up tables of finger foods and the beautiful S'mores wedding cake she'd stayed up all night finishing.

Luke and Lorelai had thought maybe they'd have a big party with the whole town later on to celebrate their wedding, but since everyone was already around and the square was already decorated, they decided to wing it, much to Taylor's chagrin. As the diner began to fill with friends, loved ones, and townsfolk, they formulated a plan.

Kirk had recovered from his fainting spell and was more than happy to put his DJ skills to use, with a little help from Morey's speakers and equipment. As the boys gathered their equipment, Luke and Lorelai munched on the delicious Lorelai-approved appetizers while Caesar worked away in the kitchen to concoct something a bit more like a meal.

Emily and Richard were sitting at a table with Miss Patty, who was unapologetically flirting with the latter while Emily rolled her eyes and shot Lorelai a look across the diner as if to say "Good God, Lorelai! Can you make her stop?" Lorelai just grinned and winked at her mother, knowing that Miss Patty was more or less harmless. Besides, Richard seemed completely oblivious to her advances.

Rory and Jess stood at the counter talking. They hadn't seen each other since their uncomfortable encounter a few months before and it took all of Rory's courage to call and tell him about the wedding. But she knew it would mean a lot to Luke to have him there. Lorelai watched their interaction from a few feet away. She was impressed with her daughter's ability to put the past behind her where he was concerned and hold a friendly and professional conversation. She wasn't actively eavesdropping, but she heard mention of a few books she recognized and assumed they were sharing reading lists. It was hard for her to see Rory all grown up and truly acting like it for the first time. She was looking forward to her final year in school, and looking ahead to what the future might bring for her. She enjoyed the fact that she could just watch from the sidelines as her biggest cheerleader now that Rory had taken over the brunt of the work on the "Make Rory's Dreams Come True" campaign, as only she could. New and happy chapters were beginning for the Gilmore girls.

Lorelai glanced around the diner and was overcome with emotion at the number of people who wanted to celebrate with them on a moment's notice. Even Taylor was there and had joined Miss Patty in regaling Emily and Richard with stories of the girls from their early days in Stars Hollow. For the first time, Emily didn't feel resentment at the little town that had stolen her daughter from her, but gratitude for how the town had supported her daughter and granddaughter over the years.

Looking out the window into the square, Lorelai noticed Kirk waving at her. She guessed that meant the music was ready and they could bring the party back out to the square. She stood up and moved behind Luke, placing her hands on his shoulders.

"Hey everyone!" she shouted over the rumble of voices in the small space. "Looks like the music is ready! Let's go party!"

Everyone filed out of the diner, Luke and Lorelai bringing up the rear. Lorelai looked around at the square and shook her head in disbelief that this was actually real. Kirk and Morey had gathered some tables and chairs from around town and others brought picnic blankets and lawn chairs.

"Look, Luke! It's like our own personal Stars Hollow town festival! I think we should ask Taylor if this can be a regular thing!" Lorelai said to Luke, excitedly.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure he'd love that." Luke replied. "He's been nervous and darty-eyed all day. Can only imagine the number of permits we didn't have for this thing." he laughed.

"Ladies and gentlemen" said Kirk into his microphone when he saw Luke and Lorelai. "I am pleased to announce the new Mr. and Mrs. Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore!"

Lorelai looked at Luke as the entire square burst into applause and cheers.

"Did you put him up to this?" she asked him.

"Well, I may have mentioned something to him when you went to use the bathroom earlier..." Luke admitted.

Just then, Lorelai heard the music begin and stopped in her tracks as the song registered in her brain. She looked up at Luke whose eyes were sparkling and he extended his right hand out to her.

"You wanna dance?" he asked her.

Lorelai cleared her throat and blinked away tears.

"Yeah, okay. Let's dance." she told him.

Luke led them to the middle of the makeshift dance area and held his new wife close. He tried to remember to count the 1-2-3 of the waltz as he led her around the square with those familiar words from years ago emanating across the town.

And now that I've worn out
I've worn out the world
I'm on my knees in fascination
Looking to the night
And the moon's never seen me before
But I'm reflecting light...

Thank you to those of you who stuck around to read this whole thing. Your reviews and follows kept me going this year and I'm sincerely grateful! These two are near and dear to my heart, and I wanted them to have a really great Wedding day! I hope you enjoyed it! I'm going to mark this as complete for now as my goal was to send them off into the sunset drenched in happiness after all the ugliness. I hope I succeeded!