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The recent rumor managed to spread as far as the temple school upon the next morning, and Yuna didn't expect much results from her day. Having to resort to skipping breakfast, she barely made it into the classroom, yet Sister Mathia and the other students glared at her once again.

"You are late again, Yuna," Mathia scolded, giving off a bitter tone, "you will come see me after class. Understand?!"

Yuna stiffened as anxiety filled her eyes. Still, she slowly nodded, not wanting to disrupt the lessons any further.

"Y-Yes," Yuna replied, "Sister Mathia."

Yuna shuffled through the classroom and settled down into her seat. She ignored stink-eyes from the other students as she pulled out the scriptures from her desk and started reading them while Sister Mathia began the morning lesson. Her mind still lingered in shame, anticipating the lecture Sister Mathia might give her if she was lucky. Actually, she dreaded the oncoming verbal insults directed at her and she had a sneaky suspicion she would get more of them today.

Over the course of the lecture, Sister Mathia carried out her lecture to the point she didn't pay much attention to the world. Yuna also drowned out the noise while keeping her eyes glued to the scriptures on her desk, not caring if she read ahead of everyone else.

The silence broke immediately when Sister Mathia heard a knock on the door. She walked over to the door and opened it, only to reveal the son of Jyscal Guado, Seymour, was waiting out in the hallway.

"Oh, Lord Seymour!" Mathia warbled before she spread her arms and then gestured the shape of a ball with her hands while she bowed, "what brings you here? We are in the middle of lessons."

Seymour closed his eyes as he chuckled, yet he returned the prayer gesture.

"I don't mean to disturb your lessons, Sister Mathia," Seymour said, "but I'm looking for Yuna. Is she in your classroom?"

Mathia blinked twice before she glanced over her shoulder, her eyes locking onto the heretic's daughter.

"Yuna!" Mathia yelled in a harsh tone.

Yuna flinched, making a barely audible squeak, yet she snapped out of her thoughts and tilted her head towards Sister Mathia.

"Y-Yes, ma'am?" Yuna stammered.

Mathia took a step back, allowing Seymour to take a step into the classroom, catching the attention of the other students. The nun gave Yuna a stern look, prompting her to stand to her feet and slowly approach the Guado. Not sure what to do, the young girl locked her mismatched eyes onto Seymour before she gestured the Yevonite prayer.

"I-It's a pleasure to meet you," Yuna blurted nervously, "L-Lord Seymour."

Yuna squeezed her eyes shut just she the other students snickered amongst one another. Seymour seemed to ignore their response as he also gestured the Yevonite prayer before returning his gaze towards Sister Mathia.

"Now," Seymour informed, "do you mind if I borrow Miss Yuna for a moment? There is something important that I want to discuss with her alone."

Yuna lowered her head while the nun gave the Guado a blank stare.

"V-Very well, Lord Seymour," Mathia nodded.

Seymour nodded at Yuna before he led her out of the classroom, but not before he placed a tight grip on her right arm and dragged her along the hallway. She wanted to protest, but she couldn't bring herself to speak. All she could do was follow the Guado's footsteps as they made their way through the orphanage corridors.

"Now," Seymour started, "two days have passed since Sin visited Bevelle. As you know, it always lies destruction and death in its wake. But it baffles me that Sin wouldn't try to sink Bevelle this time, until I remembered it left behind a message for all of the people of Spira to see."

Yuna stole a brief glance at Seymour.

"So why are you coming to me?" she asked him.

Seymour stopped in his tracks all of a sudden. He hesitated for a moment before he gave a slight chuckle.

"Based on the rumors and the message itself," Seymour replied, his voice hiding an ominous tone, "Sin wants your life."

Yuna couldn't help but shudder as she gave Seymour an anxious stare. If Sin wanted to kill her, then why didn't the Sinscale attack her? She immediately brushed off the thought and replaced it with the possibility that she could bargain with the Guado to end her lifeā€¦that way the people of Bevelle would no longer be burdened with her existence.

"I guess that doesn't concern me at all," Yuna admitted.

Seymour raised his eyebrow before he continued escorting Yuna through the corridor.

"Well, Yuna," Seymour proposed, "if death is what you desire, then you could offer yourself to Sin as a sacrifice."

By now, Seymour and Yuna stepped out the front entrance and into the courtyard.

"If I do so," Yuna repeated, "will I do a good service to Yevon?"

Yuna lowered her head, the anticipation of death fast approaching.

"It would count as that," Seymour nodded.

Seymour glanced down at Yuna, awaiting her answer as she hesitated for a moment before letting out a soft sigh.

"I'll do it," she said softly.

Seymour grinned before he escorted Yuna through the courtyard. The son of Jyscal didn't hesitate as he dragged the heretic summoner's daughter through the streets. One Yevonite pelted Yuna in the face with a pebble, causing her to flinch and squeeze her eyes shut. Seymour didn't pay attention as some children from a noble family passing by laughed at the orphan in his grasp. She lost track of time for a bit even when Seymour arrived at the large door of another section of the temple, which Yuna recalled housed the Chamber of the Fayth. The Maester of the Guado's son wasted no time as he ushered the daughter of Braska inside. After walking down one long corridor, they entered the High Court of Yevon, where Yuna saw Grand Maester Mika standing at the balcony.

"So, Lord Seymour," Mika said, gesturing to Yuna, "is this the daughter of the heretic summoner Braska?"

Seymour nodded before he gave Yuna a stern gaze and gestured to the floating platform. Yuna took the hint and climbed onto the floating platform, remaining still as the platform then ascended until it was level with the highest balcony, allowing the Grand Maester to stare into her eyes.

"Miss Yuna," Mika affirmed, "it has been ten years since your father failed to defeat Sin, hasn't it?"

Yuna paused for a moment, doubt still lingering in her head.

"Yes," she nodded softly.

"You understand that Yevon and the Al Bhed can never coexist in peace like your father believed," Mika continued, "you know that everything the Al Bhed do are a sacrilege to Yevon itself. If it weren't for the benevolence of Yevon, the temple priests never would've taken you in."

Yuna didn't say anything, but she hugged her arms to her chest, her chest heaving with the possibility that the Grand Maester was right about her.

"Alas," Mika added, his voice not attempting to hide a nasty tone, "your existence has cursed the people of Yevon. We cannot let Sin raze Bevelle to the ground. Have you anything to say before the time of your end?"

By now, Yuna no longer had the strength to hold back her tears anymore. She slowly lifted her head and kept her mismatched eyes focused on the Grand Maester.

"I-I'm sorry," she admitted softly, "I couldn't prove my value to the people of Spira."

Yuna lowered her head and closed her eyes.

"If Sin wants to kill me," Yuna sighed in defeat, "I might as well accept this fate."

The Grand Maester gently rubbed his chin as he tilted his head upwards in a moment of silence. After he made up his mind, he tilted his head towards Seymour and nodded just as the floating platform descended towards the base floor.

"Very well," Mika instructed, "prepare her for the sacrifice."

Yuna turned on her feet and jumped back onto the floor, not caring as Seymour placed his hand on her shoulder.

"This way," Seymour advised.

The Guado gestured Yuna to follow him through a door leading into another corridor. They made their way to the door to a changing room, where Seymour opened the door and pushed Yuna inside.

"We'll come retrieve you when we're ready," Seymour told her.

Seymour closed the door without saying anything further. Trapped in a small room with no one else inside, Yuna scanned her surroundings until she spotted a garment laying on a chair. Stepping towards the chair, the heretic summoner's daughter lifted this dress and examined it, memorizing the low-cut v-neckline that reached her stomach, its long sleeves, its white color and its skirt length that would most likely cover half of her thighs. It took less than a second to understand they left that dress for her, so she carefully slipped out of her uniform, starting with her jumper and ending with her camisole. With the articles of her uniform on the ground, Yuna slipped on the dress before she leaned her back against the wall and sat down on the floor. She spent the rest of the day contemplating on the many ways she would die under Sin's powers.

By late afternoon, a small crowd flooded the city square that stood near the gate to Bevelle's coast, with the clergy from the temple standing at the front row. The warrior monks formed a clear path and stood in full attention as the witnesses saw two columns of warrior monks sauntering along the path. Facing the front row of the crowd, Grand Maester Mika stood at a podium while the clergy stole a brief glance at the heathen daughter of the heretic summoner walking along between the armored figures. Handcuffs bound her wrists in front of her as she kept her head glued to the ground. The soldiers still ushered her along as they made their way to the gate.

"People of Spira," Mika announced, "as these recent events have come to fruition, Sin has demanded a live sacrifice, something that has not been done for a long time."

Yuna didn't pay attention as the students from the temple leered at her, spewing insults that she had gotten used to growing up.

"Braska, the heretic summoner who took on the Pilgrimage and failed to defeat Sin," Mika continued, "has been a stain to the glory of Yevon for ten years. His daughter will be offered so that Sin's wrath will be appeased for a time."

By now, the procession was mere meters closer to the gate, so a few warrior monks pulled the gate open, allowing the procession to pass through. Now that they made their way to Bevelle's coast, one warrior monk within the procession grabbed Yuna's restrained wrist and ushered her along the rocky shores. She didn't bother to fight back and resisted the urge to flinch as some sharp rocks sliced at the bottom of her bare feet. Once they reached a pole not too far from the gate, the warrior monk lifted Yuna's arms and fastened her handcuffs to a hook, securing her in place before he stepped back and returned to the rest of the procession.

With the warrior monks having returned to the gate, Yuna could only wait. Alone, she gazed into the distance as the waves from the sea crashed into the coast. She lost track of time by the time she noticed massive black veins spreading across the surface of the sea. Without saying anything, she repeated the message inside her head over and over: Sin was coming.

Surely enough, the call that resembled that of a whale combined with sirens and wind echoed in her ears as the massive ancient beast rose out of the sea. In a matter of seconds, Sin tilted his head and locked its multiple eyes onto Yuna, even when those eyes wriggled in its head. She slowly closed her eyes, anticipating the killing blow that would end her life.

"It doesn't matter anymore," Yuna whispered to herself, "just finish me off and be done with it."

Sin slowly glided towards the coast of Bevelle and stopped in its tracks the instant its head was closer to Yuna. Letting out a soft rumble, it lowered its head and carefully examined her. Without warning, it slowly opened its mouth and Yuna slowly opened her eyes. She saw tendrils slithering out of its mouth, a few of them reaching for her wrists. In a matter of moments, the tendrils broke the hook, allowing Yuna to lower her still restrained wrists. Part of her started developing questions in her mind, but she brushed it off quickly.

Yuna stared into Sin's violet eyes one more time, only to notice a few tendrils wrapped themselves over her torso. Without warning, they lifted her off the ground. She used the last of her strength to stifle any moans of protest as Sin pulled her closer to underneath its jaw. She wasn't sure why it started cradling her in its tendrils all of a sudden, but she couldn't help but shudder as Sin turned its head away from Bevelle and began gliding across the sea.

She still expected to die, and yet Sin has yet to make the killing blow. Was there something that was holding it back? Still, the sound of the seas rolling waves happened to mesmerize her to the point Yuna closed her eyes once again. Maybe her final moments could be peaceful at least.

But then, was this really what Sin had planned for her?

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