Anywhere But Here
A Banjo-Kazooie / Zootopia Crossover Story (feat. Kung Fu Panda)
Chapter 6: Reunion

If he could relate it to anything, it was like going on a first date all over again.

His fur felt like it was standing on end, the beats that could be heard from his heart at a rather fast pace, but there was a warmth that accompanied the excitement at the thought of being able to see Kazooie again.

After all, why not? He now understood that his feelings for here were out of a new kind of love.

The only thing that seemed to ease his senses was the worry that Kazooie might reject him. Even if she did, there was one thing the stupid bear was certain of, and that was the fact that they had been friends far long than he had been in love with her, and he could count on Kazooie to work with him if this love he had for her turned out to be either a phase or painfully one-sided. However, Kazooie would hardly consider the thought of leaving Tooty alone unless it was important and supported by the younger bear in question, so he was able to calm down enough for that very important thing. After all, he was more than willing to put others concerns before his own - Kazooie's most of all.

It was in that newfound calmness that he let another memory overtake his mind as he sat in the back seat of the car belonging to Nick and Judy. This was sparked by the notice of how Nick was smoothly driving with one paw, and yet the other was locked with a corresponding paw that belonged to the female bunny. While they had not yet remarked on their relationship, Banjo concluded that they were a couple, for before Judy got into the car (which the door had been opened by Nick) they shared a brief, but gentle kiss. Out of all the couples that he had seen that night, he could only admit to himself that it must have been unusual in Zootopia for inter-species relationships to be so open, much less ones involving a predator and a prey.

However, it was the way that they carried themselves (like they had no other care in the world but that of each other) that seemed to encourage Banjo in a way. They were different, he could easily see that, but they were also the same. It was a lot like how he was starting to think of Kazooie when previous adventures started to play in his mind. He had a feeling that Bottles wouldn't be the only one that would be startled if they found out that he was romantically interested in someone so different than him. Banjo could never confess to it until now, but he liked people who weren't exactly like he was, and in a way, that's what threatened Hannah to become potentially boring to him.

In regards to previous adventures, as the lights of the city began to pass by his eyes, he was reminded of just when exactly he started to feel this way about Kazooie. It wasn't even that much at the time, but he did realize that a life without Kazooie made him think awfully hard about it when she had been kidnapped in a previous adventure. After the threat of her being erased from his memory through the means of an evil space-time continuum (through them never even meeting), that only made it worse. Perhaps it wasn't love, per say, at the time, but he knew one thing for certain - a hard slap of reality of just how important Kazooie was to him.

Things must have grown from there, and he guessed Kazooie didn't notice. Then again, how could she? He didn't even see it himself. Now that he knew, he wanted to tell her, even if it meant risking something very precious to him. However, he was ironically putting his faith into that, and just hoped Kazooie wouldn't be pissed with him for leaving the date, as he had a feeling Bottles would be.

"Hey, you okay back there?" Nick asked.

"Huh? Oh, yes, I'm okay," Banjo replied, turning back to the window, "Just... thinking..."

"Too much of that can be very dangerous you know," the fox warned, a smile forming on his face as he spoke, "Sometimes, you've just got to go on intuition. Trust me - I would know."

"Is that how you two got together?"

For a second, they looked at Banjo, then at each other, but Nick's smile turned to something far more serious as he explained further.

"Well, yes and no. Did you just get out of a date?"

"My first date."

"Ouch - how did it go?"

"Bad and great, actually. I realized I had feelings for someone I've been best friends with for a long time."

"I take it it's the bird?"

"Yeah, it's strange isn't it?"

"Not really - we're pretty weird ourselves, but how did you realize exactly that you like this chick?"

"I guess I just always felt this way after one of our adventures together. When you realize how important someone is to you, you don't really want to let them go do you?"

"No, I suppose not," Nick replied, looking over at a smiling Judy, which had been rooted in the touching words of the bear, their still interlocked paws tightening a bit.

As the car seemed to slow down a bit, Banjo looked around at his surroundings, realizing that they were at the police station, various people already at the water fountain not too far from it. It was within one of the parking spaces that the car finally stopped in, leaving Banjo all loss of composure, for he was the first to leave the car and head for the fountain he was certain that Nick had spoken of over the phone.

What felt like a few steps was actually a far lot more, requiring much more effort that Banjo was even aware of by the time he reached the fountain itself. Ironically, like a sweet twist of fate, upon reaching the fountain, on the other side came the very bird that had been occupying his thoughts most of the night. There, wearing the same expression of shock and relief he was right now, was Kazooie.

They were both teary-eyed, net neither were aware of the tears in their own eyes, for they were looking straight in the eyes of the other almost as if they were just starting to accept the fact that they were really there.

And why not? It was almost unbelievable.

It wasn't until after that reality sank in did the bear and bird even begin to try taking a step closer, closing the gap between them in a very slow pace until the desire to be closer overtook all reason.



Not too far from where the bird turned the corner, Po and Tigress had seen everything take place, and watched with a smile as Kazooie lost no time approaching the one they both now knew was her beloved crush, for Kazooie finally told them how she really felt about him during their trip to the promised point. As the certainty of their reunion was now inevitable, both looked at each other for the happiness of the potential couple, and smiled even more as they turned to look at them again. It was this intimacy that lead them to reach to the paw of their partner, the tiger and panda soon having interlocked paws (with Po's other paw on Tigress' shoulder for a half hug) as they watched Banjo and Kazooie run to each other and meet at the fountain in the middle.

Judy and Nick had caught up with Banjo the same time Po and Tigress did, watching him waste no more time reaching Kazooie and wrapped their arms around each other as they were the second couple to watch the birth of a new one. Nick had to use his free paw to wipe away a small tear as Banjo and Kazooie no longer had distance between them, closing the gap with a passionate hug. It was hard to hear from that distance, but Judy could lightly hear the sound of the pair muttering the name of the other just a little over the sound of the fountain.

From what could be seen, Banjo's tuxedo-clad arms were around the arms of the one that meant so dear to him. While one of the paws rested on her back, the other was behind her head, holding her like she was something precious. In fact, she was very precious to him, and felt the warmth surge through her chest as her wings had wrapped around him just a few seconds ago. While she had been swept off of her feet at the beginning of the hug, the tenderness Banjo had just for her in this moment almost made her heart skip a beat, and for a split second was worried that Banjo might have heard it, and would have become worried if she was alright for no really good reason at all.

However, no one needed superior hearing to hear what came next.

"K-Kazooie," Banjo sighed breathlessly, "Oh, Kazooie, I can't believe you're here."

"Trust me," Kazooie reassured in a disbelieving breath as they broke the hug, but not their hold on each other, "I'm having a hard time believing that I even went through with this."

"But, why didn't you stay with Tooty?" Banjo asked, thoroughly concerned.

"She partly talked me into this," Kazooie replied flatly, "Besides, she's probably asleep by now."

"...And... what exactly did she talk you into doing...?"

"...Banjo... I know I've been pretty much a jerk since you met me... but this is going to sound strange, even for you..."

For a second, she seemed to hesitate, but Banjo's concerning eyes and the promise she made to herself forced everything that would have held her back down. Only until after taking a breath did she return to speaking what's on her mind.

"...You can't go through with the date."

Something about telling him he shouldn't made her break, leading her look down at their interlocked arms from the fact they wouldn't let the other go. The other fact was that she had never told him to do something like this until today. She knew it was selfish, but she couldn't deny her feelings for him, and they seemed to muster in embarrassment on her beak.

Banjo saw all of this, and especially noted the blush, and started to realize that Kazooie was saying all of this for sentimental reasons. Still, to clear the air, he needed to know the kind of specific sentimentality that the bird was talking about. He couldn't help himself but be amused at the fact that Kazooie thought he was going through the date, and let a chuckle leave his lips, though being well aware of her ignorance on the current circumstances.

"What's so funny!?" Kazooie snapped, obviously hurt, "I know, I can be really selfish at times, and I'm sorry, but-"

"I'm the one who should be sorry, Kazooie," Banjo said genuinely as one paw reached for her blushing cheek so their eye contact could be restored, "But the truth is... I don't think I could have went through with it even if I wanted to."

"...Wait a minute, did she dump you!?"

"Kind of, yes, but she helped me realize something very important."

Now it was Kazooie who was in utter shock, so Banjo explained himself further, not moving his paw from her cheek as one finger brushed against the feathers that were very soft to the touch.

"What Bottles doesn't understand, and took me my first date to realize, was that I happen to like my situation. I like being in Spiral Mountain with my sister... and with you."

The bear now had his turn to blush, glancing away for a minute before looking back at Kazooie with a smile. He now had a better understanding of why Kazooie felt embarrassed, but he was also very happy, and let his happiness do all the talking.

"I don't mind the idea of making new friends, and coming to Zootopia on occasion to make a few, but I don't think I will be able to love anyone else as much as I love you."

The tears that had been lost before returned to the eyes of both the pairs. Kazooie, in disbelief, couldn't believe that she went through all of this just to find out that the one she intended to confess to loved her back, and a kind of smile Banjo rarely ever saw her wearing came across her beak.

"...And that's why I couldn't let you go through with it, you big oaf," Kazooie finally replied, "Because... I think I love you too, and... want to give, well, us, a chance..."

"I wouldn't want it any other way," Banjo agreed with a sappy smile of his own as their foreheads touched each other, "I like the idea of us."

Gazing into teach others eyes for a second, they were about to exchanges a few words before something light and cold touched their noses. During their silent intimacy, the other two couples that had been watching them took notice of the white flakes that were falling from the sky. At first, like Banjo and Kazooie, they were baffled, but as more and more snow started to fall from the sky, they decided to not argue against nature and enjoy what made the moment far more romantic. It was one look in the eyes between the bear and the bird that confirmed this with each other: after all, they had been friends before they became lovers.

"Are you cold?" Banjo asked.

"Not if you keep cuddling like this," Kazooie replied, "I think I'll be just fine."

Sappy smiles formed on their faces as their foreheads touched once again, both closing their eyes once again as they were caught up in the physical touch they were receiving from the other. It was almost as if the world almost became irrelevant, yet it was those people in the world that helped them realize that they wanted to be here right now, in the arms of the other. They were going to have to thank the couples that were watching them right now later for going through the trouble of letting them clear the air and get together.

There were others that they were going to have to thank... that is, if they had known that they were involved in the first place. Who exactly were they? They weren't exactly individuals who wanted to be in Zootopia, yet were responsible for conjuring the snow cloud that was responsible for the snow that they had seen.

"Did Mumbo's cloud reach bear and bird?" the shaman inquired, looking over at the young female honey bear that had been able to observe the couple from a view conjured up by Humba Wumba.

"Yeah, I think it worked," she said as she wiped away a tear, beyond happy for her brother and his best friend, "I think they're going to be just fine."

And they were, and it all started that night.

Why? Because she had known from the beginning, and now the ones in question knew, that they much rather be there than anywhere else without them.


Artists Comments

After thinking about it, and being severally desperate to finish this, I made up my mind that this would be the last chapter. Sorry people, but unless someone wants to continue this story (ask my permission before you do), then that's it. I thought about doing one more chapter that was strictly Christmas themed, as it is December upon completion of this fiction. However, since I have other things to worry about, I also thought that maybe adding Christmas would make people feel limited to only wanting to read this during Christmas. So, I made up my mind and just added snow, even though it was just magical snow conjured up by Mumbo upon the request of Tooty, whom Banjo and Kazooie think is in bed.

Well, thanks for reading another fiction of mine. Have a nice day, and a Merry Christmas since it is December.

May God's love, grace, and mercy be with us all.