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DxD Sharingan Dragon Slayer Christmas special

This story will be divided into four parts, one story each for Issei, Michael and Itachi and the final part will be a gathering between the Occult Research Club


Issei pov

Issei woke up feeling something on his chest, he looked down to see a naked sleeping Asia. 'A-Asia?! Ah what a good sight to wake up to in the morning… No I can't think like that! I have to protect Asia so that she remains pure!' Issei thought.

Asia let out a yawn and looked up at Issei. "Merry Christmas, Issei-san."

'Oh, that's right it's Christmas.' Issei thought. "Y-Yeah, merry Christmas, Asia." Issei replied.

"Issei! Asia-chan! It's time for breakfast!" Issei's mother shouted from down stairs.

"O-Oh, coming okaa-san!" Asia said.

Issei and Asia got dressed and went downstairs. "So, Issei, Asia-chan. What are your plans for Christmas?" Issei's father asked.

"We're going to have a party with our club. At Itachi-senpai's house." Issei replied.

"So you're going to be right next door, that's good." Issei's mother said.

Issei's father leaned in towards Issei. "So what have you bought for Asia-chan?" He whispered.

Issei paled. "I forgot!" Issei shouted.

"Forgot what, Issei-san?" Asia questioned.

"N-Nothing! It's just some small things!" Issei said.

"Do you need help?" Asia asked.

"N-No I got it no problem." Issei replied.

"His hopeless." Issei's father said.

"I know." Issei's mother said.

"A-Asia, what do you want for Christmas?" Issei asked grabbing Asia's shoulders.

"Hm, that's a though one… Probably just having fun with everyone." Asia said with the most innocent smile.

Issei dropped his head down in defeat. "That's not what I meant…" Issei said making Asia look at him with a questioning look. "I meant what to you want as a gift." Issei said.

"Something cute." Asia replied.

"Something cute, alright got it!" Issei said eating his breakfast and running back upstairs. He grabbed his wallet rushed back down grabbed on his winter clothes. "I'm going out for a bit!" Issei said running out the door.

Issei ran around the market looking for a perfect gift for Asia. He then stopped in front of a very special female underwear store. Issei had his face pushed up against the window with a perverted smile while breathing heavily. 'Asia would look super hot in that.' Issei thought getting an image of Asia wearing the underwear, while slowly taking it off in his mind. He kept breathing heavily then he suddenly shook his head. 'No there's no time for daydreaming, I have to find the perfect gift for Asia… but then again… this is perfect for her in more ways than one… no, no get your mind out of the gutter.' Issei thought leaving the window.

Issei kept walking around. "Huh, what's the use, I don't have that much cash on me anyway." Issei said looking down into his almost empty wallet, tears started to run down his eyes. 'I have to give her something, come on Issei think, think!' Issei thought. When he suddenly heard a bell, and looked towards the source, he saw the arcade he took Asia too back before she turned into a devil. He then saw the only hope he had left, a claw machine. In the background hallelujah sounds were heard as a light shined upon the claw machine. "I-I'm saved." Issei muttered rushing into the arcade.

Issei went up to the claw machine. "Something cute, something cute, there!" Issei said seeing a stuffed animal, it was a little yellow dragon. "May not be much, but it's the only thing I can afford." Issei said placing a coin in the machine. "Come on, come on, focus, focus." Issei muttered sending the claw down, it held the little dragon by the tail, Issei began to sweat, and then. "Yeah, I got it." Issei cheered with a grin. "Now all I have to do is hide it until the party." Issei placed it in a gift bag.

Issei was now outside the front door of his house, he opened the door and went in. "I'm home!" Issei said.

"Oh, welcome back." Asia said greeting him wearing nothing but a white apron.

"A-A-Asia, th-that, why are you wearing that?" Issei questioned.

"I asked buchou what would be a nice way of helping you out since you seemed stressed out, and she said that I should do this, like she does with Itachi-senpai." Asia replied.

"Oh, I see." Issei said, but then realized. 'Wait a minute, buchou does this for Itachi-senpai? That lucky bastard he gets to see her naked body every day, and he doesn't even do anything about it, if it were me I would have…'

"Issei-san? Why do you look angry?" Asia asked.

"Um, its nothing, don't worry about it." Issei said then began to stare at Asia. 'But Asia has a pretty sweet body too. Oh man, what I would do to her… No, no, Asia is a valued friend, I have to protect her from does kind of things.' Issei thought.

"Issei-san, how about I make you something to eat?" Asia asked.

"Sure, I would like that very much, Asia." Issei replied with a smile. "After all we have some time before the party. I just got to do something really quick." Issei said running upstairs into his room and placing the gift in his closet. "That should do it."

Michael pov

"Damn I hate the cold." Michael said walking together with Akeno around the town as snow fell from the sky.

"It's Christmas you have to expect a little cold weather." Akeno said.

"I know, what I don't understand is why humans have so many holidays." Michael said looking at all the Christmas decorations.

"Didn't your family ever celebrate Christmas?" Akeno asked.

"Why would a group of devils, celebrate something that involves the birth of the son of God." Michael replied.

"Point taken." Akeno said with a nervous smile. "But didn't your family celebrate any holidays?"

"Well there was Chaos day." Michael said.

"What's that?" Akeno asked.

"Something, we Shadow Demons did in honor of the very first devil, Chaos." Michael replied.

"What did you guys do on Chaos day?" Akeno asked.

"We would have a large tournament were every Shadow Demon would compete and the winner would get a special price." Michael said with stars in his eyes.

Akeno sweat dropped. "What would the losers get?"

"A lesson in order to get stronger." Michael replied.

"That sounds horrible." Akeno said.

"Well what do you guys do on Christmas then?" Michael asked.

"Oh, we have a celebration, with songs, dances, food, and exchanging gifts." Akeno said.

"Gifts?" Michael questioned.

"We buy each other gifts and give them to each other on Christmas eve, which is today." Akeno said.

"So you are all going to exchange gifts at the party later today?" Michael asked.

"We are going to exchange gifts, you are coming to the party, aren't you?" Akeno asked.

"Wasn't really planning on it." Michael replied.

"Oh, come on, please for me." Akeno said hugging Michael's arm in between her breasts while looking at him with a pleading look.

"Do I have to give gifts to everyone as well?" Michael asked.

"You don't have to, being there is more than enough. Besides we have all decided who we are giving gifts too, Issei-kun will give a gift to Asia-chan and she will also give a gift for Issei-kun, while Kiba-kun will give a gift to Gasper-kun and Gasper-kun will give a gift for Kiba-kun, while Itachi-kun will give a gift for buchou, Koneko-chan and Xenovia-chan and they will give a gift for Itachi-kun, while I will get you a gift and you don't have to give me anything by the way." Akeno said.

"Huh, will there be alcohol?" Michael asked.

"We are teenagers, so of course not." Akeno said.

"Can I bring my own?" Michael asked.

"No alcohol." Akeno replied.

Michael sighed. "Fine."

"By the way, is there anything you want for Christmas?" Akeno asked.

"Besides alcohol?" Michael questioned.

"Besides alcohol." Akeno replied.

"Nothing I guess, come to think of it I don't really want anything." Michael said. "Why do you ask?"

"I just wanted to know what to get you." Akeno replied.

Michael widen his eyes. "You want to get me a gift?" Michael asked.

"Yup." Akeno replied.

"Something useful would be nice I guess." Michael said scratching his chin.

"That doesn't really give me much to work on." Akeno said.

"You know you don't have too bye me something, right?" Michael questioned.

"I'm not doing it because I have to, but because I want to." Akeno said making Michael gain a shade of pink on his cheeks.

"A-Anything would be fine." Michael said.

"Well guess I will go and finish your gift." Akeno said running of home.

"Wait finish?" Michael questioned.

"It's a secret." Akeno said before slowly vanishing into the crowd.

"A secret huh?" Michael muttered. 'Since she's giving me something, guess I could always give her that.' Michael thought walking into an ally vanishing in a magic circle.

The underworld: The Shadow Demon mansion

Michael was greeted by an old butler. "Young master, what brings you here?" The man asked.

"James, lead me to my mother's jewelry box." Michael said.

"What for, sir?" James questioned.

"It contains something I want to give to someone." Michael replied.

"Sir may I ask, have you gotten a girlfriend?" James asked.

"W-What gave you that idea?!" Michael asked with a small blush on his face.

"So, you do, oh master, mistress, are you watching, the young master has finally grown up." James said crying while looking up.

"Will you stop that! It's a Christmas gift!" Michael said.

"Why would you start celebrating Christmas first now, sir?" James asked.

"My friends are holding a party and I have been requested to come." Michael replied.

"The young master has friends, oh what a wonderful day!" James said beginning to cry again.

"You damn old man! You know perfectly well that I have friends!" Michael said.

"I'm only joking, so who's the young lady who will get that gift?" James asked.

"Just some girl I know, she's getting me something so I will give her something." Michael said.

"And are you sure you don't have any romantic feelings for this girl?" James asked.

"That's none of your goddamn business." Michael replied.

"I see, since you haven't been with a woman for years, you don't know how to approach this one." James said.

"No that's not it, you know I lost interest in those things when I lost my family." Michael said.

"Then how come you care about this one so much that you want to give her a gift?" James asked with a smile.

"She's just a little special, that's all." Michael replied. "Are you going to bring me to my mother's jewelry box or what."

"This way sir." James said.

They walked into a bedroom heading towards a vault. "No one's used this bedroom for years, how come it's so clean?" Michael asked.

"Sir, although you don't use every room in this mansion, I clean everyone." James replied.

"You don't have to." Michael said.

"True, but I want to, after all this room may be yours and your future wife someday." James said opening the vault taking out a box filled with jewelry, Michael reached out for a golden neckless that had a golden heart on it. "Sir, this is…?"

"Yeah, the family neckless, something that is given to the very special someone, my father gave this to my mother, my grandfather gave this to grandma, now I guess it's my turn." Michael said.

"Thought you said you didn't have any romantic feelings for this girl?" James asked.

"I never said that, I said it was none of your business. Besides she has peeked my interest, she is not like the others she is just different somehow." Michael said.

"So, when's the weeding?" James asked.

"Knock it off." Michael said with a small grin.

Itachi pov

Itachi walked into his room and was greeted by a certain redhead girl. Rias was laying in Itachi's bed wrapped up in a red ribbon that was covering her nipples and her private parts. "Come over here and open your special present." Rias said in a seducing tone.

"Have a feeling I would like to refund this gift." Itachi said with a plain look on his face.

"Your cold as always." Rias sighed. "Do you even find me attractive?"


"Well do you?" Rias asked with a pleading look.

"I'm not sure, I haven't really thought about those things. You are important to me I guess." Itachi replied.

"Have you ever thought about anyone in that way?" Rias questioned.

"Well there was Izumi, but I didn't realize it until after she was gone." Itachi replied.

"Am I just her replacement for you?" Rias asked.


Itachi poked Rias's forehead.

"No, she was her and you are you." Itachi said with a smile.

Rias held her hands on the spot where Itachi poked her and gained a small smile as well as a blush. "Well guess we should prepare for the party." Rias said regaining her spirit.

"Before that take those ribbons of." Itachi said.

"My, my if you wanted to see me naked you only had to ask." Rias said in a teasing tone.

"You know what I meant, take those ribbons off and put on some clothes." Itachi said.

"Yeah, yeah, I was just having a little fun." Rias said.

"Well I'll go into town, you can stay here and decorate for the party." Itachi said.

"I'm coming with you." Rias said.

"No need." Itachi said.

"Yes there is, I have to buy some things for the party after all." Rias said putting on her clothes.

Itachi sighed. "There is no winning against you, fine you can come."

"Yay!" Rias cheered.

They were walking around town going from store to store buying decorations, food, snacks. 'I really didn't want her to tag along, it will make it a lot harder to buying a gift for her, buying one for Koneko and Xenovia was easy, but I'm not sure what to get for Rias.' Itachi thought looking at a happy cheerful Rias. 'She sure has some cute moments.'

Itachi took out a list were several words that were crossed out except for the title and one sentence. The title said "Gift ideas for Rias" while the sentence said "Last option to only be used as a last resort: Have sex with her". 'That's one option I would like to avoid.' Itachi thought. "Well, let's get moving we have one more store to visit." Itachi said.


"Rias?" Itachi turned around to see Rias having her face pressed up against a window.

"Oh, a Limited edition of Sailor Moon with Luna-chan!" Rias said in excitement with stars in her eyes.

'Guess I found her gift.' Itachi thought making a shadow clone giving him some money. "You know what to do." Itachi said and the clone responded with a nood before jumping up to the rooftops. "Rias, come one we have to go!" Itachi said.

"O-Oh, yeah coming!" Rias said running up to Itachi.

Itachi took Rias to the next store while the clone jumped town from the roof and entering the store. Itachi's clone walked up to the Limited edition figure Sailor Moon and took it to the counter. "Thank you, come again!" The man behind the counter said as Itachi's clone exited the store with the figure in a bag. Itachi's clone rushed home by jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He entered his room through the window placing the gift in a hidden room in the wall. Once that was done the clone disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Itachi walked around town with Rias caring four bags each. "I can't wait for you to see what I bought for you." Rias said.

"I think you will like your gift as well." Itachi said.

"You bought me something, what is it, what is it!?" Rias questioned.

"You will just have to wait and see." Itachi replied.

"Oh come on, please tell me." Rias said in a pleading tone.

"Patience." Itachi said with a smile.

"Mou, fine I will wait." Rias said with a small cute pout making Itachi let out a chuckle.

Time skip: The party

""Merry Christmas!""

"Well everyone let's get this party started!" Rias said wearing a sexy Santa outfit that covered her breasts and a skirt covering her lower area, and to top it all off she had a Santa hat on her head. The rest of the girls had the same outfit, while the boys only had the Santa hat.

""Yeah!"" the group cheered.

The party went on as they all ate the food and enjoyed the snacks, and had a little karaoke. When they came close to the gift exchange Rias took out a can with several sticks in it. "Let's play the kings game." Rias said.

"The kings game?" Asia questioned.

"It's a game where we draw each one of those sticks, and who ever becomes king can order the others to do something, and the kings order is absolute." Issei explained.

'Why do I have a bad feeling?' Itachi thought.

"Let's begin." Rias said as everyone grabbed a stick.

""Who's the king!""

"Oh, I guess it's me." Asia said.

"So give an order." Issei said.

"Um, number 4 and number 6 have to… hug." Asia said.

"Okay who's number 6?" Issei asked holding up number 4.

"M-Me." Gasper said.

"Okay." Issei went and hugged Gasper.

"Round two!" Rias said.

""Who's the king!""

"It's me." Akeno said. "Number 3 have to take off every piece of clothing."

"L-Like hell I'm doing that!" Michael shouted. "You cheated you saw my number!"

"Kings order is absolute." Akeno said.

"No way!" Michael shouted.

"Absolute." Akeno said with a dark aura around her.

The next minute Michael was sitting there naked while muttering with a small blush. "Stupid game."

"Ara, ara, so manly." Akeno said with a blush on her face.

"Let's just move on." Michael said.

""Who's the king!""

"It's me I guess." Xenovia said. "Number 1 has to grope number 2 breasts."

"I'm number 1, who's number 2?" Itachi asked looking at Rias who showed the stick with the number 2 mark. "You're kidding."

"W-Wait, I've changed my mind." Xenovia said.

"Can't kings order is absolute." Rias said.

"Guess I have no choice." Itachi said and placed his hands on Rias's breasts groping them making Rias let out moans, while Itachi gained a little uncomfortable expression.

"Lucky bastard." Issei muttered.

""Who's the king!""

"It's my turn then." Kiba said. "Number 5 has to slap number 7 on the butt."

Itachi then slapped Michael on the butt, both of them having a plain expression.

"What I have seen cannot be unseen!" Issei shouted in horror.

""Who's the king!""

"It's me." Michael said. "Number 5 and number 7 have to kiss."

"I-I'm number 5!" Issei said in excitement.

"U-Um, I'm number 7." Asia said with a blush.

"Kissing, with Asia." Issei muttered with a blush.

"Let's do this!" Asia said and went to Issei giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Well let's begin the next round." Issei said with a blush on his face.

""Who's the king!""

"Me." Koneko said. "Number 6 have to give the king a kiss."

"You saw my number, didn't you?" Itachi asked to which Koneko gained a small blush.

"N-No wait she saw your number, it's cheating!" Rias said.

"King's order is absolute." Koneko said.

"Well let's get this over with." Itachi leaned towards Koneko giving her a kiss on the cheek. "You never said it had to be the lips." Itachi said making Koneko look disappointed.

"Baka." Koneko muttered with a pout.

""Who's the king!""

"Guess it's my turn." Itachi said. "Hmmm… Number 3 has to tell a secret about themselves."

"Very well." Michael said. "I have been with over 1 thousand women in my life, I even have a little black book with their names on it back home." Michael said. "You never said it had to be embarrassing."

"True, but you still told a very dangerous secret." Itachi said.

"What do you mean?" Michael questioned, to which Itachi pointed at Akeno who was letting out a dark aura.

"1 thousand, huh?" Akeno said in a tone with killing intent making Michael sweat nervously and shake in fear. "We are going to talk about that later."

"Y-Yes, ma'am." Michael muttered.

"Strongest devil, and yet he is scared off Akeno-san." Issei said with a nervous chuckle.

"Final round!" Rias said.

""Who's the king!""

"Yay, it's my turn!" Rias said. "Number 8 must confess who he or she loves."

"Rias Gremory." Itachi said.

"Huh?" Rias questioned.

"You asked me to say who I love. And I answered, after all you are a very precious person to me." Itachi said.

"I-I love you too, Itachi." Rias said with a blush on her face.

"So is everyone in this room." Itachi said.

"That's not what I meant, I meant who do you love in a romantic way!" Rias said.

"Oh, I don't really think about those kind of things, so I don't know." Itachi said.

"Let's stop the game here." Rias said then began to walk away while muttering. "Baka Itachi."

Then came the gift exchange, Kiba gave Gasper a new video game, while Gasper gave Kiba some sword polish. Then Issei gave Asia her gift and when she opened it she gained a happy expression. "So cute." She said. "Here you go Issei-san." Asia handed Issei his gift.

Issei opened it seeing a stuffed red dragon similar to what he gave Asia. "A red dragon?"

"You know like Ddraig." Asia said with a smile.

"Thank you, Asia." Issei said.

Itachi gave Koneko her gift which was in an envelope, once Koneko opened it she gained sparkles in her eyes. "A coupon for an all you can eat sweets."

"Figured I should give you something sweets related since you love them so much." Itachi said. 'I just hope they don't run out of business.' Itachi thought.

"Here's your gift, Itachi-senpai." Koneko handed Itachi her gift.

Itachi opened it, it was a box of dango. "Thank you." Itachi said with stars in his eyes.

"Here you go Itachi-senpai." Xenovia said handing Itachi his gift, he opened it and it was a set of kunai knifes as well as… some condoms.

"Thank you, Xenovia." Itachi said then handing over her gift. She opened it and it was a photograph of Xenovia and Irina when they first became a team. "I asked Irina to send it, hope you like it." Itachi said.

Xenovia gave Itachi a hug. "Thank you." Then she kissed him on the cheek.

"Here you go, Michael." Akeno handed her gift to Michael. He opened it and it was a red scarf with chibi figures of him and Akeno on it. "You always complain about the cold so, I knitted this scarf for you."

"Thank you, Akeno. Here." Michael handed Akeno a gift to which surprised her.

"You didn't have to." Akeno said.

"I know, I wanted to." Michael said. She opened it and it was a golden neckless with a golden heart. "That neckless, my grandfather gave it to my grandma, my father gave it to my mother, so I'm giving it to you."

"You really want me to have something this important?" Akeno asked.

"Yeah, it's fine." Michael replied.

"Thank you." Akeno said giving a kiss on Michael's cheek.

"Rias, here." Itachi said handing Rias her gift.

She opened it. "Oh, it's the Limited edition of Sailor Moon with Luna-chan, Itachi thank you." Rias hugged Itachi. "Here." She gave Itachi his gift.

Itachi opened it and what it was shocked him. It was a painting of Itachi with his family back in konoha, himself, his father, his mother, and a young Sasuke. "How did you…?" Itachi questioned.

"I remembered it from when you showed us your memories, so I painted it." Rias said to which Itachi hugged her while tears ran down his eyes.

"Thank you, thank you." Itachi said.

"Merry Christmas, Itachi." Rias said with a smile.

"Merry Christmas, Rias." Itachi said.

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"The party went alright." Itachi said.

"Yeah, it was fun." Rias said then found a note in Itachi's jacket. "What's this? "Gift ideas for Rias" most of them are crossed out." Rias then noticed the sentence on the bottom "Last option to only be used as a last resort: Have sex with her" Ehhhhhhh!" Rias shouted then remembered Itachi seeing her stare at the figure back when they were shopping for the party. "I blew my chance." Rias said falling to her knees.