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Season 3 specials

Special 1: Jesus Itachi

The sun was going down as the occult research club was walking home from school. "Ah! We're finally done!" Issei stretched his arms.

"It was very fun today." Asia commented with her usual smile.

"Really? I thought it was boring." Issei said.

"That's so typical of you." Michael commented as he was reading a book.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Issei shouted with veins popping on his forehead.

"He means it's natural for an idiot like you to find school boring." Itachi commented with an emotionless expression.

"Well sorry for being an idiot." Issei said with an annoyed expression.

"Anyway, what do you guys want for dinner?" Rias asked looking at Itachi.

"You guys going to make dinner again?" Itachi questioned.

"Well Issei's parents aren't home yet, so we girls figured it would be a good idea to make dinner." Rias replied.

"That's right." Xenovia commented.

"I don't know, I think we all should split on it. You know sometimes you guys make dinner, and sometimes we can make dinner." Itachi suggested.

"If you make dinner, we will starve duo to your tendency to make every meal perfect." Rias said with her eyes narrowed.

"And if Michael makes dinner everyone will be sick the morning after." Akeno said.

"Not my fault that your stomachs can't deal with a Shadow demonic meal." Michael said.

"The meals you make looks like potions witches make." Akeno said with her usual expression which made the words only harsher.

"I'm a fighter not a chef." Michael said hiding his facial expression behind the book.

"Help!" The voice of a little girl shouted.

"What's that?" Issei questioned.

"My dog fell in the river! Someone help!" A little girl shouted running on the side of the river as a little puppy struggled to keep its head above the water.

"What do we do?" Asia questioned.

Itachi ran towards the river. "Hey Itachi!" Rias shouted as they all ran after him. Itachi concentrated his chakra to his feet, and to everyone's surprise. He began to run on the water. "H-He's running… on water?"

"Interesting." Michael commented.

"H-He's running on water…" Xenovia said with a surprised expression and with her eyeballs glugging out an expression which was shared by Asia.

"L-Like Jesus…" Asia said.

Itachi grabbed the puppy and lifted him into his arms. "There, there, it's alright." Itachi said to the little puppy as he walked on the water towards the shore where the others and the little girl was. "Here you go, be more careful next time, okay?" Itachi said as he handed the puppy over to the little girl, who was staring at him in awe with a small blush on her cheeks.

"Thank you! Onii-san!" The little girl said and walked away with her puppy in her arms.

"Um, Itachi…" Rias said making Itachi look in her direction. Rias pointed to his feet making Itachi look down to see that he was still standing on the water.

"Are you Jesus?" Xenovia asked with stars in her eyes.

"Huh?" Itachi questioned.

"Are you the reincarnation of our Lord and savior?" Asia asked also with stars in her eyes.

"Um, no, no, no, it's something I do with my…" Itachi said waving his hand back and forth when suddenly the water beneath him gained a shade of red.

Michael gathered some of the red water in his hand and took a sip, then he spitted it out. "It's red wine."




"Our Lord and savior has returned!" Xenovia cheered as she and Asia began to prey.

"Oh happy day!" Asia cheered.

"No wait, I didn't do that." Itachi said.

Meanwhile on a bridge not too far away. "Damn, looks like one of the wine barrels fell in the river." A man said looking down on the river where a barrel was floating letting out red wine into the river.

Special 2: The church trio's underwear, Amen!

Issei was sneaking around the school yard by the girls changing room. "Yosh, the girls will almost start with PE class. This is my chance to get a glimpse of heaven." Issei whispered with stars in his eyes while he had a perverted grin on his face.

"What do you think you're doing?" Itachi's voice was heard making Issei turn around to be faced by his senior devil.

"Um, Itachi-senpai, well I was um…" Issei stuttered when he suddenly heard the girls approaching. In an instant Issei grabbed Itachi by the collar and dragged him into the girls changing room with him and took him inside a locker.

"What were you thinking dragging me into this?" Itachi questioned as he and Issei were in a cramped space.

"If I get caught I will take you down with me." Issei replied as the girls entered the changing room and began changing, among the girls were Xenovia, Irina and Asia. Issei stared violently at the girls through the gaps inside the locker, while Itachi was caught in a position where he could not look away no matter how much he wanted to.

The girls began to undress. Since Itachi couldn't look away he decided to focus on the one girl he had already seen naked before, being Xenovia. Xenovia began to undress and revealed her dark pink underwear with black frills on the side.

"Xenovia! When did you start wearing such cute underwear?!" Irina questioned with a slightly shocked expression.

Xenovia let out a little smug chuckle. "Irina. I'm not the plain church girl I used to be. Just look. The clerk highly recommended this as my battle underwear!"

"Hold on! Battle underwear is…supposed to be like this!" Irina said and revealed her pure white underwear.

"Oh!" Xenovia said in awe.

"Wow! That's cute!" Asia said in awe.

"What do you think? It's the white of faithfulness! White underwear is the best, and the lace adds elegance! Oh! This underwear is worthy of the Lord!" Irina said as light shined upon her.

"What kind underwear are you wearing, Asia?" Xenovia asked approaching the blond former nun with her fingers moving around like a creep.

"Huh?" Asia questioned with a blush.

"Hey! Pay attention!" Irina said.

"Umm, I don't really-" Asia said as Xenovia grabbed her shoulders and then took Asia's uniform off.

""Oh-ho…"" The two former exorcists said in unison.

"Please don't stare so close-up like that!" Asia said trying to cover her pink underwear.

"Oh, sorry! Your underwear's cute! It's perfect for you!" Xenovia complimented.

"Huh. Oink's not so bad." Irina commented.

"Buchou chose this underwear for me. I really cherish it." Asia said.

"Ah! Rias buchou has a real knack for this! She knew exactly what would suit you!" Xenovia said.

"She said to use this as my battle underwear." Asia said.

"That means all three of us have battle underwear… You both have nice underwear but mine's clearly the best. White! Angel white!" Irina said.

"Hmm. We should have a guy judge for us then." Xenovia said.

"Like who?" Irina questioned.

"Well, there's Itachi and Issei hiding in that locker, for example." Xenovia said pointing at the locker on their side that suddenly shook.

"Oh! Issei-san! Itachi-san! I didn't know you two were hiding in there." Asia said as she and Xenovia didn't seem to care.

"Sheesh Itachi. I can give you a peek anytime you want, you know." Xenovia said.

"Eek!" Irina shouted in anger as the rest of the girls stared at the locker in anger.

"I'm truly sorry, I tried to stop him but he dragged me in here with him." Itachi's voice came from the locker.

"You traitor!" Issei's voice came from the locker room.

"And your reaction proves my point." Itachi said as the locker opened and Itachi and Issei fell out from it. And unlike Issei, Itachi had his eyes closed.

"Issei-kun!" Irina shouted. "Divine punishment!" Irina kicked Issei out through the window.

"I'll just find my way out." Itachi said covering his eyes as he walked towards the exit. When suddenly.

"We don't mind if it's Itachi-senpai." One of the girls said grabbing his arm.

"That's right." Another girl said.

"I don't mind either." Xenovia said.

"Well me and Asia-chan do!" Irina shouted and pushed Itachi towards the exit.

"Thank you." Itachi bowed and exited.

Special 3: Marking territory

Rias and Akeno were in class learning about the wildlife. "Some species tends to mark one's territory, in order to prevent other animals to trespass on their territory. Some even marks their own mates so that other animals understand that this is someone's mate." The teacher explained.

"Marking territory huh." Rias mumbled.

After school everyone gathered at the clubroom for their daily "club activity". Everyone was going on about their own business Rias was playing chess with Itachi, Akeno was going over different paper work from the underworld also some about summoning from clients. Koneko was sitting on Itachi's lap eating some snacks and feeding Itachi some while she watched Itachi play chess with Rias. Xenovia was sitting next to Itachi also paying attention to the game, same with Rossweisse who was sitting on Itachi's other side. The rest watched from the side lines.

"And checkmate." Itachi declared.

"Ugh! One more time!" Rias demanded having lost five times in a row.

"Let's just give up." Itachi said.

"No! One more time!" Rias demanded.

"Let's not." Itachi said.

"We will keep playing until I beat you!" Rias declared.

"So we're going to play until we die." Itachi said with a deadpan expression.

Rias let out a small pout. "One more time!"

Itachi let out a sigh. "Sure."

Suddenly Michael and Azazel walked in the room. Michael was holding two bottles one marked "Sake" the other one marked "Plum juice". "We brought some refreshments. Alcohol for me, Rossweisse and Azazel, and plum juice for the rest of you." Michael said.

"Do you really have to bring alcohol?" Akeno questioned.

"Oh come on, it's fine. It's not like you're going to drink it." Michael replied.

"That's not the issue." Akeno said.

"Anyway, bring out some cups. Cause I've waited for a drink all day!" Azazel shouted.

Everyone had been poured some drinks and Azazel and Rossweisse became drunk after a several drinks. "One more!" Rossweisse demanded as her face was red.

"Coming right up!" Azazel said also red in the face. "Ah man! This is great! Having a drink with friends!"

"What makes you think we're friends?" Rias questioned.

"Agh! Don't be so cold miss Gremory. I'm your friendly teacher, Azazel-sensei!" Azazel said.

"Nothing about you is friendly." Rias coldly said.

Azazel looked at Michael who didn't look drunk in the slightest. "What's wrong Michael-kun!?" Azazel slapped Michael on the back.

"This doesn't taste like sake." Michael said.

Hic* Itachi was red in the face and looked dizzy. "I feel fantastic." Hic*

"Don't tell me all this time, he's been drinking my…?" Michael questioned.

"Itachi! Are you alright!?" Rias asked as she, Xenovia and Koneko rushed to his side.

Hic* "Rias, you're as cute as ever." Itachi said.

"Huh?" Rias questioned with a small blush.

"You were always so cute when you followed me around when we were small." Hic* Itachi said and leaned towards Rias. Hic* "You were always there to lighten my mood." Hic*

"Senpai, drink some water." Koneko said.

"Aw, Koneko.. You're always like a little kitten, never leaving my side, it's adorable." Hic* Itachi said leaning towards Koneko who was blushing. "Hey can you go all; Nyaa. For me?"

"Um, senpai…" Koneko muttered with a blush.

"Common say Nyaa, nyaa." Hic*

"N-Nyaa…" Koneko said with a small blush as her cat ears and tail were out.

"Aw, just like a real kitten. So cute." Itachi said and began petting Koneko's head. Hic*

"Senpai, you really should rest." Xenovia said.

"Aw, you're also cute Xenovia, you've have that little tomboyish look going on for ya." Itachi said. Hic*

"C-Cute…" Xenovia muttered with a blush.

"Looks like he can finally relax when he's drunk." Michael commented.

"This is not normal." Issei commented as everyone nodded with him in agreement.

Hic* "More juice." Itachi demanded.

"I think you've had enough pal." Michael said.

"I'll tell you when I've had enough!" Itachi shouted. Hic* Itachi then suddenly fell unconscious on the floor. Hic*

"Guess we should just let him rest it out." Rias said.

"H-He called me cute, senpai called me cute." Xenovia muttered in the corner while blushing madly.

"So what should we do with him now, place him on the couch?" Michael questioned.

Rias then gained an idea. "I have an idea." Rias said with a devilish smile.

""For some reason we don't like that idea."" The group said in unison.

Next morning

Itachi woke up in his own bed back home. "Agh! My head it's banging. What happened yesterday?" Itachi questioned trying to collect his memories. Slowly it all came back to him. "Oh, what have I done?" Itachi questioned with a dark expression. Suddenly he felt an itch on his right butt cheek. "Wh-What the?"

Itachi went into the bathroom, he took down his pants and underwear, and turned his back on the mirror. He turned his head to the side and looked into the mirror. "You've got to be kidding." Itachi said with a pale expression. On his right butt cheek was a tattoo of a red heart with some black letters that spelled. "Property of Rias Gremory"

Special 4: Magical Sona

"Oh, I can't decide! Pink is nice, but it's hard to say no to the limited-edition blue!" Serafall said holding two different magical girl outfits, her usual pink one and a blue one.

"Are you serious, one-sama?" Sona questioned with a deadpan expression.

"Of course! I'm auditioning for a live-action magical girl after all! It's okay! I have the whole day off!" Serafall replied.

Sona let out a sigh. "Honestly, now. Everyone coddles you so much…"

Serafall brought the blue one in front of Sona. "Hey, So-tan! Try this costume on!"

"Come again?" Sona questioned.

"It helps if I see other people wearing it. Please?!" Serafall begged her little sister.

"I refuse." Sona said bluntly.

Tears began to swell up in Serafall's eyes, as she then began rolling around on the floor while saying. "If you won't wear it then I'll give up being a magical girl! I won't care about that work anymore!"

"You're wrong if you think tantrums can get you everything." Sona said.

"Fine! I'll destroy all the angels and fallen angels then!" Serafall continued throwing her little tantrum.

"Okay, okay. I'll put it on. Will that make you happy?" Sona gave in.

In the next moment Serafall was standing in front of a changing room. "Hurry, hurry!"

Inside Sona was twitching her eyes while looking at the costume. "Why do I have to dress like this?" The next moment she exited wearing the blue magical girl outfit, Serafall then began inspecting Sona.

"Hmm. I think pink fits the "Milky" image more after all. I'll go with pink then!" Serfall said and rushed over to the changing room.

"Ugh. I feel dirty. Honestly." Sona said trying to take off the outfit but to no avail. "Huh? What? It's stuck. Onee-sama. This outfit…"

"Oh, that costume is designed to come off only when a certain spell is chanted!" Serafall said.

"Huh?! Then tell me the spell!" Sona demanded.

Serafall the exited having changed into her pink magical girl outfit. "Sure! Watch closely! Milulun! Milu-milu! With my bright magic I'll destroy lots and lots of bad guys!" Serafall said and performed a few magical girl dance moves.

"You tricked me, onee-sama." Sona said with an annoyed expression.

"Go on! Say it already!" Serafall said.

"Milulun. Milu-Milu. With my bright magic I'll destroy lots and lots of bad guys." Sona said emotionless and copied Serafall's moves. She tried to take it off but to no avail. "It's not coming off, onee-sama."

"No, no! that's no good, So-tan! The spell doesn't work if you don't say it cutely!" Serafall said.

"Cutely?!" Sona questioned with a blush.

"Here, I'll do it with you! Okay?" Serafall said.

"F-Fine." Sona gave in.

""Milulun! Milu-milu! With my bright magic I'll destroy lots and lots of bad guys!"" They both said in unison.

"Sona, Rias sent me to get some papers-" Itachi said and entered the door to witness the final pose. Sona stared at Itachi blushing madly out of embarrassment. As Itachi stood there with an emotionless expression. Suddenly the magical girl outfit fell of her, resulting in Sona standing there naked. "Sorry for interrupting." Itachi said and closed the door.

"No! Wait Itachi! You got the wrong idea!" Sona shouted.

Special 5: Kid Itachi returns, Nyaa style!

"So you want me to show you the form I achieved from Koneko's power?" Itachi questioned as he was in the club room with Rias, Koneko and Xenovia.

"Yes that's right, when you absorbed my power a few of your bangs turned crimson red, but with Koneko's you took the form that of a yokai. And I was curious if this meant that you take on more than just the appearance and abilities of another species." Rias explained.

"…Um, okay…" Itachi said and brought out his black cat ears and tail making the three girls in the room gain a nosebleed.

"Alright, now for the finishing touch." Rias said and extended her arm out towards Itachi and began to chant a very familiar spell.

"Wait, where have I heard that spell befor-" Itachi said when suddenly a puff of smoke appeared around him. When the smoke cleared the girls looked down and saw a 4-year-old version of Itachi standing in a pile of clothes, and he still had his cat ears and tail out. "Oh now I remember." Itachi said with a dark expression.

"Cuteness overload!" Rias shouted as she had a major nosebleed which was something the two other girls shared as well.

"You tricked me…" Itachi said.

"Yep!" Rias said as she and the others brought out their cameras. "You're so cute!" Rias squealed as she took pictures.

"The horror has returned." Itachi muttered.

Itachi was not standing to far from the door, when suddenly it opened and Itachi was hit in the back of his head by a bag. "We're here!" Michael said as he and Akeno entered. They looked down and saw the three girls on their knees looking at the unconscious kid version of Itachi.

"What do you have in that bag?!" Rias questioned.

"Weights mostly." Michael replied.

"Itachi are you alright!?" Rias questioned.

"Senpai! Hang in there!" Xenovia shouted.

"Itachi-senpai." Koneko said in a worried tone.

"Owch. My head. Where am I? Nya." Itachi questioned rubbing the back of his head.

""Nya?"" Everyone else questioned in unison.

"Who are you? Nya. Who am I? Nya." Itachi questioned.

"S-So cute…" Rias muttered.

"Onee-chan, who are you? Nya." Itachi questioned looking at Rias who gained a nosebleed.

"I-I'm Rias Gremory." Rias replied.

"Rias onee-chan, where am I? Who am I?" Itachi questioned.

"You're in the occult research club room, and your name is Itachi Uchiha." Rias replied.

"Itachi Uchiha?" Itachi questioned as his cat ears twitched back and forth.

"Hey. Rias, what spell did you use on him?" Akeno questioned.

"This one." Rias pointed in the magic book.

In the next moment Michael was gone. "Oh, I like it when my pray puts up a fight, makes the hunt more interesting." Akeno chuckled and ran after Michael.

"Well she seems to be having fun." Rias said then turned around and saw Itachi sitting in Xenovia's lap with Koneko sitting next to him.

"So you're Xenovia onee-chan, and you're Koneko onee-chan?" Itachi questioned.

"That's right." Xenovia said rubbing her cheek on the top of Itachi's head.

"Yeah." Koneko said feeding Itachi some dango.

"Hey don't keep him for yourself!" Rias shouted then gained an idea. "Hey, Itachi-chan. Want to take a bath with onee-chan?"

"A bath? Nya." Itachi questioned.

"Yes a bath, with you're onee-chan's." Rias replied.

"Nya." Itachi responded.

"Works for me!" Rias said.

In the next moment the four of them where in the bath as Rias washed little Itachi's hair with soap. While Itachi sat between her legs. "Does it feel good?" Rias asked.

"Nya." Itachi replied as his tail swung around back and forth. Xenovia and Koneko were both washing the rest of his body. "Nya, it feels so good."

"Hey, Itachi. Do you love you're onee-chan's?" Rias questioned.

"Um, I love Rias, Xenovia and Koneko onee-chan!" Itachi replied making them blush madly.

Two hours later

Having not only regained his memory, but also his full sized body back. "The horror. The horrible horror." Itachi muttered.

"I don't know what's going on, but for some reason I'm pissed off at you." Issei commented.

That's the end.

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