The successful businessman swirled his expensive wine with his robotic arm, slinging his head lazily onto the arm that was propped up on the long, black chair, watching the skags wrestle with some bandits from his tower. It was sunset, the sky lighting up with brilliant colors of red and purple reflecting vividly off his yellow eye. There wasn't a single cloud in the sky, and the sun could be seen behind two large mountains, almost seeming alive as it looked as if it was peeking over the large land masses.

He sighed, gently spinning around in his chair as he took long sips of the wine, each one being longer than the last. He was bored, and his appointment with a dear friend has been long overdue- nearly an hour!

Being rich, he wasn't used to waiting.

His small, black receiver on his sleek, wooden table suddenly came to life with a static whir. "Sir, there is a woman here to see you." A respectful female voice came through the intercom. "Should I send her away?"

The man stopped spinning, and started to gaze at the black box with a bland stare. He whirred his drink, taking another long sip.


"Sent her in." He had a smug smile on his face as he ran a hand through his smooth, brown hair, causing it to slightly rise. "And for the last time, call me Rhys. I'm more comfortable with that."

"Right... Rhys." She hesitantly responded, slightly squirming around in her snug chair that he had picked out for her. She wasn't used to breaking formality.

"Thank you." He took another sip from his wine, quickly using his ECHO-Eye to change his large monitor from pictures of vault hunters to the camera feed, slight static occurred as he switched through, finally finding the elevator feed as he leaned back into his chair, setting down the wine as he had a gleeful smile. His entertainment was here after all.


He looked up, through his digital monitor as he quickly shut it down waiting for a quick moment before the girl walked in. The girl that was on the journey that pretty much changed his life.


He smiled fondly as he saw that she was still rocking the weirdly shaped earrings. He keeps on forgetting to ask her what they were.

"Sasha, my favorite thief."

"Rhys, my favorite billionaire." She said mockingly, putting a hand on her hip as she examined the office.

She whistled, "Man, you really are rich as hell..." She gazed over the gold plated weapons and the numerous amount monster heads. It felt as though she walked into a museum.

"Anyways, why did you call me?" She took a seat on the black velvet couch, swinging her arms across the back of it.

"Well." He stood up, exposing his black, open-jacket suit, a white untucked shirt underneath with a black, slim tie that was lazy loosened. In her opinion, the idiot actually looked pretty handsome. She felt a slight twinge at her heart as she wondered how many woman threw themselves to him already. "I heard you had some money problems, so, I'm offering you a job."

He walked over to the window, looking out at the beautiful sky.

"Dude, you look so much like some sorta evil villain straight out of a movie." She stifled her laugher with her hand as she had mocking eyes.

He looked back with a self-conscious look, "Really? I mean, I'm not. But do I really look like a bad guy?"

She giggled again, she missed having these moments with him. "No, I was just kidding. Anyways, you were talking about a job?"

She crossed her leg, her thighs mushing together as Rhys looked on distractingly, Sasha smiled at how she still had the same affect on him.

He cleared his throat, sitting down in his chair before his face went back to being a serious buisnessman. "Right, so I have a job for you. Thing is though, you might not like it."

Sasha thought back to seeing her sister on the floor, coughing violently as she swore she could see blood coming out in splatters. She lowered her hands, resting them on her knees as she looked at her friend in the dead center of his eyes. "I'll do whatever it takes."

Rhys smirked, causing her heart to skip a beat as she rubbed her thighs together. "Awesome."

Sasha woke up in her small apartment, lifting herself up from her small bed, looking over to her right, only to forget that she was in the hospital. She sighed.

She jumped out of bed, it's springs sharply screeching as she did. She strode over to her wardrobe, putting on a pink hoodie with a white shirt underneath, some blue jeans to accompany it. She was told to come in with casual clothes today.

She went into the kitchen, quickly grabbing the small pan and placing it on the stove, turning the fire onto "Middle", watching as the fire sparked into life as started to heat up the cold metal. She opened the fridge, grabbing two eggs and quickly cracked it into the pan, periodically moving it around using the pan as to not burn it. She reached underneath the counter, grabbing a couple grains of salt as sprinkled it over the eggs.


There was a dull thud near the door, the girl set the fire on low as she walked over to the noise, promptly finding the papers the paper boy delivered for today. She picked them up, placing it on the kitchen table before going back to the stove. She'll read it later.

-8 minutes later-

It was later. She sat at her table with her eggs, putting a large drop of ketchup on the side as she used the fork to stick one in her mouth. They were pretty fucking tasty. She smiled, putting another in as she reached for the papers, skipping through them until her eyes fell on, "Your new job at Atlas Corporation" in golden letter, practically radiating light it was so sparkly. She scrolled through the note.

"Congratulation on getting a job at the proud company of Atlas. Who did you have to kill for this?" She lightheartedly rolled her eyes at Rhys's humor. "To start you off: work starts at 8 for everyone and ends at 6. So be sure to get here on time, because 3 tardies equals a fire, or as they call it in business, execution as the economy is crippled as the amount of effort and energy you need to even begin to think you have a job, you would have killed yourself as you realized, 'Maybe I shouldn't have come in late 3 time.'"

Sasha took a moment of silence, slowly turning her head at the clock right above the stove before letting out a breath of relief, it was barely 7. She ate another bite of her eggs, dipping it in ketchup this time before she continued reading.

"Also, to make you are- in fact- you, you'll be required to carry your ID whenever you are around the facility. You don't want to know how easy the boss could kill you if you don't have it." Underneath the sentence, it said, "Easier than stealing candy from a baby."

She sighed, leave it to Rhys to try to intimidate his employees with an old saying. She put the letter down, noticing how it stood up a little, exposing a small indent which meant something was underneath. She turned it over, looking at her new ID.

It was from the photo shoot she had when she accepted the job, it was white in the middle with red on the outermost sides of the card, a small text underneath her name said "Level 5 clearance". Also under her name, was her role...

"Personal Assistant".

She groaned, suffering a blow to her dignity as she looked at the card again, staring at her rebellious pose she did for the photo, thinking back to when she accepted.

"So, the only job I have open right now is Personal Assistant."

He flipped his screen to show her the power chart, each level having their own name, except one, which was right under his: Personal Assistant.

"What?" She rhetorically groaned, leaning her head back.

"I said, the only jo-"

"I know what you said." She looked at the power list again, scanning it for another empty space, only to see, that he wasn't lying. There really were no open spots.

She chose hesitantly, and even then, she still wasn't sure. "What, exactly, does a Personal Assistant do?"

Rhys took a sip from his wine, "They are pretty much my assistant. You would follow me around, doing what I ask, go with me to meetings, update my agenda. Y'know, assistant stuff." He moved his wine whenever he said a point, taking another sip as he watched the girl for a reaction, which, so far, was just a thoughtful stare.

He watched closely, finally realizing that she needed more motivation. "It pays 100,000 y'know."

Her eyes bulged. "Really!?"

"Well, no. But for you, I'll make an exception." He gave her a smirk, taking another long sip until it was empty, placing it gently down on the wooden table.

She smiled fondly, feeling her heart rate get faster the longer she looked at him, "Thank you."

Rhys was a little taken back; he had never heard her sound so... Thankful. The girl he remembered those years ago would not bow down to anyone, only a rebellious, snarky attitude to life, talking back to the authorities when she felt like it. He's not complaining though. He gave her a half-smile.

"No problem. Now, follow my assistant, Kristy." He nodded to the timid girl standing behind Sasha. He called her up a while ago. "She'll lead you to your photo shoot."

She smiled at the memories, not really minding that she was his slave pretty much.

She quickly gulfed down her breakfast, placing it in the sink to wash later. She peered at the clock, noticing that it was not 7:20. She had time. She took the ID card, eyeing it for a little bit before shoving it into her slim pants, rapidly fixed her hair into rows of small braids, and went out the door, mentally preparing herself for the first day on the job.

Author's Notes:

This is probably not gonna go anywhere, but whatever. Just had an idea and decided to write about it. It's a pretty interesting idea though, no?