Prologue: What Power Can Really Do

Shadow walked through the Low Forest, a forest located below High Plains. He was supposed to meet someone here. Someone had promised him power, and he wanted it. 'I'm getting what I deserve, one way or another.' He thought.

Shadow is a shadow dragon who knew how to control Fire, Fear, Wind and Shadow; a combination very rarely found. He used to be called Gabriel, and he sort of is still called that name, but now he prefers Shadow as he believes it suits him better.

'I'm not scared of him. I'm Shadow the dragon! I'm not scared of anyone!' Shadow thought.

"Are you, oh so mighty Shadow?"

Shadow jumped at the voice and turned around. There he saw an apparition emitting from a dormant dark gem cluster. An apparition of someone evil.

"So, have you decided if you want my power for your own to use?"

Shadow thought about it. 'I could gain this power, but what about my friends and my family?' He thought. 'What would they think about me? Is this even right?'

"You're weak, and you'll always be weak, Gabriel!"

Shadow's eyes widened, and then closed as he clutched his head in pain. "What's happening to me?" He exclaimed. He fell to the ground as he convulsed in pain. His eyes started glowing as something started to replace them.

"N-n-no… stop! Stop!" Shadow exclaimed.

"You must understand, that power comes from pain. You will understand, very soon."

Shadow screamed as whatever was entering his head blocked his thoughts. In one last attempt, he struck out, trying to keep control of his body. The presence, however, pushed back his attempt, reaching out as it took control of the dragon.

"No… stop… p-please…" Shadow tried to say, but his control was blocked by the invading presence.

"…Da-vid…" Shadow closed his eyes as he went unconscious.


(Fifteen minutes earlier)


"Caitlin!" Drago shouted.

"Sorry, Drago. It wasn't my fault!" A dark green and icy blue dragoness replied.

"I know it's not your fault, but be careful next time. I won't always be here, so… just be careful, ok Caity?" Drago asked.

"Ok, brother!" The dragoness said.

Drago smiled, turned, and opened the door to his family's house. It had been three years since his family came to Warfang, and since then so much had happened. Spyro and Cynder's egg had hatched, revealing a dark purple dragoness with gold horns that they named Nina. She had grown into a strong dragoness, and had also become friends with Flame and Ember's son, Ash. (I had to reference Zonoya's Revenge. There was no better characters that suited this role. To be fair I wanted those characters there anyway.)

After three years of training, Drago was now officially the new Fire Guardian. His duties were important, but he knew what to do the moment he started his training.


Drago was snapped out of his thoughts when he heard someone call his name. He looked to his right and saw an adult shadow dragon walking towards him.

"Oh hey, Leonidas!" Drago said. He walked to him and gave him a big hug. "Didn't think I would see you today. What's been happening with your family?" He asked.

"Oh, the usual. My son wanted to come though. You know how that is." Leonidas was a friend who Drago met when he started his guardian training. He had been one of the candidates for the role of guardian when the Guardians had announced that they would be choosing a candidate for the position of fire guardian, and Leonidas had been one of the first who had been chosen. His skills in combat were discovered during the battle for Warfang three years prior, and during training the two dragons had become good friends. While they had their differences, they knew which of them would become the guardian.

"Yeah, I remember the sad look on his face when I had to go. He just isn't grown up enough to fly from Soul Valley yet." Drago said.

In the three years that had passed, the dragon race had discovered other tribes of dragons in the Dragon Realms. Soul Valley was named that because of a legend of an evil draconic creature that would roam the valley every full moon. It would take any dragon children it finds to its den, never to be seen again.

"I just can't tell him the truth about why he can't come. The guilt just keeps building up the more I lie about it." Leonidas said.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll understand. I remember when we made the bad choice to stay outside at night last year. Man, was that a thrill!" Drago said.

The two dragons smiled. They had decided to stay outside one night and had found out that the legend was true. But it was because the creature, known as a Weredragon, (original name much :P) was only trying to repopulate, as his race was dying out. The two had kept their promise not to tell anyone about the truth, for good reason.

"Yeah. Oh, and Drago, Terrador sent me to tell you that your presence is requested at the Council." Leonidas informed Drago.

"Really? What for?" Drago asked.

"Dunno, he just told me to find you and relay that information to you." Leonidas answered.

"Ok, thanks. See you later!" Drago replied, taking off for the temple.

'Why the sudden meeting? Usually I'm told about this beforehand.' Drago thought.

{End of Prologue}

/Author's Note. If this feels rushed, that's because it sort of is. I wanted to make up for having not posted anything in weeks by uploading multiple chapters. Don't hate, celebrate.

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