Chapter 8: Back To Training


Quake opened her eyes as she woke. Wiping the sleep from her eyes, she got up and walked down the stairs.

She looked at the photo of when she was last a human. It seemed so long ago now. It was like a fleeting memory. How Drago is able to do this, she would never know. She went ahead and started cooking breakfast. Some toast wouldn't take long.

A knock on the door made her pause. Quake moved to open the door, and she found herself looking at the guardian of electricity.

"Miss Quake! Good to see you out and about." Volteer said.

"Good to see you too Volteer. How did the negotiations go?" Quake asked.

"It went well. They have agreed to return to the public knowledge." Volteer answered.

"That's good to hear." Quake said. "Volteer, have you heard that Drago has been training even more?"

"Really? Is he improving his physical fortitude?" Volteer asked.

"To my knowledge, I think so. All I know is that he seemed to be getting even stronger. The other day I saw him do this incredible trick with some fire. It was a spectacle." Quake said.

"Is Drago training at this precise moment?" Volteer asked.

"Wouldn't be surprised."

(At the Temple…)

The temple was quiet for the time, the sun having only just come up. The Guardians Volteer and Cyril had been returning after sending word to their kingdoms, but as the ice guardian walked past the training room, the sound of objects being smashed could be heard past the door. He opened the door, and almost immediately a training dummy slammed into the wall next to the door.


The ice guardian looked at Drago as he stood in the middle of a group of training dummies. Taking advantage of his momentary distraction, the dummies charged at him. They lived up to their names, because the moment they started moving, Drago swung his tail around, spinning around as he finished a full spin, ending with a claw slashing across a dummy's chest. He whacked his wing on another dummy, then swung his tail the other way before letting loose a stream of fire that engulfed the last group of dummies.

"You've been practicing." Cyril complimented.

"Thanks. Ignitus wouldn't expect me to give up on my training." Drago said.

"That's right. You hadn't fully completed your training. Then again, you were young." Cyril said.

"Yeah. Though I need to shake off the rust I've gained over the three years. I'm only getting older." Drago said. "I've actually been meaning to ask you something."

"Go on."

"Do you know anyone who could get to Sky City, besides Cynder?" Drago asked.

"Cloud comes to mind, clearly, but he's young. I doubt he would want to go there." Cyril answered. "I don't know any others, well, at least in Warfang. I doubt they would come in time to get Sky City to join."

"True. I guess it's either Cynder leaving for Sky City, or Cloud. I doubt they would let Cynder just walk in. Sky City is isolated." Drago said.

"Probably for the best. They avoided Malefor's wrath, but at the expense of becoming isolated to the world. Though I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to return to the world. They can't be completely oblivious of it." Cyril said.

"Maybe." Drago said. "I just had a thought, do you think Terrador should've been back by now?"

Cyril's eyes widened as he realised what Drago meant. He took a few moments thinking, then looked at Drago to respond.

"You're right! He should've been here a while ago." Cyril said. "Do you think he-"

"Possibly. He's either been delayed, or something has happened." Drago said. "But I trust in Terrador. He can handle himself in a fight well."

"Let us hope that he does not need to fight anyone." Cyril said.

"Somehow, I don't think that's avoidable." Drago said.


The City of Volos. The pride of the earth dragons. Hidden in the desert, where only earth dragons can find the entrance, the underground city was in fact the same place Terrador's father was born in. Terrador had only visited Volos on occasion, and this was the first time since the war ended that he came to the city.

"An assassin? Do you know who it was, or who sent it?" Terrador asked.

"We are unsure of who to blame." Boulder, the new king of Volos, said. Boulder was an old one, older than Terrador, but he knew his place and kept it right. Something that Terrador, or really any earth dragon found strange, considering his parents, especially his father. "In the meantime, I will have to think on this connection between the kingdoms. Feel free to stay master Terrador." Boulder said.

"Thank you." Terrador said.

As Boulder left Terrador to go see to his own duties, the earth guardian checked to see what could be found. He found some books that seemed to mention some rather strange things, like the materials used in Warfang's walls. 'Something is not right. I can just feel it in my bones.' Terrador thought. 'I better get to the bottom of this.'

"Too bad you won't."




Ignitus looked through his books trying to find records on what was happening. Some books had been losing their pages, the sign of a premature death, common during the war that had happened in the previous age. A couple have been in Warfang. It troubled him. Something simply wasn't right. There was no mistaking it. There was no point in pretending to ignore what was happening. Malefor definitely was making his move.

Ignitus levitated a scroll over to him, along with a quill and ink well. He wrote down the message, and then sealed it. He concentrated briefly, and opened a portal big enough for a scroll, sending it to Warfang for Drago.

As the portal closed, strange flashes of images went through his vision. 'It happened again. There was some very strange images that time. Was that… Drago, with a… beam of Convexity?' Ignitus wondered, confused. Must be just his imagination. Perhaps the Chronicler duty is starting to wear on him. 'Well, at least in four years I won't be needing to worry.' Ignitus thought. 'Drago, it's almost time. Malefor is definitely up to something. The question is what it is he's up to.'

Author's Note; This was a little rushed a bit late into it. But, had to be done. I did say I'd get off my damn ass and do something as my New Years resolution.

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