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Chapter 1: White isn't Always Pure

"You were a mistake."

Those were the last words I heard from my 'father' and the last time that I will refer to him as such. Then again...he was never my 'father' in the first place, not really. Sure he gave life to me, housed me and mom, and gave her a job...but other than that, he was no 'father'. How do I know this? Simple. But perhaps I should go back a few years first…so that you all understand.

See…I was born as Weiss Schnee. Before you ask, the answer is yes; my family…well, former family, owned the Dust company you're thinking of. Here, it might be better if I go back to the beginning…or at least how my… new mom told me about it; it's a long story.

My new mother said that 'him' and my biological mother met at a bar…


"Hey Tom, that time of the year again?" the bartender asked as he placed a shot glass in front of the white-haired man as he sat down, along with a bottle of whiskey. Usually he wouldn't do this, but Thomas Schnee wasn't anyone, nor did he come here all the time. Once a year he came to the Luliza Bar on the behest of his dead wife since she loved the place and atmosphere here. Over the years, he got to know the bartender.

"It is Larry" Thomas Schnee said with a light sigh before pouring himself a drink. Two years ago, his wife of ten years had died due to an attack at a rally as he was addressing the rumors his company were hiding when it came to its Faunus workers. It was supposed to be him…shaking that thought off, he felt someone sitting next to him.

"You okay?" a feminine voice asked as Thomas turned to look at the female. He debated about answering for a few seconds before sighing lightly. Besides, what could it hurt?

"Not really…"

"Cal. So, what seems to be the trouble…Tom, right?" she asked, hoping that she overheard the man's name correctly. Seeing him nod at that, she smiled lightly, glad that she got the man's name right.

End Flashback

In the Desert sands of Vacuo, a black and red portal came out of nowhere before two people appeared out of it, a cat Faunus and a black-haired human. She knew that her charge was going to complain…and the Faunus didn't disappoint.

"Ugh…why are we here Mother? I thought you said we were going somewhere decent temperature wise, not a desert," the white cat Faunus asked before seeing a scowl on her companion's face.

"I told you to not call me that Weiss; I'm not your mother. And don't complain. We're here so you can do some Glyph Training and because I have a job to do," the black-haired female stated as she took off her Grimm-like mask to look at her young charge and clipped it under the feathers.

"Can I help?"

"This isn't like last time Weiss, where your eye sight helped with those Rat Grimm. Besides, I'm already going to be hindered with what I'm wearing," Raven commented as she pointed out the fact that she was wearing a black dress with matching black boots. The crimson dyed belt and gauntlets she was wearing wouldn't help matters either when it came to the heat and quite honestly, Raven was feeling its effects already…not that she would let Weiss know. Then again, the feathers that were hanging off of the right side of her skirt did allow for a somewhat cooling factor.

"Alright…" Weiss said dejectedly. For the last couple of years, Raven would sometimes take her on Grimm hunts around the four continents. Having seen some of the rarest of Grimm, Weiss knew that if Raven thought it was too much for her, then she would be told. "I guess I can do some light training, maybe find a way to block out the sun while I'm at it," she added, especially since the heat was getting to her as well. Since she was born in Atlas, the heat was definitely not agreeing with her. Add in the fact that she was wearing a one piece that was a shirt on the top that was a light gray and ended out in a light gray miniskirt. The navy blue sash around her waist, along with two cuffs at the end of the sleeves, was the only thing that was currently reflecting sunlight.

"Make sure that you do Weiss. A Mr. Wukong has stated that there's a Muster of Mayuras around here, and I'll be fine against their hypnotic effects thanks to my mask, but you have no such protection," Raven replied before unclipping the mask and putting it back on. Looking at Weiss with the crimson contacts in place, she silently hoped that this would work. Creating a portal and heading through it, she sighed lightly. Though if she knew what Weiss was going to deal with at the clearing she left her at, then she would have stayed to help the kitten…maybe. The girl still had a lot to learn after all…


"St-op, ple-ase!" an eight-year-old Weiss said as she blocked a fist with a cross guard, out of breath and stamina. She had been working on close quarter combat (CQC) for the last year and a half, constantly sparring with the older female. And while Weiss knew that Raven wasn't using her full strength against her…her mother's punches still hurt.

"You know how I feel about breaks Weiss. Are you just saying that because you want a breather or do you think you're done for the night?" Raven asked. The black-haired woman quickly showed Weiss the consequences of asking for a break when she just wanted some time to recover from the wounds given. Though after every sparring session, she made sure to take the time to bandage and treat the cuts and bruises to the best of her abilities.

"I thi…nk I'm do…ne for the night," the feline faunus stated feeling as if she was about to faint. Raven nodded at that, knowing that the seven-year-old could only do so much. Then again…she wondered how her biological daughter was doing. Quickly shaking her head of such a thought, especially since she didn't deserve to think about Yang, not with abandoning her like that.

"Alright then," she said before rummaging through the bag she recently bought and took a few medical salves and supplies. If Weiss was older, then she wouldn't be doing this but since she was still young…she would help Weiss heal, if only a little.

For now.

End Flashback

'Of course this would happen right after Raven leaves,' Weiss mentally deadpanned as she dodged out of the way of a silk shot from the mouth of a Garantula Grimm. Luckily for the eleven-year-old, it was only a few of the spider Grimm, and not a full colony like what they had faced last month in Vale. Now that was completely annoying, but at least she was focusing more on buffing and defending Raven while only attacking if they were getting too close. Then again she was only ten. And while she was extremely powerful for her age, (even if she couldn't beat Raven yet) her body had limits.

Sliding her body to the left, she avoided a bite from the vicious spider Grimm which was quickly countered by thrusting her weapon, a slender rapier she decided to name Myrtenaster, through the tan abdomen of the spider. This was one of its weak points, the singular red eye that was behind its massive jaws was another one. This was what the Hunters and Huntresses went after most since it didn't have an exoskeleton, able to just see its food. However, this was protected at all costs by the jaws of the spider. However, a Garantula knew that this weakness existed and did its best to protect it. In fact, it would sometimes spit out spider silk and capture the Hunter/Huntress before draining their blood. However, Weiss countered this deadly combination by using a strengthening glyph at the beginning of this battle.

One down…and four to go.

At least, that's what she thought before feeling a glob of silk hit her in the back. Or it would have if it wasn't for the Shield glyph she put on herself earlier. 'Good…that worked' she thought silently, not sure if it would or not since it was still in the experimental phases. But in a battle with this amount of odds…she needed an edge. 'Should I?' she questioned herself, wincing lightly when she felt one of the spiders bite into her left leg, drawing blood.

Stabbing downwards, she felt the tip of her rapier pierce its eye and quickly felt it dissolving into black smoke like all Grimm did once defeated. However, now she knew that she had to take these out quickly and hope that Raven would get back to her before their venom took effect. If not…she shook her head at that, not wanting to think along those lines. Not only that, but she couldn't afford to get bitten again.

A scowl formed on her face as she brandished her weapon of choice in front of her once again, knowing that she couldn't make any more glyphs at the moment, but knowing that with her strength and shield glyphs in place, she wouldn't go down without a fight.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Raven ~_~_~_~_~_~

'I've told that girl many times I'm not her mother…' Raven thought with a light sigh as she trudged through the desert in search of her prey. 'Still though…in her last will and testimony, Cal did ask for me to raise her instead of Thomas…not that I blame her, especially with what he said when I left.' She thought before shaking her head lightly, knowing that this wasn't the time for such a thing. Right now, she was on a job; anything could come to mind after it was finished.

Hearing a sound in the distance, she checked to make sure that her mask was firmly in place and wouldn't have a chance of slipping. Unlike most Grimm who attacked aggressively against Hunters/Huntresses, Mayuras worked more on hypnotizing their prey before going in for the kill. Therefore, Raven wanted to make sure that she wouldn't fall under the monster's nasty effect. After that, she placed a hand on her Odachi before heading towards where she heard the sound. Making sure that she didn't make any sounds on the sand as she headed up the hill, Raven saw several of the peacock-like Grimm and just shook her head.

'Well…time to get to work I suppose,' she thought before using the speed she gained over numerous years of training, before seemingly vanishing into the nest below. A few seconds later, she reappeared on the other side as the valley below filled with black smoke and was glad to find out that her plan worked: hit hard and hit fast. Granted some of the avian Grimm were able to get all of their tail feathers to full standing form…her mask was able to negate the hypnotic effect they had. Without that, these Grimm weren't that hard to take down. And even though Raven knew that, it was still a disappointment all the same. Now all she had to do was head back for Weiss, go to the town and report to Mr. Wukong that particular brand of Grimm had been wiped out…for now.

Closing her eyes and focusing on her own Aura, she sent it out in a pulse, using it to locate where Weiss was. Once that was accomplished, she noticed that her Aura was dwindling fast. Not only that, which did alarm Raven just a little, she noticed that the Aura was constantly moving. 'Just what the hell is going on…' she thought before 'locking' onto Weiss's Aura signature and using her Semblance to create a portal behind her. Once that was done, she stepped backwards and let the portal consume her before disappearing…just like the black smoke that was once the nest of Mayura.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss ~_~_~_~_~_~

Weiss moved to the side as she watched a glob of spider silk hit the sand in front of her, her breathing labored as she blocked another one with her rapier. She could already feel the paralytic venom coursing through her bloodstream and affecting her body. Breathing heavily, she knew that she couldn't last much longer…not without help from her mother. Then again, she had dwindled their numbers from ten down to three; though that wasn't without injury. Small scratches littered her body and there were some places over her body where the Garantula had successfully attached their silk. However, that was how two of the spiders met their demise at the end of her weapon. Though that, too, had also dwindled her reserves, both her strength and her speed.

She had used this tactic a few other times before they caught on. However, by that time it was enough to make it a manageable fight…hopefully. Noticing that they were staying away from her, Weiss let out a light cat-like growl before quickly going over her options. One, she could force a haste glyph on herself and attempt to get at them; two, she could just give up and let them kill her, or…she could try something reckless that might just work as a final option, assuming Raven was correct. Of course it went without saying that if this didn't work out the way that both she and her mother thought it would…then she would be dead. Granted if it did succeed then she would still be in the same situation, but at least she would have a better chance to stay alive.

But desperate times called for desperate measures.

'Let's hope this works…' she thought before channeling Aura into her weapon. Once the tip of her rapier was glowing a soft silver, Weiss then got into the stance that Master Skye had taught her over the years: her left arm at a forty-five-degree angle and the ball of her left foot the only thing on the ground. Positioning most of her weight on her back foot with her right hand in a fist, purely out of habit. Before the Garantulas could make a move due to her new actions, she lunged forward and let the energy held within Myrtenaster loose at the same time, a beam of energy coming forth, enveloping both spiders and obliterating them. After that, she dropped to a knee unable to do anything like that again…for now anyways. Breathing heavily, she did her best to keep conscious but knew that she was fighting a losing battle.

Seeing someone nearby, she reached for her weapon. However, due to being in the condition she was in, she couldn't do anything with it. Seeing the figure slowly coming closer, Weiss tried her hardest to do something…even if it was just to lift her blade. But as the figure came closer…Weiss felt a sense of calmness spread over her body though she didn't understand why. Not until she saw that the person had a tail just like her…and if her eyes weren't playing tricks on her; a pair of eyes the color of the ocean.

'Mom?' Weiss thought…thinking that it was Calypso, her biological mother that Raven had told her about. Before anything else could happen, Weiss finally lost the battle with consciousness and passed out on the sands beneath her.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Raven ~_~_~_~_~_~

Raven came out of the portal and saw Weiss lying face down on the sand. Resisting the urge to panic, the elder female did a quick scan and found out what was wrong: her nervous system was starting to shut down due to paralysis, and she was dangerously low on Aura. Picking the kitten up carefully, Raven glanced around before noticing a small path of glass in front of her. 'What caused that to happen I wonder…I'll have to ask Weiss when she wakes up' she thought. Focusing on Mr. Wukong's residence before activating her Semblance and stepping into the portal, she was standing in front of her client's door. Doing the best so as to not jostle Weiss and knock on the door at the same time, she waited for a few seconds before the door was opened.

"Ms. Huntress?" Mr. Wukong asked before seeing the girl in her arms and quickly ushered the two of them inside, directing her to the guest bedroom. He didn't know what the huntress he contracted would do next, but he, himself, couldn't turn an injured person away. It just wasn't in his nature.

Raven said nothing as she followed the monkey Faunus inside his home. Once being shown the guest bedroom, she carefully placed Weiss on the bed. If anyone else were to see this act of care, she'd gut the person. Turning back around and seeing the questioning look on the client's face, she sighed lightly knowing that she needed to explain herself. "You were the closest place that I could get to," she said after a few seconds.

"And the girl? I don't remember seeing her with you last time," the elder monkey Faunus stated, hopefully not stepping outside of his boundaries by asking about the girl.

"Someone under my protection," she said in a tone that told the man not to look into it any more than that. She didn't want to come off as rude, especially since she was a guest in this man's home, but Weiss's health came first. And every second that she was without the antidote to that particular venom…the closer Weiss was to having permanent damage.

"Then it's a good thing I went ahead and told my son to get the anti-venom for that. Sadly, it's a frequent danger around these parts, dealing with that particular Grimm. Thankfully most people just try to get away instead of playing hero," he commented before noticing the Huntress starting to get up.

"If you're worried about Sun taking advantage of your charge, don't be. He knows how to behave himself around females. His friend, on the other hand, worries me," he admitted with a light laugh.

"I…see," she responded after a few seconds, knowing that there was nothing that she could do at the moment. "Thank you for your hospitality," she finally said before letting out a light yawn. Apparently after working on adrenaline for so long had an aftereffect after all. Though she definitely wanted to be awake for when Weiss woke up.

"Ms. Huntress, why don't you go ahead and take a nap while I work on dinner for the three of us? I'll wake you when it's ready, promise."

"And my charge?" she asked, wanting to make sure that Weiss was safe. She wouldn't be able to look Cal in the eye when she got to the afterlife if something bad happened to the kitten while she was alive and nearby.

"She is under the capable hands of my son, Sun. I promise you that no harm will come to her, and she will be cured by the end of tomorrow," Mr. Wukong replied before hearing a soft sigh coming from the woman.

"Alright," she finally said and followed him to the living room after he suggested that she take the couch for now and that they could discuss sleeping arrangements after dinner. Seeing that there was nothing else to do, Raven unclipped her Nodachi, but placed it nearby so that she could easily reach it if the need arose. Once he came back with a pillow and a light blanket, he was surprised to see that Raven had not removed her mask and raised an eyebrow about it. "I don't remove it. People who've seen my face have died." She said, telling a complete lie. Besides, the man didn't need to see her face or know the true reason she wore it in the first place.

Slowly succumbing to her sudden tiredness, the last thought from the Huntress was of how worried she was, just like when she found her for the first time. Shaking that thought from her head, she closed her eyes and let sleep overtake her, using it to recover from the day's events.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss ~_~_~_~_~_~

Seeing his father coming inside with two females, his interest was piqued when he saw that the younger female being carried had a tail just like he did. Seeing the strands of spider silk on her body, he had a feeling the girl was suffering from an attack by those damn spiders. After seeing the older female placing the younger one down on the guest bed, Sun saw his father motion to get the antidote. Nodding, Sun went off to do just that. Returning to the room with the med-kit in hand, he noticed that neither of the adults were in the room and had a feeling his dad trusted him to take care of her until she woke up, whoever this girl was. Shrugging lightly, Sun did everything necessary when it came to handling needles before giving the girl the medicine that she needed. Once it entered her bloodstream, he noticed that the pained expression on the girl's face relaxed, causing him to have a soft smirk. 'Now what?' he asked before sitting down beside the bed.

Resting his blonde locks at the side of the bed, Sun sighed as his monkey tail swished idly back and forth behind him. Wearing a simple pair of shorts and a T-shirt, the monkey Faunus kept his ears open in case the girl he was supposed to be keeping an eye on said anything.


Weiss looked behind her with fear in her eyes as she continued running, even though she knew that she was almost in the clear. She had stolen from this shopkeeper last month and knew that he could only go so far before his stamina ran out. However, she had been unlucky in the past. Shaking her head so as to forget that painful memory, she wasn't paying attention as she turned the corner and ran smack dab into someone. As she fell backwards onto her butt, she let out a small grunt in pain.

Before she could make a quick apology, the shopkeeper had caught up to the pair and grabbed Weiss by the arm, harshly.

"There you are, you little thief. How many times have I told you that if I caught you shoplifting again that I'll turn you into the cops?" he asked before dragging the cat Faunus with him back to his store. Before he could get far with the struggling girl, the person that Weiss bumped into got his attention.

"What did she steal and how much for it?"

"She stole an apple and a loaf of bread, why? What's it to you lady?" he asked with Weiss thinking the same exact thing. Besides, no one did anything for her for free. Not when she was known as 'that stray bastard child' by the public. "And that costs five lien altogether," he said before the woman dug into the pouch at her side and gave the man the required money. Seeing that he was paid, the man let the cat Faunus go before heading back to his store.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Weiss turned to the raven-haired woman who just saved her from who-knows-what. "Why did you do that?" she asked.

"Because it was the right thing to do," the woman responded, causing Weiss to raise an eyebrow in concern.

"Right. And my father wants me back in his loving arms," Weiss quipped, spitting the word 'father' out as if it were poison causing the woman to raise an eyebrow at that. Could it be…Weiss?

"Your father wouldn't happen to be Thomas Schnee, would it?" she asked, instantly causing the girl to get in a defensive stance, her tail bristling in anger. However, her anger was outmatched by her curiosity.

"And if it was?" she asked cautiously as her eyes darted around for an escape. Just because she was only five years old didn't mean that she hadn't already acquired skills and traits of a person who had lived on the streets all their life. And one of the rules on the street was that no one did anything for free.

"You might not remember me then, but my name is Raven…I was friends with your mother," Raven said as she introduced herself and hoping that Weiss wouldn't be too hostile towards her. Though she was expecting it all the same, especially since she had been searching for the kitten for almost a year by now.

"You…you knew my mom?" she whispered as Raven just nodded. "Prove it then," Weiss responded. She wanted to see if this 'Raven' was actually telling the truth or not. And if she was...then she wanted to know about her mother. She only had a few memories...

End Flashback

Weiss slowly opened her eyes, though was surprised at her surroundings "Ugh…" she moaned out, wincing lightly as she heard someone nearby quickly get up and rush out of the room. Her vision was still blurry so she couldn't notice any details, but she could have sworn she saw a tan tail. Shaking her head lightly, Weiss closed her eyes before letting her other senses come back into focus. She had a feeling that Raven had found her after she lost consciousness and brought her here, wherever here was. Sighing lightly, she didn't realize she slipped back into a dozing state until that same person who was in the room with her when she woke up started shaking her.

"Wha…?" she asked in a light daze. And if her weapon was any closer to her then she would have probably stabbed whoever it was shaking her at the moment since she didn't recognize it. However, her vision soon started getting better and she saw that it was a boy shaking her awake.

"…want to eat, you need to get up!" the boy said before Weiss grunted (if she was still in the Schnee Manor, her father would have reprimanded her for that) and told the boy to get away from her so that she could get up. Heeding her warning, Sun exited the room and ran straight into the woman the girl was with. "Raven?" He asked, having overheard the woman's name from his father.

"How is she doing?" Raven asked before Sun told her that she just woke up and would probably be enjoying dinner with them soon. Nodding at that, the seemingly coldhearted woman nodded lightly at that before saying something that Sun thought he would never hear from the woman: "Thank you Sun"

"Don't mention it," he said, waving it off as if nothing had happened between the two. "I'm just glad to see she's safe." Sun said as he headed towards the kitchen. Once he headed around the corner, Raven entered the room. "Weiss?" she questioned, wanting to make sure her charge was awake.

"Mom?" she asked as Raven just shook her head at that and sighed before taking her mask off and placing it on the night table.

"You're never going to stop calling me that, are you?"

"Probably not," Weiss commented, getting a sigh out of Raven which caused the girl to laugh lightly at that. She then noticed that Raven got serious, so she did as well, waiting for the question she knew Raven was going to ask.

"When I found you…I saw a line of glass in the sand. I'm assuming that was you, but I'm curious as to how it happened."

"Well…" Weiss started as her tail swished lazily behind her, indicating that she was thinking about what to say. Seconds turned into minutes as the two sat in silence.


"It's…you remember that theory about channeling Aura into a weapon? I was desperate at the time and figured that I'd rather fight and die then just surrender. I gathered a great deal into Myrtenaster before thrusting it out. What you saw was the result, though it almost drained me of all my Aura. I can show you tomorrow…if you want," Weiss commented, getting a nod from the older female in the room. After that, she asked how Weiss was feeling and received a positive answer in return.

And even though she didn't show it, Raven was glad to see that Weiss…her second daughter, was alright. Maybe in time…she could show herself in front of her biological daughter. Someday.

Dinner had been a simple affair and during that time, Raven noticed that both Weiss and Sun had befriended each other. Whatever would come from that in the future Raven didn't know, but she was glad that Weiss had made a friend. Commenting that she was going outside for a bit, Mr. Wukong acknowledged it and asked that she lock up when she came back inside.

Stepping outside, Raven took a small picture from an inside pocket of her vest and looked at it for a few seconds. On it was a picture of two girls: what seemed to be around the age of five. Looking at the blonde female, Raven let out a soft smile for a few seconds, wondering what it would have been like if she had stayed. Shaking her head quickly at that thought, she knew what would happen: Ruby would never had been born, and she would constantly be on guard since her enemies could use Yang and Tai against her. And that was something she never wanted for her daughter.

Placing the picture back in its spot, she then looked out into the distance. 'Perhaps…I should start thinking about increasing Weiss's training…she's not going to be a kid for much longer after all...'

End Chapter

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