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Chapter 3: Past Problems in the Icy Tundra Part 1

One year has passed since both Raven and Weiss left the sands of Vacuo behind. During that time, they travelled to several places while protecting the citizens from various Grimm, asking for lodging in exchange. However, it wasn't only the Grimm that they dealt with, but also the White and Red Fangs as well. Though, it was mostly Raven who dealt with them and Weiss helping only when necessary. However, if they ever came across members of the Red Fang, then Weiss wasn't allowed to help no matter what due to how experienced they were.

Though they never stayed longer than a week or two before moving on. Almost thirteen now, Weiss's skills had evolved; the technique she dubbed Lancer used to take almost all her Aura, but now it only took thirty percent.

And while her close quarter combat skills were still a weak point to the Faunus, Weiss also improved in that area as well. Through intensive training with her semblance, she gained the ability to summon her Shield and Strengthening Glyphs with just a thought and was getting close to doing the same with her Alarm and Haste Glyphs as well. However, what surprised them the most during her training was when Weiss summoned a clone for the first time, or as Raven called it, a Duplicate.


While Raven was always a light sleeper, it quickly dawned on the woman that Weiss was not. While the Alarm Glyphs were a great invention on Weiss's part to get around this flaw, Raven knew that they weren't perfect. With that thought in mind, Raven started training Weiss with simple things first: sticks, rocks and other small things to force her to wake up or receive a small bruise.

Eventually though, Weiss got into a habit of moving her Alarm Glyphs closer to her person and experimenting with her Aura, such as saturating the air around her with it, among other things. This caused the teenager to become more aware while she slept, which made Raven up the ante. Before long, it evolved into dodging and countering Munin as well as small objects. Obviously, this didn't happen every night since that would defeat the purpose of what Raven was trying to teach Weiss: being more alert out in the wilderness.

Currently, Weiss was rolling away from a slash of Munin, quickly getting out of her sleeping bag thanks to the warning from her Alarm Glyph. Quickly drawing Myrtenaster, she blocked the overhead swing, relying on her Aura to negate the recoil from the two blades. The young girl focused on her semblance before a strength glyph appeared beneath her, turning a dull red color as it was activated. She then started to work on creating a Haste Glyph to increase her speed but felt Raven appear behind her via her Portal Semblance. Scrambling out of the way, both Raven and Weiss stopped as they stared at the Aura construct coming from the unfinished Haste Glyph Circle.

"Um…hello?" the lightly glowing Weiss clone said/asked, unsure as to why the two were staring at her.

Raven looked at the construct before looking back at Weiss and then back to the construct once again. "Well…that's interesting, a Duplicate." Raven commented, somewhat surprised as Weiss worked on dismissing the clone. Since she had usually seen Weiss use her Glyphs to aid her in their spars, she had assumed that her mother's semblance had not been passed on, which was possible considering who she was: the hybrid of one of her few friends that weren't her teammates and one of the wealthiest men alive. It was also said that the Schnee's semblance was passed down from generation to generation. Maybe because she was a hybrid of the two that she gained powers from both sides of the family?


"Your mother could make a clone of herself. The reason she settled on the name Duplicate instead of something else was because she could only create one, no matter how hard she tried to create more. It just wouldn't happen," Raven explained

"Then...I wonder how I have two..." Weiss murmured after finally dismissing the duplicate. Apparently, she wasn't quiet enough as Raven heard her quite well.

"That is a very good question, yet we might never find the answer for it. Either way kitten, it just means that we have something else for you to work on," Raven said amused, especially with how the young woman moaned lightly in dismay at the prospect.

~_~_~_~_~_~End Flashback~_~_~_~_~_~

"I will be needing your help to take care of this particular Grimm Weiss, don't experiment and just use Glyphs that you already know. If need be, summon a Duplicate with a Shield Glyph," Raven said as the young feline Faunus nodded at that. That was something else the two of them had discovered: Weiss could combine her parent's semblances and have the Duplicate take on a special effect, depending on which Glyph was used.

Weiss nodded at that before asking what particular Grimm they were going to be facing. Once asked, Raven explained what they were about to fight. "A Geist is a rare wraith-like Grimm that can inhabit inanimate objects and using them as an extension of themselves. Luckily for us, I was able to procure some Burn Dust from the last town we were at," Raven said before giving Weiss a fourth of the amount while placing the rest into Munin's Dust Revolving Canister. Weiss copied what Raven did, though not as sure of herself when it came to using the various types of Dust. Something that she knew would change sooner rather than later.

"Support role as usual to start, and then try to survive," Raven said before keeping her guard up as they walked towards the last spot that the Geist had been seen. Seeing Weiss nod, she placed Munin back into its sheathe before drawing it out again, the blade now coated in a fiery glow before quickly jumping out of the way, a dead tree smashing where she was standing just moments before "So, there you are…" she muttered before running towards it, jumping up and cutting the tree limb that it was currently using as a leg. Seeing it down, Raven tried going for the face; however, she had to use a portal to escape from the Golem's right fist. Seeing a shadow-like sigil appear from the right leg as a shadow limb burst forth, Raven growled once it took control of some of the loose stonework in the area, effectively healing itself and standing once more. Dodging the swipes and punches of the 'Golem', Raven tried thinking of something that could go through the stone.

Before she could do anything else, three fireballs blasted the golem in the face, creating small scorch marks on its arms as it used the dead lumber to protect its face. However, the lumber did catch on fire before quickly going up in flames due to the dead trees. For once, both Weiss and Raven were glad for the environment.

Two more shadow glyphs appeared at the side of the things shoulder blades, once again healing the Grimm as he grabbed more suitable material for the fight that it was in. Silently thanking Weiss for the distraction, she changed the Dust Canister in her sheathe to the green colored canister. This was a reward from an earlier mission in the year: a container full of wind dust. Placing the blade back into the sheathe, she felt a light drain of her Aura as the two energies mixed, her Aura creating a 'shell' around the blade so that the excess energy wouldn't hurt her. Taking the energy infused blade out, she panted lightly due to how taxing it was to keep control of the Blade of Wildfire as Weiss had so dubbed it when they were talking about it all those months ago after a lesson of Dust Types. 'Still too long creating the protective shell,' Raven thought before seeing Weiss pelting it with icicles, keeping just out of the reach of the golem's attacks. 'Must have used Haste on herself…' she thought before jumping back into the fight, cutting the golem's arm off at the joint before joining back up with Weiss.

"Damn it, this isn't working," she commented as the brunette watched the Geist create another sigil and regain the 'arm' that Raven just cut off. "Any ideas Weiss?" she asked as Weiss thought for a few seconds.

"I might have one, but it's a little reckless." Weiss admitted while waiting for her mother to ask what it was. Once she did so, Weiss went into detail about her plan: First she would summon a Duplicate with enhanced strength. That Duplicate would take out a leg. And as it crumbled to one knee, Weiss would take out the second leg with a Lancer. After falling flat on its face, she told Raven what she would have to do: use a Blade of Wildfire in order to take off its remaining two limbs. Once that was done, she would be able to pierce the face with another Lancer, but after that would be unable to fight anymore. They had to make this work, or else the consequences would be dire.

"Even if it doesn't, it's better than what I was doing," Raven commented. "I'll go ahead and distract it while you summon a Duplicate, and after that we'll go with your plan. Let's hope it works," Raven said with a nod as Weiss nodded as well before focusing. A few seconds later, a clone of Weiss appeared with crimson eyes. The Duplicate's fur and hair were still tinted a baby blue color, whereas the original Weiss's tail fur and hair were as white as snow. Raven believed that it was the fact that her parents Semblances had fused together that it would never be a perfect duplicate.

"You know the plan Snow?" she asked her double before getting a nod in confirmation. "Alright then," Weiss said before both she and Snow shot a fireball into the sky, the indication for Raven that the plan was going to start as Snow channeled her borrowed Aura into her Myrtenaster. As the tip glowed a soft blue, Snow thrusted the rapier out, using her lancer to hit the Grimm's leading leg, causing it to falter before it crumbled into nothing. However, that too was dashed as Weiss cut out the other leg out from underneath it. Before the Geist could reorient itself and regrow its legs, Raven appeared out of one of her portals and used combination of the Blade of Wildfire and her Iaido Strike, effectively cutting off both arms at the shoulder.

Hearing it yell in pain, Weiss flinched for only half of a second before unleashing her own Lancer, causing its head to crumble, just like how they planned. With it being in so much pain at once, the Geist couldn't concentrate and draw in new material to renew its limbs in order to continue the fight. Once that was done, the entirety of its form crumbled as the Geist reappeared, looking like a wraith with its tattered cloak. With the true body now exposed, it tried escaping. However, Weiss was unable to do anything about it since she had used the last of her energy in that Lancer.

"Snow, Stop it!" Raven ordered as the summoned girl nodded before using her limited Aura to create a glyph, its blue nature quickly shooting several waves of icicles at it, two of them hitting it in the eyes, quickly destroying it. After Weiss was able to recollect enough energy to move, she dismissed Snow after thanking her for her services.

"I still don't get why you do that. She isn't truly alive you know," Raven said before sheathing her sword.

"It just feels right," Weiss replied before getting a light shrug from Raven.

"Alright. Let's head back," Raven stated as Weiss nodded in agreement. After that, she had a small surprise lined up for Weiss, though she didn't know if the girl was going to like the idea of ice skating or not. It would be interesting to see…

I bet Yang would like to try too… the mental voice said, but Raven just ignored it, something that she was getting better at every single day. Though it was still there…and that worried her, especially since she thought it would have been gone by now…

"Mother?" Weiss asked, snapping Raven out of her thoughts.

"Sorry." Raven said as both human and Faunus went through the portal; quickly returning to the entrance of a small village just outside of Mantle's protection. Once they were back in the village, both women headed towards the hotel. However, Raven noticed something that caused her to scowl. Apparently, her brother was paying her a visit…

"Weiss…you still practicing your singing?" she asked, getting a surprised look from the kitten.

"Just because you put up privacy and alarm glyphs doesn't mean I can't hear you. Still though, you're quite good," Raven said as Weiss continued staring at Raven, as if she gained a second head or something.

"What? I'm not allowed to compliment you or something?" she asked.

"No…it's just that I'm not use to you giving me one is all," Weiss admitted with a light blush before telling Raven that she would be at the park. Nodding at that, Raven sighed before heading to talk to her brother. She just knew she wasn't going to like this and would need a drink afterwards.

"So the rumors were true, my sister has been doing mercenary work the last couple of years and had another kid," Qrow said, amused as he took his foot off the wood that he was using to prop himself up as Raven got within hearing distance. Wearing his usual gray dress shirt and black pants, the only thing that was protecting him from the cold was the red cloak that he wore.

"What do you want Qrow?" she asked, not even dignifying a response to her brother's comment about Weiss. Not only was it none of his business what she did with her life; she didn't care what her older brother thought about honoring her friend's dying wish. However, that would change with his next comment.

"So, you ditch your own kid at birth just to pick up a stray?" he asked before feeling steel touching his Adams apple. Pushing the tip of the blade away from his throat, the black-haired man let out a light smirk.

"I'm getting tired of your face brother. I hate repeating myself: what do you want? And I guess I should ask how you found me, so I know what to do to avoid seeing you again…or Weiss meeting you for that matter. I don't want her picking up your bad habits."

"Funny, Tai said the same thing about Ruby and Yang. And that's the reason I'm here Sis," Qrow said before reaching into his jacket and opening his flask, taking a light swig of his alcoholic beverage. "Yang almost got herself, and her sister, killed five years ago while looking for you. It was pure luck that I was able to save them," he said while narrowing his eyes at his sister, especially since he found out that the rumor of her running around with a Faunus child was true. "And she still hasn't given up."


"You should go talk to her Raven, at least explain to your daughter what you are doing and why you are doing it. And if you can't, tell me the reason why you're doting on some stray kitten instead of your own flesh and blood," Qrow said with a tone of disappointment in his voice, as well as a little bit of anger.

"I can't."

"Can't…or won't? Just go talk to her, even for a little bit. You don't have to tell her who you are, just use a disguise or something to talk to Yang."

"I can't…not yet." Raven said before Qrow got a scowl on his face and taking Hugin off his back. He had a feeling that he'd have to spar with her to get the answer. But he'd have to ask this question all the same:

"And why, pray tell, can you not see your own flesh and blood? What in the hells is stopping you Raven?!" Qrow shouted, angry at what his sister was telling him, not realizing that he was drawing attention to them due to his anger.

"That is none of your business…brother," she responded. Her tone was cold, crisp and distant before creating a portal and walking through it. And just like that, her good mood was gone and all plans about how to spend her free time went up in smoke. Once she was gone, Qrow let out a growl of frustration, forgetting how stubborn his sister could be…

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss ~_~_~_~_~_~

Weiss quickly found herself at the park, a little surprised at how quickly she found it…even with some dirty looks because of who she was. Not wanting anymore trouble, she found herself a clearing where no one would bother her. Smiling softly, Weiss began to practice her singing, wanting to make sure that she didn't lose her talent. Not only that, but it was one of the few things she could practice on her own. Though…she did kinda wish there was some way to keep in touch with her friend Sun. She was so in tune with what she was doing that she didn't hear the boy from behind her. It was only when he pulled her tail, causing her pitch to go up in volume, that she knew someone had interfered with her private moment. Looking back, she saw a white-haired male dressed like a butler, wearing a blue blazer and a black tie along with a matching dark blue pair of dress pants.

"I told you this place was for humans only; didn't you hear me, you cat?" the boy exclaimed before a glyph came between the two and pushed him away. "H-how are you doing that?!" he asked as Weiss wrapped her tail around herself, not wanting him to pull on it again.

"Doing what? And how did you get in here anyways? I put glyphs up to stop anyone from coming in," Weiss replied, asking her own set of questions. "And who are you anyways?" she asked as an afterthought, anger in her voice.

"I should be asking you that! Who are you, and how can you use the family's semblance like that?!" he asked, clearly annoyed, especially since she hadn't answered any of his earlier questions. There was only one way that she could use the semblance of the Schnees like that…but…he only had one older sibling, Winter. And father would have never had a Faunus child; he hated their kind just as much as he did. Right?

"I asked you first," Weiss commented, starting to get annoyed with this child in front of her. It seemed like he was extremely biased against Faunus…just like a lot of other places here. It was the main reason why it took them so long to get work and a place to stay.

"Fine. My name is Whitley Schnee. Now your name, Cat?" Whitley asked with a sneer on his face. He didn't know why the name mattered, especially since he wasn't going to call her anything but 'Cat', but he was curious. Plus…there were those Glyphs that this Faunus girl was using.

"Weiss. Weiss Sanara," she replied. Though after hearing the name Schnee, she understood why this boy was being so racist: he was a scion of the person who threw her out when she was four-years-old

"Sanara…why does that name sound familiar?"

"My mother used to work for your father. The same person that supposedly makes his Faunus workers work longer hours than his human workers, as well as let his human workers get a little more money than them. At least that's what the rumors say," she added while seeing Whitley getting red as she continued speaking before finally exploding in anger.

"It isn't true! Those animals…they deserve everything that they get. They attacked mother, almost killed Winter… they've done nothing but make my life miserable!" he growled out, defending his beliefs.

"Oh boo hoo, so a group of Faunus attacked your home. At least you have one. Mom and I don't even have that, we just wander around from village to village, doing whatever job that comes our way," she ranted before walking away, not wanting to start anything. However, her mood was now ruined thanks to him. 'Hmph, like father like son I see,' she thought, not realizing the danger that came from standing up to the popular kid. Of course it wouldn't be until later, but Weiss didn't need to know that…

Once Weiss returned to the hotel, she quickly made her way to the room. Once inside, the Faunus girl flopped onto one of the comfy beds before letting out a soft purr at how soft it was. Turning her head to the side, she saw Raven…in nothing but her bathing suit. "M-mom!" Weiss yelled, quickly closing her eyes and looking away. However, she could already feel the heat rising to her cheeks, completely embarrassed.

"Yes Weiss?" Raven asked.

"Is there a point as to why you're naked?!"

"I have a better question for you kitten. Why are you embarrassed? We're both females after all," she commented as she answered Weiss's question with a question of her own. The older female was hoping to distract her; however, it didn't work.

"That's not the point! And who was that person you met with before I went to the park? " she asked, still annoyed by her younger step-sibling. It was extremely infuriating since she was interrupted from enjoying one of her pastimes by a remembrance from the past.

"No one important," she said before getting dressed, since apparently it was bothering Weiss. "Why do you even ask?"

"Because usually you don't mind me talking to them either. Which means it was someone you didn't want me to meet. So again, who was he?" she asked, staring at her in a way that told Raven she wasn't going to be getting out of answering.

"Fine, you win. It was my brother, Qrow. He's been keeping tabs on a few things that I didn't really want him to keep track of," she admitted with a light sigh. And it was technically true…she wanted to know about Tai and her daughter to make sure that they were safe, but that was it. She didn't need him to comment on her decisions…

"Why didn't you want me to meet him?" She asked, curious. Noticing that her mother bit back the first retort, she settled on telling Weiss that he had several unhealthy habits that he didn't want Weiss to pick up. "Alright. Then if we're done here…can we just get out of here? I'm sick of this place," she commented, her form was still facing away from the naked female.

Raven rose an eyebrow at this, wondering what was going on. Usually Weiss wasn't like this... "Weiss…what's wrong?" she asked softly, concerned. This was not like the cat Faunus that she had come to care for as a daughter…

"I…met my younger brother. He has the same views as that man…" Weiss responded softly, repeating herself once again when Raven requested it since she whispered it. "And I have this feeling that he's going to try and get back at me. Not only am I his bastard sister, or a Faunus, but what is most likely the worst crime, to him anyways, is that I humiliated him in public."

"So, you think he's going to retaliate in some way, don't you?" Raven asked, although she already had an idea as to what the answer would be. Seeing that Weiss hadn't answered yet, she looked over at the girl and saw that she had fallen asleep. Sighing lightly, she knew that she would be okay… at least for the time being. Deciding to not risk the chance of waking her, she moved into the hallway of the hotel, "Alright brother…I guess I am a little curious as to what happened…" she muttered. Opening her scroll and scrolling down her limited contact list, Raven found Qrow's number and pressed the send button.

"Sis?" Qrow's voice came through the device in her hands, his tone inquisitive. Then again, the last time that she had called was when decided to leave her family behind…

"Yeah, it's me. You said that you saved Yang and her sister?" she asked, curiosity laced in her tone. "Who exactly is her sister and who's the mother?" Raven asked, for once being curious about her family in the last fifteen years.

"You know…I shouldn't answer that due to how you've been dicking around with that Faunus, but I'll cut you a break since you called me. Yang's sister is named Ruby Rose, and yes, she is the daughter of your partner: Summer Rose. And I did. You want to hear the details?" he asked, assuming that was the case.

"And if I did?" she asked defensively.

"Then I say that it's better to meet in person so I can tell you what your stubborn daughter did. That stubbornness was something she definitely gained from you," he replied. "There's a bar a few blocks from the hotel that you're staying at. Meet me in fifteen," he said before hanging up. Raven sighed as she pressed the end button on her scroll as well before rubbing her temples.

'Well it's about time that you took an interest in your biological daughter…' her consciousness said before Raven ignored the voice as usual. Then again, it wasn't all that hard nowadays...

Deciding that she had time to kill, Raven decided on walking to the bar that Qrow told her about, not surprised at all that he wanted to meet in a bar of all places. During her walk, she started reminiscing about Mistral. While there were more bad memories than good, there were still some great moments that she had here…


"Come on Rae, stop being such a stick in the mud!" Tai commented before ducking underneath a thrown snowball. "And where are you taking us anyways?" he asked as his partner just shook her head at that.

"Come on Tai, you know sis doesn't like that nickname," Qrow said as he tried playing peacekeeper between the two budding lovebirds.

"No, she just doesn't like the pet name I came up with for her," he joked. Knowing that this was true, he wasn't paying attention to Raven…who hit him straight between the eyes with a snowball. Wiping the snow off his face, he saw the smirking façade of one Raven Branwen.

"Having trouble keeping up Tweety?" she asked, getting a light laugh out of the white-themed leader. However, that was soon short lived as she ate a snowball herself.

"Snowball fight!" Tai shouted before diving behind a bench, blocking all "shots" from Qrow and his sister. It was a good thing that they were in the park at the time…

~_~_~_~_~_~End Flashback~_~_~_~_~_~

Raven let a small smile grace her face, surprised that she had already walked to the bar while strolling down memory lane.

"Now that's a rare sight to see," Qrow quipped as he saw her smiling like that.

"Shut up," she responded. "Anyways, why did you want me to meet with you here instead of just telling me what happened over the lines?" she asked, curious as Qrow took a small swig from his flask. Screwing the top back on and placing it in his coat pocket, the young man turned and looked at his sister, deadly serious.

"Because what I'm about to tell you isn't common knowledge. If people found out who I was…"

"You mean like how I was found out by Cinder?" she asked.

"Exactly. But that isn't truly important right now," he responded before placing a hand up to stop any response. "Anyways, you came here for a story. I was just getting back from a mission when I saw a speck of blonde hair. Following it, I saw that it was your little girl pulling a wagon. She couldn't have been more than five years old at the time Raven…and yet here she was pulling Ruby in a little red wagon."

"All because she got a rumor of where I was?" she asked, getting a nod from her brother.

"Exactly. If I was even a second later…I don't want to think about what the consequences would be," he admitted. "I'm not trying to guilt trip you here sis, but that wouldn't have happened if you at least talked to her. Explain why you're staying away from her, her sister and their father," Qrow said honestly. "If it helps, I can watch over the kid for you if you want. It'd be a good bonding experience…"

"Not on your life, Qrow. I would never forgive myself, nor would Calypso, if I let her pick up any of your habits."

"Name one bad habit."

"You're a dr-"

"Besides being a drunk," Qrow commented.

"Skirt chaser for one. You intentionally antagonize people that annoy you, bit of a smartass, and if you put your mind to it, you can be a sneaky bastard when you want to be. And that's just what comes from the top of my mind, brother." Raven replied. "I'm sure I can think of others if you want," she added.

"No, you've made your point. I get it. But my offer still stands Rae...I'll look over the kid if that's the only thing that's stopping you from seeing them," Qrow said, being honest as Raven thought it over for a few seconds.

"If she gains any habits of yours…"

"Don't worry sis, she won't. Promise." Qrow said before starting to head inside to get a drink before Raven grabbed his arm. Looking back, she saw the look that she gave him; the one when she was either completely serious or pissed off. "Yes?"

"If I do this, you don't hound me or Weiss again unless I call you. And if we do meet up again for whatever reason, you don't ask if I've gone back to visit, alright? Whether I go on my own or not is my decision. Understand?"

"I got it Rae. Now can I go in and get my drink? I promise to be sober for when I meet your brat. First impressions and all that," he said before wrestling his arm out of his sister's grasp and heading into the bar. Before Raven could head back to the hotel, she got a text on her scroll saying, "Two hours"

Raven assumed he meant two hours between him drinking and meeting up with Weiss. She just hoped that this wouldn't be a bad idea. Heading back to the hotel, Raven still wondered if this was still good for Qrow, Weiss and herself. Weiss did have to put up with her younger brother after all. Making her way to their room, the young woman saw that Weiss was up and reading something.

~_~_~_~_~_~Two Hours Later~_~_~_~_~_~

"Are you sure this won't become a catastrophe?" Weiss asked for what seemed like the tenth time in the last five minutes. And once again, Raven replied that it was probably not, but that it was also the best way to stop Qrow from bugging them both …hopefully.

"With the way that you describe him though…this sounds like a disaster," Weiss commented before hearing a knock on the door.

"Sis, it's me. Open up," Qrow requested, his weapon resting comfortably on his back, though he was starting to get stared at. And while he didn't mind staring at beautiful women, he didn't like being stared at himself…due to his job. Raven did as he requested, staring at her brother for a few seconds before he walked in.

"Alright, so I should be back soon. Make sure that Qrow doesn't take you to any bars or brothels. If he does, you have my permission to use Lancer or that other Aura technique you're working on. But try not to cause trouble for him, please Weiss?"

"Yes mom," Weiss exasperated. "I'll try not causing trouble for the doofus," she commented as Qrow narrowed his eyes lightly at the term, but didn't say anything about it. Raven sighed, knowing that was the best she was going to get from the feline.

"And you," Raven said before turning to her brother. "know what I expect. Anything deviating from that and you have a date with Munin. Understand?" She asked, her eyes glowing for half of a second as she tapped into her Aura.

"Crystal clear Sis. Now get going, otherwise you won't get back anytime soon," Qrow said as Raven just nodded. It shouldn't take her more than a week to get back: two days to get there, one day to talk and recharge her reserves then another two days to get back. Heading out of the room, Qrow closed it behind her as Raven made her way to the forest knowing that swinging her sword in a crowded area like the town was a bad idea.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss and Qrow ~_~_~_~_~_~

"So... what makes you so special, hm?" Qrow commented after Raven left, turning to see the kitten on the bed. He knew that she would have to use more than one to make it to Patch, spend time with her true family and then get back here to the...daughter that she adopted. Something that he still didn't understand.

"What do you mean?"

"Raven…she has a family, a true family. A husband, daughter, everything and then one day she just runs away from it all. Next I see her, she's with a new brat that she has no ties to. So…what makes it so that she runs away from her perfect life in Patch to becoming a wanderer with a stray kitty cat like you?" he asked, anger invading his tone at the end of his rant.

Weiss's tail drooped after hearing him say all that, not sure how to respond. She did, however; know that she needed to get away from this man. She didn't want to be in the same room as a person who held so much negativity towards her…and decided to leave the room, running past the man.

"Weiss, wait!" Qrow shouted as he attempted to run after her. There were a few problems with that though: Weiss was smaller than him, as well as more agile. She was also more flexible than him…so when he finally got outside the hotel, all he could see was a small speck of a blue-white tail. And while he was experienced with people who had Semblances that used clones, he wasn't familiar with Weiss. As such, he wasn't unsure what to look for when it came to choosing between the real Weiss and the clone of hers.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss ~_~_~_~_~_~

Weiss panted as she stood at the entrance of the park from yesterday. She had used Duplicate to confuse and get away from Qrow. 'He's almost as bad as father was…' she thought while catching her breath, not used to full out sprinting like that. Small bursts, on the other hand…plus, she had never run while being emotional before running, both factors contributing to the fact that Weiss was currently out of breath. Thankful to be alone, she quickly fell backwards onto the snowy plains and closed her eyes for a brief second. This; however, proved to be a big mistake as she was then hit with a snowball.

"I thought I told you not to come back here, you freak," Whitley commented before another snowball was thrown. However, unlike the previous one, this had a small amount of ice in the middle of it, wanting to make sure that he hurt the cat Faunus. Weiss tried pulling up a defensive glyph, but due to her fatigue it would only hold for so long and five ice-filled snowballs later, the glyph started cracking before breaking completely.

"Now get her, before she can use any other glyphs! But don't knock her out, I want to talk to her," Whitley exclaimed, which caused Weiss to hiss lightly in anger at that. She knew that telling him the truth was bad; not only did she not consider herself a Schnee ever since her father threw her out, but she knew that he would never believe her.

As the first bully came close, she tried blocking his sloppy punch with her arm, executing what was called a middle block. Luckily for her, it was enough to push him off course. Unfortunately, she didn't see the second bully come from behind until it was too late, and she was forced to the ground. From there, Whitley and his cronies started ganging up on her. All three were kicking her, and one of the bullies found a perverse pleasure in yanking on her tail, causing her to yowl in pain as the blows continued raining down on her.

"Get her up!" Whitley exclaimed after fifteen minutes of beating the feline. As his friends did as Whitley ordered, though they could already see her Aura trying to heal the damage they caused. Wincing lightly as they roughly brought her into a standing position, the two minions held onto her arms tightly. "Now then, I'm going to ask you a question, Faunus scum. Answer truthfully and we'll be kind. Tell us lies however…" he said, letting the threat hang in the air.

"Is this…how you get… off?" Weiss breathed out, before wincing lightly as she got punched in the gut.

"Just because you're a female doesn't mean I won't hit you, remember that. If you were an actual lady, then I'd reconsider, but you're just a filthy animal pretending to be human. So, I don't feel that bad about any of this. But I guess with such a filthy mouth that I should lay some ground rules. Tame animals do follow those after all…" he taunted but Weiss resisted reacting to the bait. Tsk'ing lightly at that, he continued. "Rule one: You won't tell anyone about this after we're done. If you do, we'll know…and as a Schnee, I have certain privileges that others do not. Rule Two: You will not badmouth my family name. Well…technically you're already doing it by somehow using those glyphs of ours…"

"Go…to…Hell…" she commented before getting hit in the gut again, this time by Whitley himself. This caused her to grunt lightly. She wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of crying out in pain.

"And now you've just broken rule three. Bad Kitty," he said with a grin. "And just so that you don't break it again, rule three is this: No talking unless spoken to and only then it's to speak the truth. Understand?" He asked before getting a defiant stare from the ice blue eyes of Weiss Sanara. This caused him to growl lightly before nodding to his buddy on the left. The goon quickly moved his foot to being above Weiss's tail and then let gravity take its course, stomping on it. Subconsciously, she tried pulling her tail close to her body, but the goon was having none of it as he kept his foot firmly on it.

"Do. You. Understand?" he asked as he balled his hand into a fist, getting ready to hit her again if she didn't comply. Before he could do so, someone grabbed his fist.

"Is this how the people here settle things? By ganging up on people?" a female voice asked, anger clearly in her tone as she moved her hand down so that she now held onto Whitney's wrist before putting pressure on it. Before his minions could let go and help their 'boss', the blonde-haired female glanced at them as her lilac eyes changing to crimson. This caused them to pause and reconsider helping Whitley. Valuing their pride and lives, they quickly turned and fled. Whitley followed suit soon after, but not before giving the two a nasty glare.

Once making sure that the trio of bullies was gone, the blonde-haired woman went over to the feline faunus. Making sure to not appear intimidating at all, she slowly kneeled in front of her. "Do you want any help?" she asked the cat Faunus.

"I'm fine. Thanks though," she replied before slowly getting into a sitting position. Not realizing how close she was to the new girl, Weiss was caught staring into a pair of lilac eyes…that were way to close to her for comfort, causing Weiss to scramble. This caused some of her injuries to remind her that they were still there, causing her to hiss lightly in pain.

"Hey! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you!" she exclaimed before moving back just a little. Seeing the cat Faunus slowly breathing in and out, she smiled lightly. "Perhaps we got off on the wrong foot, I'm Yang. I also promise that I'm not gonna hurt you. And you?" Yang said as she extended her hand to the cat Faunus, leaving it there so that she could take her time. After something like that, Yang had a feeling the girl wasn't that trusting in humans right now.

Weiss looked at the hand, before looking up at the smiling face of Yang, surprised at how similar she looked to Raven. Sniffling once, Weiss slowly got herself quickly composed. Taking the offered hand, she noticed that Yang's smile got bigger as she pulled Weiss up. Not only that, but she felt a soft warmth surround her as the human female did so. Nothing that would chase the cold of the region away, but something that promised she was safe, protected. Shaking the thought away, she noticed that Yang was still waiting for an answer, a name.

"Weiss. And…thanks for the help," she said after a while. If this was five years ago, she wouldn't bother thanking the girl, but Raven had proven how valuable teamwork and asking for help was. Sun, in his own way, also showed how appropriate that was as well.

"Don't mention it Weissy! Back home, we all get along…none of this discrimination nonsense," Yang said as her grin didn't falter in the least. However, hearing the mangling of her name, Weiss narrowed her eyes lightly at that.

"It's Weiss. Not Weissy or anything like that."

"Aw…don't be a stick in the mud Weissy," Yang said, ignoring Weiss's comment completely. She also ignored the light growl that came from Weiss as well. Seeing her father waving at her, she smiled before waving back. "Seriously though, will you be okay? I can ask dad if you can follow us around if you want," she offered as Weiss just shook her head at that.

"Alright then Weiss. I hope I see you around," she said before heading towards her father, waving back towards the white-haired girl. Responding with a wave of her own, Weiss idly wondered why Yang looked so much like Raven…and if Yang had Faunus-like hearing, she would have heard the words that Weiss thought she was thinking…

"There you are," Qrow muttered after Yang and her father had left. It was actually lucky that Qrow didn't see Yang and her father, Taiyang; that way he wouldn't have to answer any unwanted questions. Like why he was here when he should have been looking after Ruby, Yang's sister, for example. Then again, if Tai had told them that they were going to be in Atlas for a Winter Wonderland, then he wouldn't have sent Raven back to Patch…

Weiss winced lightly as she heard Raven's brother's voice cut through the air, but she didn't shrink back or do anything to react to that fear. Seeing Qrow looking glad to see her, she tensed up since she was expecting another verbal lashing. "You've been looking for me?" she asked, a little surprised as Qrow came closer to her.

"Why wouldn't I? Sure, I may not totally like you for gallivanting through the world with my sister instead of her staying with her family, but I gotta admit that you have quite some skills there, especially when it comes to fleeing," he replied. And that, was true.

"Then…can we try again? Start over from scratch?" Weiss asked as Qrow thought about it for a few seconds. While thinking, Weiss was squirming lightly, not sure what was going on in that head of his, and it sort of scared her.

"I suppose we can do that," he said with his patented smirk in place. He hadn't seen what happened, but he could guess that Weiss was in a fight based on the bruises that were still healing. And if she was still conscious and standing; that meant one of two things: either she could fight on her own, or she could take one hell of a beating and continue onwards as if nothing happened. Either option slightly impressed him. "I'm Qrow Branwen, older brother of Raven Xiao Long. Also, a drunk," he said while adding the last part on as if he was proud of it, causing Weiss to shake her head at that.

"I can see why mom wants to hurt you," Weiss commented, getting a raised eyebrow from Qrow as a result. Instead of elaborating on the comment, she continued her introduction. "and I am Weiss Sanara…bastard child of Jacques Schnee and Calypso 'Cal' Sanara."

"I see. Though I'm not going to apologize for my earlier actions," he replied to which Weiss scowled lightly. Then again, they considered that water under the bridge, so she let it slide…as much as she didn't want to.

"I didn't expect you to…Uncle?" she tested.

"Just Qrow will do," he said quickly, causing Weiss to nod. After that, they both headed back to the hotel. While on the way back, Qrow ducked into an unused alleyway as he spotted Yang and her father once again. Weiss was about to start waving before Qrow stopped her.

"What are you doing?" he whispered aggressively, almost scared of having the duo find him since he wasn't supposed to be here. Once the two were out of view, Weiss turned towards the man, glaring angrily at him before asking why the hell she shouldn't use a glyph on him right then and there.

"Because they know me," he said, leaving it at that. Qrow didn't know if Raven had told Weiss or not about her past. And since he didn't know, he wouldn't be telling that story anytime soon. Not only was it not his story to tell…but he valued his skin far too much for that.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Raven ~_~_~_~_~_~

Raven panted lightly as she appeared in an alleyway within the City of Vale. Breathing heavily, she looked around before realizing where she was, especially when she could see the prestigious white cathedral-like building known as Beacon Academy. Deciding that the best course of action was to steer clear of the school, to not get caught up in any of Ozpin's schemes just yet, she went towards a hotel that frequented. Stepping onto the familiar marble floor, she let out a soft sigh as the atmosphere enveloped her once more.

"Mrs. Xiao Long, welcome back. It's been a while since we've last seen you," Phillip said as he greeted Raven.

"It's actually Miss Branwen again, Phillip," Raven replied. In fact, if she remembered correctly, the last time that she was here was when she and Taiyang had just gotten married. "Is my usual room available currently?" she asked to which he nodded.

"My apologies. I will have Shu escort you to your room Ms. Branwen," Phillip replied as he gave Raven her key. "Will you be staying with us long this visit?" he asked. Raven thought about the answer for a few seconds before responding that she would only be here for a couple of days.

Nodding at that, Shu escorted her to a standard room that was on the fourth floor. After asking if she needed anything else and getting a negative response in return, he bowed lightly before closing the door. Immediately after that happened, Raven locked the door before dressing down to her undergarments and fell onto the bed, quickly heading to dreamland as soon as her head hit the pillow.

Tomorrow would be a day of rest and relaxation to gain her energy back. And if something changed that, well…that thing would not be in the world of the living for long.

Chapter End