Dragon and Sword Master: Once again, the Grimble is another fanart picture from the wonderful Blue-Hearts on DA. Despite being a cute little dog, it is still a Grimm…and quite possibly capable of tearing your face off.

Chapter 4: Past Problems in the Icy Tundra Part 2

Raven woke up and quickly grabbed for Munin as she didn't recognize the surroundings that she was in for half of a second. However, events from the previous day came back to her and she slowly put the Odachi back into its scabbard. 'So glad that Weiss or Qrow didn't see me just then…' she thought, blushing up a storm knowing that they would have never let her live it down otherwise.

Blinking back the sleep in her eyes, she noticed that she was just outside the kingdom of Vale and sighed lightly as she continued waking up. Once fully awake, she did her morning rituals and got ready for the day. She knew that she couldn't use her portal for another day or two and was forced to stay within the village. Sighing lightly after getting dressed, she wondered just what there was to do around here…

Stepping out of the Inn, she raised her hand as the sun battered her eyes. This was going to be another long two days…

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss and Qrow ~_~_~_~_~_~

"Again!" Qrow shouted, getting a nod from the female feline as she got up in her stance. The first time that he had asked if she knew how to use the rapier that was on the bedside next to her, she nodded her head at that. In response, Qrow asked to see what she could do. Once doing so, he noticed that she was still stiff when it came to swordplay. As such, while Raven was gone he was trying to correct her on that.

"This…is hard…" she commented, breathing heavily as she brought her rapier back up.

"Most things are Weiss, but you are getting better. You're almost as good as my niece Ruby is with the practice Scythe that I gave her," he commented, giving her a rare, but definitely earned, compliment.

"Thanks," Weiss said before picking herself back up, though this time her rapier was at her side instead of held like she normally did: held away from her body and her elbow at a forty-five-degree angle. Qrow smirked lightly at that since that was the first step in being unpredictable and not committing to any stance. Though whether it was out of fatigue or not was the question...

"Good, just like that. Not only do you look open, but you lull your opponent into making the first move. Which is always a mistake on their part."

"Because they aren't as calm and patient as I am?" she asked, getting a nod from the male. "So now what?" she asked.

"Now we practice your resolve with that form, if you want to, that is. I'm not a slave driver. If you want to stop for today, then just say the word," Qrow said as Weiss thought about it for a few seconds before shrugging lightly.

"You told me you were going to help me with becoming unpredictable in battle. Practice like this is nothing. I can still do this," Weiss exclaimed before getting up on her two feet, slowly setting herself into the form that she had just learned. Her rapier pointing towards the ground and her feet a shoulder's length apart.

"Alright then, here's what we're going to do. You'll stay in that stance and I'll come at you randomly. Your task is to block or move my blade. And don't worry about its size or weight, I'm using White Gravity Dust to make it lighter. Don't want your weapon to break or anything," he said with a light chuckle while noticing the death glare he got for his troubles of saying such a thing. "Kitty, I've seen death glares from Summer Rose and my sister that are more potent and deadlier than yours. And they could back those up," he commented before Weiss scowled lightly.

"Alright fine, you win." She growled out as he smirked once again. "Now then, are we going to start training or what?" she exclaimed, being just a little bit pushy at that.

"Just remember you said that when this is over kid," Qrow said before rushing in, pulling his sword out and going for a thrusting motion. Weiss quickly blocked it by bringing her rapier up, and because of that, she was pushed backwards. However, she wasn't skewered… even if she really wanted to use a Glyph instead to push him back.

"Not bad kid. Now let's see if you can keep it up," he said with a smirk. Not only was he going to come at the cat Faunus at random intervals, but also at random angles and range of attacking. He was going to make sure that she was good enough to be around his sister…

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Raven ~_~_~_~_~_~

"I cannot believe my luck…or lack thereof," Raven muttered. Having been told about a bar by a citizen, she made her ways towards it. Being the only female in the bar, she sauntered towards the counter and asked for some whiskey once taking a seat. Looking around, she noticed how everyone was starting to look at her as if she was a slab of meat, which she quickly disintegrated by drawing Munin and stabbing it into the floor next to her. Before the barkeeper could open his mouth to say something, Raven placed a card full of Lien on the counter. Quickly taking the card, the barkeeper poured Raven what she had asked: three shots of whiskey.

"So... what brings you here stranger?" one of the male patrons asked as he took the chair that was next to her, not minding the sword that stabbed into the floor.

"Not interested" she said, hoping that would be enough for him to get the hint and leave. Apparently; however, it was not as he continued talking to her. But since he wasn't doing anything other than annoying her, Raven decided to just tune him out. Slamming back another shot, Raven looked over the bar wondering what else that she could do to pass the day until she felt a hand on her wrist. Turning back around to see who was foolhardy enough, she saw the same man from a few seconds prior. "Still not interested. And you're going to lose that hand in three seconds if you don't let go," she said with narrowed eyes.

"I highly doubt that you can pull that blade up with just one hand missy," the guy said as Raven just narrowed her eyes at the idiot. He was still holding onto her arm, but luckily it wasn't the one that was closest to the sword. "You just don't have the-" anything that was going to be said after that was lost to the man as he started howling in pain while watching his wrist bleeding profusely on the floor. Once he got enough control over his pain, anger started seeping from the man in droves. "You bitch!" he shouted.

"I did warn you," Raven said nonchalantly while shooting back another round of whiskey. "Not my fault you didn't believe me," she said before putting the glass back on the bar upside down. With two shots down, she had a feeling that she wouldn't be enjoying the third one peacefully. In a fit of rage, the now one-handed man charged her. Raven just shook her head in pity as she reattached her sword to her belt, wondering if his stupidity was from the alcohol or genetic. Ducking lazily under the swipe of the angry challenger, she did some quick jabs to his solar plexus before sending him flying into a few nearby tables with a mule kick.

Thinking it was over, she was quickly surprised when another patron snuck up behind her before placing a knife to her throat.

"Now that wasn't very nice what you did to my friend over there…"

Raven could now confirm that it was indeed the alcohol that was making these men stupid as she knocked the guy in the face with a backwards headbutt. She soon followed that up by lifting her lower body up and wrapped her legs around the guy's head. The one-handed man's friend soon joined him as he was flung across the room to the exact same spot. Raven then turned to the other patrons, a dark aura surrounding her.

"Anyone else think they can woo me tonight?" She asked casually, wiping the dust from her clothes. Not getting a response, she smirked and turned back to the bar. Maybe now she can enjoy that third drink…or maybe not. Catching movement out of the corner of her eye, she sighed as she saw a third man starting to get up. Unlike the others though, she knew this man had some fighting experience…and wasn't drunk. Not wanting to damage the bar any further, Raven quickly took the third shot of whiskey before drinking it and placing the empty cup, along with a few cards of Lien on the table for the damages before walking out of the bar, the other man following her.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss and Qrow ~_~_~_~_~_~

"Alright kiddo, that's enough for right now. Take a break," Qrow commented, noticing that Weiss was breathing heavily and barely standing, using her rapier as if it were a crutch.


"No, you can't Weiss. You can barely stand and I bet even a lowly Grimble could take you out," he commented. He sighed as he continued seeing Weiss trying to get up. "I swear my sister taught you her stubbornness as well. Rest." he ordered while keeping an eye on her. Seeing that she had opted to rest on the ground, he chuckled lightly at that but kept an eye on her all the same.

Fifteen minutes later, Weiss felt semi-refreshed and was slowly starting to stand. Seeing a crow above her, she looked at it curiously before it flew down. Once hitting the ground, it turned back into the man who had been training her while her mother was…somewhere. Before she could ask, he quickly replied that it was his semblance. "That's…actually quite interesting" Weiss said.

Qrow just shrugged his shoulders at that. He could tell Weiss it helped with what he did, but then again, he was never sure as to who was listening. He could easily name the amount of people who knew about his semblance on one hand, though now it was almost two, though only Ozpin knew what it was that he did. "So…what exactly can I do if I can't train?" Weiss asked as Qrow shrugged once again.

"You can sing, go ice skating, or there's all this snow on the ground. Surely you know what you can do with snow, right kiddo?" he asked

"I know what snow is," Weiss snapped back. Before he could say anything else, teasing or serious, Weiss quickly used a glyph to form a snowball before throwing it at him. "See?" she added with a light smirk on her face as it hit him square in the face. After the snow fell off his face, he saw the white-haired feline smirking lightly before mirroring the look himself.

"You realize that this means war, right?" he asked, causing the girl to gulp lightly in response at that as Weiss created a Haste Duplicate, who after being summoned just for five seconds, already had ten snowballs made.

"…Now that's just not fair…" he admitted before starting to dodge and pick up snow at the same time, throwing whenever he could, which wasn't often sadly. This is what Yang and Taiyang came to see after two hours had passed without seeing him.

"Weissy!" Yang exclaimed as Tai just smirked at that.

"So this is the Cat Faunus you told me about yesterday…"

"Dad…" Yang whined before ducking under a wayward snowball that came their way, hitting her father straight in the face causing her to laugh out loud…right before getting snow dumped onto her head and hair. "Hey!" she shouted, annoyed.

"Revenge!" Tai shouted, amused at the reaction of his daughter before seeing her glare and mentally gulped.

"Weiss, you wouldn't mind teaming up with me, would you?" she asked as the cat Faunus thought about it for a few seconds before nodding, an evil smirk starting to form on her face.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Raven ~_~_~_~_~_~

Raven stumbled into her hotel room, feeling her Aura slowly healing her bruised and battered body. Sure, the two idiots at the bar were easy to deal with, but the man who followed her outside had been anything but. "Ugh…" she moaned into her pillow. However, if that was going to be the consequence for defending herself from drunk idiots, then so be it. She wasn't permanently hurt, and she knew that by tomorrow morning she would be feeling as if nothing happened; one of the great benefits of being able to tap into your Aura.

Though what worried her more was that during the day, she started hearing that voice again. The same voice that she heard back when they were in Vacuo…

'What is that voice anyways…?' she thought, especially since it seemed like it would only criticize her. At least it was something that she could ignore, but it was starting to get annoying all the same. At least tomorrow she could finally get to Patch and talk to Taiyang like her brother wanted, as well as maybe see her daughter. Maybe.

'Or it could just blow up in your face…' it commented, causing Raven to sigh. That was a possibility also, but either way, after she tried she wouldn't have to deal with her brother pestering her anymore before slowly falling asleep.

Four hours later, Raven's crimson eyes opened wide as she sat up, hyperventilating. Sure, she knew that was a possibility but seeing it play out like that…that wasn't something she wanted to see. Sighing lightly, she closed her eyes in a hope to get a little more sleep. Though she had a feeling that it would be troubled at best…

However, seven hours later, Raven slowly woke up to the world. Grabbing her sword and clipping it to her belt, she closed her eyes for a few seconds to check on her Aura. Finding that it was at optimal levels, she could head back to Patch. Of course, this would be after she paid off her tab. Heading down the stairs, she saw one of the people that she had taken out yesterday at the bar and sighed lightly, expecting even more trouble. What made it even worse was it was the guy that she cut the hand off as well. 'Great. Just great,' she thought. Going against her better judgement, she made her presence known.

"I'd like to checkout please," she said while mentally preparing herself for another fight, just in case. However, she didn't see the man flinch as he heard her voice.

"M-ma'am" he stammered lightly, causing Raven to turn and look at him, hand on her sword just in case.

"Can I help you?"

"I... I want to apologize for my actions yesterday. For both myself and my buddies," he said. "We were drunk. I know it's not much of an excuse, but it's the truth," he said, not knowing what else to say or do.

"And you think I'm just going to forgive you, just like that?" she bit out, not easily giving him the forgiveness that he was looking for. "You and your friends deserved what you got yesterday, and it wouldn't have happened if you just listened. Next time a female says 'No', you listen to her. Understand?" she asked, getting a quick nod from the man.

"I will, I promise," he commented while doing his best not to piss himself as the woman walked past him and exited the building. After exiting, she grabbed her sword and swished it behind her while activating her semblance. With the pool of crimson behind her, she quickly walked into the portal. Walking out of it, she was at the destination that she didn't want to be back anytime soon: Patch. Seeing the log cabin in front of her, she sighed lightly at this, clearly wondering if this would end in a positive outcome.

'Having cold feet? What would your brother say, hm?'

"Oh shut up. I just think this is a bad idea all around," Raven replied…before realizing that she was talking to herself and sighed lightly while wondering if she was going insane or not. Deciding that it was better to just not ask as she made her way towards the door. Thinking for a few seconds, she reached down and picked up the hidden key underneath the loose plank. 'Why doesn't Tai ever fix that…?' she wondered before shrugging lightly and letting herself inside, being careful not to make any sound as she traversed the place that she once called home.

However, before she could make her way to where Yang's room once was when she was still with them, before hearing a door open. Turning around, she saw a young female with black hair and instantly wondered who it was, especially since she knew that her daughter was a blonde, just like her husband.

"Hello?" the young girl asked, wondering if she did see someone outside her door while looking around. At the age of eight, the red cloak that she was wearing wrapped around her body like a blanket instead of a nightgown.

'Summer? No wait, her cloak was white. And besides, I heard that Summer died. She must be Summer's kid, going by the cloak…but…did Tai marry Summer?' she thought to herself while mentally hating the idea of such a thought. Then again…she did vanish off the face of the earth. Why wouldn't he have remarried?

"I-I'm friends with the mayor! I can call him right now and have him rally the police!" she shouted bravely.

"Relax little one, I'm friends with your papa. Is he home?" Raven asked, telling the girl a small lie. Before the girl could respond, she let out a light little sneeze and cough.

"Sorry…Yang and papa aren't here. It's only me," the brunette replied before coughing again, albeit a little harder than before. "I got sick the day before we were to go to Atlas …" she replied as Raven's eyes widened in surprise before quickly shaking the emotion away.

"I'm sorry to hear that…"

"Ruby," she identified herself as, believing that she could trust the woman in front of her since she identified herself as one of her father's friends.

"Well then, I'm sorry to hear that Ruby. Though, you know…you remind me a lot of my partner. Would you happen to know a Summer Rose?" she asked, feigning interest. Though when she saw her silver eyes light up, Raven smirked for the briefest of seconds.

"She's my mom, though she passed away a few years ago," she replied with a light frown. "I wish I could remember what she looked like…"

"You don't have any memories of her?" Raven asked as Ruby nodded in response. "Well then…how about I tell you a story?"

'Another person that isn't your daughter…and yet you're acting motherly to her…' the voice commented, causing Raven to growl lightly but ultimately ignored it.


"Sorry…Now then, how about I tell you about the first time I met your mother, hm?" She asked, getting the attention of the young girl.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss ~_~_~_~_~_~

"So…what should I do with Whitley?" Weiss asked as Qrow lounged on the bed that belonged to his sister, both mostly ready for bed. She had been letting that thought go through her head ever since the snowball fight ended and both Tai and Yang left for their hotel.

"I can't fight your battles for you princess. If your younger brother is causing you trouble, then figure it out on your own," Qrow responded.

"...Somehow, I had a feeling you would say that," Weiss said with a sigh before thinking on how to handle the little racist. She already knew that he was a little bully, wanting to overwhelm his opponent with numbers and especially not fight fairly, if her previous altercation was any indication.

"Well that's the real world for you. The only person you can truly rely on is yourself; the quicker you learn that the better off you are," he responded before taking a swig out of his flask. "Anyways princess, I'm going to sleep. You're welcome to do a little training outside if you want but don't go too far" he added before getting comfortable on the bed and falling asleep. He was glad that he had already come up with how he knew the girl without telling the two about Raven.

Again, he valued his skin way too much to betray his sister like that. Antagonizing her about it was one thing, telling Tai and Yang about it was just going to bring about disaster. Besides…it seemed like both of Raven's daughters were hitting it off, and he definitely didn't want to mess with that.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Yang and Tai ~_~_~_~_~_~

Tai was grinning at seeing his young daughter smile for the first time in what seemed like a long time…even if it was somewhat at his expense. Though he was curious as to what Raven's brother was doing with that Feline Faunus. He'd ask him the next time that he came around. "So…that was the faunus girl you were telling me about. I can see why she caught your cat's eye," Tai said with a grin, laughing when she groaned lightly at that one.

"Oh come on Sunshine, I don't groan at your puns now do I?"

"But mine aren't as bad as yours," Yang replied with a smug look, though she tilted her head to the side when her dad gave her a look of disbelieving. "What? They aren't"

"Keep telling yourself that Sunshine. Keep telling yourself that," Tai replied as Yang just pouted at that one before growling at Tai for doing such an act. However, if it was anyone else who did that, then they would have just lost said hand.

Yet the only thing that Taiyang Xiao Long had to hear was the whining voice of "Daaaaaaaaad!" coming from his young blonde daughter.

'Still though…how did Qrow know that girl?' he thought while also wondering where his wife was in the wonderful world of Remnant.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Ruby and Raven ~_~_~_~_~_~

"There's no way that is true Raven," Ruby said as she waited at the table as Raven was making some food. Granted she couldn't use the oven/stove without directions, the microwave was a different story. And it seemed as if Taiyang had thought ahead enough to give Ruby enough dinners to last her a month.

"It is definitely true. Your Uncle Qrow wore a skirt for one straight week because of a dare. Ask your father…" at this, she got a faraway look to her as well as an air of sadness.

"Um…Raven?" Ruby asked, wondering if she was okay or not. Before Raven could answer, the microwave beeped, indicating that it was done heating the food for them. Taking it out, she placed both on the counter and let the girl choose which one to take first. After that, she thought about which story would be great to tell the eight-year-old. As she was eating, the woman got a grin on her face as the perfect story came to mind.

Once they were done eating, Raven took the plates to the sink before washing them and then asking Ruby where they went. With that done, Raven turned the brunette with a light smirk on her face. "Did your dad ever tell you about the time we went on a Cookie Raid because of your mother?" she asked, having a feeling that Ruby loved cookies as much as her mother did.

"Dad never told me about that…"

"Well then, it was late at night and your mother was craving cookies. Nothing new, I'm sure you've been told that a thousand times, but it happened. Usually, I, as her partner kept a bag of cookies in the nightstand for just the occasion. Unfortunately, those bags were empty and I hadn't gone into Vale to restock. So, your mother has the brilliant idea to steal cookies from the kitchen."

"Mom would never do something like that…she was too nice to do something like that!" Ruby quickly said, as she came to the defense of her mother. This caused Raven to smile softly. 'You could be having this with Yang you know…' the voice said, which Raven ignored for the time being.

"I was there Ruby, it happened. Your mother made a raid of the kitchen, got her cookies, involved all of us and didn't get caught. None of us were, surprisingly."

"How'd you do it?"

"That will have to be a story for another time little Red. It's getting late, and I'd hate to hear that your cold came back because of me keeping you from your rest. I promise to tell it to you tomorrow, deal?" Raven replied as she got a little pout from the eight-year-old.

"You better keep it…"

"I will. Cross my heart," Raven replied as Ruby stared at her for a few seconds before nodding. She only did so because she could see no deceit in Raven's eyes. As Raven watched Ruby go to bed, she waited a few hours before sneaking towards her bedroom. Seeing the girl sleeping with a dog-like pillow, Raven let out a soft sigh before going back to the front door and heading outside.

Once a fair distance away, the older female closed her eyes for a second before slashing the air in front of her, creating a portal. Though she felt like it wouldn't take her back to the city town in Vale that she had stayed before…not that she wanted to risk another bar room brawl. Closing the portal and feeling the energy return to her, Raven headed back inside. It would be another two days before she had enough energy to make the necessary jumps to get back to Weiss.

She just hoped that by that time, Qrow wouldn't have had corrupted her in any type of manner.

~_~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss ~_~_~_~_~_~

True that Qrow had stated it wasn't the best of ideas to go confront the brat, but he hadn't fully forbidden her from going back to the park either. Though the feline Faunus had a feeling that Qrow wouldn't be liking the idea all the same. Making sure that he was asleep, she tiptoed through the apartment until she was at the door. Carefully opening it, she made sure that she could still hear the man's light snoring before closing it again just as softly. She couldn't understand why the man wanted to take a nap in the middle of the day, but that was his priority, not hers.

'This is such a bad idea…'

Shaking her head to get rid of that random thought, she continued onwards, wanting to enjoy the day. And if she just so happened to run into Whitley and his bullies again, then so be it. Unlike last time, she was ready for his dirty tricks.

'This would be a perfect place for me to test and see if my training in speed casting has paid off or not…' Weiss thought before she saw the park once more in its clean, innocent visage. Though she knew firsthand how false that could be. Shaking her head to get out of those negative thoughts, she went back to the spot that she was at before. This time she made sure to pay close attention to her surroundings; Whitley wasn't going to surprise her this time. And while she wanted to summon Snow, her Duplicate, she wanted to keep that knowledge away from Whitley.

She had already given him enough knowledge with the fact that she could use the same glyphs as he could. And if he bragged around the mansion that was her former home…she didn't even want to think of the consequences of that. Seeing that Whitley or his goons weren't even remotely around now, Weiss created a few glyphs to prepare for the upcoming battle: an alarm glyph at the start of the cliff just in case, as well as preparing a Haste and Shield glyph to make herself more durable and faster. She would push her Aura into the constructs on the snow as soon as her Alarm Glyph went off. It wouldn't be as strong, but it would still work.

And this was how she spent the next two hours, patiently waiting for Whitley to show up, if he would show up at all. Another hour passed and she was just about to destroy the constructs in the snow when her Alarm Glyph went off. Then another. And finally, the third one went off. When the third one went off, Weiss pushed her Aura into the two constructs and felt the effects of the two glyphs surround her; albeit not as powerful due to how long ago she placed them. 'Something else to work on then. Maybe' she thought before hearing a 'Tsk'ing' sound.

"I thought I told you this was our spot Cat, and that I didn't want to see your face around here again," Whitley commented before noticing the faunus looking around. "What are you doing?" he finally asked after a few seconds.

"Looking for the name 'Schnee' since you said this was your spot. Funny though…I don't see it anywhere. Are you sure this is 'Property of Whitley Schnee'?" she asked snarkily, mentally smirking when she heard him growl at that comment.

"I don't need a sign you stupid Cat, people just know what spots are mine, like this one," he growled out. "Now are you going to move, or am I going to have to force you to move?" he threatened while his two 'friends' started moving towards her. Weiss reacted by pushing Aura into the two Glyphs she made earlier and into a defense stance; she wasn't going to go down without a fight.

Seeing the animal get into a defense stance, Whitley ordered the two to attack her. He wanted his friends to soften the faunus up before he started his brand of 'fun'. Was it fair? No. Did he care? Not in the slightest. He was a Schnee and as a Schnee…he could afford to bend the rules. Though what he was seeing caused him to be a little alarmed. The animal…was fighting back. And from the look of things, she was currently winning.

Weiss ducked under a punch before rolling to the side as minion number one followed it up with a stomp. This caused snow to billow into the air, blinding everyone in the vicinity temporarily. Quickly getting back into her stance, she waited until she heard breathing from behind her and twisted to the side while delivering a vicious kick. Unfortunately, her shin met the shin of her attackers, canceling out the strike. As the snow fell back to the ground, Weiss saw the second minion coming towards her with his fist cocked back and she was unable to dodge with him so close. Crossing her arms in front of her, she took the hit, his power causing the cat girl to move back a couple of feet.

"Not bad. I almost felt that one," she smirked, causing both males to growl out and rush towards her, attempting to tackle her to the ground. What she didn't expect was the lightning bolt that came from behind. Gritting her teeth in pain, Weiss noticed her half-brother holding out a hand with a glyph just starting to fade away.

"Forgot about me did you kitty cat?" Whitley asked with what sounded like a smirk starting to form on his face. Before Weiss could comment, Whitley grinned and sent a second shock bolt towards Weiss, causing her to cry out in pain. After the bolt of electrical energy dissipated, Weiss's body had random sparks dancing around her body as her Aura worked on fixing her nerves.

She had forgotten about him…and that had cost her. Like last fight, Weiss thought he was going to stay back and let his lackeys do the fighting for him. However, it seemed as if he was also capable of cowardly attacks to the back as well, which shouldn't surprise her. Keeping that thought in mind, Weiss ducked under a kick from one of the two minions before using a sweep kick to knock the male off balance before quickly kicking him in-between the legs, effectively taking him out of the fight due to the pain.

'One Down…' she thought, hoping that it was true. She knew that he could come back into the fight if he really wanted to, but had to move that to the back of her mind as she dodged another punch that the goon telegraphed from far away. Pivoting to the side, Weiss continued the motion and brought her elbow up, the point hitting him in-between the shoulder blades, causing him to go down due to the unexpected attack from the cat Faunus. She quickly followed it up with a kick to the face, knocking him out.

Whitley looked startled as he saw his friends beaten at the hands of this lowly animal. Preparing another glyph, Weiss turned and gave him a nasty glare. A glare that just dared him to try something stupid when he didn't have his hit squad with him. Whitley returned the glare with narrowed eyes, thinking better of it. Deciding that a strategic retreat was in order and made his way down the cliff, not saying a word. However, he did wake his unconscious friend up and they both helped the male that was hit in the balls to his feet. He would be walking funny for a bit, but he would live.

A few seconds after the trio left, Weiss was startled as a voice vibrated from above her, "Not bad kiddo...guess my Sis has been teaching you a few tricks of her trade" Qrow said as he sat on the branch, his patented smirk in place as she looked up.

"How long have you been there? And better yet…how did you get there?!" Weiss exclaimed, curious. She was also a little annoyed that she couldn't sense him until he spoke. Though her annoyance would only grow if he said something about being there since the start of the 'fight' and not stepping in unless it got out of hand.