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Chapter 5: Meetings Over Darkened Horizons

It had been a long two years since Weiss had first met Yang and Qrow, and even now Yang didn't know that she knew her uncle Qrow. Now at the ripe age of sixteen years old, the young woman known as Weiss Sanara could say that she had seen a lot of crazy things while with her adopted mother, Raven Branwen. Standing at a respectable five feet and three inches tall, the feline faunus was now wearing a white strapless dress that is a pale blue with the bottom hem stitched to look like snowflakes. Around the dress was a blue-white bolero jacket, with pockets stitched into it to hold vials of dust powder within easy reach.

Raven taught her that lesson the hard way when she thought it was a good idea to just store all her dust in her rapier, Myrtenaster. There was also a small sapphire necklace that she always kept on, albeit when she was sleeping; the reason for this was because it was a birthday gift from Yang, her first female friend. Wrapping her tail around her waist, she looked at the building in front of her with a little bit of nervousness. This -was- Beacon Academy after all, one of the best academies in Remnant at teaching one to become a huntress, and quite possibly also the most protected one as well.

"You have everything you need, right?" Raven asked as she stood beside the girl she considered her daughter. "Dust, clothes, toiletries…"

"Mom! Yes, I have everything!" Weiss replied, her cheeks burning red from embarrassment. She was glad that no one was around when Raven had said that, then again, the woman had been getting a little bit kinder over the years. Not enough that she wouldn't still wake Weiss up at four in the morning to start training, but kinder. Turning to look at her mom, Weiss sighed lightly. "Are you sure I need to come here though? I know how you feel about the Headmaster and there are other schools," she commented.

"Like him or not, I'll let you come to your own decisions concerning that man. And besides, wasn't it you who wanted to come here after hearing about Yang joining?" she asked, teasing the young calico. Seeing Weiss blush caused the woman to smirk at that. Hearing the Bullheads coming, Raven knew that it would be best for her to leave before any complications came up. Her paranoia went so far as to think that the woman in red could be using children as well.

That wasn't the only reason though. She also knew that Yang was coming here thanks to Weiss, and while she was slowly working up the courage to see her after all this time…Raven just knew that it would be a bad idea for it to happen now. Slashing the air behind her, a black and red portal came up behind her. "Now then, be nice to your partner and if I have Ozpin, Glynda or any of the other teachers get a hold of me by some way…" the 'or else' wasn't needed as it was understood by the young cat faunus.

"Don't worry mom, I'll be good. Promise!" Weiss quickly replied, forgetting the fact that she was the only one that was here without getting on one of the aircrafts, or that she was going to be amongst people her own age, amongst other things. The feline faunus was already getting use to the scents of other faunus that were already on the campus, which would have usually put her on edge for a few hours.

"Alright then, I trust you Weiss. Make me proud, and show them what I taught you," she said with a smirk before heading into her portal to who knows where. However, if she stayed a little longer, then she would have seen a blonde-haired teenage girl that looked a lot like her, and a younger girl using her crimson cloak as a cover from the outside world. She would have also seen a boy in armor rushing to the nearest trashcan to empty the contents of what was his lunch. Feeling the portal close behind her, Weiss sighed lightly as she made her way towards the Bullhead.

~_~_~_~_~ With Yang ~_~_~_~_~

"Come on sis, you can't keep it hidden forever. People are going to ask about your age…" she replied as she stepped down off the Bullhead, Ruby a few steps behind her and a smirk on her face. With older sister privileges, she had the right to tease her sister relentlessly, which she did the whole trip from Patch to Beacon and was the reason why Ruby's face matched the color of her cloak.

Scanning the crowd of incoming students…and dodging the blonde male who was racing towards the nearest trashcan, she sighed lightly in disappointment at not seeing Weiss. Weiss had told her in her last letter that Raven was "dumping her off at Beacon in order to get some sort of education," but she hadn't seen anything of her favorite cat faunus. "Where are you…?" she murmured, not realizing that she had said that out loud.

"Looking for your girlfriend, sis?" Ruby replied nonchalantly…causing Yang to blush lightly at the accusation. Turning to her sister who was imitating her birth mother Summer Rose by wearing a long sleeved black blouse and skirt with red trimming and a red cloak pinned to her blouse.

"She's not my girlfriend Rubes," Yang instantly denied before looking for her one last time. Just as she was about to give up, she saw a speck of white hair in the crowd of students that were getting off the various airships. "Weiss!" she shouted as she waved her hand in the air, getting the white-haired faunus's attention. Seeing the cat faunus turning towards the voice, she smiled lightly and called her name again, completely ignoring Ruby's snickering as she did so.

"Hey there Kitty," Yang replied with a light grin as Weiss was now near enough for the humans to not have to shout. Seeing Weiss sporting a tinge of pink at the nickname, Ruby giggled softly. However, what both Ruby and Yang didn't realize was a ravenette tensing up after hearing the nickname and subconsciously touching the bow that was on her forehead before heading down towards Beacon and her new life.

"Yang, I told you not to call me that!" Weiss exclaimed once she got her blush under control and making her way over to the duo. Seeing the crimson-themed girl next to her, she smirked lightly. "So, this must be the brains of the operation, Ruby, right?" Weiss asked as Ruby laughed and Yang sputtered at the tease.

"Yup, Ruby Rose at your service!" she said with a smirk. "And Yang's told me a good number of things about you. All good though, promise," Ruby added afterwards, the smirk reappearing as she saw Yang's cheeks now turning a light red at that. Wasn't revenge sweet?

"Oh, really now…?" she said before turning her head to the side, looking around for something, surprised that she was sensing another cat faunus. She was also curious as to why it was making the hairs on the back of her starting to stand up.

"-to go? Weiss?" both Ruby and Yang asked, the blonde waving her hand in front of the girl to get her attention.

"Sorry…I spaced out. Anyways, you were saying?" she asked before Ruby repeated the question for her, asking Weiss if she knew where they were going next. Seeing that she didn't know, Weiss was about to shrug her shoulders in response before someone spoke up.

"I believe that they want us to meet in the auditorium," a black-haired girl said as she answered Ruby's question. "Though…I thought they included a map of the place when they gave you your papers to sign," she added before holding up a piece of paper. Yang blushed lightly as she had forgotten to grab the map in her excitement of Ruby getting a spot in Beacon two years early, Ruby being a last-minute spot and hadn't had her papers mailed to her, and with Weiss traveling from place to place with Raven, she had just filled out her paperwork when she got here thanks to Raven's semblance. Of course, she wasn't going to say anything about that, especially with how Raven warned the feline not to tell Yang anything about her.

"Um…we forgot," Yang replied, scratching the back of her neck in a light amount of embarrassment. Hearing the girl sigh lightly at that, she asked the trio to follow them; however, she couldn't help but feel a little unease when it came to the faunus member of the group.

"So…what is your name cutie?" Yang asked, not realizing that Weiss had given her a glare at that comment as she stared at the girl the blonde was currently talking to. Coming up to Yang's shoulder, Weiss couldn't see exactly what the girl was wearing, but she could see that the girl was wearing a white shirt and a black vest, or jacket, over it. She also noticed that the girl was wearing a pair of white shorts and black stockings though the interesting thing about them were that they started at purple then started darker and darker before ending inside of her black boots.

And while she had a feeling it was fooling the sisters, seeing the ribbon twitch every so often was a clear sign that she was hiding something. Why though Weiss hadn't the foggiest idea.

"Cutie?" she parroted as a light blush started to form…before quickly being squashed into submission.

"Well…I can't keep calling you girl, now can I? So, what's your name? Mine's Yang, this is my sister Ruby and the calico behind you is Weiss." Yang said as Ruby waved when Yang said her name and Weiss grunted lightly in acknowledgment.

"Blake. My name is Blake," she replied in a monotone voice as she went back to the paper, making sure that she was leading the trio to the right building.

"Not much of a talker, are you?" Weiss commented before seeing Blake's shoulders move up and then back to normal as she continued to keep her nose in the piece of paper, bringing it up only a few times to make sure she knew where she was and a few minutes later, came to a full stop.

"Here we are, the auditorium. Let's go," she said before having her arm grabbed by Weiss. Seeing Yang look at Weiss curiously, Weiss gave her a slight tilt of the head, basically saying that she wanted to talk to Blake in private. Seeing Yang give her a soft nod, she moved Ruby into the building before looking at the girl and mouthing '5 minutes' to her, to which Weiss replied with a nod. After seeing Yang head inside, she turned back towards Blake.

"Grab me like that again and you'll be on the ground with my blade at your throat," Blake hissed out. "Now what do you want, moggie?" she asked, hissing out the last name before seeing silver being flashed in her face for the derogatory term.

"Call me that again, and I'll make you into a rug," she replied before quickly sheathing her blade and calming down. "Now then…why are you hiding your cat ears underneath a ribbon, shouldn't you be proud of who you are?" Weiss asked.

It was a good thing that no one could hear the two of them after she asked such a question. However, Blake was still pissed at the question that was asked.

"Don't judge me based on your own merits. Now then, didn't the hum…um, Yang say five minutes?" she asked as she had figured that three minutes had already elapsed from the small confrontation and talk. Weiss let the comment slide before nodding.

"We should probably head back inside then. And you won't go wrong getting to know either Yang or Ruby. They're both good people," she said before heading inside as Blake stood out there for a few seconds. 'Humans…could be good?' she asked, wondering if that really was the case, especially with how she was raised. Heading in the auditorium herself, she wondered if that could truly be the case. Then again…Weiss was a faunus, and she was friends with the two human females. Maybe she could give them a chance.


~_~_~_~_~ With Raven ~_~_~_~_~

Before fully leaving Beacon via one of her portals, she had made sure to tag Weiss so that she could easily make her way to the girl if need be. She had also targeted her brother, her husband and her daughter with it, but would rather die than admit such a thing. Right now, she had found herself a bar in Vale, and was planning on getting a few drinks, something she hadn't been able to do much of when on the road with Weiss.

She still had to worry about Cinder, the woman in red, that wanted to recruit her for something nefarious. However, she had no idea what it was and honestly didn't want to. And unlike the time before meeting Ruby, she didn't have to deal with drunks this time, something that she was actually thankful for. Calling the bartender over for another refill of her drink.

"Whiskey, right?" he asked as she nodded.

"Johnny Walker Black," she replied before he could ask which type of whiskey she was having. Seeing the bartender nod, he reached up towards the top shelf and grabbed the bottle before opening it and pouring it into her glass.

"Didn't think you were the top shelf type of drinker," a male voice commented before sitting down next to her, his tattered cloak catching on the back of the chair.

"What can I say, I'm celebrating."

"Celebrating what? The fact that your daughter got into Beacon, your stepdaughter getting into the school two years early or that stray of yours finally joining society?"

"Don't call her that. Her name is Weiss," she quickly replied before taking a swig of her drink.

"So, you do care about her, even more than your real family…" he said, getting in a light jab, which caused Raven to put her glass down and glare at her brother.

"You know my stance on that Qrow. I don't feel ready to face Yang, not yet. Maybe not for a while even…"

"And just when do you think you'll be ready, hm? You've already missed out on most of her life sis, and yet she still wants to see you. If it was me, I would have considered you dead long ago," he replied before taking a swig from his flask.

"Then why haven't you done exactly that?" she asked, clearly annoyed. All she wanted to do was enjoy the fact that Weiss was in the Academy, and her brother just had to find her in order to ruin this day.

"Because maybe I actually give a damn about you? Because I see the way that Tai covers up his sadness by driving himself into the ground with work each day at Signal Academy? Or maybe it's because I don't want to see you become like me," he replied.

"You wouldn't understand…"

"That's a load of dung and you know it Raven. Give me a good reason why you haven't seen Yang or so help me, I'll drag you to her myself…" he started to say before Raven's sword was pointed at his Adam's Apple.

"You promised me years ago that you wouldn't bring this up again if I went to Patch and tried seeing her. She wasn't there, but you swore that you would drop it. Why are you breaking that promise now?" she hissed out before hearing a small coughing sound coming from in front of her. "What?" she asked, her eyes narrowing into slits.

"If you two are going to fight, take it outside. I don't want any harm coming to my establishment, especially between a Hunter and a Huntress," he replied as he calmly wiped a glass. "Or you can put your weapon away miss, and I will look the other way as you continue your conversation. Your choice." Raven thought about killing the bartender right then and there for such a comment but thought better of it. She knew that it wouldn't do her any wonders in Vale to kill a bartender just for doing his job…

"Fine. I was about done anyways," she replied before chugging the rest of her whiskey; years of experience being the only reason why she didn't have any negative reactions to doing that before slamming the glass onto the counter. "Open a tab with whatever's left on the cards," she bit out before leaving.

"Man…why does it always have to be so annoying dealing with her?" Qrow muttered as he drank from his flask before getting off the stool. Placing his hands into his pockets, he slowly made his way out the door, a light sigh emanating from his lips as he passed through the door and not seeing Raven anywhere in sight.

~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss ~_~_~_~_~

When Weiss came in, she and Blake went their separate ways, Blake heading off towards the back of the room so as to be left alone while in thought, while as Weiss went off to find Yang and Ruby.

"You okay?" Yang whispered a few seconds later after she got comfortable between the two sisters.

"I'll live…but that girl, Blake, she rubs me the wrong way…" Weiss admitted softly. She would have said more but then the trio noticed a blonde female and white-haired male standing on top of the podium. Noticing that the male was holding a cane as well as having a prominent liking to the color green, Weiss went quiet and quickly directed the two to follow her example as the man stepped up towards the microphone.

"Hello everyone and welcome to my school. I am Headmaster Ozpin, and this is my assistant, Glynda Goodwitch," he said before looking around at the roomful of students in front of him. "I will keep this brief. You have traveled here today in search of knowledge, to hone your craft and/or acquire new skills to help you in life when you have finished both on, and off, the field. However, as I look amongst you, all I see is wasted potential; energy in need of a direction. You assume that knowledge will help you gain potential, free you from the shackles holding you down. Yet, your time at this school will prove that this knowledge can only carry you so far. It is up to you to take the first step…" he stated as he finished his speech and Glynda came back to the microphone.

"I will only say this once: everyone currently in this room must return here before five o'clock where we will announce sleeping arrangements and the rest of your life here at Beacon. Anyone who doesn't come to this, will be sent back home immediately," Glynda ordered before stepping away from the mic, the students around them causing a stir as they talked amongst themselves.

Yang and the others stood there for a few seconds, wondering just what exactly he was trying to say before Weiss nodded. "Okay…I think I got it. We know that we're good enough to be here, but that fact will only get us to the door. If we need to go through it…we need to be better. And hopefully, the four years here will help us with that," Weiss explained as the two girls nodded.

"I…guess that makes sense," Yang nodded before blushing lightly as her stomach growled at her. She had only been able to eat breakfast and hadn't been able to eat anything before getting on the airship to get here. Both her dad and uncle suggested that it would be a bad idea to do so.

"Yang…did you eat anything before coming?" Weiss asked, though she had a feeling that she already knew the answer.


"You oaf…" Weiss muttered. Since the teachers were done here, the feline faunus had a feeling that it would be okay for them to head to the cafeteria in order to get something to eat. Taking out the pamphlet that she stole from a random student, she ordered the two to follow her and a few minutes later, they were in front of the building that was marked as being the cafeteria.

"So, um…is this going to be just like Signal?" Ruby asked, hopeful.

"If it is, then I'm making sure you don't just get cookies sis," Yang said before heading into the building with Weiss, Ruby following shortly thereafter.

"Wait…she just eats cookies for lunch?" Weiss asked, both shocked and surprised at that. If it was her that did it, Raven would have killed her. Not only in training but by lecturing her about how bad it would be.

"I only did it the one time Sis!" Ruby exclaimed as her face matched her cloak. "It was a dare and you can't just not do those!" she added on as the trio made their way to the cafeteria. Yang was using the map this time to direct them towards the place. Hearing what sounded like chatter behind a set of double doors, the trio knew that they were in the right place.

"Sure Ruby, whatever you say…" Yang replied with a light grin.

"Well dare or not, there's no way you're doing that in my presence Ruby Rose," Weiss commented, getting said girl to flinch as she heard her full name being said. Weiss raised an eyebrow at that while her tail twitched lightly behind her, showing her curiosity at that response. Being the last one in the group to enter the room, she didn't realize that the door was swinging close. Because of that, she didn't realize it had captured her tail…right until a searing bolt of pain lanced through her body causing to let out a shout of pain and quickly move to remove her tail from the evil door. She didn't even realize that tears were streaming down her face as she was working on freeing her tail from the evil door either…

A few minutes later, and with her tail finally free, Weiss glared at the door before cradling her tail lightly in her hands and headed over to her friends. Seeing that Yang had placed a tray down next to her, Weiss sat down and glared at the two of them. "Not. A. Word…"

Ruby gulped before nodding vigorously as Yang replied that even she wouldn't make a joke about something as painful as that. Staring at the blonde for a few minutes, she finally sat down next to her and started eating, her tail resting on her lap while still flicking every few seconds as she continued eating, keeping an ear out for her surroundings, just in case. And even though it wasn't a physical attack on her like what Raven would have done…she still heard someone sit down next to her and start talking.

"That looked like it hurt…you okay?" a soft voice asked, causing Weiss to turn and look to her right, seeing Blake looking at her in concern.

"Why should it matter to you?" she asked back with her eyes narrowing at the new cat entering what she deemed as her territory.

"Just thought I'd ask. No need to bite my head off," Blake replied as she raised her hands in a placating manner. "I've seen that happen to others before, either with long hair or tails like that. Heard that it hurts like hell," she added before hearing a light 'hmph' from the white-haired girl.

"Thanks…I guess. But I'm still mad at you for what you called me before. And the fact that you're hiding you-know-what," she replied, remembering that Blake was sensitive about her faunus heritage. She still didn't understand why, but she would respect it…for now anyways.

"You're welcome," Blake settled on saying before going back to her lunch that consisted of salmon, along with a salad and a few other things along with water, not seeing the rolling of eyes that Weiss did as she, also, returned to her lunch.

~_~_~_~_~ With Raven ~_~_~_~_~

Raven sighed as she rested in her hotel room under another fake name. She didn't want to travel into the wilderness and create a small bed out of a branch. She just had to hope that woman in red didn't find her again. Even after all these years, that woman was not only haunting her, but also made her worry about Weiss…and if she were honest with herself, with Yang as well.

'Problems for tomorrow…though maybe Qrow was right. Perhaps I should start thinking about meeting Yang. It won't go well though, I know that much…' she thought as she slowly let sleep overtake her. It was the only reason why she was even considering taking the advice that her brother was sprouting. 'Ugh…I must be going crazy…considering agreeing to Qrow's advice like that…' were the last things that she thought about before sleep finally claimed her.

"You left me! Why?!" a girl was shouting at her. She could see that this girl was having tears running down her eyes, so she had to assume it was Yang, but why would she be crying? "You left me…and Ruby…and dad…" she said before something happened to her. A black-haired woman walked beside her, dressed all in red with gold trimmings in an old, dead language on the corners.

"See Yang…this is your mother. She abandoned you so that she could aid some dead friend's request. Your old friend, Weiss. The person that couldn't even tell you that before you killed her…"

"No!" Raven shouted out before grabbing her long blade and randomly selecting an element as she pulled Munin out and pointed it at the door, hot sweat dripping down her forehead as she realized what just happened…she had experienced a nightmare. One where Cinder Fall had gotten to her daughter and then turned her against her…

'Why would I think that would happen…Weiss has been telling me about her friend / my biological daughter…she would never kill Weiss…right?' she thought to herself before taking a deep breath and then letting it out, calming herself down. Looking over at the clock, she saw that it was six in the morning and sighed lightly, feeling that it wasn't worth the time to go back to sleep and got up before doing her morning routine with the toiletries that were supplied by the hotel before getting dressed in her usual outfit and headed down the stairs.

Once in the lobby, she was a little surprised to see other people also there but didn't say anything to them. Seeing that there was a complimentary breakfast, she decided to at least partake in that before leaving the establishment. 'If I could change into a bird like my brother I'd check in on her…and Yang. But, those two should be strong enough to take care of themselves, right? I'm sure Tai trained Yang to be the best that she could be…and it sounds like Summer trained Ruby, so I have no problems with her either.' She thought before shaking her head lightly at the thought of checking up on her daughters. 'Did that dream really shake me up that badly?' she thought before sighing lightly and walking down the road to where she could get out of Vale. She needed to be away from Beacon, and Ozpin, for a while. She had a feeling it was her feelings towards this place that caused her to have that dream in the first place. Once finishing breakfast and paying for her stay, she made her way out of the hotel. Immediately after doing so, she frowned as she saw someone from the past

"Lady Raven…what a pleasure to see you here," a hyena faunus commented. "Word around the bandits camp said you had gotten soft in your old age…"

"What do you want Jade? I thought you were screwing the temporary boss while I was away on business," she commented with a light sigh, knowing that this would already give her a headache. Apparently, now that Weiss had been placed into Beacon, she was required to resume her duties as chief and that Jade was the one to escort her back home. "And I thought you liked the position that it gave you," she added as she saw Jade scowl at such an insinuation before taking a sip of her drink.

"How dare you?" she growled out lowly so that only Raven could hear. "And for your information, I was ordered by your boss to come back to the clan and start running it like you used to back before you claimed that stray as your own." The hyena said before standing to her full height of five feet, eleven inches. Her crimson eyes stared into Raven's own as she glared at the woman who was casually drinking.

"I dare, because I was once your boss. I dare, because I know that I can beat you in a fight, fair or otherwise. I dare…because if you call her a stray again, I will kick your ass," she said before putting her drink down. Placing a card on the bar, she got up. "Now then…how did you even know I wasn't with Weiss anymore?" she asked, having a fairly good idea already.

"Wow Lady Raven, you really have lost your touch, if you need to ask such a question," Jade replied as her ears twitched lightly above her head as a soft growl came from her lips. Raven smirked lightly at that, glad to know her hunch was right; it was either the fact that there were spies at Beacon, which was highly doubtful…or the spies that were tailing her were damn good at their job so that not even she couldn't sense them. Getting up to her full height of five feet and two inches, Jade waited to hear what Raven's answer would be; however, she saw the woman just walk out of the bar. Scowling lightly, she decided on following Raven to see what her answer would be.

"Jade…are you going to keep following me until I give you an answer?" she asked as she saw the young woman follow after her. Seeing her nod at this, Raven scowled lightly and sighed before responding. "Tell the clan this; I'm not coming back. You're welcome to follow me if you want, but you do so at your own risk. Of course, that's after you tuck your tail between your legs and deliver my message to your masters like a good puppy."

Jade growled before attempting to grab the collar of Raven's shirt, only to stop when she saw the nodachi at the base of her neck and drawing a light amount of blood that ran down her cream-colored skin. Gulping lightly, she removed her hand as she felt the cold metal leaving her skin. "And if you ever try grabbing my collar again, little scavenger, this blade will be the last thing you see," she growled out before putting the blade back into its sheathe. She was being merciful letting one of her higher ups go with only such a light scratch; a scratch that her Aura would heal quite quickly.

"You do realize that doing this is a mistake, right? You'll have that woman in red after you, along with all of the bandits. You surely know this…so why? Is it because of that female you took under your wing? Weiss, I believe her name is?" Jade asked. She had delivered the messages from the camp and now she was just honestly curious. "You don't have to answer them if you don't want to!" she quickly added after she was done asking while feeling sweat rolling down her skin and collecting on her vest. Seeing Raven still there and her hands nowhere near her weapon, she hoped that Raven was considering as to whether to answer her questions or not. After a few minutes of silence, Raven opened her mouth.

"Mistake or not…this is the path I want to take now. And I've been doing alright avoiding that woman since we unfortunately met in Vacuo all those years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if she has given up on trying to locate me and recruit me to her side or kill me for not wanting to bother with it," Raven replied as she didn't feel like answering the last question posed by the young hyena faunus. "And to be quite honest…I've grown bored with running the place. Needed a change of scenery. Now go back to your new queen Jade. I'm not going to tell you twice…or give you the same mercy," she threatened before turning away and letting out a light scowl.

She just hoped that her daughters were doing better than how she was doing right now as she started wandering the streets of the town, wondering what she should do now. Especially when she no longer had unlimited funds…

~_~_~_~_~ With Weiss ~_~_~_~_~

"Are you sure you're going to be okay, Weissy?" Yang asked, concerned for her friend. She had been asking off and on during the whole time that they were at lunch and while it was cute at first, it had started getting on the white-haired female's nerves.

"For the last time Yang, I'm fine. If you ask me again, I'll cut your hair and give it to all your admirers," Weiss replied as she had noticed the stares that were directed at her blonde friend, smirking lightly at the look of horror that crossed her face at that.

"Alright fine…I'll stop."

"Thank you. So…now what do we do?" she asked, her feline curiosity shining through. She didn't want to get bored…but that was starting to get harder and harder to do. She had a feeling that since no one was running around in the halls that no one had classes today, but she wasn't sure.

"Don't we have that announcement thingy to get to later?" Ruby asked as the other girls nodded at that question.

"But that's a few hours from now sis. And we have the whole place to explore before classes start up, most likely tomorrow." Yang replied as the black-haired beauty shook her head in the negative.

"There's actually something that we have to do first before we're given rooms and then taking classes," Blake replied as she took her head out of the booklet that was given to them to reply to Yang.

"Oh?" Weiss asked as they walked around without a direction in mind.

"Doesn't say. We'll probably find out tonight though," Blake replied as she looked something up in the book. A few seconds later, she came out of said book with a smile on her face. "And to answer your question from earlier, the library is open, or you can train in one of the training rooms. There's also the gym, but that's a little far from where we are"

"Thanks," Weiss replied, being civil enough while in the presence of the other feline faunus. She still didn't like the black-haired girl, but besides hiding her features, she couldn't understand why she hated the girl so much. It would have to be something that she'd have to talk to Raven about…maybe the older woman would know?

"You're welcome," Blake replied in kind…though she did notice Ruby perk up at the prospect of the library. "I take it you're a reader?" the noirette asked as Ruby nodded with a grin. "What do you read?" Blake asked, now curious about the young human. She was also conveniently ignoring the little voice in the back of her head that was saying how these two would betray her later on.

"Mostly fiction, but I also read weapon magazines as well since I built my baby from the ground up," Ruby replied with a smirk as both Weiss and Yang sighed lightly, knowing how this conversation was going to go and tuned the younger girl out as she talked to Blake about several things all at once.

"So…while they take up the library…gym or sparring?" Yang aske as Weiss thought about it for a few seconds.

"If I choose spar…what would the rules be?"

"Standard tournament, no Lancer either"


"Hey! I've seen what you can do with that Aura Beam of Death of yours. No thank you!" Yang replied as Weiss could only laugh at that as she remembered exactly why the blonde called it that and how she found out about the secret move in the first place. Once Weiss got her laughter under control, she shook her head in the negative.

"As fun as that would be…I'd think it'd be best to wait until after this initiation thing, so…gym," Weiss replied as Yang nodded.

"Blake…do you think you could show us where the gymnasium is?" Weiss asked after seeing in a break of the conversation between the girl and Yang's sister. If Blake could steer them in the right direction, they'd go ahead and get out of the two reader's hairs.

"Sure. Go straight pass two buildings, make a left and then a right. Go straight for another building and then you should be there. The buildings also have the names on them, so you can't miss it either," Blake replied as a thought came to her. "Yang…I assume you have your sister's number, correct?" she asked as Yang nodded. "Good" she said before heading into the library, wanting to get away from the other cat faunus as quickly as possible. She didn't want to start a fight if she could help it, especially when she was trying to keep a low profile.

"Well…that wasn't very nice…" Ruby commented before sighing lightly as she looked at the girl that just went into the building, wondering why she had just done a complete one eighty in her mannerisms. She had seen like such a nice girl when she was talking to her or Yang, but with Weiss…it was as if there was some deep-seated hatred or something. "I wonder why she hates you so much Weiss…" Ruby commented, thinking out loud.

"Good question. Why don't you see if you can find out sis? It seemed as if you two already hit it off quite well," Yang commented as she grabbed Weiss's hand. "Meanwhile, Weiss and I here will be at the gym, leaving you two to be alone. On your date…" Yang said with a smirk as Ruby sputtered at that comment. By the time she had control of her voice again, both Yang and Weiss were on their way to the gym, following Blake's directions. Anything else would have to wait for later.

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